Don’t Say In-sha-Allah When…

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So a very common mistake that people make is that after making dua they'll say insha Allah May Allah give me this new job in sha Allah May Allah make this easy for you in sha Allah The Prophet said a lie send them specifically told us not to make da and then say in sha Allah after layer poulan Allah fiddley insha Allah Hani insha Allah forgive me if you will Allah have mercy on me if you will. Now yeah as in will miss Allah. This person should be firm in what they're asking but in Allah Allah, Allah for Allah cannot be compelled or forced. So the point here is that if we say insha, Allah after asking something of Allah, it's almost like we are the ones who are giving Allah an option and

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that is not appropriate. When we are asking Allah has Penwith if it's an issue of doubt, or some said Be firm and what you're asking about in another headache call upon Allah while you are sure that Allah will respond to you. So when we ask something of a love, we do not say in sha Allah