Ali Hammuda – Enjoy Your Prayer #13 – Silencing Satanic Thoughts in Prayer

Ali Hammuda
AI: Summary © The use of shaytan in praying and its potential consequences are discussed, including the importance of staying on guard and not giving up. The speakers emphasize the need to restrain a dog and recite the Surah of Islam in every row. The importance of memorizing the title of Islam and reciting the culture in political or political context is also emphasized. The speaker emphasizes the importance of following the Prophet's promises and not rushing out of the study.
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Now that you've dealt with the internal barrier, arrogance, inshallah we have crushed it. We're ready to receive Quran remember, there was one more that needs to be dealt with. That's the external one, his Iblees, nickname Shavonne and he has to be addressed.

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Remember, brothers and sisters that Shavon is very much invested in ruining the salah of a believer in fact, he has

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an obsession with this

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because he was one who was invited to pray to Allah in the beginning of time and he refused, and he regrets this, but arrogance is preventing him from apologizing and he will not apologize. So Johanna will be his home as Allah has told us and that's why he is immensely bothered at those who stand up to Allah and do what he knows he should have done all those years ago and that is Darwin prostrating to Allah.

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So shaytan will make an attempt his first line of attack on you and I is to convince us that there is no need to pray Salah is futile. So you know many people from your family perhaps or your friends may Allah protect them and guide us all who don't pray Shavon has successfully convinced them that Salah is if you tell there's no need for it. If however, he fails in this endeavor, and you crush those whisperings and you get into your Salah he doesn't give up he goes for the second best line of attack which is what delay your Salah and that is why a lot of people they don't remember the last time they prayed for God when it was still dark outside.

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If and when they pray it it's only when the sun is halfway up the sky you know how long

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he will say delayed snooze it. It's okay you have time combine it.

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So if you insist to pray he will try his second best line of attack which is delay delay delay. If however you pray your Salah on time and you crush him a second time, he will go for his third line of attack he doesn't give up. And that is what I did was was to whisper he will stand next to you. And he will remind you of things that you had completely forgotten about. And you will find that your mind has become such a problem solving brain in Salah and you're now discussing remembering solutions to problems that have passed a long time ago and you start recalling things that you have completely forgotten about that is shaytaan if he cannot stop you from praying he will minimally

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detract from the reward by distracting you.

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And that is why even have him call you by him Allah He said in his book to leads to Bliss he said

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in the lab there is a common use only a ha shape aluminium for enamel Katana fee Alami ma meanwhile corabi It Allah What should he What are the other He Allah shaytaan for Hawaii HW wire harness wire under up Rafi. He said when a person stands up to pray before Allah subhanaw taala shaytaan is overcome with a huge amount of jealousy.

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Because you don't call him he said, you have just now stood in the greatest of all stations before Allah and the nearest that you can be before him. And it is the station that causes shape on most pain and most anger and so he endeavors to ruin that standing before yourself before Allah subhanaw taala and so he endeavors to ruin your standing before Allah subhana

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it bothers him. It reminds him of a traumatic past. It reminds him of his fate, fate and future. It reminds him of his arrogance. So it bothers him to see you in Salah. This is the most transformational act that a Muslim can do in his life to say Allahu Akbar and stand in Salah. And so jealousy overcomes him and he begins to try to remind you of things to eat throughout the day to detract from your reward. And so you are to remember my brother, my sister that when you are now beginning your Salah, imagine that your wage for that salah, figuratively speaking has been placed in front of you.

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Your full wage is right there on the table. And you need to hold on for just 10 minutes or so during your Salah. And if you manage to pray a Salah with who attentiveness and humility you will pocket every penny of that wage. But be careful. You need to be on guard. You need to be vigilant because there is a thief every time you get caught slipping. You get caught nodding off. You get caught looking around with your eyes or with your heart Shavon has stolen some of that wage and that is by that is why by the time you finish your Salah some people will pocket the full wage some people will pocket only half the wage. Some people will come back with a third a quarter and some people will go

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with no reward of the seller.

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And that is why without each other the Allahu Anhu she asked the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam about it. He thought looking around in Santa What did he say?

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Look at the last one. You have this O'Shea Parliament solid. Looking around in Sona is theft, which shaytan steals from a person salah.

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It is a feeling of shame.

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So where is your heart and where are your eyes and where are your focus on salah. That's why you begin your Salah with our own biller human shape on the regime. Europe be helped me, Europe assist me. How many of us have walked away from our Salah while Shavon he is now walking away in the state of hysterical laughter because he knows what he has done to our salah.

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And that's the difference between praying with who you are and praying without issue. I'll give you a benchmark. I give you a litmus test. A person who prays without whom she or he remembers in his or her salah the things that they had forgotten about before the Sunnah.

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Whereas the one who prays with who Sure. By the time they finish their prayer, they had forgotten about what they were doing before they started this Allah Allahu Akbar. This is a difference.

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And that is why I will claim he speaks about those who are affected so much with the whispering of shaytaan and they don't fight him off and they don't think about our own bIllahi min ash shaytaan the regime I seek refuge in Allah from Shaytaan able to claim his head

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for you. I'm sorry, foreman. Salatu he Mithila Halophila with an OB Well, how do I Yeah, who was Carly? Lemke fan who? This one. He said this person comes into Salah

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and then he walks out of the Salah, carrying the same sense, the same burdens, the same crimes that he had walked into Salah with, none of them were lifted and removed through the sutra. He said the people who benefit from salah the people who have their sins raised the people who have the lifting of their burdens are ones who pray Salah with who they carry out it's right and they offer Allah Almighty and attentive heart. These are the people who experience a FIFA a lightness during their Salah and they experience the lifting of a burden when they finish their prayer. He said till people will hope or till people will wish that they had not departed from their Salah

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Have you experienced that before May Allah subhanaw taala allow us to experience the essence of Salah

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This is why you begin your Salah with our older bIllahi min ash shaytani R Rajim you were saying your OB I can't do this on my own.

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control him for me Oh Allah, I can't assist me. Keep him at bay.

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And that's what you do. When there is someone that you can't handle for whatever deficiency or weakness you have. You go to the owner, you go to the very top you say Please restrain them. I can't take them out myself.

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And this is the analogy given by Mr. Bimbo Josie

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in his work tell me so at least

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he said that one of our pious predecessors said to his student

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matters now be shaytani either so well lol Haha, what will you do in a situation where shaitan has beautified for you since you can stop sinning? Whether it's things you're looking at listening, touching, inhaling smoking, buying, selling whatever it may be. You said to his students, what do you do in a situation where Satan keeps tempting you to sin?

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To student he gave the answer that you and I would have given which is Bucha. Who fight shaitan away. He said for in hired What if Satan comes back a second time?

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He said we are here to who? I'll find him away. And what if he comes a third time? He said oh yeah, he do. I'll repel him. I'll push him away.

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He said how the ammonia tool. He said that's the long route.

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That's the long route. And then he asked him a question. He said that if you came across a herd of sheep,

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and then the dog of the shepherd came running after you and started barking and prevented you from continuing your journey. What do you do?

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He said, Oh, yah hoo hoo. I will try to repel the dog as much as I can. He said this is the long way.

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He said to him, what you need to do is Stein biswa havy Levana Mija, Khufu, Hank, you need to go to the shepherd. You need to go to the owner of the dog and tell him to restrain his dog that way you'll be able to pass.

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Do you see what are you saying? You got to go right to the top. Go to speak to the owner, who is the owner of not just a bliss but all of creation, the angels the jinn humans, the beasts, the creatures, the heavens and the earth. That is Allah and Melek or Buddha let me go to the very top complained to him Yara helped me to restrain this creature. From when I begin my salah until I completed that is what you are doing when you say I will do bIllahi min ash shaytani R Rajim feel the hobo

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Do you experience your servitude to Allah and your polity on your bankruptcy and you need to him as you say, We lie. I can't Oh Allah help me. Help me.

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Now you are ready to start the resuscitation of which Surah

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Surah 230

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So after that

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and here we have to pause for a moment and ask why and 30

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Why are we reciting it so many times a day, around 29 times a day you will recite in fact you how on average, we pray five times a day. These are the obligations those are 17 units of Salah.

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And then you have the Sunnah, aka the emphasized optional Salah that surrounds those five they are how many 12 So 29 units of Salah and you are expected to recite Surah 231 In every record in every one of those 29 units. So you will recite al Fatiha a minimum of 29 times a day.

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How come?

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Why is it that Lao sala de Lima Lim Jacobi fatty, fatty Hadid, kita keytab there is no salah the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said for a person who does not recite the fact you have

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your Salah is not lifted, it's not accepted. There is no Salah without al Fatiha, it's the key. That's the ignition it has to start there. How come why the surah must have secrets right?

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Why is it that these seven verses were praised in the Quran just by themselves as a package Allah said when it NACA Saba Hamid Al Madani, we have given you a prophet, to seven repeated ayat, well, Quran and Alim and the mighty Quran that's in reference to Surah Fatiha the mighty Quran Allah calls it.

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How come?

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Why has alpha to have been given the name Al Fatiha the opening chapter of the Quran? The introduction of the book of Allah?

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Why does it have the name of omole Kitab the mother of the book

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and Amal Quran, the mother of the Quran? How come? These are some of the secrets that we want to begin to uncover in what remaining few minutes that we have?

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First of all, there is a Sahabi by the name of raffia epidermal Allah as Al Bukhari writes. He said, The Prophet of allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam once took my hand and he said to me, Allah wa li Monica Aldama Surah 10 Viki tabula human cubberly and Takuro geminal Masjid Shala you teach you the greatest Surah of the Quran before you leave the masjid raffia he said yes, O Messenger of Allah, and he waited. And the prophets Allah Allahu alayhi wa sallam got busy doing things in the masjid, serving his companions. And as he was leaving raffia he followed him he said, Messenger of Allah, you said you're going to teach me the greatest Surah of the Quran. He said, Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil

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Alameen he has several Muthoni Well, Quran Allah we will lay the OT two, he said it is Al Fatiha.

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It is Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen. It is the seventh oft repeated verses of the Quran and the mighty Quran that Allah has given me.

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So congratulations, brother, sister, for those of you who may not have committed the huge amount of Quran to memory, it's a work in progress. And it must remain a work in progress and a target to memorize the entire book of Allah if you can. But up until you achieve that rest assured and realize you have memorized the greatest chapter of the Quran. It's in your heart. La ilaha illa Allah.

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In fact, Alpha has Rohan Allah, it's the summary of all of the books that came before it.

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And that is why Abdul Karim Rahim Allah He said that Allah Almighty has revealed one 104 Books 104 scriptures all throughout the ages. And their meanings were summarized and captured by three books.

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The Torah, the Old Testament, the Injeel, the New Testament, and the Civil War, the Psalms of David.

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He said the contents of these three books were captured and summarized by one book which is a Quran and he said the meanings were captured and summarized of the Quran in one surah which is what Surah

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Al Fatiha and the meanings of Al Fatiha were captured and summarized by 130 houses. You can Abu where you are going to stay You alone we worship and You are alone. We seek assistance, all about that. Everything goes back to that our hybrid of Allah and our dua our ask for help and assistance Subhan Allah

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so you have committed to memory, the greatest surah in the Quran congratulations.

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Moreover, subhanAllah when you

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Begin reciting al Fatiha in your Salah.

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You have started a literal conversation between the heavens and the earth.

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How was this?

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Muslim the rates on the authority of Abu Huraira that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam said that Allah Almighty, He said, cause them to salata, veiny whether you know how to do this faily when they have the Masha, Allah said I have divided the prayer into two halves between me and my servant, and I will give him whatever he requests. And then Allah Almighty explains. He said either Carla Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa sallahu Hamadani Abdi when a person says in his salah, Alhamdulillah here Robben Island I mean, all praise is due to Allah, the Lord of the Worlds. Allah Almighty responds.

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And he says, My servant has praised me.

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Think about that for a moment. Allah Jalla Jalla Allahu, who is managing and controlling and governing the affairs of the universe.

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He hears your RE citation, and he responds to you individually. He acknowledges your RE citation and he says you have just praised me. Can you think about what that means?

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And then when you say

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or Rama or him, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful, Allah responds and he says, If now I li Abdi, my servant has spoken highly of me Subhan Allah

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will either call Abdul Malik Kiyomi Dean, when you say Maliki I will meet the Owner of the Day of Judgment, Allah who responds, and he says Majid and you Abdi, my servant has glorified me.

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And then what do you say?

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He cannot do? What he can to stand you alone, we worship you alone, we seek for assistance. Allah responds and he says her the rainy weather in Abdi when you have de Masha Allah, this is something between me and my servant, and I'm going to give him what he asks for.

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There is a request now that is coming up and what is the request you're going to make, that Allah has promised that he's going to give you it is a dinner Serato study, guide us to the straight path, the greatest request that can be made, guide us to the straight path, keep us firm upon the straight path, allow us to die upon the straight path. If that one dua is given to you in your life, you are successful in the dunya you have prospered in the hereafter.

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Set out up and Adina. And I'm telling him the path of those whom you have conferred your favor upon what you will do will be only one of volume, not the path of those who have earned your wrath and not the path of those who went astray. And then when you say this, Allah responds, and he says her early habit he will you have the most, this will be for my servant, and I will give him what he has requested.

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In Allah, Yama to realize that Allah has Melek is hearing your Quran he is responding to you. And that's why some of our predecessors like Omar Abdulaziz when he would recite al Fatiha, he would pause in a noticeable fashion between devices of a variety ha Bismillah AR Rahman AR Rahim.

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Pause Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen

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pause or Rama Rahim pause. So they said to him, why do you do that? He said, a stem tip of the rugby so that I can experience the bliss and the joy of my last response. You see, he's understanding these meanings and he's he's living with it and interacting with it. My Lord is responding. I don't want to rush out of out. Yeah.

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And that's why I'm gonna play him he says he takes an oath in the name of Allah. He said follow Allah He Lola ma al Calbee been Doohan Isha how it was I even know for the last two, three or 401 was to run your call with your Obi Wan Hamadani. Have the US now have the magenta and you have the he said if it wasn't for the sins that we have accrued on our hearts and if it wasn't for the clouds that cover our souls, we would have burst with joy. As we remember that Allah Allah maker is saying to us, my servant has praised me. My servant has spoken highly of me. My servant has glorified me. He says it's the rain, the clouds of sins that have accumulated on our rusty hearts, that is

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preventing us from experiencing the joy. That and Melek Allah and my wood

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is acknowledging our citation and responding to us personally. La ilaha illa

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This is

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a brief snapshot an introduction to Surah two and 30 Ha next week in the light and inshallah we will start with the Bismillah Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim ayah number one from so to Fatiha until we get to write a novel will be only one of Mali and then we will move on to speak about the bowing and the frustration and what happens after Asana as well for some Allah and enemy number 100

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