But it’s True! But I’d Say it to their Face!

Mohammad Elshinawy


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Santa Monica Bismillah. So it's probably not just me. But when I stopped someone from mentioning others in a negative light, and I hope others stopped me if I fall into it, the response is many times No, but it's true. No, it's a fact. I mean, I would say to their face because they know it's a fact something along those lines. Well, here's the issue. newsflash, that doesn't stop it from being backbiting. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam said backbiting this enormity of a sin is Vic Rocha. A haka be Maya Cora, the mention of your brother or sister, of course, in a way that they would dislike, period, even if it's a gesture, even indirect, even body language, but they said, O

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Messenger of Allah, what if it's true what we're saying about them? He said, yeah, if it is true, then you have committed backbiting against them. And if it is not true, then you have done even worse, you've compounded the problem. Basically, he said you have slandered them. So the honor of a Muslim is huge. And we have to treat this with the utmost seriousness.