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AI: Summary © The Prophet Muhammad's de lies and de lies of Islam are seen as de lies to avoid physical or mental distance and lead to religious unity. The de lies of Islam are recognized as the basis for unity, while the success of Islam in modern times is highlighted. Consent on acceptance of differences and cooperation is emphasized, along with the importance of respecting one's differences and working towards a common understanding. The success of Islam in modern times is also highlighted, with the focus on helping non-Uighur brothers to achieve their goals.
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In Alhamdulillah heeta Allah and Muhammad Ohana stirring up he want to stop federal Hoonah oh the villa he tried I mean surely fusina will say Dr. Molina Mayor de la Jota Allah Farah Melinda La La minute Lin further her de ella y shadow Allah either in Lamar who the who the shady color or shadow and Mohammed and Abdullah who whenever you who are solo Yeah, you're Latina. I'm an otaku Allah have come to call teehee wala temotu Nyla and to Muslim on yeah Johanna so taco Raja como la the Halacha comin FC Wahida Wirkkala caminho Hello Jaha Furman humanity journaling Kathy around when he says

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with the full law her Levita Luna we here will our ham in Allah can alikoum rock Eva? Yeah, you're Latina taco la Hawa. Kulu colon sadita Useless Vekoma Anala calm. Well, if you'd like on Vinoba calm one minute Warilla how Rasulullah who forgot the first 1000 Alima

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All Praise and Glory be to Allah we thank him and we seek His help and his guidance and his pleasure and his forgiveness. And we seek protection with Allah from the evil whispers suggestions within ourselves and from the awful consequences that could result from our misdeeds for whomever Allah guides. No one can lead astray and whoever Allah leaves the street none can ever guide and we testify that no one is worthy of our worship and our devotion. But Allah and Allah alone, the true supreme king of the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was a servant and His Prophet and his messenger, whom He sent as a mercy to the worlds

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and I remind myself and knew at the tempo of Allah to be conscious and dutiful to him as best as one can and do not die except in a state of complete and total willing and loving, consistent surrender to Allah, a state of Islam.

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My Brothers and Sisters in Islam, Allah azza wa jal created humanity as a single family.

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And the human for eternity is something the Quran asserted, and the Sunnah itself asserted, the Quran tells us over and over again, that to this nation and that nation, we sent them their brother because he was one of them, their brother, shall I Eve and so on and so forth the other prophets

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and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said you will not truly believe like me know how to go head to head barely fit him are you able enough see until you love for your brother? What you love for yourself? And as a no Rahim Allah explains he meant your brother in humanity because in other narrations, the wording was had to hit the lien NASCI

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mad to hit Bulleen F Sica, mineral hide, you will not truly believe until you love for people, all people, the good that you love for yourself.

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And so this concept is very clear and very established in our deen the fraternity of humanity that this is not just

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intended this is expected as well. I mean, how can you it is unnatural for you to be related to someone or live close to someone and not feel more connected with them than someone else. Further away in lineage or further away in distance, physical distance.

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And that is why in our deen we are told that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam loved his uncle, though his uncle was a pagan and Allah azza wa jal had to console him for that very reason in Nicoletta handyman, but you cannot guide those whom you love. How can you not love his uncle?

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And that is why we are told in the Quran that if the woman is chased from the Jewish and Christian women, you may marry her that is the default rule. Are we allowed to marry but not allowed to love right? And so for there to be a loving fraternity, Bond family relationship between humanity and those closer to us among humanity is expected and natural.

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However, what Islam did is that it took it one step further, and said, the greatest factor in your bond with people is the factor of faith. And that is why your truest fraternity meaning your truest brothers and sisters are those that chose Iman, enamel mcmeen una aqua, that the believers are no less than brothers are nothing but brothers, only the believers are brothers. What does that mean?

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We establish that brotherhood of humanity exists in the Quran and the Sunnah, meaning compared to the brotherhood of faith. Everything else doesn't compare. And that is not just beautiful, but it is also very fair, that it is not the things that you have no control over.

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Like what family you were born into what geographical location you wind up in, that determines the connection between people, but the faith that we all have an equal opportunity at because Allah wants us to be united in this way.

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And the fraternity of faith, the brotherhood of Islam is something that has always been historically a hallmark meaning recognized about Muslims in particular, it is one of the most appealing aspects of Islam also, that you truly become equals once you enter the fold. And this is something you know, Malcolm X, Ray Nola, who I quote a lot. He said, I was not even able to imagine this, like it couldn't even exist in my head, that this could actually happen. Until I went to Mecca and saw this was normal for Muslims.

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To see each other as equals. I've been around people from different complexions, he says that were nice to me. But in the same way, basically that you can be nice to a dog and you pet it and feed it. They don't see me as an equal. He said but with Muslim this was a given. They honestly saw each other as equals. And I want to like really stop at this point, because many times when we talk about the unity of the Muslims, the unity of the OMA racism creeping up on us.

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This is true. We are not like the first generation we are not like the purest generation. We want to keep that the ideal so we work back towards it for sure. But even with our imperfections today, and in the past few 100 years, we are still relatively speaking very different. We are truly blessed to have Islam. You know, Pew Research for example shows numbers wise that we are American Muslims are the most diverse religious community in America.

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100 years ago in in Britain, a famous author and University of London Professor Arnold Toynbee. He has a book called civilization on trial, comparing civilizations, even 100 years ago, even when the Muslims were on the rapid vicious decline. He said, the erasure or he said, the extinction of race consciousness. So be standoffish with people of other colors, other races, he says, the extinction of race consciousness is one of the outstanding achievements of Islam, nobody's done this. The way we see these Muslims doing it is one of the outstanding achievements of Islam. He said in the modern world, they've progressed so much, but they still have a crying need to adopt this value that the

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Muslims have.

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And so I want you to start there. Appreciate this first, that yes, we might have racism in our ranks creep up on us, but we never had lynchings like it was never like other civilizations. Yes, we have a problem rallying around the leader and you know, unifying at times, but we enter each other's masajid with a very simple, very basic Google search. This is not common, by the way to enter any house of worship from your faith. This doesn't exist in other communities. The fact you know, especially coming out here to the Lehigh Valley, I it was even a breath of fresh air because even more evidence than the difficult dynamics of New York. The fact that you know, all the massages are

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not under one management, but they can cooperate and have renewal of hearts together like they had in the stadium. And in sha Allah, this is ongoing, just the COVID year in sha Allah interrupted it. The fact that for masajid, you may have seen the flyer going around, have agreed a few nights ago to have a moon sighting agreement, when they will start and stop together. It was not that difficult. It just required, you know, dedicated effort to line it up logistically just planning. And By Allah's grace, the other masajid, even nationally are starting to have this conversation. So we wanted to be ahead of the game. And there's an event Sunday night explaining the details on this if

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you want to sign into the webinar.

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But understand and appreciate that Islam said it's okay to be different, right? We're not colorblind, we are distinct people. And that's part of the beauty that we can get together and work together without being in denial about our differences. Because you know, if you don't notice a difference between your brothers, there's nothing impressive about accepting them. But the fact that we recognize the difference and appreciate the difference and cooperate despite the difference is something very beautiful. We should stop and enjoy, you know, reflect on about our faith, then to step over now, after you have that in place, then we can say but we can do better. The Sahaba in the

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early generations of Islam really were special. They understood that the brotherhood of faith that I began to hope but talking about the man's of a person to see his brothers as more than just his bro

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others are more than just his truest brothers. It demands of a person to see his brothers as himself, one body and OMA of one. This is true, Abdullah had an abbess of the Allahu Anhu. I used to say I hear about the Muslim land that is suffering drought like shortage of rain that finally receives rain. And I make sujood to thank Allah for this rain. Even though I have no animals grazing in that land, meaning I don't benefit my animals don't benefit my herd doesn't benefit. Nothing remotely benefits me in the worldly sense, but it's as if I received the rain.

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holiday fun either way, it's narrated about him that in the 15th year of his yellow moon, which was a very difficult battle for the Muslims. He says I went with a little jug of water,

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looking for my cousin after the battle, to give him some drink and wipe him down. He said when I finally found him, I said, Would you like to drink? He couldn't speak up. He just motioned with his hand. Yes. And so as I was lifting it to his lips, the water, we heard someone moaning far away, or nearby at a distance. So he just gestured with his hands and No, no, like not me go to him. So I went to him and I find out who is it? It's, it's he shattered the glass. And so I tell him would you like to drink? He nods? Yes. And then before I get a chance to lift it to his lips, he says but my brother's first he points at other people. He says, I get to the third person I find that he dies.

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So I returned to the sham of the OS and find him dead. And I returned to my cousin and find him that

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this is how selfless they were. This is as the Quran described them. The Quran was not telling them it was describing them as your own Allah and forcing him these this first generation. They give precedence to their brothers over themselves, even when they have a desperate need for it.

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A generation later episode a man at Dharani Rahim Allah Allah He used to say in Nila oppa mo Lok Mehta a one minute Lani for edge DuPont Mahaffey healthy when I feed my brother, it's not just on the battlefield, even the way I host, I feed my brothers and I find the taste of the food in my throat.

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As if I was the one eating because they are one. That's why Scheffel Islam and its Emir Rahim Allah used to say that the reality of brotherhood in Islam is being an owner of one like a single body when the hand hurts the eye cries and when the eye cries, the hand wipes away the tear. We are one. This is how Allah intended for us to be. And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said it best that the example of the believers in their mutual love and mercy and compassion is like a single body. He said it like that on a Salatu was Salam. When a part is hurt, the rest lose sleep over it and they develop a fever because of it.

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May Allah azza wa jal solidify our OMA of oneness Allahumma Amin, a hula Holyhead that was tough for Allah Allah Allah Allah Allah

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Al hamdu Lillahi wa Salatu was Salam ala Milena, we about that shadow Allah Ilaha illa Allah Who devilishly Cara, shadow and Mohammed Abdullah, who whenever you hold a solo,

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just one of many actionable steps towards restoring this concept and strengthening it, reviving it within our, in our communities is the table you saw in the lobby. You know, our brothers have taken up the task and it is not an easy task to mobilize people and to petition for this bill that is on the table for Congress, this bill to no longer import from the Chinese markets.

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Their products because of so much of this happening at the expense of our Muslim brothers and sisters in East Turkmenistan is China. You know that the Uighur population is a population that the UN has failed to hold China accountable because China is China. But the world has begun to move because initially they were in denial about what's happening. No, nothing's happening here. But how long can you keep under wraps, even with banning Twitter even with banning so many platforms, 1 million of our brothers and sisters in those reeducation camps detained. And then in the western regions, they have these vast cotton fields that forced labor of our brothers and sisters is used to

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service those fields. And I just want to keep in mind you to keep in mind if you're a US citizen, you sign the petition and you send them to those two destinations. Everything is set up for you. This is a part of the sleeplessness part of the agitation part of the fever that qualifies us as a single body. This must be present. This is close to nothing compared to our tasks.

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And we ask Allah to forgive us for what we cannot do, and to enable us to do as much as we can do. But just think as I close this hope that people that are not one body with this OMA, but genuine sincere concern to human beings among non Muslims have boycotted Nike and h&m because they take their content from there and have raised proverbially speaking hell on Disney because it casted cast the movie out there. And so we should definitely be the most present the most involved in whatever little corner of the world. Allah enabled us some influence or some attempt at influence. It is not about the impact you will have, but it is about the opportunity you are given by Allah to do

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something. So may Allah azza wa jal help us be an owner of money one. May Allah azza wa jal continue to bring our hearts more and more together. May Allah alleviate the pains of our brothers and sisters in every part of the world. Among among the Uighur brothers and sisters in Burma and everywhere else where we have just caused and they are many may Allah azza wa jal heal our sick and give ease to those that are in difficulties and spend on those that are strapped economically. May Allah azza wa jal enrich them from His endless bounties. May Allah azza wa jal have mercy on our dead and guide our children and clit and purify our intentions and cleanse us and deliver us Ramadan

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and make us of those liberated from the fire. They're in Allahumma Felina Ohana Loma Linda Ohana but live in Ramadan. Ilhan Milltown, our IV Mottola and Atlanta or SallAllahu wasallam albaraka email Amina Muhammad Ali, he was a Marine

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