Abu Eesa Niamatullah – And The Male Is Not Like The Female!

Abu Eesa Niamatullah
AI: Summary © The loss of Imran and her dedication to her child are the highlights of the conversation. Yala wants to dedicate her body to a girl and talks about her son's birth and relationship with the man she gave birth to. The speakers discuss the cultural differences between Arabic and English language and the tension between men and women in society. They suggest that men should be empowered through their values and their IP, while women should not be viewed as being the only ones deserved.
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About a counselor so I'm preparing discuss fits negative Zero Suit Allah moron I'm reading them thinking and whatever and I come across something I wanted to share with you is a thought for today. A loss of contact tells us the story of the wife of Imran, if Allah tomorrow to our a moron out I'll be in Nina Murphy batani mojarra Fatah up Ben meanie in NECA and semi early on him. And when the wife of Enron said that I have dedicated what is growing in my womb to Yala excepted from me, you are the one who his old who knows all what's happening here, Hannah who's the wife of Iran, she wanted to dedicate her child, a male which she was expecting to protect the masjid to pray in it to

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perfume it to clean it the sanctified and you know, no restrictions, no issues any you know, not having to worry about our uncovering and this that whatever And so, there's generally going to be a better deal for for the service of Allah subhanho wa Taala but then what happens for them Maota to hop on a drug being in the Walla

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Walla who will be male well that's why they said that cattle can

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and when she gave birth, she said My Lord has given birth to a baby girl to a girl.

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But Allah says

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but Allah knew what she gave birth to and the male is not like the female that's what I want to focus on. The male is not like the female you see this statement made by Hannah is a statement of disappointment is clear she's like thinking all you know what my intentions and what you know objectives I had and now I've given birth to a girl in our culture that doesn't cut it you know who's gonna who's gonna be able to service the mustard Yanni you know like a male? And it's like Allah subhanaw taala says I know what you gave birth to. And the male is not like the female Now hold on the majority of scholars they actually read this verse as a kind of like a praise for the

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male just like Jani Hannah herself was you know, saying that the male is the real you know, the a

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the a game and then obviously, the big game was a girl because she can't get the job done. But if that was the case, then why didn't Alice pounced on us a while he said oh the SEC has caught that the the female is not like the male because you give birth to a female so then say the female is not like the male but in fact Allah subhanaw taala said the exact opposite he said while they said that, that the man is not like the female and when you compare two things, when the second thing which has been compared to is always better in Arabic language, and in English, it's like you know

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tescos chocolate cereal is not like coco pops, right? Cocoa Puffs is far better. You know, value ice cream is not like Haagen dazs. Right.

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Small Dixie chicken burger. It's not like a Kansas. chicken burger with double cheese. Right? Ronaldo like Messi. Klay Thompson is not like Steph Curry

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is the easy one. Liverpool is not like Man United.

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While he says that Carol callosa. And mail is not the male he's not like the female. Allah subhanaw taala is like saying to her, in actual fact, despite everyone reading the opposite. Allah say not only are they different, but she does, he doesn't reach the level of a female. And actually fact I'm going to show you Hannah, how incredible this female that you have given birth to is I'm going to make it the greatest woman that's ever lived. And it's going to be Maryam, and she's going to give birth to one of the greatest of all creation ever. Isa alayhis salam have some of that. And I lost power to Allah said that I've accepted this from your Boolean has an inverse after and, you know, I

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just want to say that

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it was a brilliant result for for her. She didn't expect it. Her culture didn't teach her that she had certain belief but unless parents out of change that belief showed her and proved to her how brilliant women can be and you know, men and women. And they're the same. Okay? What only what differentiates men and women is how they exceed their own restrictions. Because unless it says in a common common in the law, that the best of you the most noble of you are those who are most closest to Allah, Allah thinking about him and conscious of him all the time have the most taqwa, basically, right? And we're so desperate to kind of, you know, support our side, you know, fight for the team,

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men are better women are better, you know, there are verses which are very clear which differentiate between male female roles and, and state what is better each time. But this is not one of those verses. And I just think that, you know, men and women, you know, there's a lot of tension between them when it comes to that ideological level and rights and so on so forth in society today at the moment as well. And

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frankly, women are abused in society, um, you know, is a very male dominated society. They get abused emotionally, psychologically, just their rights taken away every single level. And there's something that scholars themselves have a responsibility to deal with, and we we've got it. We've got it.

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to ourselves and make sure that we don't mansplain the Quran and the deen or share explain the Quran and Deen in a dismissive way where we read our own male bias and culture into it. And I'm not saying all culture is wrong, okay? Because even in Hannah's culture, she believed that the, that the male was going to be better, okay, it's a female who's speaking, isn't it, and she felt that a male will do the job better. But I'm just saying that, you know, sometimes we don't need to

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try so hard to change the narrative, Allah subhanaw taala. This is a verse for the women. And you see, when women lose hope in the religion and those interpreting the religion for them, and they don't see that the religion is defending them and their rights and sticking up for them, then they're gonna go somewhere else. And that's why we have them going to manmade movements like liberalism, secularism, and feminism. And there's no doubt that these movements, they do support the rights of women and they feel empowered there. And but of course, they're not recognizing that they are getting a lot more besides they are, you know, it's an insidious reality where they're told

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other things and they're made to believe in other realities as well, which are completely against Islam or what Allah subhanaw taala has defined for the female and then we get into a major IP the problem and as you can see that so often, but anyway, we'll talk about that later in class. The point here and this is a verse for the women and not for the men like everyone understood. Okay, well he says that Carol callosa your serial yo yo cheat value sera is not like the full real deal coco pops. The male is not like the female command and McKee is not like a See you guys in fit now. As lamonica Tula

This brief introduction is on why Allah says in the Quran that “the male is not like the female”.

Hannah, the wife of Imran, wanted a son whom she planned to dedicate to the deen. Instead she delivered a girl and not the son she longed and planned for so much. She was devastated.

In relation to her disappointment Allah then tells her that “the male is not like the female”. Now note that in the Arabic language the focus is on the second comparison rather than the previous. Thus Allah s.w.t is saying to her that not only is the girl different from a boy, rather how incredible this baby girl will be compared to any other woman. And true enough later we come to learn that this child is non other than Maryam, the mother of our beloved  prophet Isa a.s.

The relevance of this verse to us  in this day and age is that we may look at this verse as a verse for the women, defending the women and preserving the women.



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