Common Mistakes During Ramadan #16 – Praying At The Right Time

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Shaykh Waleed Basyouni

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The host discusses the importance of praying before time and mentions that certain prayers may be missed out on. They also discuss the difference between timing for prayer and the timing of a social event like the celebrity announcement. The host encourages viewers to subscribe to their YouTube channel and share the video and click on the bell icon to receive notified videos.

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Welcome to a new episode of our series common mistakes under Milan

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because Asia comes in many countries or many places late, so, what some people start doing thinking that it is a lot for them to pray Asia before time. So they will combine either Moldova and Asia or they pray Asia earlier before time. So they will have enough time to pray taraweeh and I was surprised actually, to know that this is happening or even some people think about that, because select on it as soon as selected a shot is formed is one of the any of the five daily prayers that is obligated upon us and salon itself was one of the pillars of Islam. And Allah subhanaw taala said to us in assata kanak mina keytab mo porta Assad, Allah subhanaw taala telling us that it is

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prescribed upon us in certain times. It's not up to us to move the time. That's why Nabi sallallahu Sallam gibreel came to him twice to teach him and to show him when to pray, fudger when to pray, beginning and the end, when to pray, Lord beginning and also my god of Asia. So he was informed about the timing of the prayers sallallahu alayhi wasallam. So definitely, that's not an excuse for you to pray Asia earlier. Know you pray a shot on time. And if that means that you missed out away, how do you make your taraweeh only three rockers at home or very short? Let it be, but you pray on time the Salah would be invalid if you pray Aisha before time. And this is an important point to

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keep in mind.

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I know that a lot of you may be exposed to a difference of opinions among the scholars, especially in people who live in the North omnisphere the Earth where there's a debate on when Asia prayer time enter some of them, you might find different calendars. And the difference can be quite big between the two timing. You know what for me, it would be good for you to just to follow your local Imams, your local community of scholars or a federal committee that you trust and you just follow that and you go with it. But definitely know to praying a shot before time will allow Adam or sallallahu wasallam and abena Mohammed

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