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We resumed this afternoon our discussion regarding us Habu cept the people who as Allah said, if the I do not ficep recept those who were by the shoreline How did I tell her if we are doing a V sub to violated on that famous Saturday, meaning by fishing on the day that work was not allowed on was to be entirely dedicated to worship. And Allah azza wa jal explained why he said, if that T him Heaton, whom Yo my sympathy him Shura, because their fish would come to them on that day of worship of theirs their Saturday visibly, they're jumping out the water show run.

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And on this answer, and the days that they do not fish on any other day, letter T him they don't come, there's not a single fish in the water, that he can Abbulu whom Bhima can we have sukoon with that difficult test, we tried them due to their rebellion.

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Firstly, there is something very evident in this story a parallel that applies perfectly to our lives as Muslims today as well, which is the fact that out of Allah's mercy, it is very evident that this fear of what you're allowed to do with the halal is always wider than the sphere of what you're not allowed to do the haram.

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Allah azza wa jal says in the Quran, for instance, who allegedly Hala palico mafia or the Jamia he's the one who created for you it's for you at your disposal everything on earth so that is the norm the default is halal until proven haram Can I walk? Yes, I can. Can I run? Yes, I can. Can I jog Can I sit Can I climb? Can I laugh? Can I work and everything's Hallett unless something arise say It's haram. Even with regards to marriage, you can marry any woman you want. With the exception of Karima alikoum. Omaha to come webinar to come get married your mom can marry resisted. There's a list it's a finite limited list. As for the halal it's almost unlimited.

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Likewise with what you can eat Allah azza wa jal said I could say to them Oh Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Allah edgy do I do not find anything else? Female Oh, here in a year and all that's been revealed to me. Mohammed Rahman haram, Allah Akbar iminium parama, who for a person to eat except that meat that wasn't slaughtered properly, or something that is flowing blood to actually drink blood. I will like McKinsey or pork. That's it. There's a limited list. Everything else halal.

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Making money. You can buy, you can sell you can profit off of your effort as well. You don't have to own you can get into sharecropping split and rotate. You can partnerships you whatever you want, right, unless there's riba there's some interest involved, or there's some deceit involved, or there's some like gambling involved very limited list. The default is that the sphere of Haram is much tighter than the sphere of halal.

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However, here now bringing it back to the story, sometimes in people's lived experiences with certain people or with certain places certain times, practically speaking, the halal becomes very difficult to find. And the Haram becomes very easy to access. That is what happened to when it was not even in the story, that you still have six days, it's halal to work and only one day, it's haram to work. But what happened was the only day I'm not allowed to work was the only day I could practically be working. It will be extremely hard to live off of what I catch in the sea. It's gonna I'm have to figure out a very, you know, complicated alternative. And likewise with us today,

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theoretically, there's much more halal, but the Haram could feel like it's so much more accessible in our day and age. Yeah, and you bring it back to marriage. I have a desire, I want to get married. Practically speaking, it seems like the path to marriage is extra complicated these days. Or even finding that gratification within marriage seems every very complicated these days, as opposed to finding it through a haram route. It's literally in my pocket. I can just pull it out. Right there so accessible. Even though in theory, the highlight is so much more with business. There's so many ways I can make money, but it just seems like the way that costs me my relationship with Allah, the

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rebel route, the deceit route.

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It's just so much easier just once again, I can pull this out and just start gambling. I can start borrowing. And for sure when things do get tighter from Allah Shetty, specially for this OMA there's a built in flexibility but it's not a free ride. It's not a free for all at the end of the day there's going to be constraints, those constraints sometimes get increased on certain people. And so when all of that happens, you stare back at the story of the Sabbath and you say, wait a minute, why is this happening? The Halal is bigger than the haram. Why is this getting so complicated, it should give you pause so that you can actually notice what is taking place. Because if you refuse to

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notice, you're going to continue on in the Haram and then when you do so like for them it will gradually get easier to do the Haram and then you will get comfortable with the Haram and then you will be on the brink of destruction.

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And Allah said this in the Quran subhanho wa Taala Fela mana su Matthew Kira will be here for Tana Allah him abueva quilici. Once they forgot all that we reminded them of all the Wake Up Calls, they were consistently dismissed. He didn't say we punish them right away. He said we opened up for them, the gates to all things.

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And then when they got distracted by the glitter of all things, we opened up for them, we gave them access. So the believer should notice that when he has increased facilitated open access to more and more haram. This is his final chance sometimes to come back to Allah needs him now more than ever, this is the edge of the cliff. This is what the believer needs to notice. And this is what bento is thrown in and that story didn't notice. The believer understands that your risk, your provisions and your righteousness are inseparable. You can't separate them. It's impossible. I don't mean that if you are a righteous person, you're gonna become filthy rich.

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That's not what's meant

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or else every righteous person would have been rich. What's meant is that if you are righteous, Allah will send you a risk that will not consume you to the point that you forget your righteousness, and you slowly get comatose away from the path of piety and the road of righteousness. This is the secret you know as the Hadith we mentioned last week, I am puzzled by Karina and I will Sandra Karina and I will fill your chest with riches if you dedicate yourself to me if you prioritize me.

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This is blesseth risk, you know it varies from person to person, but what does it mean to have blessitt risk. The other one is says when they forgot we opened the floodgates for them here take some more the other eye on the surah before it says, While en la pura man what taco Lefferts and Atlanta la him if the people of the towns would have just believed, been faithful and been pious, we would have opened up for them, not everything, but are catching the blessings of the heavens and the earth. What is the blessings? The blessings is the risk that doesn't keep you from Allah. It's not so little that it will worry you night and day it'll distract you and it's not so much that it will

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trigger your greed for more and that varies from person to person. What is blessed for me? Only your righteousness can determine that for your risk can make your risk blessed in that correct understanding of bless it. Otherwise the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said lo Anna lydney Adam were DM in the hip hop Benny Hakuna Allahu at the end, if the son of Adam were given a valley, the span between two mountains a valley of gold, he will wish he had two valleys.

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Well, I am level five who inlet to rob and when you're that kind of person, nothing will fill your mouth you're always going to want to consume more you're going to have an insatiable greed. Nothing will fill your mouth except for dusts. In other words, you'll never feel like I've had enough until you're in your grave and the dust gets poured on then you're gonna say Enough Enough.

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Where to will Allahu Allah men tab. The hadith continues say nothing will fill his mouth but does and Allah opens the door for forgiveness for whoever seeks it. Whoever seeks it while they're still alive. And so bless his risk is just enough risk to not compromise your righteousness. And you focusing on righteousness is what ensures that the risk that comes your way is blessing. They're inseparable. And that is actually exactly what the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam used to ask for. He used to say Allahu myjalah This early Mohammed in Kota. Oh Allah

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Make the rest of the family of Muhammad Cooter. cooter means that which is enough. It varies from person to person. The only way to make sure yours is blessing and enough just right, not too little that I can't think about anything else. Not too much that I can't think about anything but it. Allah will grant you that in proportion to your relationship with him subhanho wa Taala a call of Allah that was the football Altima li Walakum

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Al Hamdulillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala manana Viva Chateau La ilaha illallah wa ala Sharika, who are shadow under Mohammed Abdullah who went to BU Hora Soto. And so the believer notices that haram being facilitated is a dangerous sign and they rush back to Allah faster than ever, they rush back from the edge of the cliff. Now before never, the Israelites returning to our story did not notice this. However, here is another lesson when they did not notice this. Did they say? God must be making it halal for us? Because it's so available? Therefore we can ignore the rule. Were they that, you know, blatant? Were they that openly rebelling against Allah? No, it

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happened very slowly.

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Saturday is our workday. We're not allowed to fish on Saturday. And so we're not gonna fish on Saturday.

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They didn't fish on Saturday, after a while, some of them due to their weakness in righteousness, their resolve, their ability to restrain themselves started crumbling. And one of them started saying

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I will defy Allah knows Luckily, he said, he said, I have an idea. I'm not allowed to fish on Saturday. So I'll put the netting on Friday. And I'll remove the nut on Sunday. So technically, I didn't fish on Saturday. And so he thought of this loophole.

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And then he caught his fish, and he's eating his fish.

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The rest of the people. It didn't happen overnight. Either. They sort of are smelling fish cooking in the town. And we haven't had meats in a really long time. It could have been weeks could have been months. Allah knows best. Right? They haven't had this meat that they love and they're used to.

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And so they follow the scent. And they find this man with fish. And so they say what in the world did you do? How could you do this? Is I think anything wrong? Trust me, no big deal. I didn't fish on Saturday, I swear. I put it in on Friday. And I took it out on Sunday. I didn't break the rule.

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And so some of them started saying yeah, maybe that's all right. The temptation caused them to justify and given and so then the debate started maybe it's okay, maybe it's not okay. Stop being a literalist, the letter of the law, you know, all of that, right? And this is a huge lesson. Why? Because the prophets Allah Allahu Allahu alayhi wa sallam made it very clear to us, that in this ummah, are people that will play games with the boundaries using loopholes.

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During drinking wine, for example, pretty clear, it's crystal clear, right? That It's haram. And it's of the greatest blessings of this ummah, that it will never drown in alcoholism. And one of the most you know, beautiful things to look at you go on the World Health Organization's map of alcohol consumption, and it's the Muslim majority countries that have the least consumption. But among them are individuals who do exactly like he said they would do 1400 years ago, he said among my ummah are those Yashraj bonell comer that will drink wine. You said Munna Hubby, Lady smicha? By giving it another drink?

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Spirit drinks, right? How much exactly is the percentage and they begin to look for these loopholes for the clear haram.

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And you may find once again, it's a slippery slope that happens slowly, you may find a scholar to tell you that this amount is trivial and insignificant. Actually, most scholars will say that

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but then you will use that to get to get some wiggle room. That wiggle room is there by design Allah left it there to test the deserts of your heart. You will use that now to continue on until you're doing things that no scholar ever said was tolerable, ever said was permissible. This is what happens.

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Interest is haram case closed you don't use interest bearing transactions unless your back is absolutely to the wall. But we can find the scholars say necessity. Okay they said necessity for you or for him not you and then so that you can find a place to live in

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Don't get kicked out by your landlord. Did they say you can run your business on it as well? When there are so many non necessity scenarios you have so many options to invest. You don't have this is the way it works every single time.

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And he said sallallahu alayhi wa sallam learn Hola Hola, Mohalla when Mohalla Mohalla Allahu Allah has sent his curse upon the mu Helene the one who makes halal and the one for whom it was made halal. Referring to his divorced wife, you see, if you divorce your wife beyond recourse, you can never remarry her. Unless it just so happened. This is what the Quran said. It just so happens that dankie has Elgin via that she gets into a marriage with another man, a real marriage, then he happens to divorce her he dies, then you want to circle back and marry her fine, right? People took this as sort of a craft, okay, you know what I'm gonna do? For the right price, I'll marry the woman

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you divorced. And then I'll divorce her in two days, so that you can marry her again, the prophet Kristus. Why? Because it would be real. Al Mahalia, they call it halala. Right. In some cultures, this is cursed, not just forbidden, this action of loopholes. Or maybe the last example I will share with you is that of inheritance. So many creative ways people think they've only deceived themselves to think they can deceive Allah azza wa jal with these practices. So I don't want any of my daughters to inherit my wealth. And so what am I going to do, I'm going to forge a document or write a document that says My son has always owned this property, therefore, it is not part of my estate.

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When I die, it doesn't get redistributed.

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So you bar the girls, or the rest of the guys, or whoever it's going to be from inheriting this is actually very common. I have friends in parts of the Muslim world that talked to me about this. Or you're not allowed to give your son or your daughter more than what the Shetty I had already portioned for them. And so you say, I'm gonna give this extra amount to my grandchild so that in reality, their parents gets it. And so you've given more, you've circumvented, you've loophole around it. The examples are endless. And the games of shaitan are countless. And this is why the story of the people of the Sabbath squares straight away, we looks at us in the eye, if you will,

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and says, feel free. Allah could have made it clear. But he's not trying to win an argument. He's trying to test your sincerity. He's trying to evaluate your righteousness.

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And so they fell into this debate. And the debate escalated as we will hear in the future versus on can we technically do this or not? This loophole of fishing on the Saturday, laying the nets out on Saturday and picking them up with all the fish on the Sunday. May Allah azza wa jal teach us from his great book, and forgive us for our sins and increase us in light in the light of our hearts and the guidance of our spirits. May Allah azza wa jal grant us doors of hell and risk always in forever and never ever allow us to be concerned about our risk in a way that compromises our righteousness. Allahumma me