Adnan Rashid – Non-logical claims of an Athiest – Speakers Corner – Hyde Park

Adnan Rashid
AI: Summary © The conversation is centered around the idea that "immature nature" is not about accidents, but rather a reflection of reality. The speakers discuss the concept of "immature nature" and the idea that humans are designed to be immune to random events. They also touch on the idea that "immature nature" is not about reasoning, but rather a reflection of reality. The conversation is difficult to follow and appears to be centered around personal experiences and ideas, with references to "immature nature" and "immature nature."
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I mean Okay, wait wait I'm making a point. So this camera is not an accident you're you're claiming

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Thank you very much. i i One of them is more a lot more sophisticated than this camera. Do you know do you know no no I'm not I'm not that's the camera. Your eyes the camera?

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Yeah, this is a lot basic than your eyes. Okay, so now you're claiming that this is not an accident but the eye your eye you can reach as far powerful focus that this camera isn't

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good. Good. Good. This is the point. This is the point. This is the point what am I what am I so this is the point

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can you see? Can you see me? Am I Am I good looking?

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You see me

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Can you see me

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there are some people that apply that doesn't look I'm trying to

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do something

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my stinky socks Yeah

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Does he have a purpose for people made soaps? I'm not asking you who made it? I'm something as simple as my socks.

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Yes, once you if you ever walked in a desert and you saw it on the floor, would you ever in a million years think this came by

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someone who's got

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it put together by someone or is it in blue? The sun came out and it rained and lo and behold there you have a song

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I'm gonna put myself a bit more complex. I'm talking about my stinky socks. If you see socks in a desert Would you ever think it came there it was made by chance okay once it is the socks more complex on the universe

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Are you seriously thinking

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my brother I'm seeing is the source of contention within

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the university I don't know it depends

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on the universe the

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Solar System before the

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solar system all my sources

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be honest. Have some honesty.

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Which one has more order? Which one has more order?

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Which one as I was creating

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Are you here to learn are you hit?

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OK, the universe is a billion times more complex in my soul. And I sit you if what you believe myself to be.

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If the universe is more complex than myself, how do you see the universe being by chance by the universe not designed? Random?

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He made a claim Hold on a second. He made a claim it is not designed. Okay. Before we move on to that question, I haven't and

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you can you can you can you can. You can you can you can. Another example I want to give a bit more a bit more

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relevant example, you saw. If you saw this piece of cloth in the desert cut. You picked it up. It's got a pattern right? Would you think is accidental? No. No. Okay. Wait. A peacock. Its tail. Have you seen the peacocks tail? Okay, if you saw a peacock feathers, okay, would you say is accidental? Yes.

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Amazing. Now, a client Why don't explain.

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motor patterns both have patterns. Your jacket has a pattern. peacocks tail has a pattern and it's which is more beautiful. Which one is more beautiful. Thank you. Okay, what it does mean by nature nature is blind. Nature is blind nature. Okay. Whose nature what nature?

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Well, we said we're talking about everything you see, okay.

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We're not talking

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about anything there's at least a real reason to reject them but this is not about reasoning that's going out the window

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I just want to ask him what is the real reason he would just be honest with you? It doesn't make sense. It's not correct Is it is it

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something personal it's just something emotional I don't like going I don't like the way

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tell me why you rejected God

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All right, you know when when we live humans okay, we all live in our living in in like a universe right? Yeah.

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So it has to be everything has to be ordered. Okay? It has to be it's not like there's one thing that you don't take one thing and put it above everything else. Everything has existed like a harmony right? And Muslims and Christians Why don't you take one thing God and put it above everything okay humble okay

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idea with existing their mind can I try to put more

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than say there was something the Christians and the Muslims did that I did not understand who asked me to reject God don't come don't come and say to me my socks your sauce and combine

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those I can justify it so so so there is a deeper reason reason noise

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when we use reason when we use reason through reason you cannot possibly reject you

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know you can't muscles came by to not be able to give me an argument we have

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is that you're saying that you haven't even made the argument that we have I gave you my I said to him and if my son was in the desert

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you have a random sequence of characters write letters, okay? Pick a random sequence, and it's like a million miles long. Okay.

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Okay, you're telling me in that in that whole random secret, there's not going to be a few words that are going to come up. There's long enough, you might use

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a sentence I hope you hope you know we threw sand in here. Everything's good. We get the sandcastle anytime, if we threw sand a billion times in the air.

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Truly a trillion times we're throwing sand. A bucket of sand. Okay, quadrillion, okay, quadrillion or whatever? Yeah. Okay, wait, wait, no, no, no, that's the same exact probability. It's, it's the principle of probability. You throw sand in the air a trillion times? Will you ever ever get a sandcastle? Have you seen those page entitled people live?

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If you if you're assigned, if you throw sand, you'll

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always if I

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ever get sandcastle? No. Okay, so big bang. Big Bang is one of the most as the Big Bang is one of the most plausible theories.

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There was a big bang, there was an explosion. Okay, in the beginning, okay, that's what astrophysics

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and after the Big Bang, after the Big Bang, we have a solar system. Wait, our solar system is more sophisticated than a sandcastle. Would you agree or not? Yes or no?

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Thank you. Thank you. So we can have a billion big banks. Okay. Can we get something like Canada to I you are in your eyes within this planet? Your eye? Your lungs your heart your brain? Your your cognitive ability intelligence? Another question intelligence the ability to understand assess analyze situations, can it come from Blind unintelligent process?

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It can intelligence come from unintelligent order come from disorder.

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Can intelligence come from non intelligence? Disorder? Yes. Yes. Evidence.

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Do you have a random

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sentence? No. Such as?

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This is not evidence.

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It's not true. Give me Give me an example. A real example that works.

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That's one mile long. Yeah. I'm telling you that you

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know what you're saying?

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What you're saying?

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That's not what you're saying. What you're saying is if there is a level of random letters, yeah. For one while you're not saying there's only one word and it's not gonna universe what you're saying is gonna be Shakespeare. Yeah, yes, that's the probably yes. But a university.

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If there's a million letters, would you ever get Shakespeare?

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Would you ever get a Shakespeare play if you have a long enough

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experience we can

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make dua for you because you just presented his base to you.

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Just go home, listen, when you sleep tonight, just made me think before

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