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In a temporary law who wanna stay in who wanna study he wanna stop Pharaoh, when I will do belimbing surely embassy nomon sejahtera Medina Maja de la hora de La MaMa you will follow her Yahuwah shadow La ilaha illAllah wash the hula Sheree Kara wash Mohammedan Abdo pseudo Allahumma salli ala Muhammad Anwar Ali Mohammed Kumasi, la tala Ibrahim early in nikka hamidah Majeed abbadabba de la all praise Do you to align His praise and blessings and peace be upon a prophet Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, his family, his companions and his followers until the day of judgment. I bear witness that the law is the only one worthy of worship and Mohammed solemn is lost on Final messenger. The Prophet Muhammad

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sallallahu alayhi salam once addressed his companions and said

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Allah in the Quran is now a Shara Shara shahara Mundo holla at you and autumn minha arbeiten harem Serato Muta Talia, there are lots of Hana data when he created the earth and the universe. He also created the concept of he made the concept of time that goes with the place and that time which is made of months and days and weeks that we live, Allah Subhana Allah have divided this time into 12

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periods and each period of them we call it a year 12 months and he made out of these 12 months for asuran hold on hold on comes from the word mahalo me anymore. I've been something honored something very sacred. So Allah subhanaw taala have chose for of this month to force it to be sacred man's very special, very honored by Allah. Three of them become one after another. He sets us a lambda located within

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the month of the end of the month of hedger and the month of Ramadan. We just started it last Thursday. And nav Salah Lhasa, London said, And mahalo one, the fourth one is the month. Sorry, the fourth one is Raja mudaraba. Now jumada worshiping, that this month of Raja by itself, not connected to the other three reported by Eduardo Muslim. And today my brothers and sisters, we really started in the month of the head job, according to the moon sighting in some countries that it started yesterday on Thursday. So and according to other calendars started, one is day so there's a debate between that I'll talk to you about this later on. But my point we started the month of March

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already. And this is a very special month that even people before Islam didn't realize the importance of it. What can I tell our paja helia to others them are the era before the prophets of Salaam Stein used to honor this month so much and they used to call it shahidullah hill or some it is the most honor the most sacred month and they used to dress al Qaeda in the month of Muharram because they know it's a very special time.

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Anyway, this month even Illa consider it the best in the four months any if you choose these four months which one is the best of all the for the money of the majority of many Muslim scholars said this is will be the month of May Allah the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said as a bowrider reported to us and this hadith reported by Lima Muslim, a judge in his Jama and he said abodo crme badshahi Ramadan Shahada, la la de tener una halmahera the prophets of Salaam said the best fasting after the fasting of from the month of Ramadan, the month of Allah, the One that you call Muharram and of Donal Salatin, battenfeld and the best Salah after the obligatory prayers, the five daily prayers

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Salatu laid the prayers that the AMA laid the night prayers. This Hadith was reported by Muslim shows us two things about this month. Number one, something very ironic, something unique about the month of Muharram in a month, notice that there is no other month in the year from the 12 months ever been directly linked to along the way this month was it says the month of Allah or Allah month, referring to the heroine, he never used that term to refer to Ramadan. Refer to Siobhan refer to Raj I've never read says this is the month of Allah, Allah Allah of the month and last month, it only was used to refer to the month of Muharram and anything you added to Allah it give value to it like

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the house of Allah.

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The slave of Allah, the servant of Allah, like not a to LA, the sheikh come over to it is from Allah because it's something to show that respect and they're a special quality of that thing. So definitely shows us the special quality special and the unique position of this month and the year. Also that the person told us the best thing you can do the best cm is the CM that happened during that time.

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To the extent that some scholar said that maybe it is recommended for a person to fast the whole entire month and I don't agree with that, because I shall be allowed and has said mera rasulillah salam haven't seen the process of them. sama Sharon westech Melo, sciamma illa Ramadan, he only used to fast a complete month only in the during the month of Ramadan. When I can lie to Fisher in October I mean, who salmon fisherman and the man that he used to fast most of its days will be the month of Siobhan

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and my father and Rasul Allah is Allah what has been authentic and recorded that didn't Ibiza Salaam, Kenya soon film haram at an ashram, He fasted the 10th of Mahatma and he said, sallallahu alayhi wa sallam if I would love to the next year, I will fast the ninth and the 10th, the ninth and the 10th. And I want to make he said, I will fast the ninth in h2 in a pub in the US, amen. Natasha. and here also want to point out that the majority scholars opinion is correct, is authentic, is so strong, who said that I'll promote the actual raw is the 10th, not the ninth. So when the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, If I live to the next year, that also man, Natasha, Lisa, Robin, and Asher

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were in Amazon and Azure, when he said I will live to the next year, I will fast the nine not as a replacement to the 10. No it just to add to the fasting of the 10th to the ninth. And that's different than the position of any rahimullah and some scholars who felt that this is a replacement for that 10. So you do that nine. And this understanding is not a very strong from many different perspectives, because there is explicit narrations saying the ninth and the 10th which is don't leave space for speculation. Anyway. So here we see that the Prophet salallahu alaihe salam also told us in Hindi the attire of the Allah and all sorts of Muslim, he said that fasting the day of

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Ashura, you can Pharaoh sen malviya, it will erase the sin of the previous year. So you start fresh, start you I know many of us here in America live in the West. So don't use the Hijri calendar. We don't free you don't feel that fresh start we fill it in January because this is how we used to it. But you know what, believe it or not, that's just the new year started right now in your life and the hingedly calendar. It's a new year for for us. And this is just a fresh start a lot of parents out of out of his mercy out of his kindness and of His goodness, that he won't give us an opportunity. If all what happened in the past. He did not make hygiene, not very good or Ramadan. Or

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maybe you did so bad in the last year that all these things were not able to purify you. You still have a good start fresh, a fresh start you can do during the month of Mahatma

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and in the bee sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he had a daughter Courtney said Allah she Ashura Yamanashi oh no sorry. fee and masala that abora reported that the process of them said the 10th of Muharram is the actual

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date here. Some of the scholar like him no am Rahim Allah said fasting the month the day of Ashura is level number one, the level number one is too fast the 10th level to to add to the ninth, so nine and 10. And even he said you press the ninth The 10th 11th will be even

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the best form of it and allow Adam I don't see any authentic proof to add the 11th what do we have is the ninth or the 10th and the 10th in the mamasan, who saw Salim who ever had to touch either alash.

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As I said, this is something the prophet SAW Selim used to practice it and believe it or not, fasting the day of Ashura in the beginning of Islam was an obligatory like Ramadan was largely upon us as Muslims. And in Nebojsa Salim even said, if someone missed too fast that day, and wake up in the morning and an eight and an eight has breakfast or it should stop in the middle of the day and continue their fasts. And our said we used to make sure that our kids faster they have Ashura that will bring toys to them the play with it, so they became distracted with the toys so they can fast the day of action.

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Hold on, it was something so important for Muslim because that was the only obligatory cm or fasting upon them and after that in the second year, this was abrogated, merci ha CR mo Ashura bc ami Ramadan for 30 minute Latina BSL allow to you it was sent

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to him amerihome Allah says that Allah subhanaw taala give us opportunity one after another, and arafa erase the sin of the previous in the coming one and this one the previous one why because some people that are sins may be so much that one wash will not be enough, like sometimes your clothes will be so dirty that you close it one time and you get it clean but not 100% you wash it again and it will be cleaner and solid depends on how much yeah and the stains that you have and what kind of stains that you have in your

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tubs. And that's a similar analogy to the concept of repeating theme in Islam do this to raise your son or raise your center is somebody that says

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is my son how many times I raise my son It is because of the strength of it and the quantity and the quality of the sense sometimes it needs to be washed one that one more than one time. May Allah subhanaw taala purify us all what if you completely purified from your sin whatever left is no more sense left. The rest will be in a form of extra reward extra blessings that you get from an kuvira removal coppia

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Yeah, and you saw a photo cannot Lisa in Canada scan of cr mirdif utterly dodgy for dunia Well,

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no doubt it is highly recommended to fast this day the day of Ashura and no doubt it is absolutely okay to fast that day by itself. Khalid Sheikh Hassan, what are you abandon it for I'll do the CM. Nobody ever would say that it is fasting the wave Ashura is not recommended by itself only recommended for you to add to it, but to fasten by itself, you can kind of sell if you're someone who has suffered some of the early Muslim scholars use the fast Ashura even while they are traveling. Okay? Like I've been a boss and I was half as severe as zuri once was fasting it which is a great amount among the successors who lead was fasting so one of the students said to me, You are

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confusing us You are saying that Ramadan when you travel, you don't fast. And now Ashura Why are we traveling fast? color that Madonna is suffering Ramadan tomahto so Muna Ashraf Saba can confusing but that confusing to the viewer who have no knowledge so listen to it. The city Rahim Allah said and other than his own, he said the same answer. He said, asked for Ramadan for in Allah hospital for a detriment.

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For Ramadan, Allah told us if you break your fast for a valid reason, you can make it up in other days, but Ashura or arafa, there is no chance for you to do it. And other days. If you miss it, you just miss it. And I don't want to miss that opportunity. Is there anything else besides fasting we should do in the diff? arafa? Or we should do do during this month, the month of Muharram? The answer is no. There is no proof for that. Some people give this a captain that day some people go visit the cemetery and that day set people have a lot of practices part of the culture, but it's not necessarily from the

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Islamic teaching or from the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, but one of the worst things that can people do during the month of Muharram or during Ashura is specifically what some of our brothers in the shia sect do. And some of the Shia groups who say who use this opportunity to our occupied these days by Oh the villa, cursing Abubakar or Omar are the companions of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam or Phil these days with hate and instead of filling it with hope, filling it with

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practices that only bring

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only make Islam looks as a ridiculous religion by beating yourself and bleeding yourself and public squares and

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practicing things that is very disturbing and I don't want to ruin your day by shedding some of these practices that some of them even a witness it personally growing up around a lot of Shia seeing it, and no doubt that this is something not from the practice of Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, nor the companions of the Prophet SAW Selim nor It is based on the principles of our sherea Lisa minim and Loch Lomond, Hadoop worship culture you what I said earlier in the night he has

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lm tuttavia Paulina visa sanlam oB segmentally Basilicata Irani omo piano, those who weep and scream and head themselves over the death of any one of the death of anyone, while being in is the process of them said they are not from me. And no doubt those extremists who do things like this and free themselves from our current Omar they are not from the way of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam May Allah Subhana Allah to guide all of us.

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It decide when the memory of the death of someone else then the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam will be treated this way, while we don't have even 1% of that feeling towards the death of Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam himself, and we don't need because our religion is based on being a religion of sanity of religion of

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positivity, a religion that

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push people to be better and to move in their life. My brothers and sisters, the history behind fasting the day of Ashura goes back to the days when the process of them was a mecca. And it became more emphasis on the importance of fasting then this day when he moved to Medina when he found it so the faster this day Mecca. Then when he moved to Medina, he found out that the Jews also fasting the day so the process of them asked why we fasted this day in Mecca, because it's a sacred day. It is something that we inherited from the religion of Ibrahim, Yanni. This is something his parents his family used to do, because it's something from the religion of Islam and the original Rahim so he

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was surprised why the Jews will do it. Jews never lived in Mecca. So they told him, they told me Rasul Allah, this is the day that Allah have saved Musa alayhis salam from Pharaoh Allen and the pharaohs and his soldiers. So they celebrate that. So in Obi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam decided to celebrate this also as well and to make one more reason for him to celebrate it. But he changed he said next year I will add to this even one more day said there is one more reason to celebrate it I will even make it more thankful and grateful to Allah by adding that the extra day to it. And this Hadith, this story, I would like it bring to us immediately the story of Musa alayhis salam and how

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I lost him. When we fast the day of Ashura my brothers and sisters, we should reflect upon great lessons that we in great need for it today. Number one,

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when we fast the DevOps sre we know that this oma it is the natural extension for the nations before us. We are the people of Moosa We are the people of Asia, we are the people of North We are the people of Ibrahim, we are the people of all the prophets and messengers sallallahu alayhi wa sallam LA,

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this relationship, this connection to these nations and these great leaders and prophets and messengers, bring the love in our heart towards the believers, no matter where they live, no matter when they left.

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It made us Tesseract man in our hallway, Beynon. muslimeen, no matter where we exist, exist, and no matter when they were existed. So if this is the case that I have the love and the support, and I feel the happiness for the success of Moosa, who hundreds and hundreds of years ago, I will save them What about my feeling and my connection to my brothers and sisters around the world today, to those who live around me to build the love of my time, to live in my city to live in my neighborhood, to my family members and so on. Also, this

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lesson or this day, remind us also

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a very important concept between great need for today, which is an active value.

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The outcome is always in the favor of those who have Taqwa in favor of those who have a man in favor of those who have a keen certainty and love and faith and the last panel, no matter how long the false hood will last, no matter how big the shadow looks like, no matter how dark it seems, there are always the light will prevail. All the truth will win. Always the faith will be have the success in the end. Musa alayhis salam if you just think about it, in a moment you said it's impossible. But Allah said this in the beginning, when we do an

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ad in a studio fufill

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on a Jana

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Jana, Jana

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one omega

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kena fell all the way around our man I

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yes, Allah, Allah Subhana. Allah said, we want to show our favorite upon those who have been abused, those who've been oppressed, those who've been unjustly fair and unfairly treated, those weak ones, we want to show them our favor. And not only that, and make them a worthy theme make the one who will end up winning and give them power on earth. So we lit for Allen and Hackman and the soldier not only for our own, not only the soldiers, all of them with the fear the most, which is the success and the save the saving of vinius are a child of Israel and leaving from Egypt to the land that was one of the other ask them to move to it.

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They saw this without with their own eyes. And that's why they drowned in the sea while the following muslin. Is it possible that a lot of the streets around in Egypt and house burned them and they died. But olanzapine Adana led them to walk all this journey to go to the sea to see with their own eyes, the children of Israel crossing the sea and the drowned while these guys are saved.

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They going down while these are going up.

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What I meant and if you think about a few years back, you can say that's impossible.

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On niccone history he knew he was

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in Bonn in

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Amina Eva de Waal, people to the moon.

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Musa told his followers have seek help from Allah. Be patient because the earth belongs to Allah. And Allah will let the inhibitor of the earth and the end of the day are the people of tequila.

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May Allah Subhana Allah make us among the people of taqwa. And yeah, and you give victory to those who have been oppressed, oppressed, and been abused or stolen. lagotto masamoto Mustapha, Rolando.

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my brother and sisters this story reminded us of a very also important concept that we need to keep in mind today Why are we seeing what's happening around us in the world?

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That in a lie em kuruvilla caffrey that Allah plot against the plotting of the caffeine. Don't ever think that you are in this war alone. Or in this fight by yourself? But Allah subhanaw taala plot against them as well. For him allow him in hatred, testable a law have attacked them from a direction or angle that they never expected it.

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And you cliffy B taboo.

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Fuck me v phillium for leukemia, Marisa.

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Hola. Yes, Allah. Allah Subhana. Allah when when, when for around decide to kill over general Israel, because he's worried about that one man that will come from the children of Israel destroy his kingdom. That was the reason for mother for Moses mother to put him in the box and put him in the river for his wife to see him in the river and to pick him for him to raise

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to raise the same one who will destroy his kingdom

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from an angle they never expected.

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So don't ever forget that. Every time you remember when we first did if we remember the story of Musa alayhis salam fell Takata Who?

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Nicola amatola de la Li aku and Allah whom I do

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the pick that boy from the river and the wife of around said

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I will have him as a cooler for I I will have him as you know a son that's what they said. But listen to what Allah said. Leah Khun Ella home I do what has said he will be the enemy and the one will bring sorrow to them.

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Hello plot against the plotting of the Catherine. The plot by bringing the magicians and Allah destroy he made the magicians. Believers they plot against

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embrasure out he plot against her his wife and she became engender.

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Anyway and it is it is amazing how Allah subhanaw taala plot against the caffeine. We have to have the trust in Allah.

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With the ad, we have to know that the laws wisdom and power and Mike is always there. And unless under watching and seeing, but Allah Subhana Allah do things according to his wisdom, not according to our wisdom. It's a test to see how much we believe in

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you and there is many things we will continue talking about it inshallah tonight after he if you come to the mustard, some of the lessons that we can learn from the story of Musa alayhis salam. So we end inshallah to Allah here with these two important lessons but join us tonight shala adarsha hopefully we will add more value to our cm by reflecting upon the meanings of this great day which is the day of Ashura alone morpholino hana laughing or fun? Why do you know a criminal will occur in New Zealand a law firm in Minnesota took our law firm Alina Did you know who's in our home hi adultery Quran Allah for the Muslim you know Muslim out many may not even human and what Allah mean

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yes okay other gelato a crumb and Thompson mustafina Hema sharika Maria aloha mahalo Eva mustafina for good Seattle gelato a crumb what are the Philistine was Sham? He couldn't have the near high volume alarm in your cell. Okay. Yeah, they're generally very common Tara decadal Mata de la hamato decadal Marta de la moda Kayden Marta de la mina cerca de la mina sakala. At the Vatican, Nina mustafina, Gerardo de la Mosler muslimeen Kalamata Hamada home Allah Mohammed bin or Sophie no Sophie him a la manera de Luca Gerardo economic system Ilana equally higher along Mr. Milner if you could start me up Dan and our Mana

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alemana if you qualify riada Jelani with a column Allahumma salli ala Deena Allahumma salli wa Dena.

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Dena, Allah Ma Ma, Ma Ma Ma, Ma Ma. Ma. Yeah. Jelani with a column sallallahu wasallam. Allah and Amina Mohammed Omar is Raja Allah.

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Allah Hello