Three Businesses NEVER Perish

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The segment discusses the importance of establishing a relationship with the Bible and not allowing anyone to do things until they are established. The speaker emphasizes the need to make things easy for people to do and mentions the potential for health benefits. They also recite a prayer and discuss the importance of not allowing things to happen until they are established.

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Today we're gonna talk business.

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Today we're going to talk business. Everybody loves business. And everybody's happy when they do a profit. And everybody's sad when they

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fall into loss.

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a very wealthy person, come to you.

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And he said, I want to do business with you.

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And you said, but I don't have anything.

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So I'm gonna give you a million dollars and I'm gonna do business with you.

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What do you think of the big deal?

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Very good deal.

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Unto Allah belongs the best example. He gave us everything we have. That dress that we're taking now is from Allah subhanho wa taala, the health, the wealth, the properties, when we come in there lettin feminine law, any blessing you could think of is from Allah azza wa jal, and those children that we have that health that we have the property, everything's from Allah Subhana Allah.

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And in return, he gave us all this and in return, he asked us for very few things. Very few things will lie if you think about, if you think about the deal, Wallah, it's a no brainer.

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I give you everything and in return, I

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pray five times a day,

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every solid seven, eight minutes times 535 minutes out of 24 hours, fasted in the month of Ramadan. If you have enough money you give 2.5% Once a year, and if you are healthy and wealthy once in the lifetime, you go and perform Hajj. And of course, stay away from this stay away from that Subhan Allah What did you now today, the topic is very huge, but today we're going to talk about three businesses that will never lose.

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But do you think three businesses by Allah azza wa jal he mentioned them in the Quran that these businesses

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never perish?

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100% profit

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in Alladhina yet, Luna Kitab Allah where accommo Salah were instable, sirloin one fakuma Razak, Nahum Sylvan wa Alania your Juna

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T Zhao Ratan Len terrible luck but imagine a very wealthy shrewd businessman walk in here, I'm going to say and he stood here and said, Guys, I'm going to tell you about a business 100% guaranteed profit.

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Allah he will be all ears. Now this is forget about the guy, Allah azza wa jal, Allah subhanho wa taala. He mentioned three businesses. He called the business by the way, I'm not calling the business Allah called it the Java trade.

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Yet Luna Kitab Allah

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first, yet Luna Kitab Allah, they recite

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the book of Allah.

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I think will lay this all these three things are an excellent preparation for the month of Ramadan.

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They recite,

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they ponder, they do their best to apply the book of Allah azza wa jal.

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The month of Ramadan is the month of Quran.

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Before the month comes, I want myself and you to ask ourselves, what is our relationship with the Quran? How is our relationship with the Quran? Allah when

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the Quran is the word of Allah azza wa jal if you want to know Allah, the only way is to read the Quran. He is the one who told us about himself in the Quran. And the more you read the Quran, the more Baraka in your life will lie guaranteed. The more you read the Quran, the more you apply the Quran, you feel the baraka, you feel the blessing in your life. And the way the more you are away from the Quran. The more you are away from the Quran.

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The more miserable you are, the more busy you are, the more problem you will face. In the show the first genre, the first business is

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dealing with the book of Allah Azza origin beside the other deal Subhan Allah and he

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every letter 10 Hasulam

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Are you imagined imagined imagine that every letter is $10

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Let's be frank, we know each other. If every letter was $10 Would you put the colon

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and down

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and if

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me then fellowship work then he can keytab 60 Allah workable what is what am I going to do with these dollars if I dropped it after I finished reciting

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nothing, but that's an ad they're gonna go with me to the grave and they're going to light up my grave and they're going to be in a form of a beautiful man that will accompany till the Day of Judgment love. So yeah, when the relationship with the second what accom solid

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and they established a solid hell and thermal suddenly interleukins solder?

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Are you a person that prays? Or are you a person that established a lot because in the Quran, it's always accom up creamy and Salah always about your karma. As a matter of fact, the salon by itself suddenly or your saloon is always comes in the negative way.

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How do I know if I am establishing Salaat or I am just somebody

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this is going to hurt a little bit

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how do you feel now?

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If you don't feel nothing after the beautifully citation of sort of the Taliban Surah Kunos

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after the Salah, if you don't feel nothing, you or somebody,

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you just pray

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if you felt some rest,

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tranquility, peace, you are a person that is establishing this alive.

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And that stablishment of the salon is not about taking a course and then you leave and you are establishing the salon. It's a lifetime process. Well, like it's a lifetime process from the moment

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and You are Subhan Allah

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in front of Allah Azza wa Jalla wa sallam told us in the Hadith, you are Allah is is facing you, as long as you do not turn left and right and get distracted. Allah is there Subhan Allah, so you are in connection with Allah and the Sunnah confetti is a conversation with Allah subhanho wa taala.

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And like I mentioned before, one of the

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or two things that improved my salah immensely, immensely.

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Number one, I tell myself Allah is watching you.

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Allah is watching you imagine that

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the Imam of the masjid is sitting down and have a piece of paper and says on the paper pm ruku sujood kill our all that and every time you're praying and he's mashallah go check. suju Excellent. Thilawa, nine out of 10

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How would you select the this is an imam watching.

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How about if Rasulillah Salam is watching you?

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How about Allah is watching you.

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Tell yourself Allah is watching Allah azza wa jal, my Creator, my provider, ALLAH

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SubhanA wa second, that helps a lot. This is my last prayer.

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This a lot I'm about to make is my last salah.

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That's the last time I'm gonna recite the Fatiha the last time I'm gonna say Subhana Vilavi. The last time I'm gonna say you're gonna lift and hunt the last time I'm gonna say a tag here to the left. This is the last two dude, how's this going to be? This is a comedy solid, constant concentration

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during the whole Salaat to the best of my ability. Try it. Try those two factors, they will make a huge difference. And always remind yourself

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because we all know you're one without this Allahu alayhi I don't know how can we function without the salah? Can you imagine your life without salah?

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Subhan Allah it's it's something we cannot imagine. And Hamdulillah that we have that feeling that you cannot imagine your life without salon. That's a blessing on my third one for who mimma Rosa Khurana whom

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and they spent from what We have provided

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how how generous How can he How great is Allah? He gives us the wealth

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And he says spend from it. And if you stand I will multiply.

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Sylvan Wilder and year in secret and in public both are mentioned your June that the Jonathan linkable they are doing a business that will never perish.

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Now the month also of spending is coming the month that you calculate your cat is coming. The month that we help people all over the world is coming from now. Yeah, well because as we all know, there's a huge possibility that we will not make it to Ramadan. Right? So from now, Ya Allah.

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If you kept me alive to witness the month of Ramadan, I'm gonna give this much

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right. I imagined yet if I died before that, it will be recorded. This is how crazy is to be recorded. Because you made the right intention. You went and put that amount on the side. Yeah, Allah this money is going to be spent in Ramadan. Allah if you kept me alive.

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Three or one?

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Allah. If the show continued a little bit more, he would have told us in Allah JJ Tara, Allah, Allah both.

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Mina, Mina, and Fusa why Allah, Allah, Allah already did the deal is done. We have sold ourselves to Allah azza wa jal. So when you sold the house to someone, okay, if that person decided to break a wall, build an extra room, it's not your business.

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Allah subhanaw taala have both our lives he gave her three children he gave you know children he gave you a lot of love. He gave you a lot of health. This is all from Allah subhanaw taala is hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah the part our part of the deal is listen carefully will enter this call in solidarity. We're no Sookie. Why am I here? Woman at Lilla here, this is our part of the deal.

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My salad, my sacrifice, my life. My death is all to Allah azza wa jal.

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May Allah make it easy for us to do these businesses. May Allah keep us alive to witness Avantha from Adan and may Allah make us in the month of Ramadan from the sought immune from the immune from the freaking mean anatomy Zakon mafia is part of the llama National Guideline and stuff you can share more on now on the

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Z Luffy

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NASCI one Bellina Mina al Huda wonderful on

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Femto Shahida

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Gomez, Shahar fellow

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woman Ghana Maddy MADI one elewana says

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mean I mean

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you read them long before you saw what you read. Do people know Serravalle took me low light that I wanted need to belong

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to a school