Mohamad Baajour – When the Sahaba had Seafood for a month

Mohamad Baajour
AI: Summary © The narrator describes a caravan of Muslims who were intercepted by the military in Syria and describes the horrors of the experience, including consequences such as the weight of a beast weighing 300 kilos and the size of a bottle of alcohol. They also discuss the struggles of the Muslim population during the pandemic and how their eating habits have changed, with examples given of poor people suffering and becoming annoying. They acknowledge the importance of not getting too hungry and the difficulty of eating from it. The segment also touches on the struggles of the Muslim population and how they can improve their eating habits.
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Hadith in Bukhari and Muslim and this narration is in Muslim

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the narrator jabber novela Allah and Hama he said Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he sent us in Syria, an expedition and the difference between Surya and reservoir, the reservoir so Sasanian participated in and the Surya he did not. So Rasulullah assalam sent us to intercept a caravan for from Quraysh Croatia the big caravan with a lot of food on it, and they want to intercept it, not because they are highway robbers. No, no, because what Quraysh have done to the Muslims, so, they want to get something back in return because they took all their wealth, and we all know what happened when the marine left Makkah. So the narrator said, we went and Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi

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wa sallam he gave us Jawaban min Tamra, Yanni a small bag of dates 300 Mujahideen going feasable Allah and all the autosource assalam found was a bag of dates. So the Narrator The one who's hearing the Hadith told them, how did you manage? He said our leader was Abu Zubaydah. Anil Jarrah and we all know about Vedanta Jarrah is the

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beloved Rasul Allah says Allah one of the greatest Sahaba

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he used to give us listen carefully a one. He used to give us

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a date, a day,

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one date, per day.

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So I said, What did you do with it?

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So he said, we used to put it in our mouth, were couldn't Namo Sahara Kenya Yamo sabe. And we used to suckle on it, just like a baby suckling from his mother. And we used to add a lot of water in order to last for the whole day, one date for a Mujahid visa villa. Sometimes, if one of those dates dropped from us, we don't even pick it up.

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Then we moved, and we get really hungry. So we started hitting the trees with our sticks and the leaves fall, and we used to drench them with water in order to satisfy our hunger.

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After that, we got to the coast of the Sea. And from far we saw like a small mountain. When we get close, it turned out to be a huge whale. And by the way, when I saw the description of this whale, I don't think anyone in our time right now I've ever seen such a creation. Listen to description, and it's in Bukhari and Muslim so it's 100% authentic

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when we get there when we got to the to the whale

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about obey that ninja, the leader said okay, go ahead and eat

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the Quran Hakuna Salah thermea. We were 300. We ate for a whole month had semina until we become fat.

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300 people eating from the swale, how big is this? Well, connectable Kira, we used to get the pictures and pitch from his eye cavity, pictures of fat and Abu Zubaydah asked 13 Men 1-234-567-8910 1112 13 Men, they sat in the cavity of his eye of the whales. i They sat down 13 Men 30 Min is a small modulus, right? We're gonna knock time in Kolkata, Coca Cola is sour. Every part we cut from it is as big as a bone. How heavy is about two 300 kilos, every part they cut from the from the whale.

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And then just to Subhanallah any to tell us also to add to how huge that whale is. He said Abu obey that took one of the you know the hassock you know the bone that comes with the fish. He took one of the bones of this whale and stood it up and got the tallest man sat him honor the highest camel and he walked under it.

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All this description inside Muslim

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by the way, he said this way it was called a Lambo. l Ember

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so we ate from it and you know, for the first 15 Days and One narration and the other 15 they dried the meat and was able to survive for a month. So when we came back Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam we told them the story, and at the same time they want to get a fatwa because they found that that fish is allowed to eat it. Look at the Mufti Subhan Allah how beautiful his answer was, he said had risk on circa hula hoop alaykum Fatima caminho che and Toto Munna.

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So hammock out

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May Allah subhanaw taala Myka Sierra Salah Salem because we were deprived in this dunya May Allah make us see him and that he said, This is a risk that Allah brought to you as a gift. Do you have anything left over so we can eat from it? So he did not answer yes or no halal or haram by him saying, Can we eat from it? What does that mean? And not only halal. Somebody might say it is halal for them because it was the Rura right? Because necessity, but also Cecily Medina did not have any doura. Right? So and he still asked from it. So he ate from it, and he enjoyed it and the Hadith ended here. Two quick lessons. Number one.

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What the Sahaba went through to get us this thing.

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What did the Sahaba go through?

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For us to be sitting in Plano, Texas in 2022? What did they go through? How much they suffered eating leaves? Have you ever no matter how

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many poor people poor people you know, have you ever heard of a person so poor that he can eat one day per day? Allah I mean, no matter how bad things are, we never heard of this before. When and not only any sitting at home and No, no, no. In jihad, one date per day. Look what they went through in order to us to to enjoy this Deen to be saved from the hellfire. And what do we go through? Or what do we do?

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To convey this message? Hardly anything. And from the first test, we give up

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from the first test, we give up the day say you're a soul, Allah 300 people you're giving us a bag of dates for jihad. No one said the word.

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And the second lesson.

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As we are going in life, year one, we will all be tested.

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And after that severe test of hunger,

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the forage the good news that is came with this well, so whatever you're going through, soon, the way it is coming. Whatever you're going through sooner or later, after Asia, there is always pleasure. Be patient and Subhanallah if you are sincere and doing things for the sake of Allah and you have that strong Eman,

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the solution is coming. The relief is coming 100% Let's not fail these tests. Look for this real men when through May Allah subhanaw taala gathers for the Sahaba May Allah subhanaw taala gathers with Rasulullah Salallahu Salam zakat, Malachy tomorrow Ephesians 645 make a lot of salaat on Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa salam Subhana Calama him the Michigan daily stuff you can tune in

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who use one Luna Island

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water he wants to label this nema.

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In Alladhina Luna law no one wants to hold on

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to Nia

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mother Molina well levena You

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meaning you know what it means to be a while at MCC DESA Boo.

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Boo Boo. Oh, man movie

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