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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu it's your brother. Yeah, Brahim coming to you from Perth, Western Australia, in defense of Al Habib of the beloved Mohammed sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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This is meant to be an open hearted discussion. And I want to speak to you today as maybe an older brother or a younger son, depending who's listening in sha Allah, someone that you hear and take what you accept from it and turn away what you don't accept from it. And I know that this is a really sensitive issue, some have a lot to all of us as Muslims, and everybody will have their different approaches. And I know that there's some people were looking just at diplomatic solutions, or just that political solutions, or just that economic and boycotting sanctions. There's others who want a militaristic kind of perspective and a heightened state, others they want, you know, leaders

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of governments, where majority of Muslims live in their lands, to take up a greater cause and to take up a greater effort. All of those are things that, you know, I'm not going to speak about my aim is to speak about the things that I have power control over in my life in my home with my wife, with my children, with my father, my mother, with my loved ones, with my extended outreach within my community, within my school, within my public online social platform, what are the things that I actually have power over that I can use towards the defense of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and I want to speak initially about a philosophical understanding of what it means to defend

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Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam because I think some people have different ideas about that. And I want to be clear of what I understand from it. The second is I want to speak about practicalities, what what's practical what, what's within my means, and and is it something that I'm obligated? What is my belief obligated in front of God in front of society in front of other believers? What, what am I responsible for? And because I need to understand that because you're hearing of people taking the law into their own hand or breaking the law with their own hands in assumption of doing something in defense of the profit is that um, is that even, you know, philosophically correct? And is that even

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practically correct? The third and important, I think, point that I do want to speak about is the internal, along with the external, what, what I feel and what are the emotions and how they can be represented? And should they all be represented in the odor? So let's speak first about the philosophical why for it, you know, I I believe from my readings and from my study, and from what I've been educated by those who are senior to me, those who are not that I had the benefit of sitting with or traveling with or learning from over decades of criminal law, is that the Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam a law says about him. We're in Mecca, Allah Allah, Allah, Allah who

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Luca, Navin that you have reached an above exalted station, meaning that there's no one within his peers, no one within humanity, who will ever complete a place a placement in his ethics and morality sallallahu sallam, as it's in his vertical relationship with a law or as it's in his linear lifestyle with those who were his contemporaries and his sooner that's demonstrated until the end of time. And if we believe that the prophets I send him is beyond what other people are able to attain in their ethics, morality and character, then it becomes important for you and I to understand that when others who are beneath him tarnish him, it does not equate to an actual be smearing of the

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character of the prophets on the lahardee was sending. So from a philosophical approach, Allah tells us very plainly in an internet cafe napkin was there has been I have sufficed you against anyone who mocks you, why does Allah subhanaw taala plainly say that because you and I need to understand that irrespective of whatever anybody says, it is of no consequence in comparison to the achievement of nobility, ethics, morality, changes that Mohammed sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam brought to the world. There's, you know, it's like somebody who's urinating into an ocean. That's how the roadmap classified right? It's like somebody standing to urinate in the ocean trying

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to pollute an ocean. Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is beyond the ridicule the caricature, the the be smearing the yelling, the typing, the tweeting the internet, whatever it is, there is nothing that can bring down Allah Allah beyond what anyone can attain. So that's a very important kind of perspective that you and I need to have. So when it comes in that regard, I want you to see that the Imams of Islam, for example, early on in our history, there's very few literature of the generations of Muslims for hundreds of years defending the defending a loss of Hannah to Allah or the country.

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concept and the reality of God. They didn't. It wasn't something that was argued with non Muslims or other people who don't accept faith with because God is a law is a lie. It's, it's it's non debatable. And that becomes a really important way of looking at the world, especially when you find people who seek to bring the divine or those who represent the divine down to their level. And we at times make the mistake of playing on that game and in that playing field, which is not our place, and therefore the prophets will allow it was setting them never, ever dignified himself by responding, dignified, or brought himself to the indignity of responding to someone who ridiculed

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him in that sense, ever. You never find on record that the prophet SAW Selim, somebody swore at him and the Prophet responded back to him, it was always a law who defended the results I sent him because as a philosophical understanding, for you and I as Muslims as an Islamic, you know, God belief that you and I have that a loss of Hannah to Allah is sufficient for them to be Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, he does not need you, you do not need to defend the prophets I said let me You do not as a part of your you will not be the one who defends Allah, the prophet or Islam you can defend yourself you can defend what you understand of Islam you can defend or speak about some of the

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practices that Muslims do. But Allah Subhana Allah is Allah and how you will a you and Melek right, that those who seek to dishonor him dishonor themselves those who seek to elevate him elevate themselves but not a loss or kind of a Tyler, he is as he is and as he was And has he will be with or without us so panel to Allah, on the Day of Judgment limited monthly on to who is the kingdom, Lila and wydawca. How to who is that a mccammon Mohammed Salah is lm say what you say do what you do. From our perspective, from a perspective of one who is submitted to Allah submitted to the authority of the prophets I send him your Framework of Reference is that Mohammed says headlam does

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not need anyone to stand up for him because no one who has ridiculed him is that a level to actually critique them. So it's like the barking dog at the moon. It does it's not bothered it's like a it's like a fly that lands on a tree and says Hey, listen tree Hold on, I'm gonna land on you be prepared. It's a it's a fly. The tree has no consequence of paying any attention to that fly that seeks to land upon it. Although three examples the dog barking on the moon, you know, men urinating in an ocean and a fly landing on a tree is what the hot right to say Mohammed Salim is uncorruptible with the words, assumptions, statements of others. So when you look in the Koran you see in Nashua

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and Nicola after that last idea of sort of delicata I gave you an abundance of blessing. Even though at that very time people are ridiculing and people are saying in the captor you're cut off you're you're disgraced, you're cursed. Your children are dying, and they're on and on and on and law says even help lighten heck of COVID Don't they know how blessed you are how much blessing you have in this life and into the next life.

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So don't pay attention to them for suddenly continue with your prayers continue with the devotion continue sacrificing only to me in this journey I will after the one who seeks to besmirch you ridicule you tear you down, characterize you seek to humiliate you bring you to disrepute it's upon them that what will reflect upon them. May Allah Subhana Allah dignify you through the dignity of Mohammed Salim May Allah Subhana Allah ennoble us through the student of the prophets of Allah and he will send them so first point you are not going to ever defend the prophets I sell them better than a law has defended him better than his record has defended him and better than his own

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tradition and lifestyle and plural behavior of his followers represent him Salalah How do you sell them? Number two, understand that those who make these false claims about us as Muslims, that you know, we've taken on these characters of the prophets, I sell them and he was a war monger or he spread Islam by the sword or his people. They just need to look in the mirror they just need to see the atrocities in particular places like France and colonial empires that wrecked havoc destroyed and cause corruption into the world that the world today is suffering as a consequence of it. So any country that you find strife in in the third world, you just go back 100 years and ask who was the

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colonial superpower who destroyed that country? which were the three countries that cut apart Somalia to rip it apart and destroy its people and disenfranchise them? Who you know British Somaliland, Italian Somalia and what what what what are the where do those terms

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come from what happened to Aboriginal peoples in the land that is the land of the new God people who I'm standing upon today, that is today referred to as Australia, where the Europeans came and settled, what happened to their people? How many millions were put to death? How many millions of Lost Children lost generations, how many million continue to suffer due to systematic racial inequities that are caused what happened to the native Indians? What happened to 70 million Russians, who you know who died after World War 240 million in China, what happened to phenomenal numbers, what happened to millions of Algerian just one country Algerians who are put to death. And

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if you were to read quotes of the military generals, who in 19, in 1843, entered into Algeria and said this land is to be despoiled. I don't want grass to grow in it, that no man should ever remain living and anyone above 15 is to be put to death. Older women are to be taken or their children are to be usurped, and enslaved and used as property that if any soldier brings me a living Arab that they will be struck down because they've left them alive. How dare you bring a male Arab to me one of these Algeria, so they This is the kind of criminality that you had the brutality that you had across the world? Ask Senegal ask Sierra Leone ask Rwanda, not even you know, country, you know, ask

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the slaves and then slave traders who were you served and where did the Dutch go and where did the you know these so called, you know, civilized societies who claim the bastion hood of being the empowering, so called moral right of all morality? Where did they go 100 years ago? Where have they been up until today? So let's let's not be hypocritical. Let's be truthful. And let's have a complete reading of history. Let's understand why Muslim lands or Torah what why is Kashmir in that state between Pakistan and India? Well, there was something called British India and there were millions of people who died. There was strife that happened. What Why is there friction between

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Bangladesh and Pakistan? Well, British India What happened? Right, what's going on in Tibet? What what happened to our Palestinians what you know, what happened to Palestine, just wiped off the map with a stroke of a pen. Balfour Declaration, what you know, Where, where, where are the origins of these problems, they're not religious, initially, intentionally, in the first instance. So take that perspective and understand that we as Muslims, we don't get riled up. We're very confident with who our Navy was. So is lm we're very confident with our true historical accounting record. And we're very confident of knowing that we are intentionally willfully desiring peace with anyone who we live

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amongst, irrespective of whatever ism, whether it's communism, capitalism, socialism, whatever it is, Muslims have been able to adapt and live in peace and harmony and retain their Islamic character May Allah continue to protect our own allotment, I mean, so the second point now really comes in so what what can I do what can you and I do? Well, appreciate how metalized center like love the Messenger of Allah, your your, it's not just you're commanded to love him more than your father, your mother, your own life and soul is not just that is that he deserves it. It's not just, you know, hey, love me and I don't deserve no, he deserves your acknowledgement, your love, your, your

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care, your concern, and that's what really frustrates me. You have Mashallah this heart of a man in people Subhan Allah, but it's the actions that at times, let us down and I pray that Allah subhanaw taala leads us to correct action. I was really, you know, really amazed and it really made my heart soften. I was reading in this publication that there was a bar owner, you know, like a Moe's tavern, and it was owned by a Muslim. And when all this happened, and he saw that this stuff was happening at a friend's, he said, he will no longer sell French liquor, French wine, and some kind of lot like he's a bar owner, you know, he's doing what you and I as Muslims consider how wrong but he said, How

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dare they insult Mohammed sallallahu alayhi wasallam. I'm not going to serve French wine. I'm not going to serve French cheese and French hors d'oeuvres along with French wine, and he cut it out of the menu. And that was his protein, his religious conviction in the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam and it reminded me of that incredible Hadith where there was an alcoholic a drunk amongst the Sahaba He's so happy he loves the Prophet x mo was an alcoholic. He was still struggling to get off the booze get get get sober. And the Sahaba caught him one day he had been drinking and they you know they caught hold of him and some of them were ridiculing him and harsh against him. The Prophet

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pushes them back and says leave this man alone for law in the Alamo and now your HIPAA law Suda I swear to you by God, I know this man loves Alon His Messenger Mohammed. So I settled him to kind of love what what an incredible example that you see in reality today. So appreciate that oh suits a lot he will sell him first in your heart. And may Allah allow us to teach our children the love of Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam the love of his character and that comes with learning his Sierra, learning his life, learning his commitments, learning his selflessness, learning about who he was and what he stood up for and what he commanded and what he wanted and when he shared, so you must ni

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must make our goals, his goals, our fears, his fears, our hopes, his hopes, our do is draw our love his love, our hate his hate. Right? The things he hated. We must hate them for ourselves. Because he didn't hate them just because of him he hated because it's not good for you and I so appreciate Rasulullah satellizer number two, hold on. Like, I know it's tough channel or like I know it's tough. My dear sister, my dear brother, I know it's tough. I know. It's tough to hold on to the sooner. The prophet SAW Selim said, it will come a time where it's harder to hold it than to hold on to a lit Ember to a burning Ember of coal. It's hard, it's scathing, it burns. It's difficult when

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you get cast down looks where you're overlooked for a job where sarcasm is shown your way where there's, you know, systemized racism where you're overlooked for a promotion overlooked for, you know, academic position. All of us we've been that, you know, we see that there's research to show it, it's not my word or lived experience alone. There's words to show that if you put your application in and it has Mohamed, you're less likely to be given a call back then if your name is something else.

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But don't change your name.

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Don't lose it. Because it is better for you to honor Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam through your love, but also through your commitment to him. That is better in the long term, even if it's not in the short term. It's brutal, be patient in the law, he at a law says the promise of a law always arrives, whatever it's promised you will arrive that job whatever is it it doesn't matter how much hijab you wear or not wear that job if it's yours, it's yours. If it's not, it's not what law he'd be firm in your, in your in your heart. There is a magical moment there is the Lord of Old Dominion, Allah subhana wa Tada. You're either with him or not. So choose to be with Hold on, be

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patient endure, fulfill your your your covenant to Allah

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is the G hula, hula Rasool Allah says in Surah m fan yeah you are living in a manual Old Faithful are you who believe is the G will respond answer come to the call the summoning the invitation of Allah and His Messenger either directly may come when they summon you to that which will give you life will give you the happy life well in no hurry and no hate on paper. Man I mean, I mean come slowly, I mean record in a winter

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fella here now Hello, whoever does good deeds whether a male or a female while they are firm in their belief, we will give them the good life. The Good Life is there you can have it in this life and in the next is the answer respond hold on to a little water with the hand hold the tight rope that Allah has extended. Well, I totally will be heavily let hold on to the rope of Allah Jamia all of you together, right?

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So May Allah subhanho wa Taala give us that second great step of adherence of masaba is Moodle wasabi. It'll patience and resilient and enduring patient. Number three, know that there's a great reward that is set in store for the one who is insulted.

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And that is responding in a way that does not cause grievance and insult to others. So when you see the prophets lie, Selim is being put down by those who are lesser than him in consequential in comparison to who he is and what he's done for the world. When you see that, then in your heart, say Subhan Allah look at our law honors the prophets I send them even after his death that he continues to earn magnified reward that those who have you know, ridiculed him behind him. Isn't that what you and I believe that if someone gossips about you behind your back, that you will take some of their good deeds that you know, because some of these people have done really great things in the world

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like some of these people have been antagonistic to the prophets I sell them. They probably some of them or maybe nice people may have you know, treated others well and they might have good deeds, but they are you served and put in record of others because of their dishonor, to the great honor of Mohammed Salah law it was settled him and Allah subhana wa

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It says, Have you thought America home their good deeds become inconsequential. So when you kind of calculated, those who have wronged Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam it's it's the same way that they're odermatt they would say, you know, a person came and cursed, you know, Allah, Mohammed Mohammed, he wrote, you know something about him behind his back and was cursing him and so on. And when the students really mad at me, they said, Look, this guy saying this, this and this, he said, Alhamdulillah Allah has allowed me to earn good deeds without effort. Hello laquan you know, you and I are Muslim were strange people. And that's why the prophets I seldom said Hydra benevolent

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movement, how bewildering is the condition of a believer, all of their condition is beautiful when they get hurt. It's a blessing. It's taken away good deeds. When someone wrongs you, it's a good handler. You're like Masha, Allah, Allah, may Allah reward you. May Allah forgive you, right? Now la soprano to Allah forgive and guide and open the hearts of those who do not know him. That's why he said him. And may Allah allow us to represent his way. So that's the third point. Now, you know, finally I wanted to speak about you know, practical things

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that you and I can do that are within our means, which is to share information about those who lost a limb. Don't exaggerate that, you know, one of the things I you know, I hate hearing is Muslims, you know, exaggerating about the prophet SAW Selim, when, when it was the final weeks and days of the Prophet I tell him he said, he would say to people don't exaggerate about me, just simply say, I'm the servant of the slave of God. And his final message don't don't don't dress me up so much, even though he's worthy of it. We don't bow to him. We don't you know, we, we honor him. So I send them but don't exaggerate. Right. Don't you know, don't go beyond what you what is the truth? Number

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two, don't be negligent. Don't be, you know, you hear something and you're not really sure. Don't say oh, no, no, no, don't be dismissive, because maybe you just don't understand maybe, maybe it's true, but you haven't been taught it in the right way. So learn the tradition come to those who can teach you the sort of the prophets I sell them and be active in your study of Rasul Allah, how do you defend the prophets, I seldom at least get to know him. Like, at least know him, at least get to know who he was and what he represented. So when somebody says to you is this way, don't say I don't know. Learn about him. Number two, practice. l yml. Knowledge practice, right livina eminonu

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knowledge Why me lusardi had practice the good deed because knowing requires action act upon his tradition. And I'm not just talking about you know, where a Jew burns. I'm wearing a casual shirt and you know, I'm honoring the Prophet sallallahu sallam, I try to keep a beard in honor of him. Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. This is the son of the prophet Isaiah Lim. But the greatest honor of the prophet Isaiah is is in moral ethics, in being regular in your federal prayer, regular in the masjid for Asia regular for Juma that you make decisions based on what he would choose if he was given the choice if he lived with you. What do you recognize you What do you walk with you?

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Where would you be what what yardstick are you measuring your life by? If he sat in your car and listened to what you're listening? Would he be? Would? Would he would you vibe with it? If he entered into your home as your Netflix thing? Would he sit next to you on the couch and watch what you're watching? Would he be with you in that conversation with that brother or that sister where you're texting things? And it's getting to a place that it shouldn't? Would he approve and say well done, what you know, where are you with? rasulillah so I send them so you want to be in a you know, in dignified by how these people have? Well, it's it's it's greater indignity to the message of the

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prophets. I send them that you know him and disobey Him. These people. I don't know him. You know, I just don't know man Ajay, but you're not Jade. You're a person who knows. Now Allah subhanho wa Taala forgive me and forgive you for not honoring the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. May Allah forgive me and you for not defending the prophets. I said lemina in a better way. May Allah allow us to defend him to love him to

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to be with him. in Jeddah Lama amin oh how we love what I saw last isin

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Allah subhanho wa Taala join us with our NaVi Salalah.

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Allah salud now, about a galaxy Solomonic.