Common Errors in Salaah – Placement of the Hands

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In terms of our discussion pertaining to Salah now yesterday, we were speaking about the proper way of making such them. The first point we mentioned is that when you are making such as you are coming down, make sure that your chest remains straight and upright, don't go from the standing posture, this way, when you bend your chest, come down with your chest straight until your knees touch the ground, then you start bending your chest forward, that the knees obviously will touch the ground first, then next will be your palms, and then your nose and lastly the forehead. And also when you're getting up from center, you do it in reverse, you first lift up the forehead, then the tip of

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the nose, then the palms, then the knees and then either you come back into the sitting posture, if it is after the first test, or into the standing posture, if it is after the second system. We also explained yesterday that

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Okay, so that was about the chest right, and it was about how to come in how to go into such detail and how to come up from 16. Today, we discussed the placement of the hands, the thumbs of both hands and such them as being in line or parallel with the aeolos. The fingers must be facing Qibla. So don't put the hands this way you don't put it that way straight facing tribler and the thumbs parallel to the yellows in line with the yellows. Now we discussed that in Roku when you put your hands on your knees to spread the fingers, but in such that you don't spread the fingers you keep the fingers close together. So in terms of the of the hands, once they inserted them, thumbs, the

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thumbs must be in line with the yellows, the fingers must be closed and the fingers must be straight facing in the direction of the problem. As far as your elbows are concerned, don't put your don't put your hand or your elbow to the ground. It says don't put your hand on your elbow onto the ground, it must be up from the ground. Secondly, it must be away from the sides of your body must be away from your armpits in your sights. So when you're in such them your hands must be above the ground, it mustn't be leaning on the ground. You know like when a dog is outstretched. And also it mustn't be tucked in against your armpits, or against your sides away from your sides away the

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armpits are open slightly and off the ground, but you don't push out your elbow so much that you're giving an elbow to the person to the right or to the person to the left, then also the size the size should be somewhat separate from the stomach wall for those who don't have a big stomach. So you try and keep it separate from your stomach more when you insist that the whole idea is that he wasn't be lazy in your sister. He wasn't pulling your hands in and pulling your whole body in almost like you catching a rest in the sense that you must be you must be prim and proper in your such that you must be focused in in your system and for the entire duration of the semester for the entire duration of

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the semester. Your need your you know step has remained on the ground. Sometimes we put it there and then as we in such that we tend to lift the nose up that is also incorrect. We will continue tomorrow inshallah. May Allah, Allah grant us the understanding