Mufti Menk – Ouch! Eid Mubarak! Really?

Mufti Menk
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Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh my brothers and sisters eat Mubarak to you all. Mashallah Tabarak Allah here in Zimbabwe, it's already almost the time of celestial Asia. And tomorrow morning we will be gathering and we will be just as a small family we will be practicing whatever we can in terms of precautions, but we will still be having a small eat Salah, and we will still be celebrating, we will still be sacrificing and perhaps I may show you a little bit of what we might be doing tomorrow on a live session perhaps from where I will be with the lambs and the sheep and the goats and so on. So my brothers and sisters Is it fair for me to be happy on the day

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of sacrifice when I have sacrificed nothing for a lot people are so proud of having sinned against a lot of people are so proud of having removed their own Subhana Allah obedience of Allah and they announce it proudly publicly to say hey guys, look what I've done. I'm actually normal praying from today and I'm no eating halal food from today. And I'm going to be having some pork and alcohol from today. And then they say a Mubarak guys it's the day of a Let's Let's be happy, be happy for what ouch, ouch. For what? Allah just replace you with someone else. Because you decided to openly publicize your sins. To commit adultery is sinful but to announce it is way, way more sinful. The

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Hadith of the Prophet SAW Selim says people will remain within hope within goodness for as long as they don't openly commit sin and they are not proud of it. So what is the sacrifice all about a think Allah instructed Ibrahim alayhi salam to do something he said submit in our Aparna I've done it and Subhana Allah here goes, Allah says you deserve a day of eating, everyone's going to have to follow suit. But what about us when Allah told us to do something, we're doing the opposite. And we are saying eat Mubarak, I'm so happy we have this eat, we have this eat. By the way. Some of you are saying that it is on a Saturday, no problem for those whose eat is on Saturday. We're happy for you

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as well Mashallah. But this message is, do you know Allah says what?

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data Well, yesterday do come home and

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when you turn away, Allah replaces you with others who will not be like you. So when a person obeys Allah instruction they deserve this eat it is the eat of sacrifice. Have you sacrificed something, Allah instructed you to do something and you did it? Whether you liked it or not? Whether it made sense to you or not let you deserve this read. That's what this aid is all about the ease of submission, the ease of obedience, the ease of doing that, whether it made sense to you or it didn't make sense to you here is the read Subhanallah so keep an eye on a Salam was told to sacrifice his son. Did it make sense to him? No zero sense but what happened? He knew it was from Allah and Allah

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would never instruct him to do something detrimental for him. There must be something powerful about this. So what did he do? Subhana Allah, Allah subhanho wa Taala says, as he was going to obey our instruction, we replaced his his son with the RAM and we made it as soon as we became pleased with him. And that is the day of it is called a Yeoman. Now the day of spinning so panela the you know, the sacrificial animals blood and Subhana Allah for you and I, what's more important is the sacrifice. What are you prepared when Allah told you do your Salah? Are you ready to sacrifice your bed? Are you going to put this the knife on the bed? To make sure I'm up for fragile? If that's the

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case, you deserve this eat? It's the eat for sacrifice. When Allah told you to dress in a specific way, have you dressed that way? Even if maybe it might have been shaped on might have tried to beautify the other way for you. But you knew that's the beautification of vacation of shaitan This is the beautification of Allah, I need to do this, let me do this. Is that what you have done? If you have obeyed Allah at a time when it was so difficult? That is when you can say eat Mubarak and enjoy the eat and the day of the sacrifice? What's the point of sacrificing and this is the reason why some people say we're not going to sacrifice. I've got a cabbage in my garden. And I'm going to

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give that cabbage because you know, I don't believe in this sacrifice. So Allah you

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remember my brothers and sisters, this is all about sacrificing for the sake of Allah.

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Loss of Hannah Montana. So, if you are going to sacrifice and hamdulillah I want to highlight a point there are some people who actually say, there are some people who actually say, you know, I no longer believe in what Allah says, Oh, I'm not going to do this anymore. Some say, Well, I believe in it, but I don't want to do it anymore. My sister, my brother, no need to announce that you don't have to announce it to the public that I'm weak because by you making a public announcement of your disobedience of Allah, you're actually you're actually doing something more wrong than your own weakness. If it's your own weakness, keep it to yourself. But if you're going to come out and

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announce it, you know what it is? It's like Allah telling, but I am at a salon. We want you to sacrifice here's the knife and here's the thing, and you throw the knife back at Allah and you tell the whole world I threw the knife back at Allah, that's what I did. And I threw this you know, I'm not going to even he replaced it with a ram. I'm throwing the ram back at him. And I'm throwing this in guys. That's who I am. This is who I am. I am a person who will never ever do what this what this instruction? Why are you making such an announcement? My brother, my sister, no need to do that. So Hannah law, if you have a weakness Yes, by all means you're a human. You may you may have struggles

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we don't know about. But when you announce it, it becomes terrible. And you know what happens after that? We become people who actually are carriers of evil where we are promoting vice even if we were to come back one day, and this is what I'm saying brothers and sisters. Let's come back to Allah Allah has given us a chance, the day of alpha the day of the day of now what's the lesson? What the law even lesson is not the meat. The lesson is not the blood. The lesson is not even the sacrificial animal Legionella Holla Holla Holla Holla Kiana otaku amin come Allah says the meat is not going to get to us the blood is not going to get to us. The duck was the relationship you developed with

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Allah as a result is what is going to get to us. Have you developed taqwa? Have you developed the consciousness of Allah someone is saying I'm looking weak. So Hannah law perhaps it's the lighting and perhaps it's me. I've been all day Mashallah with different programs and different things to handle up. But my brothers and sisters, we don't deserve the eat the way we carry on. We've sacrificed nothing for Allah. It's not about the meat. It's not about you know, buying expensive animals. It's about how I dress how I talk what I do, have I fulfilled my duties? My five daily prayers have I given charities Have I been kind to people have I dressed appropriately have I spoken

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to people with a high level of morality and with high values and so on? If that's the case, and I'm making sure that I can obey the instruction of Allah to you know, to whether it whether it suits my whims and fancies are not, then I deserve the sacrifice will lie. In that case, even if you are in quarantine, you deserve this day of Allah will give you reason to rejoice. He will declare you a friend of mine. When Ibrahim Alayhi Salam was tested, he passed the test. He went out to do something that did not make sense to him because he knew Allah instructed him and he tried it out when he did it. Allah says you're our friend. It doesn't allow Ibrahim Allah, Allah says you have

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passed the test. Allah says you That was the enhanced Allahu Allah Allah Allah mubin this was indeed a clear cut major massive test. Brothers and sisters we cannot even give up monography

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even Mubarak,

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we cannot even fulfill five Salah

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Barack, even Barack, what's it all about? We cannot even give up immorality and evil

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evil Barack Yep, yeah. We cannot even dress a little bit appropriately.

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A Mubarak people back

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we are so engrossed in haram completely left to right center. This is the day of sacrifice Come on. Come on. We have no we don't we cannot control ourselves when it comes to our phones.

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Do you really think that's what this day of sacrifice is all about? sacrifice that point put a knife on it. sacrifice your bad habits. Put a knife on it. sacrifice the adultery, put a knife on it. Sacrifice all the evil put a knife on him. become strong with your worship. advertise your obedience but do not advertise your disobedience. Remember that advertise your obedience. Do not advertise your disobedience. If you advertise your obedience, you will get reward even the day you happen to privately become weak and sin but you will come back to Allah Allah will reward you for all of those who practiced as a result of you advertising obedience, meaning encouraging people to be obedient.

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But when you advertise your sin, even if you quit the sin and you engage in Toba and you turn back to Allah, trust me you are going to earn such a sinful all of those who practice your bad example my brothers, my sisters, it is definitely not worth it is not worth advertising your business.

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obedience. You are challenging Rob bull alameen you are challenging the Lord of the worlds. Do you know the Coronavirus that has actually attacked the entire globe, the weight of it in terms of granted is less than one gram that has that is on Earth right now. And it has shaken all of us up, if that hasn't made us think about Allah and made us become better people, because we don't know how long we're going to live for my brothers and sisters, how are we going to ever turn back to Allah, you know, people are defying Allah, they, they are proud about going against the law of Allah and they call themselves Muslims. That's what it is. Don't do that. That's the base of their sacrifice,

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inshallah, you can obey Allah. And my brothers and sisters, the only reason I'm saying this is because I truly love you. And I truly would like Jenna, for me and for you. And I truly want you to think about it. When you're doing a good thing. You can advertise it when you're doing a bad thing. keep it private, keep it within yourself, no need to advertise, you know what, no need to talk about it and encourage others to follow your sin, whether you're drinking, whether you're on drugs, whether you're, you know, whether you're, for example, have bad habits, whether you've just abandoned your job, whether you've just abandoned your furniture and whether you've abandoned the

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recitation of the Quran, whatever it is, do not ever, ever advertise your sins, because by that you would be promoting it in one way or another, you would be giving courage to others to do the same as you and you actually did not do the right thing. So what was the point of advertising it and saying, Well, I'm empowering myself and I'm empowering others, empower people when it comes to the obedience of Allah. That is what the sacrifice of Ibrahim Alayhi Salam actually is. So I want to say to all of us,

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a Mubarak May Allah bless you guys and have a blessed and read and May Allah grant you every goodness, and open your doors. This short session where I decided to talk about who actually deserves this lead

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is mainly because I felt it necessary.

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To remind those I love I'm normally a very calm person. I normally speak with a with you know, with a very loving way. I don't judge people as best as I can I remain I stay away from that but to be honest with you, I have to say my brothers and sisters, sometimes we need to say it as it is and tell you You know what? If you deserve if you think you deserve the eat and eat robotic and everything here What have you sacrificed? Are you ready to admit in your life? What was it that you're struggling with? In terms of obedience of Allah or disobedience of Allah? What is it that's holding you back? Cut it then you can say

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guys Mashallah. And then you deserve it. May Allah bless you all Jazakallah fan Thank you for listening, love you guys have a beautiful eat, whether you have an eat today, tomorrow or the following day, please have a lovely love you guys and inshallah we meet again, with much, much love. Just a quick point before I go. I'm not aiming my talk at anyone in particular, I'm aiming it at myself to begin with, and then all of us together, we must learn to obey the instruction of Allah, be happy and be pleased with this beautiful, beautiful instruction of Allah where he says, You know what, if you're weak and you're sinning, we know that you're human, you may sin don't do it in

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public. Don't be proud about it. Don't announce it, don't advertise it. But where you want to encourage others to do good and you've done a little bit of good, you may well encourage them by talking about it and why am I being immature because I had it Allah blessed us in so many ways. Thank you so much as salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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