This is How You Become Among the Best of People

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saw the how

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many Mina most Nene Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah here are a cut

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for restart the other Inshallah, one of our brothers brother, Taha Han his uncle passed away and makan and a loving God Hello John. We ask Allah azza wa jal to forgive his sins and ask Allah subhanaw taala to make his grave garden from Ghana and we ask Allah azza wa jal to grant him the highest place I mean your blood I mean

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how would you like to be among

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the best of people

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to be among the best of people.

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Now, the definition of the best of people vary from one person to another, but the definition I'm going to give you of the best of people is coming from the best of people.

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The best of people ever created is giving us the definition of who is the best of people. So it could not be better coming better from any better source right

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Sahaba came for us Allah Abdullah have Nominum the last for the Allah on narrated.

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He said the Sahaba came for a Salah Salem and they said yeah Rasul Allah, men of Bolinas

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paella Rasul allah sallallahu sallam, mu mill CALB Saudi Okay listen, can you hear us all Allah? Sudoku? Listen Nariko mammoth one will call call a turkey and nappy, Allah dilla. If Murphy will bury? Well, I will. Wala hazard

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your Rasul Allah who

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is the best among people? He said, Saduak mcMMO mill CALB. So don't listen.

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But who will come and the one who is always truthful? They said yes to Allah, the One who always truthful is very clear. So don't listen. But Mulan kaldewei never heard this before. What does macromol called? He said and he defined alayhi salatu salam he said Mark mu mill CALB is the one who is Turkey. He has duckula he feels Allah subhanaw taala will explain each one Naki pure in his heart, no sins, no injustice, no rancor or malice and no hassad no envy.

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When you ask, or when you think about the best of people you would think Rasul Allah Isilon would answer. The best of people, the one who prays pm First Monday and Thursday goes to hedge every year to firms ombre, that this is what comes to mind. None of that was mentioned because all of that is between you and Allah, I have nothing to do with it.

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Your salad is between you and Allah, your CM is between you and Allah your hash is between you and Allah and both characteristics that make the person the best of people are

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treatment of others, truthfulness, and mcmoneagle. Tucking in okay and all the other stuff. Rasul allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he said in Allaha Casa de in America calm Kasana

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Allah have divided manners among you, just like he has divided your provision. Some of us are very rich in wealth and very poor in o'clock and some of us some of us are very poor in wealth, but they are very rich in o'clock.

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Quickly, so don't listen the truthful I found a definition of silk that is Subhanallah profound, he said a silk and Taku will have a female thing Moulton la Eun Ji caminho el Khatib.

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Truthfulness is to tell the truth in a situation that only lying can save you.

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Clear, let me repeat truthfulness is to tell the truth in a situation that you could only be saved by lying.

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And we all know that lying is a major sin. And also Messiah Sallam told us a civic, you had the Ill Will bear religion. So eventually, truthfulness eventually will lead to general I really want to concentrate on the second part machmood will call

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Subhanallah ducky

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He has fear of Allah subhanho wa Taala she has fear of Allah subhanaw taala.

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In public,

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in private,

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in their transactions, in their business, in their treatment with their spouse in everything they have Taqwa of Allah subhanaw taala Naki Subhan Allah pure heart, very pure heart and RWC, Alberta yet appeared very clean heart. In that heart resource SLM explained, he said like, if Murphy there is no

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sin in it, and if he does, or she does a sin, He constantly repent and keep in mind the icon as I'm talking, ask yourself, do you want to be among the best of people? This is the definition.

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No sin and if he commits a sin or she commits a sin de rush to repent,

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there is no biggie, no injustice.

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He does not oppress his spouse or her spouse. He does not oppress the people who work for him. He's always just

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especially when when Subhanallah

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lately there is a lot of divorce cases in the community. May Allah protect us. Yeah. When when there's divorce taking place, let and so we'll follow up.

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Do not forget the peace and the father that was between you

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Do not oppress one another

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be just even when you are about to depart from one another, Allah subhanaw taala said himself can be maruf out to three homebase and either you keep the person with maruf or you let them go with SN with good with the best not with the good with the best there buddy. Whenever will know

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right rancor, no malice. me forgive love Allah He I will not forgive him.

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How many times you heard that? This is not from the best of people.

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Forgive? Overlook

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pardon. It's okay. Easy going?

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Well, our hazard,

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no envy, no constant comparison to others. How come? He became or he came and joined our company?

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Five years after me now he's being promoted.

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They moved here 10 years after me look at their house. Look what they drive look at their kids. Look at this. Look at that this is sick.

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That means when you keep saying these things, what are you saying?

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You are accusing Allah that He is not just right. When you keep comparing yourself, Why him not me? You're accusing Allah that He is not just it's not very Allah, why you give him and you did not give me

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now yaki contentment Karna be pleased with what Allah has given you. So we are one so don't listen moment Kulp always telling the truth and always kind loving and caring. Yeah Isha. Listen to this hadith I will end with this

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Keifa can Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa salam I was also Lhasa Salam

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the best of the best can Bashar Minelli Bashar you friendly sober? Well yeah. Look Nakata. Shatta Wale

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Yeah, do NAFSA

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yeah Isha. How was this was Hasulam he was just any, like a normal human being. He cleans himself from this any lice and he looks in the claws to make sure they're clean. He milk his his goat or a sheep. And this is listen my brother, one sister told me I come home. And my husband ate already and he left the dish on the in the in the living room. And I say why did you want to put the dish in the sink? This is not my job. It's yours.

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What's wrong with you?

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Rasool Allah SallAllahu Sallam the last one, listen where you don't have sir and he serves himself. That does not mean we all know that the service of the wife to the husband is a form of a badass, it's an act of worship, she will be rewarded immensely, but that does not mean I abused that and I don't do nothing whatsoever at home.

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That does not belittle your manhood when you take the dish and put it in the sink. When you see something on the floor that is dirty and you pick it up. That does not affect your manhood at all. As a matter of fact, the best of people used to do that.

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So yeah, one Allah He our Dean

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is amazing, amazing, so beautiful. It purifies our heart. It purifies our character. It makes us among the best of people. We are the ones who are complicated. We are complicating complicating our deen. Our deen is beautiful and simple and teaches us how we become the best. May Allah make us always truthful. And may Allah make us from the people who had the new.mk Mu mean I'll tell ya allah Jiang me Max moon. It's a very weird word. By the way for the people who know how to be you know when somebody tells you I got to the hub calm. Right come, you know I got you the stove, or the spinach. This cloth is fabric. It is haram. It is pure, very pure. This is a word three letter Alif

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meme in Arabic it's used to show the best of the best. So Allah Salam used it for the heart Mac Moon alkyl May Allah subhanaw taala make us from the people who will listen and apply Zachman locka Subhana, Colombo, Hemric Masha Allah Allah hyndland structural Corona Toolik