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The host discusses the increasing need for drug use and depression in various countries, citing studies on the benefits of drug use and depression in younger demographics. They emphasize the importance of shaping behavior to avoid sadness and finding doors of relief in one's life. The speaker also touches on the importance of being aware of one's experiences and the need for positive experiences to avoid negative emotions.

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In the country lovely Darla and I might have Moleskine over here on a sculpture of when I was willing to add I mean surely unforeseen. I will say yeah, to Medina. Maybe leverage on A young lady further ahead the other questions above or Debu that said he can, but should I know him and then I will do whatever you are sudo yatta yatta Latina Hammond Tapachula I thought 241 And then we'll do Nayla 123 Moon Yeah, Johanna Sousa for a buck on Millennium Falcon Minar sinuata. Well, Carla coming has an agenda over February Gerald and Kathy are on what he said. was double love and Lolita, sir I don't ever hear about him in Nova again. alikoum la fever. Yeah, even Lena Hamilton

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Hola, hello. Gulu Colin sediba is

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way up here, Philippines and obaku. Were my employer Allah or sue the roof of Cardiff as a filter Halima? Well praising Lord to Allah we thank him and you seek His help and his guidance and his pleasure and his forgiveness. And we seek His protection from the evil whispers within us and the awful consequences of our evil leads for whoever I'm gonna guide you. No one can lead astray and remember, Allah leaves the strain on can guide and we testify that no one is worthy of our worship and our devotion. But Allah alone without any parkrunners, the true supreme King, the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was his prophet, and his servant that His Messenger whom Allah

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says there's a mercy to the world. So people of Eman have the Taqwa of Allah, keep mindful and dutiful of Allah to the extent that he deserves

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and do not die except in a state of complete and total willing and loving surrender to Allah state of Islam.

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To begin after welcoming our brothers and sisters to the house of Allah is diligent.

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After spending four footballs on how Islam, regulated and balanced and channeled this natural, inevitable emotion of human anger, I wish to shift gears now to a different emotion.

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And that is the emotion of sadness or depression,

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and how Islam evaluates it,

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and how Islam provides us priceless guidance on it.

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I came across some very thorough research and statistics on depression in the world today.

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And how there's been a drastic increase worldwide in depression.

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From the year 1988, to 2008, in these 20 years, there has been a 400% increase in the need for antidepressants,

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and so on can say this has just been flooded by the pharmaceutical industry pushing it out. If that was the only statistic, I may have to agree that that's the only reason why this is reflective of an epidemic in our time.

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Because there's also an increase a dramatic increase in suicide rates as well. The people that maybe don't take these antidepressants, or these antidepressants don't work for them or whatever other reason.

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Between 1950 to the year 2000. In younger demographics from 15 years old to 24 years old, the numbers for suicide have tripled.

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And from the year 1999, about the year 2000.

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till about 2012.

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In middle age demographics, the numbers of suicides rates have also shot up about 14%.

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And they didn't have to be this way. And the world didn't have to look like this. And Allah azza wa jal does not enjoy, nor is he even non caring about people suffering in this way. In fact, he sent down his religion for the very opposite. If you read through a sewer, for example, like surah Taha alone, Allah azza wa jal begins it by saying, Man, Zanna alagille granny dashpot we didn't sell now this Quran upon you so that you will be miserable. Right?

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Later on towards the end of the surah Allah Azza wa hisense I sat down upon your guidance from a Deborah Avenue day I felt I didn't know lodash whoever follows these guys is guidance on sending them they'll never be lost. They'll never be tortured by confusion, nor will they be miserable in their behaviors and the outcomes of their behaviors. And the AI right after a very dire he says women are our blind only those who turn away from my remembrance and the reminder I sent for them for in Nevada who Marisha and Blanca for them will be alive that is dunk and of the tree.

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installations of bunkers depression,

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life is tied by his limited life is compressed down. So limiting so constricting emotionally on the ground internally all of it. One actual hooyo multi enmity IRA and this person who chooses to do that to themselves will be resurrected on the Day of Judgment blind. God, I'll be the Maharsha attorney, I'm going to Basilan who will say Oh my Lord, why did you resurrect me mine when I used to have eyesight I used to be able to see and it will be said to him Karateka attend to tuna fella Sita. Okay, then you can yell Mattoon, sir, because in the same fashion that your My verses came to you, you acted like you forgot them, you turned away from them. Today you will be forgotten as well.

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He chose to be blind to our verses and forget all about them. So you are blind today and you yourself will be forgotten or ever biller. And I came across a second study, this is all to set the stage regarding the need for this subject. This study was particularly interesting.

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It was a cross cultural study across 132 different countries. And it surveyed and this is lots of time and lots of resources. And lots of analysis. They I know 132 Different countries they studied or they surveyed 140,000 different people.

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And some of the results are the results we all know and we say all the time that the wealthier countries, almost sort of monopolize the suicide rates.

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But what's interesting, though, is that these wealthier regions in the world, they report higher rates of happiness, the study calls that happiness. But if you look a little deeper, it really means comfort. They're talking about comfort. People you tell Are you happy with your car? Are you happy with your house? Are you happy with your spouse are you have they reported higher rates of happiness, per se comfort, and yet they have higher suicide rates across the UK consistently, this is the result. Then when they went to poor countries, they found that poor countries, by and large, they have a much lower suicide rates.

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Despite this is the interesting part, reporting less happiness, you tell them? Are you happy with him or not happy? Just life is tough, like it's very difficult, then why aren't you killing yourself as much as this other country? They asked the third question which explains everything.

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They asked these countries that reported higher happiness, but also higher suicide rates. Do you believe there's a purpose in life? Do you believe there's meaning behind life, and they had much less people respond positively. So it's not any other country the opposite. These countries that were very poor and very uncomfortable lives did not have nearly as much suicides because they had much higher rates of perceived they saw life as meaningful. Life had a purpose, life had a meaning. And so this study suggests what that actually having a meaning for life, understanding what life's about, even if life's complicated is far more valuable than actually being comfortable in life and

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happy per se.

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And if that alone, it doesn't show you the value of just one idea in the book of Allah, Allah telling you the meaning of your life, the value of one on one up to gene level insight allele Apple dude, him telling you not leaving you in the dark. The reason I created you the meaning behind your existence, is that you devote your life to me. He gave you meaning there that is worth the world. Because people that have the world, but don't have this concept.

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life's not worth living for them, even if they're more comfortable, even if they're more happy.

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And then there's another way that Islam comes about and does away with depressions and does away with suicide and does away with unnecessary happiness. And this is just so remarkable about Ardene Allah says it will be dysfunctional if you don't devote your life to me, that's your meaning. Now, here's step two, or just another aspect of this. Allah is telling you and part of you devoting your life to me is that you must be happy.

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All throughout our deen Allah says, You should write, rejoice, write, have good hopes have good meanings. He says I sent down for you a book failure Franco let them be happy let them celebrate this book, let them sell it let them be happy. Allah azza wa jal emeritus at singles Medina villa, to have good assumptions of Allah just go forward with life and don't be Don't Don't let worries get you down. Don't let worries come

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train you.

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This is actually a part of our religion. Our province often lived and taught the world and spoke to the sahaba. You must, Allah demands of you if you're dedicated to Allah, what does Allah want from you? He wants you to be happy, you must have to fellow sensitive, you must be optimistic, you must believe and be served and tell yourself, there are good things in store because Allah is my god. Can you imagine Allah telling you, you have to be happy? I want you to be happy. If you want to please me be happy. That's an obligation Islam. What a splendid obligation.

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You know, for a long time I could not understand. In my studies of theology, what did the Prophet SAW said, let me know. He said, how do you how to shift

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a player is bad omens comes from the robot bodies a bird, because one of the ways they used to believe in bad luck, basically misfortune and the times before Islam is that when you would walk out, you release a bird, the bird goes forward, you go forward.

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And if the bird goes back, you cancel your whole triggers. You don't go on the business trip, you don't go travel to another country, you don't say oh, it's bad luck. Just like in our societies and cultures today, when you see a black cat or you walk under a ladder or the day a Friday lands on the 13th or something like this, bad omen superstitions. And so the I've had a thought that there was a bird, you grab a bird and you'd release it before you went on the trip. If it went right, that's a good sign. If it went left, something horrible is going to happen to it. Don't leave your home stable, so that when you die and your life comes crashing down and happens at home, at least you get

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Janessa Rhonda relatives, this was their superstition that chained them down. The problem is all sudden I've said to them a clear to shake, to believe in prayer or to believe in back love to believe in bad omens. This is shipped. Shipped means so committed equals Allah. How can through your vision because Allah azza wa jal listen to you listen to me. You're listening to somebody else. I told you be happy. I told you, there's no reason to be worried. I told you good things are coming your way. And of course, when a person does allow that sadness, that grief, that concern that worry, that negative mentality to happen, then bad things will happen in your life, because you're assuming

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the rest of them a lot anymore. That's why we work with civilians to tell the people incredibly sad and again, it's a full effort to be tailor.

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In better and more cologne be noted.

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He says be careful of letting your tongue say things and you get tested with your own words. Oh man, something bad's gonna happen to it is that good for assumption on luck? Then finally?

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He says because Ben tribulations are interlinked with your utterances, because your utterance is a translation at once in your mind that mentality and negative mentality and so you say it might as well come through right what they call nowadays the self fulfilling prophecy. And so are the bad news good says about this has a great relationship with once again happiness versus sadness, negativity versus a positive mindset. He says a peon to a tee Kula had this bad omen. Oh man, this is a bad sign.

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This comes to everybody. The only difference is what I remove one more minute we have to do who approved haha because our code but the believer the ones devoted to God, He doesn't listen. He just listens to God. He doesn't commit you plead, meaning it comes knocking on everybody's door. When does it become *? When you get into it? When you give into negativity? That is part of a pan Allah wants from you, for you to chase away negativity by just putting your trust in Allah and not acting on it just moving forward.

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And Allah azza wa jal told us why he wants this from us this mentality from us. It's fine, continue with the prophets. Allah azza wa jal says to us in NEMA Najwa ministry Thani liaison Alladhina amanu.

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Share it on he conspires so that he may cause the believers to have caused him to cause them to grieve to be sad. So Allah wants you happy because that's what's good for you.

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And Shavon wants you said, that's the way it works.

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When he said we love him che sorry.

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This mic is enough.

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Allah azza wa jal he wants you to be happy and he says when he sent me $1 Or anything she and he levied me learn Allah will always protect the believer shaitan will not be able to harm you except by Allah's permission, except when Allah permits for him to harm you for wisdom that he knows for a justice that he manages subhanho wa Taala even though Fayoum Rahim Allah he says something very beautiful about this issue of sadness in the light of the Quran. He says you will not find sadness in the Quran.

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except that it's negated or that it's prohibitive because no feel for any inland F en el Natvia. So for example, Allah will either forbid you and tell you Don't be sad fella to half of what attacks No, don't be afraid.

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And do not be sad, do not read,

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or he will negate it, he will say, and these people, I brought them back to me further, hopefully him whatever whom yet there's no there's no fear for them, nor will they agree. So doing away with fear, doing away with sadness is something Allah is praising throughout the Quran, he says, and the reason for that is clear, because Allah wishes well, he's a god that wishes well for you. And this God who wishes well Subhanahu wa Taala knows that sadness will not benefit you in any way, it will just harm you. So if you are

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bothered saddened by your past, you're going to be trapped in your past, you're going to be paralyzed by it. And if you're sad because of what you're imagining of the future, which we call worry, not grief of the past, but worry about the future, that's not going to help you be a person of Azeema a person of determination which Allah wants from you. He wants you to steamroll ahead. Yes, you look in the rearview mirror to learn from your past. But that doesn't stop you from seeing the windshield. Right? That would be just ridiculous. And so that's the mentality Allah wants for you, for your own good to dispel all sadness, to fight against all this negativity, if you worship

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me, my worship, part of it is for you to make yourself happy. Keep yourself happy, and all the beautiful God is kind of $1 a hole of Holy hell that I was going through I love you.

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hamdulillah salatu salam, O Allah, Allah Allah, Allah Baba, devilishly Colombo, Sri Dona Mohammed in Abu Dhabi whenever you also

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and whoever carefully reads the Quran and Sunnah they rejuvenate your faith through those doors by the way they rejuvenate your faith by seeing clearly what Allah wants from you. Like think of teachings in Islam that may not necessarily seem related at face value. You know, in Islam, when there's a reason to be sad, Allah gives you reason to be sad. He gives you space when you feel there's a reason to be sad, like someone dies of your relatives. Islam gave you that space, you have time to get over it. But then he says you what

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your limit is three days. The expressions of sadness, the time for Isaiah for relief for those in Islam is three days after that. That's it. Because some people do this. Yes, life has challenges, but you will make your life more miserable than it has to be. You keep renewing this bad news in your life. You keep letting shaytaan revive these concepts. Imagine someone's relative dies and every single person is giving them as that for an entire year. They normally would not have remembered for an entire year the extent of the pain caused by losing his landlord right? So Islam says yes fine okay, that's human Have you it's good having a passion is normal expected even, but

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limited to three days.

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The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam will seek protection preemptively even before the fact that he would say Allah who made me I was will be coming at him he will hasn't zero out we must all learn for our own good oh Allah protect me shelter me from Heaven Hemis concern about the future and hasn't sadness sadness is grief meaning about the past, oh Allah protect me from behind me in front of you from my future and my past from that ever derailing me in my journey to you.

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And so this is your job to ask it of Allah and to not give yourself extra reasons to be upset and to give yourself and those around you reasons to be happy. I have been amended Allah soon to Twitter Allah. Allah who you hit one minute masala, one of the most dear acts to Allah He said Alan Salatu Salam is for you to admit some joy in front of believers. That means Allah loves the believers to be happy. He wants them to be happy subhanho wa taala.

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And for yourself, don't linger on the negative give yourself time to realize there's so much positive I should be focusing on. It's not as bad as I'm as I'm letting shaytaan make me look at it like that. It's just a matter of perspective. Nothing more.

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You know, I was translating a book once for Dr. Hunger. It is the famous scholar of our contemporary times. And he says I remember traveling to a city to meet a very wealthy businessman to take a donation from him to solicit a donation from him to build a masjid. And so we sat with him and we spoke to him and he wrote us a check at the end of the night and he said here is for the sake of Allah and as we were leaving the saw, I'm taking out some

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pills and we may do it. What's it what's going on? So this is normal. I've been taking this for 10 years, I cannot sleep without this medication. So we made some driver when we left, that Allah rushing back to health and reward him for his difficulty. He says, As we were leaving that city, getting onto the freeway, we saw one of those huge construction sites that have those big lights, those dome lights and require a very big generator to power them. When it's like daytime at night because of those then you won't see them. We said and it was so loud, we had to cover our ears passing by this generator.

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He said and then as we got to the generator, we saw a poor man with very poor clothing, sitting security guard for the construction site, sleeping right next to the generator on the site.

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So I said Subhan Allah, Allah azza wa jal gives this guy fortune. And he needs medication to go to sleep. And this guy doesn't have that fortune. And he can sleep through a fireball right?

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And so we do that all the time. If you had all the money in the world and couldn't go to sleep at night, we didn't you trade that in all that money for the ability to sleep at night. We make ourselves Saturday then we have to be and Allah does not want that from you.

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You know, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam went to the point and this hadith should be cited even within moderation of course, to say that our province or send them approved of safe antidepressants, chemical cures even he said to us, Ali slotzo Semin one Hadith Allah it could be 10 vina, I prescribe for you 10 Peanuts had been as basically a barley that's boiled like oatmeal basically. And now we know the benefits of this and sugars and they go into your system and how they do away with some of your stress and endorphin reaction or whatever it is. He says I prescribed for you to lean up for a gnat. Find that a jewel for

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what tends to have will be bald and take this 10 bina this cook this thing for yourself, because it collects your interior, it causes your insights to settle for oil here is the interior to something basically to settle and does away with some of this admits he gave us prescriptions don't say Oh, this is my biller. I'm supposed to just sit here and take it. And Allah wants me to be upset. So I'm going to know treat yourself, treat your sadness, you know many times and I this is an important part to end the whole bullet. You need to find doors of relief doors of happiness, to continue in your deen not just in your life. To continue in your deen the road to Allah is a very long route.

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And you need to be able to pace yourself. That's why I'm having a lot of the other hands like Muslim came with a local Serbia and they complained to the province. I said that we are going after theme. We're hypocrites why the they basically said because we're inconsistent. When we're in front of you and you described Jenna and Paradise and the Hellfire FATCA and it says if these two are right in front of us, then when we go back home and we do pleasantries, we see our business our money, we check our bank account, we sit with our family and our properties. He said, No, no, let them play with our family and our properties. We deal with these things in the Siena cathedral matter. We

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forget much of what was said the the effect of it that heightened state of worship that heightened state of Eman and Paradise and hellfire right there. We can't keep it. The Prophet SAW Selim said to them satin was an hour for this an hour for that sometimes when you overdrive when you overhaul on yourself, even indeed, you're not able to continue. And so he's telling you give yourself time to rejuvenate. So you don't get frustrated with yourself. You know taming the animal inside getting your heart to conform with Allah. That doesn't happen overnight. The animal inside when it's behaving a little bit, throw in a piece of meat, so it doesn't rebel against you. Allah wants that

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from you Subhanallah it doesn't want you to make yourself miserable.

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I need that divided on the other hand regarding this point to use to see but I wish we Palooza

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phenol Palooza in the UK Rehat Amiens rejuvenate your hearts like give yourself time for r&r Time for rejuvenation, time for recreation, go fishing do something Khaled spend time doing something you like these things. He says if you don't the heart when it's overloaded, it becomes blind. Forget I don't want anymore. I don't want this. I don't want to do that. So there is an aspect of your dunya you know, one file Hadith perhaps I'll end with it here. Our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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He said to us and it is very interesting because it seems to go against everything we say in all the fields was about the dunya the material world. He says are bound minister had suddenly woke us and didn't hit back more than others inauthentic

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four components of happiness on a model to salejaw when John was solid when Miss Kenwood was here

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when America was saw and honey, he said four components of being happy, is a good woman, of course, a good man as well, that happens, it works both ways.

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He said, a good neighbor,

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and a White House, and a pleasant ride,

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to waiting, because that's ultimately

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that's the worldly life, the worldly life doesn't give you happiness. This is what we've been saying forever. The Prophet SAW Selim didn't have all these things when he was still happy. So he's telling you use these things.

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Don't depend on what did Allah say, woman had to dunya Illa rule, the enjoyment of this life is a deceiving enjoyment. Don't be deceived by that's the trick. But if you're going to use some of it to deliver you to Allah as a reservation, that doesn't mean that's not material. Oh, that's metallic Bella. That's the enjoyment that will help bring you to Allah that's rejuvenating your human gas tank so you can keep going. He wants that from you. Salt was set up because Allah azza wa jal wants that from you. Someone whose car breaks down every five minutes or their spouse breaks down or should I say flips out every five minutes? This will affect your journey to Allah as it could affect

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your journey to Allah azza wa jal. This is the meaning. But when these things you try to do some patch work without sacrificing your deen mending your dunya so that it can get into your era. That's an act of worship, you get rewarded for in front of Allah and the Prophet alayhi salatu salam passed by a man who was going through great difficulty. And he said to him, Have you said anything? He said, I said to Allah, Oh Allah, whatever punishment you are going to punish me with, in this dunya in the acid or in the Hereafter, so I just have, leave it dunya give it to me now in the dunya

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for HANA Subhan Allah Allah to cleave Bucha Paulo, what are you saying? You cannot bear it? Why would you ask to go through troubles to go through sadness to go through pain to go through suffering? He said to him head up all the Why didn't you say

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dunya? Well, Phil,

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why didn't you say Oh Allah, give me the good year, and give me the good there and protect me from the tournament of the fire? May Allah azza wa jal do away with our sadness and yours and grant us the good of this world and the good of the next world and protect us in the tournament of the fire. Allah.

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Allah, Allah Allah, Allah, Allah Allah, Allah subhana wa ala at Connecticut now. Allah manana syllabus

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was not been a big Allah has been and will be coming how many will hazard whenever we can actually like I said when I hope we can do pretty well when our own will become developing Denio Jad Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik ala Abdi gonna be eco also become 100 was the la semana wash prima donna Allah Muslimeen also Allah wa salam O Allah very Yeah, so I think you're talking to your company let me

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