When Muslims Work Together 5 – Najwa- What Destroys Islamic Work

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Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan conducts a session about something which destroys Islamic work and that is Najwa. Najwa is mentioned a couple of times in the passage from Surah Al Mujadila.  The Ustadh discusses the essence of Najwa. Najwa means secret discussions with malicious intentions. How does Najwa develop? 

As a consequence of holding meetings post a lecture or similar things, we find that a subgroup forms within the main group and they discuss the lectures held earlier and they are very defensive about that. What this does is that it disperses the unity and frankness of the gathering and of the decision-making and it cuts away at shura (mutual consultation) because in shura everybody has equal access to give an opinion and everybody shares their opinion on the same platform. This leads to forming blocs on the outside. This forming of a bloc on the outside is Najwa. So a private meeting for malicious or evil purposes is what Najwa is. 

Surah Al-Fath talks about Najwa that is catastrophic and how it can destroy Islamic work. It can destroy the Islamic school, the masjid, or any organization. Because a few people discuss things which they should not discuss and hence, they are breaking a trust because such meetings and what is discussed in them are a form of trust.  So Najwa violates that trust.


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Phil hamdulillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala, via even mousseline rather early Osaka, Japan in Santa Monica mala to lay with a cattle. So session five is about what destroys Islamic work. And at the end at the heart of that poison is najwa. This concept of Nigeria in the Quran as mentioned a couple of times, and the most comprehensive passage dealing with that is in Soto Machado, Allah, the surah number 58 of the Quran. So I've taken those few ions, and I'm going to share them with you. But before we do, let's talk a little bit about just the set essence, what is najwa? Anyway, and you know, how should we understand it properly. Essentially, in any organization, there's a tendency for

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subgroups to develop. So for example, there's, you know, six people in a board. Three of them are very close friends. So you know, the six meet every week, they all get together, but three of them have dinner afterwards. Because their close friends. And when they have dinner, they discuss the same things that were discussed in the meeting. And they share more opinions about it, disagreements, whatever it may be. And what happens then is because you have a click, you have a subgroup within the group, right? And that subgroup, because they discuss more with each other, even if it's for good intentions, because they discuss more with each other, they tend to become more

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solid, in their opinion, their opinion starts becoming more and more fortified. So when they come to the meeting with the other three, they already have kind of one opinion.

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And they're defensive about that opinion. And anything that comes their way they deflect it. So that it's kind of becomes like a lobby, almost, you understand what I'm saying, becomes like a lobbying thing. And so what this does is it disrupts the unity of the and the openness of the gathering and of the decision making, and it cuts away children, because in Shura, everybody has equal access to give an opinion. And everybody shares their opinion on the same platform, they don't meet afterwards, and two people become a block and four people become a block, and then they come to the meeting, that forming of a block on the outside, that's basically najwa. That's basically what it

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is. The linguistic meaning of Nigeria is to get away from to escape from the job actually, from the same route, to escape from the larger body and meet in private. That's literally what I mean just meeting in private and imagine this, you know, you know, this pseudo, okay, as a self image, this is a secret in the modulus, and you're just meeting by yourself. That's what najwa is. And it can be harmful, it can be harmless, it could be good. It could actually be good. And so in this particular surah, Allah talks about much, much, much more that is catastrophic, it can destroy Islamic work, it can destroy the Islamic school, it can destroy the machine, it can destroy whatever organization

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because a few people are discussing things that are you know, when the Prophet says le Salatu was Salam in del majali, Sevilla manatee majelis villamagna, the the gatherings the meetings are dependent on the ability to trust and the meetings are a form of trust. So najwa violates that trust, because the discussion about that issue. So let me just make it instead of making it entirely like a hypothetical or entirely theoretical. Let me just give you one example. Let's just because it'll make it more tangible, right. So it's so much and they're, they're discussing whether or not we should build a gym, let's just say, okay, whether or not we should build a gym. So they have a

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meeting, and they have a meeting and there's 20 people in the board and everybody's giving an opinion and discussion going on. meeting is over for people

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Get together. They're hanging out at one of these guys's houses, and they're like, this is such a stupid idea. Why do they want to spend so much money on a gym? Who comes in anyway? What about the insurance liability? What about this? What about that? What about the other? They said none of those things when they were in the meeting.

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That's the place to say it. The fact that you have an opinion, a genuine concern should be raised at the meeting, that is Shura. If you don't open your mouth, then then you don't open your mouth anywhere else. That's the place to do it. Then you go and you're complaining and these three other guys would you're like, yeah, you're right, this is wrong, blah, blah, blah, then you come in the next meeting all angry.

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Because you know, if one person is upset and they talk to somebody, they're upset, they're the anger isn't double, it's squared.

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Literally, it doesn't get doubled, it gets squared exponentially worse. When there's, let me tell you something about just social psychology, when two people or four people are discussing a small problem, a small problem, like you're discussing a cookbook, and you say, you know, the hottie said something I didn't really understand. Or I wasn't quite comfortable with what he said small thing. Before people are discussing it. By the time they're done discussing it. The hottie was basically a coffee.

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Okay, it's a small problem. But when four or five people discuss a small problem, it becomes a big problem without a VAT NyQuil can be hard

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to swallow, right. So it becomes a big deal becomes a huge deal. And this is essentially what najwa does. It allows for small issues that can be dealt with very easily, and turns them into very, very, very big issues. Shura is not just who you discuss with but when you discuss, there's a time and a place to give your opinion. There's a time and a place to give your opinion. Now, in the prophets case, are they Salatu was Salam there were people in the gathering that were Muslims. And some of them were weak Muslims. Do people have leaky monitor sitting there too. hypocrites are sitting there too. And when the Prophet is done talking, they don't open their mouth when the prophets talking.

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When he's done. Then they gather people. Hey, so mother, caller ID fun. What did you say? Was that? What's he talking about?

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Like right after the meeting, they're undermining what just went on in the meeting, right after the halaqa. This is, this is destructive to Islamic work. This is something you should not be a part of. If you're the guy that's starting it, stop it. If you're the guy innocently standing there listening, stop listening and walk away. Don't hang around. Don't be a part of it. Now listen to these. And under unreliable Nafisa, my wife to my friend Oh, didn't you know that Allah already knows or a lot certainly knows whatever is in the skies and whatever's in the earth. Maya pulumi najwa phenacetin illa hora de Rome. There's never a secret Council of three people except he's the

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fourth one there. He's their fourth Allah.

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What are some certain Allahu assadi suhag there's never five people meeting secretly and he's the sixth one. Well, I didn't mean Valley Karnataka. There is no less there's no more that ever goes without being a member in the meeting.

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ilaha illa Who am I wrong except that he's with them in America wherever they may go and hide. somewhere you will not be hungry mommy Ludo milky Yama, then he will tell them what they did on the Day of Resurrection. He will inform them of this crime in the lobby could initiate an alley no doubt Allah is completely knowledgeable of all things and I'm gonna enter the new who didn't didn't you look at those people who were told not to do that sumaiya una limani who and who then they go back to the same thing they were told not to do because way back and select on this a few years before it was revealed in Sultan Hassan la hierarchy Catherine Managua home. There is no good in the network

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that they do most of the time, then they have a secret meeting. No good comes out of it. 11am Ravi sada cotton Alma roofing our Islam, henbane and nasci except the one who had a secret meeting to take the good word further, to give charity or to do something obviously good or to make reconciliation between the people. For example, let me give you an example of good, Nigella is the exception it's not the rule. So if you're doing najma don't assume it's good.

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It's probably not chances are it's not good. najwa but here are some limited examples of good najwa good secret counsel. We should build a gym with this machine. We should have a fundraiser next month. It's all agreed upon meetings over one Falconer go now we decided we agree. And three of you get together and over ice cream and Brahms. You decide, hey, you know what, before the fundraiser even starts, let us put in like 5000 each. Let's just get it started. Just the three of us. For the sake of Allah Let's be ahead of everybody else and doing good. That's good, Nigel.

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You The decision was already made. You didn't go back and undermine that decision. You propel that decision further.

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You gave it more momentum. That's a good thing. Oh, my roofing or obviously you did something that cannot be quarreled with it's something decent. Everybody would recognize that you did something good. Or the meeting is over. And you realize one guy in the meeting was particularly angry.

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He was particularly and you get together and you say, hey, that guy seemed angry. Let's go talk to him. Let's make him feel better. Bro. Why are you angry? We love you. Everybody's in this together. No, but they don't listen to me. They don't care about my opinion. And I keep telling them this and they never listen. Why should I even be in the Shura? Why did they make me a member anyway? If they never gonna listen to me? Okay, look, we love you. And we value your opinion and more than that Allah values your opinion.

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And a lot heard European Allah knows that you are sincere in your opinion. And we want you to come and we don't want you to be angry angers from the Shaitaan Please listen to it. Yeah, I guess you're right.

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That's good. najwa now you're defusing flames, not starting new fires, you're putting fires out. That's good. najwa you understand the difference. So you have to make sure that you're if you're going to do an edge Well, first of all, try to stay away from it. If you're going to do it, it better be clearly on this indisputably a good thing. And if it has the potential of turning into a bad thing Don't go near it because it's a serious matter. So many I have Quran in the same place dedicated to one problem it can't be a small thing. It must be a big deal. Let me go to Morocco he didn't just mention it once Look at this. We just read this whole idea three people don't meet

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except he's the fourth five don't meet acceptance to seek any less any more. And then Allah Allah Allah He knew who didn't you look at the people who are forbidden from doing najma Somalia una de man who and who? Then they go back to the very thing they were forbidden from euthanize. Oh, no, believe me when the other one. They keep making secret councils that add to sin, that do that produce sin. And what else do they produce animosity. Because when you have najwa, your click becomes tighter together and you develop a natural animosity towards the next one. This is most Masjid elections across the country.

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Xuan Xuan

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for it is it's so sad. It's and then we wonder why there's no feeling of Baraka in our masajid. You walk into a machine like Why don't I feel like there's a machine, when you walk into a machine of America, you will know it, you will feel it. And when you walk into a machine that is bankrupt from Baraka, you will feel nothing.

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You will just it's a it's a building. And it's the goodness is sucked out of it. And najwa is one of those things that sucks the goodness out of a machine just pulls it out of the machine.

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And this unfortunately, is become the scene in Islamic organizations undercutting one another, you know, dirty politics in elections. What are you going to get out of machine elections? Man?

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whoop dee doo, you're a board member?

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Are you like holding secret meetings? Vote for me? What are you doing?

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What do you you're doing this for a law that said,

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you want to have the opportunity to serve? And if you don't, it's not like you can't serve, you can serve in so many other things.

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Don't get hung up on your titles. President of the Western is a much better title than Abdullah. It's available. You can take it.

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Okay. You don't have to be that. And if you are, I'm not saying you're a bad guy. If you are. Okay, you're a good guy. But you don't vibe for it. You know, what are you going to get out of it? What are you going to get out of it? You know, and then we start thinking all good things come from us. And if it's not for us, I don't know, this whole building might collapse if I don't give them if they don't take my opinion. I don't even know how this survived. You know, I go to machines across the country, right? And I meet interesting people. And I've met, at least in every machine, I've at least three or four people that come to me and say, brother, I started this machine by myself.

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Alhamdulillah All praise belongs to me.

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I need at least three guys in the same machine that were the only ones that started the machines.

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Like, thank you, I guess

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we'll reward you. Yeah, nobody was here when I started this place. Okay. That guy was here. He must have been hiding behind the tree when you were the only one. You didn't see each other.

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Now, he they say they make they make these council meetings, then will not see at the law school and in this will being the messenger. So I said, oh, by the way, we have to understand that the messenger in these ions solution is not just a messenger. He's the head of the organization.

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He's the head of the organization and they are now going to undermine the head of the organization. The hedaya we're getting is these people get together and they hate the immune. So when they come to the next meeting, they're going to make sure the enemy looks bad. They're going to pull them down. They're going to drag them down. And then they say hi the Quran says hello Kabbalah. Kabbalah, they greet you with what Allah didn't greet you with. Allah greets the messenger with Salaam

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We greet each other with set up they say a somewhat equal death be upon you. Somewhere they can be other meaning here is they say salam batido means around.

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Helsinki Luca intercooler salam wa salatu salam,

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Salam Allah

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you just gave me the look of death Voldemort and you give me salon that's not salon that's not peace so they greet you with an in genuine greetings and then when you're kulu nafi unfussy him and when they do curse the profits I sell them and they do say a samurai they come. They're like, no lightning struck.

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Nola, you are the Buddha Allah. How come Allah didn't punish us? If he really was a messenger what would have happened? We would have been obliterated the moment means something. How come no punishment happened?

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Yeah, messenger, you see started with bajwa and they ended up losing their mind in that meeting. And they certainly deep down inside the words of Kufa Lola Raghavan, Allah

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Subhana Allah monocoat Hospital home Johanna you're slowing up a bit and mercy Johanna was enough for them. The only thing enough for them as Johanna Oh, what a horrible place to be. That is. Yeah, you have the de la mano de nada tone. Those of you who have in mind when you are going to hold a secret meeting for notturna jobid sP 101 anasuya tawassul. Then don't hold a meeting with full of sin and creating animosity and disobedience to the messenger with an agile will build taqwa and have a meeting that produces good and duck while going back to what the very what taco have a secret meeting to do more good. To increase yourselves in taqwa with de la la de la he took Sharon Be

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mindful of Allah you will be herded towards and the same Allah you'll be herded towards. In number najwa Amina shavon, that entire secret council practice that entire meeting after the meeting, that sub meeting in the parking lot.

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That's from shaitan in nomina Yamuna shape on the accident Athena amanotes, only there to cause grief to those who believe you see the 12 people people held a meeting. everybody agreed everybody made the afterwards so Barack Obama can trust me Ronnie, the meeting is done. As you're leaving you notice the three troublemakers are standing in the parking lot in the corner talking, pointing fingers in your like in Allah when Allah Hello, john. Hello, hello, Stan. I know that that's trouble right there. Leah has una Latina Armando so they can cause grief. So they can be those who believe can be grieved. When they submit to Him she shouldn't worry, they're not going to be harming them at

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all. In lobby in the Alexa pilots permission, what are the likely to occur? Meaning just like in Shula, we put our trust in Allah, just like that in the problem of Nigeria, we put our trust in a la vida La Jolla typically what we know now one of my favorite is about this problem solving. When people come as a block,

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clicks, troublemakers do they come to the meeting on time or late?

00:18:05--> 00:18:07

troublemakers usually come to the meeting on time or late.

00:18:09--> 00:18:10

They come late.

00:18:11--> 00:18:15

They have their little meeting. And they take their sweet time coming.

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And when they come they sit in the back.

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And when they sit in the back, they sit together.

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So when the Emir is speaking, they're whispering to each other and everybody can hear them whisper is everybody disturbed? Yeah. And then the meter says something and you hear from the back.

00:18:37--> 00:18:39

And the whole meeting is disturbed.

00:18:40--> 00:18:54

They come late. They sit in the back and then they have the most complaints and under they don't have genuine complaints or genuine concerns. They just have comments, knickers, undermining joia those true genius right there.

00:18:56--> 00:19:35

Things like that. condescending comments, dismissive comments. So Allah azza wa jal revealed the solution in the meetings of the Prophet because they were not your own, used to come late. And then they used to sit in the back and they used to make trouble disrupt the whole meeting. By the way, can that still happen now? Sure. So Allah says, Yeah, you know, those of you who have Eman either Tila Contessa who failed majority See, when it is said to you spread out in the meeting. So the meeting is about to be held, don't sit right next to each other all the way close to the Prophet salallahu alaihe salam you see the Sahaba love the Prophet Alayhi Salam so they want to sit we're

00:19:35--> 00:19:46

close and they tighten up the right around the Prophet. Allah says no when there's a shooter meeting going on when there's a meeting going on, you spread out so there's space in between you so you're spread out like a checkerboard.

00:19:48--> 00:19:51

So when the troublemaker four troublemakers walk in, they can't sit together.

00:19:52--> 00:19:54

They gotta sit like between Hamza and Omar.

00:19:58--> 00:20:00

Little puny little monastic in the middle.

00:20:00--> 00:20:03

Big Pharma and now he can't say

00:20:04--> 00:20:07

he can't do that no more because you've grabbed his head like this.

00:20:08--> 00:20:14

So he's gonna he's now you can make trouble anymore. Why? Because they're all spread out in Pinellas County

00:20:15--> 00:20:28

of San Jose and spread out immediately. You have suhaila hola hola como la spread you out? Meaning May Allah diversify you May Allah increase you also without Viva La commune Xu Zhu and when it said to you get out of here, leave meetings over Meeting adjourned.

00:20:29--> 00:21:13

Would you leave fun to get out, don't stop, don't stop in the parking lot and discuss. Don't go over each hour at opera and then talk about the meeting. Don't do it. Just go home. When Xu Zhu Li leave is done meeting is done no meeting after the meeting, no socializing after the meeting. It's an Amana shaitaan will come and make you discuss the contents of the meeting and it'll turn into najwa. Just leave. There's grants guidance for meetings, grants guidance for meetings. You know, there are machines in our country that have lawsuits that started with discussions in parking lots after meetings. If we only follow a less advice, we can save ourselves so much trouble only so much.

00:21:14--> 00:21:28

And it's simple advice. And we forget that Allah gives us advice that saves us from trouble. Allah is not burdening us. You read a lot and you have fever uncle, Allah wants to lighten your burden not make life difficult for you is up to you and

00:21:29--> 00:22:05

then leave your father in law who lives in Amarillo men come when Latina and Madonna chart Allah will give those who truly have human among you. And those who have been given knowledge a level raise their ranks, this will be a means by which your ranks are raised, the angels will be making to offer you because you fought the forces of shaitaan. And you avoided that unnecessary socializing that can lead to big trouble for your community will love will be about Dharma, Luna Hamid and Allah is in full view of what you're up to. Allah has complete view of what's going on. So hon Allah. So these these aspects of guidance that have been and collective guidance that I've been talking about

00:22:05--> 00:22:42

today, I felt for a long time, kind of a burden in me to want to talk about this, and inshallah Allah scholars more qualified than I will add to this, and they'll add a lot better to this. But at least I wanted something to be available. Even though our last session is left, I want to just re share with you my intention. My intention is this sort of this sort of thing gets like recorded the mp3 is are available, every time somebody becomes a new shooter member in anything. They become a board member, right? Unless they become a new teacher or volunteer at a school. They start helping out in an MSA, they just listen to these few hours. And then they go. So this at least some

00:22:42--> 00:23:14

orientation, is there some Quranic orientation, I know we get the orientation that our meeting starts at this time. And this is our protocol. And this is how we have our meeting minutes. And these are the bylaws and this, that's all the administrative orientation. But we also need a spiritual orientation or Quranic orientation for our voluntary work, right? And that that can save us a lot of trouble. And I even argue this sort of thing. It should be repeated every few months. We should just go back because we forget. And insomnia. Yeah, you will remember, so it's good to go back and say, oh, man, I think I've been doing

00:23:15--> 00:23:52

better. So it's good that I reminded myself, I think I'm a little too obsessed with my own opinion. It's good, I got that reminder. So this is a reminder for myself. And it's a reminder for all of you now as I close this session, I want to tell you the next session for me personally is the hardest session because I know for a fact I don't live up to it. I don't live up to it. I'm I'm put in a position of leadership in my own organization. And I know for a fact I'm falling short in many of these things. So before I even talk about it I'm just admitting openly to allows it was given to all of you that is not what I represent in my personal life. It's I'm trying at the best I can say is

00:23:52--> 00:24:13

I'm trying but I'm not nowhere near meeting the the standards that a lot of xojo has said in the next session, which is a session on what are the qualities of a leader May Allah make us true leaders that are that represent the beautiful sunnah of our messenger sallallahu sallam, take five minutes and inshallah Tada. We'll start our final session. What time is Muslim here?

00:24:15--> 00:24:18

Okay, so we might need the full hour for this one chama