Zakir Naik – Why did I make Hijrah from India to Malaysia?

Zakir Naik
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses their decision to stay in Malaysia, which was allowed by the new government and was disregarded by the media. They also mention their desire to return to Malaysia after their statement about terrorism and the media's claims about their actions. The speaker explains that Malaysia is away from the war zone and has a strong passport among Muslim countries, but is not the best choice for those who want to stay there.
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But other called NASA to do that, why have you? Why are you absconding in Malaysia?

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I'm not Afghani in Malaysia people know that I'm staying in Malaysia, in Putrajaya. What it may be meaning that why did I go? Why did allow me to Malaysia or why did why did I come to Malaysia? And you know that there was an allegation by the Indian government because of the popularity and many people were accepting Islam and the new government, the BJP government against the Muslim law and they had a lot of agenda. So delayed allegation against me first on terrorism, they could not prove it. Then they said hate speech, they could not prove it, then the money laundering that was the cannot prove it. Then they tried to give me a bait and try to convince me to come back at a

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compromise which I didn't agree. Basically I did Hijra

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and Hijra for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala i being a di m and I felt that my life was in danger. Editage and this is the Sunnah of the prophets, and the son of whom Salah Salem. And I was happy that Allah made it possible for me to follow one of the Sooners of the Prophet which very few people can do. And it Hijra and I chose Malaysia. The reason is because I feel Malaysia is one of the best available Muslim countries in the world. Most of the Muslim countries in the world today have got problems, the best available amongst the Muslim countries, more than 50 Things that are there. I felt Malaysia was the best that the reason I came here. The reason I felt Malaysia was the best is

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number one, that Malaysia is away from the war zone. You know, many Muslim countries and the warzone, especially in the Gulf region, you have one in Yemen, war in Syria. So this Malaysia is away from the water. So number one, number two, it's away from the wrong influence of the Western countries, you know, people, the Gulf countries and Muslim countries close, which are in Europe, and otherwise, they're under the influence the bad influence of the Western countries, which Malaysia is away. It has very little influence of America and the Western countries number two.

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Number three, Malaysia is the country which has the strongest passport amongst the Muslim country.

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A Malaysian can travel 285 countries without any visa. This was I checked up last a couple of months back, USA, maybe additional two countries the highest is Japan, 190 countries, then the Singapore 189 countries, then maybe you get us mid 796 Malaysia 185 countries

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the strongest passport amongst all the Muslim countries. That is point number three, point number four amongst the non Arab Muslim countries. I'm not talking about the Arab Muslim countries, the non Arab Muslim countries on average, a Malaysian according to me, is a more practicing Muslim than the average Indian or average Pakistani are not mean bad for the Indian or the Pakistani when I'm an Indian, Indian Muslim, an average Indian Muslim or average Pakistani Muslim or a Bangladeshi Muslim, any non Arab,

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Muslim, Malaysia, if, on average, a Malaysian Muslim is more practicing. You have the percentage wise, if you see a survey that says that in India, the Muslim coming to the fight times compulsories. And mosque is just a minute percentage in Malaysia. It's a high percentage, the people firstly you have percentage that vary then, if compared to the other non Arab Muslim countries, the practice of Islam is stronger. That's point number four. Point number five, that in Malaysia, the Federal religion is Islam.

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So don't have to feel shy to call assumptions. There are many Muslim countries where you feel shy to call yourself a Muslim, the majority of Muslims more than any other Muslim but because of that posture, because of the so called secular government calling themselves Muslims. So these were the reasons that I chose Malaysia over other countries AD AD got request from more than 1213 foreign countries to come and stay there and I chose Malaysia as the best amongst the one

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