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Sulaiman Moola
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Bismillah he was salatu salam ala rasulillah he sallallahu alayhi wa sallam were banned. One of the famous Hadith of the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. mantova Allah Allah, Allah Allah, any person who will display humanity for the pleasure of Allah, Allah will surely grant him honor, respect and dignity. On a general note, we try we encourage we exhort one another to practice and implement humility. But today specifically, I want to address the aspect of humility admits authority. So an employee wanting to engage with his employer, or a poor person approaching someone of wealth, prominence and status. How do you conduct yourself in that position of authority? And I

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share with you an amazing and riveting narrative and tale of Satan our idea of the Allahu Allahu wa Asakura him Allah says that a person came to say the NA Li or the Allahu anhu and he said in Le la * Ali or the Allahu anhu I have a particular need from you refer to her Illa Allah Hi, Pamela and alpha LA. I have presented my need to the almighty first. And now I am presenting my request to you for in an tavita homage to LA or Chicago to lambda homage to LA Havas Otto, if you are willing to aid me and assist me, then I will thank Allah and be grateful to you and if you are unable to assist me, I will still thank Allah and I will excuse you. Now this was a position of authority where he

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was asking he was begging and saying that a little Viola angle was now deciding if he could assist him etc. In the context of this union. Look at the humility of Allah the Allahu anhu the narration of Ebner hasakah Aria the Allahu anhu said October Allah for in Accra who are our early fee What Will you kindly communicate your request by writing it down? Because I dislike seen humiliation on your phone or on your forehead or you humbling yourself before me? So whatever your need is just write it down. I will observe on the note and then we'll take it from there. I love work but many of us would want you know what? Drop your tone change your posture humble your demeanor. Satya

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weightier, no no say 90 of the olana said I dislike seeing humiliation. So he said in the montage I am in need I'm a destitute I need help. I need to be alone who said okay I need to be Hello. He ordered that an entire uniform of clothing be brought an upper garment and a local government and then he gifted it to the individual. So the individual is a very intelligent person and a very wise man. He responded in poetry in the following words. He said Casa de Haan Latin tabouleh Maha Sinha for Sophia Zuckerman Hosni Sena Hola, in Neale Hurston Athena in el tema chromatin when it's the Wb moku Bella in Santa Clara sahibi he calls it up in a de la bella that surely kasota Nichola you have

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cleared me with clouds wi mahasi no ha but soon it will fade for sofa Zoo caminhos Nathan our holiday anahola I don't have wealth or clothing to reciprocate, but I will lavishly praise you in Santa Monica sahibi surely great praises revives the legacy of a person. Cal Raphael in Santa Monica Bella. Just like how rain revives the earth. And then in the final stanzas, he conveyed a message to Satan earlier the alarm as well. And by extension to each one of us that today we should we share it. He said let us have a Dharavi hiring to a photo for good luck densa you disability amela do not abandon a good even if people don't acknowledge you because Allah will reward you. So what's the

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message my brother humanity. In English they say your melody is strange. Just when you claim it, you lost it. May Allah bless us with through humanity. I mean, you're a banana mean

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