Tim Humble – Seekers of Knowledge 023 – Tafseer of Surah ash-Shams #01

Tim Humble
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alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah Bina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi edge mine. We're now going to begin the Tafseer of surah. shrimps for shamcey wadlow ha ha. And probably in this lesson we're going to cover the first half of the surah there or there abouts. So we've already mentioned regarding the soul of the hadith of Jabir ibn Abdullah in Sahih, Al Bukhari and Muslim that this soil was among those that the Prophet sighs lm advised more either in Jebel to lead his people within their Isha prayer when he used to, he or he had a habit of praying with with long sutras from the Quran, he would lead the people to the point where it will become hard for them. And

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from the things that Prophet size advised him to lead the people with from the sword as they he advised his wife Shamsi worldwide. And we know also that this surah is a surah, which is makia it was revealed in Makkah. As for the topic of the surah, it relates to the soul from the point of view of purifying the soul and corrupting the soul. And then the example is given of the mod of people who corrupted their souls and did not purify them, despite being given the clearest of signs from Allah azza wa jal Tanaka, the camel that came the she camel, which was the clearest of science, but despite the clearest of science, they did not purify the soul in the way that allies which l

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commanded them to ask for the name of the surah it's most commonly known by the name was shamcey although her to distinguish it from Surah attack, we'll either shampoo who we bought, because it could be mentioned the word shrimps there could be a confusion between sort of attack we're either shampoo and between wash MC Waldo Haha, otherwise the suit is known as sort of a shrimps sort of shrimps sometimes for clarification, it is called wash MC Waldo haha. So let us start with the first ayah was Shem seat. What do we have?

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Here, allies which have swears by the sun. And we've mentioned many times in our Tafseer classes about the oath that allies are genuine Allah swears by different things among his creation, we've said that it's not permissible for a Muslim to swear by anything other than Allah. But as for a larger live urinal, he swears by whatever he wants, from his creations to panel to Allah. And Allah only shit swears by something which is alvine it's very, very great in his in his sights of panel to Allah. So Allah azza wa jal swears by the sun shrimps worldwide.

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And it's boo ha, it's

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so Allah swears by the sun. And it's

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so the word Doha, generally speaking, usually speaking, it refers to the time in the early morning before noon, the time from when the sun rises the height of a spear until the time of Zoho when the sun is right in the middle of the sky. So from that, from the time when the sun rises to the height of a spear, which is after shrunk by about 15 minutes, until the time when the sun is in the middle of the sky. This whole period of time is known as a Guha.

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And the scholars of Tafseer not all of them translated or interpreted the word do have to mean the specific time of Mujahid Rahim Allah Allah said, Do ha ha means the light of the sun by the sun and its light. cortada Rahim Allah to Allah He said that Doha means the whole day. And even though God Rahim Allah to Allah He said, Allah swore by the sun and its day because the clear light of the sun is the daytime.

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here what are we seeing what we're seeing is that the primary meaning the meaning that comes to mind when you hear the idea is a boy had the time of their lives which is school by the time of two when we mentioned this is sort of to do have to have that allies we just swore by the phone, the phone. However, some of the scholars who expanded it wider than that, they took it to mean that Allah azzawajal is using the four noon as an expression for the whole day. And we mentioned this in the ayah now see a tin can the bat in healthier and nasiha A forelock the for the frontal part of a person's head, which is carry the baton haupia itself.

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Liar, and it's a sinner. And we said that it's common in Arabic to use a part of something to refer to the whole thing. So allies are just referring to the person, but he refers to that person by nasiha by the front of their head, referring to a person by the most important part, or the most obvious part. And so even with Jared he took it like that right malo to Allah, that Allah azza wa jal is referring to the whole day, because he mentioned the most obvious part of the day and the brightest part of the day in the strongest part of the day in the hottest part of the day. So it's mentioning a part to refer to, to refer to the whole however, we say that analyze which animals best

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it appears to me here that the opinion among the scholars of Tafseer that the Doha refers to the Doha itself, there is no reason necessarily to go away from that, because it is what comes to mind and generally we make tafsir by what is apparent from the words and also that this time is a time which is mobarak. It's a time which has blessings in it. And it's a time which is alim, in the sight of Allah azza wa jal. And we can take this also from the Hadith in Sahih. Muslim in which the prophets I sort of spoke about salado, our being the prayer of the repentant is when the young camels lift their hooves from the heat of the sun. And that is the time of Doha. So there is a it is

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a time which is blessed. It's a time which is important in the sight of Allah azza wa jal. And so what shamcey will do Ha ha, by the sun, and it's fun. So if we take the word Doha here to mean the Doha, which is well known to Doha, which is the phone, why, say boo, ha, ha, it's foreknown. Why refer to the foreign as if it belongs to the sun? This is because the foreknown is Norma Doha time is known by the fact that the sun rises pay the Roman to the height of a sphere. So because the Doha time is marked by the sun, we know the beginning of the door, and we know the end of the door, and we know the best time of the day when the sun becomes hot. We know these times by the sun. And so it

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is though Haha, it's the Doha of the sun. It belongs to the sun. Because of the fact that the time of Doha is marked by the different phases of the sun. It begins when the sun is the height of a spear that is aftershock by about 15 minutes, and it continues until the sun becomes very, very hot. And then it goes on to the end of a Buddha when we reach the time of the world when the time when the sun is above when the sun is directly in the middle of the sky. So the sun is what defines for us the time of day. And therefore it is referred to as the time as the sun's do have what Shamsi will do Haha, by the sun, and by its phone, the phone that belongs to the sun, because the sun is

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what tells us when that warning is

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what Shamsi will do ha ha well hamari, either Taylor, and by the moon.

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And before we talk about the moon, we should also mention there is a benefit in that Eliza gel. And I alluded to it in the beginning in the introduction to the mobile or the topic of the surah is that we said that the duha and the shrimps are from the clearest of the Ayat of Allah azza wa jal and also the moon. And indeed the sun is the idea of the daytime. And the moon is the idea of the nighttime

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alarms, which are described in sorted slot as the sign as the idea to lay the sign of the night is the

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and the idea to not have the sign of the day being the sun. And so because they are two of the most clear of the signs of Ally's origin. Then when you think about the story of the mood that comes later on, and probably we're going to cover that in the second part of the Tafseer probably next week in sha Allah. When you think about the story of the mod, what comes to mind is how clear the signs they were given. And yet those signs passed them by and didn't make them change. It didn't make them turn to allies origin. So here you really have to think about a laser job begins by swearing by two of the greatest of His signs. The sun and the moon are shrimps. And while comedy is

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that Teller, and these are two of the great signs of Allah. And if you see the great signs of Allah and those signs don't make you change. Don't make you turn to Allah don't make you correct your soul and purify it and keep away from all the things which are dirty and make it impure and corrupt if necessary.

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Have a lot don't have that effect upon you How can you see the major signs of a line let them pass you by. And that tells us that Islam and the message of Islam and the instructions of Islam are as clear as the sun. There is clear as the sun in the sky, what allies which requires you to do. And we talk more about this and shout out to Allah. We come to Alabama for Judo, how our taqwa allies which are made clear to every soul, what is good, what is bad, like the clarity of the sun, and like the clarity of the moon. So the clarity here, what we take from the beginning, is not only are these things huge in the sight of Allah azza wa jal, but our last panatela begins the soldier with his

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major science clear signs that everybody can see and nobody can deny. And likewise, the message of Islam and what is good What is higher what is shot what is taqwa? What is for jewel? What is righteousness, what is evil and wickedness is clear, like the clarity of the sun and the moon.

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What Shamsi will do, how will comedy either tele

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hear the different opinions of the scholars of tipsy or revolve around the pronoun and what the pronoun refers to? So here we have what Shamsi What do we have here we don't have a choice in the pronoun, do ha ha has to go back to a shrimps

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by the sun. And the sun's for noon. The ha he has to go back to the sun, he has to go back to Doha. There's no nothing else which is mentioned. And there's nothing else which is math whom misiak understood from the context. But when we come to, I'll come up with we now have

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multiple things that we can look at. We have multiple possibilities. And so we could bring it back to the daytime.

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And say that what is referred to here is the moon following the day, because Taylor here means to follow to come afterwards. So does it mean that the moon follows the day or that the moon follows the sun? This is where the opinions of the scholars of Tafseer differ. Is it Are we being told that the moon follows the day? Or are we being told that the moon follows the sun? If it's the case that the moon and we just take the different opinions of some of the scholars of Tafseer Mujahid Rahim Allah to Allah He said it follows it allow if you've said from our bass, it follows the day so here, our bass, he took it to mean that it follows the day that the moon comes after the end of the day.

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As for patata Rahim Allah, Allah Allah, he said, when it follows it on the night of the crescent, the sun goes down, and the crescent is seen. So Qatada took it to refer back to the sun, ie the moon follows the sun. But the question is, when does the moon follow the sun? So I say, well, the moon always follows the sun. But that's not strictly true, not in a very detailed and precise sense, the sun doesn't actually follow the moon, or the moon doesn't actually follow the sun in a very precise way. Rather, what Qatada said is, if you want the most precise time that the moon follows the sun, it isn't the first day of the month. So if you're looking for the first day of Ramadan, or you're

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looking for the day of eat, when do you look for the moon, immediately, when the sunsets you can see the moon almost instantly, when the sun sets, you can immediately see the moon, the moon rise is at the time immediately after sunset. And if you want to understand a little bit, if you look at just look at the topic of the moon rise, just type into Google moon rise, and have a look at the times for your city when the moon rises. And what you can see as you can see that the moon rises at different times. It's visible at different times during the month. And the time when it's most clearly visible after sunset is the first day of the month. That's the day when you can see the moon

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immediately after the sun has set. And so portada took it to its most precise Tafseer he didn't take it as a general sort of thing that you know, the moon comes in the night and the night follows the day and the moon comes after the sun. But Katanga took it to the most precise sense that on the day of the crescent the day of royal Hillel today when you see the halal is the day when the moon directly follows the sun. As for an Imam image, Ariel

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Rahim mahalo Tada. What imagery he took from it. He took a similar opinion to patata Rahim Allah or Rahim Allah, however injury and he made it a bit wider than that. He said

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refers to the first half of the month. What's with the first half of the month? And what does that mean? Well, if you look at the moon rise in the first half of the month, it's in the nighttime. In other words in the first half of the month, the first day, the moon comes out immediately after the sunsets. The second day, it takes a little bit longer, the third day takes a little bit longer, the fourth day takes a little bit longer until you get around the 15th day until you get around the 15th day. Once you get beyond that, it goes outside of the it goes outside of the the the night to the night time. So what you see is that with the moon rise time, the first half of the month is the time

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where the sun goes down and the moon comes up to a greater or lesser extent in the first half of the month. When the sun goes down, the moon goes up. Of course it's not like the first night but each night takes a little bit longer. But still generally speaking in the first half of the month, that's when you can see that the sun goes down and the moon follows it and comes up so even though God Rahim allowed to Allah he took it as the first half of the month and others from the scholars have to sue to get more general than that just simply seeing that the moon rises at night. And that's the meaning of the meaning of well comedy. Either teller

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when the howdy either

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What does it mean? gela

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Mujahid Rahim Allah Allah Allah, he said, it means that it lights it up. And this was the opinion of even God, Rahim Allah. And again, it's all down to what the pronoun refers to. So some people again kept the pronoun referring to the sun. So they said, when he had he that agenda, when the daytime when the daytime makes the light of the sun apparent, because the sun's light is always there. As we know, the sun doesn't switch off at night. The sun's light is always there, but we only see it in the daytime. And so those people who referred when the howdy digelar they referred the heart here to the sun, they kept it referring to the sun. They said here, what it means is that the daytime makes

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the light of the sun apparent. The light of the sun is available in the night, but we can't see it. It doesn't switch off. It's there in the night, but we don't see it. When we see it is when the daytime comes so the daytime makes the light of the sun apparent when Howdy, Allah swore by the daytime,

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either gela when it makes the that the light of the sun become apparent,

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and the basis upon a principle. In other words, they didn't just take this step see.

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Like that they base it upon a principle, the principle they base it upon is that whenever you have a group of pronouns,

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it is rough, it is always better to keep them referring to the same thing than to have them referring to different things. If it's possible to make the Tafseer and keep each pronoun referring to the same thing. This is more deserving than having each pronoun refer to something different. So they said what Shamsi Wadhwa is possible to refer to ha ha ha goes back to the sun, well, comedy in that era, it's possible for the heart to go back to the sun, that the sun follows them that the moon follows the sun, when howdy either gela. And again, it's possible to say that the HA here goes back to the sun. And they said this is more deserving. It's better in Tafseer, that if you have a series

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of pronouns, one after the other, that you keep them all referring to the same thing. If it doesn't contradict in meaning, or it doesn't produce a false meaning. It's better to keep them all referring to the same thing than it is to make them refer to different things, especially when later on again, the same reference to the sun comes back again. Well, Lady either Yoshida, it comes back again. So keeping them all referring to the sun is more isn't better. In terms of Tafseer. There's a principle that it's better in terms of Tafseer than to make each heart refer to something different. However, some of them said, When heard either jela heard, they said when the day lights up the darkness. So

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we'd say to them, where did you get the word darkness from the darkness is not mentioned in the surah. They would say there is a concept, which is that when a pronoun, a pronoun doesn't have to have the object, it's referring to many

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Do we remember an example of this?

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Do you remember we did a Tafseer of a surah, where we mentioned the example of this clear example, in zelner, who feel a little cutter we sent it down on layer to cutter, the wood it here isn't nothing is mentioned for what it is, despite the fact that there is a consensus that the word it here refers to the Quran. But the word isn't the word Quran isn't mentioned, only the pronoun is mentioned. We sent it down on layers of cattle, because when it's clear what you're talking about, you don't need to mention the word itself. So they said it's clear that a lie he is referring to the darkness. When howdy evangelia when the day comes, and it makes the darkness bright, it brightens up

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the darkness. They said it's clear that the word referred to is darkness here. Even though it's not mentioned in the sword, we understand it from the context.

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We understand it from the context. And it's also reported from Ojai that he said gela is the same as tangela in Salt Lake. In other words, it doesn't mean that the day makes the sun, the light of the sun apparent, but it just means that the day became apparent. The word gela here, it means the same as agenda, in other words, by the day, when it becomes apparent. So three possible options here. Number one is the day when it makes the light of the sun apparent.

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The day when it makes the darkness come to light, or the day in which or the day which is bright, the day where the day when the day which brightens and the day that bright the day that itself is bright. And of course these are not very far away from each other in terms of what the different opinions are. However, there's no doubt that the principle that if you can keep a pronoun, a group of pronouns referring to the same thing, this is Allah, it's more deserving. So it seems to me that to keep all of the pronouns referring to the sun, is more apparent to me in the Tafseer of the ayah. So if that if we do that, then we would say what shamcey will do ha ha by the sun. And it's fun,

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while comedy either teller and by the moon when it follows the sun, when Heidi either gela and by the day when it makes the sun's light apparent. Will lady they assure her and that's our next idea that the night when it covers up the sun, ignore God Rahim Allah to Allah, He said it covers the sun when it sets. So the horizon becomes dark. It covers the sun when it sets or the horizon becomes dark. Once again, the pronoun is given referring to the sun, it's also said that it means that it refers to the horizon, and that the darkness covers up the horizon, again, based on the principle that if something is obvious, you don't have to mention it. So some of them said it refers to the

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horizon that the horizons become dark. But again, to me, it seems to me that if we have a way that makes sense, to keep all of these Heart, heart heart refer to the sun, then that is, Allah it's more deserving in terms of the principles of Tafseer is more deserving. So that would be by the sun, and it's funny.

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And by the moon when it follows the sun, and by the day when it makes the light of the sun apparent. And by the night, when it covers up the sun.

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When lady either yaksha when it covers up the sun

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was summer in warmer Urbana.

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Then Allah azza wa jal, and that finishes our topic of the Sun right there. allies, talks and swears by the heavens. And there's no doubt that again, the heavens are from the most clear of the eye out of allies, which look at the layout of allies, which are the he mentioned the sun, and the moon, and the day and the night. And then allies, which I mentioned the heavens, these are from the IRS, which are clear, and we said that this relates to the clarity in the commands and prohibitions, obviously, in the halaby Union. We're in a drama they use in the hadith of a nomadic Bashir, probably Allahu, and Homer, the Prophet slicin said the highlight is clear and the Haram is clear. They are clear

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like the clarity of the sun and the moon, and the day and the night, just like allies made those clear. Likewise, Allah has made the difference between what is right and wrong, clear.

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Allah swears by the heaven.

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But now the question comes about the word matter.

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Hear the following as many of the following if they have the word Martin It was summer you will know better. Well, I'll do my mouth hahaha. When FC warmer, so were

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these three ayat which follow, all of them have map. And the scholars have Tafseer. Here they differed over the use of the word map in three opinions. We could say two opinions. But I think if we say three opinions, it's a little bit easier to understand or clearer. The first opinion is that the word Matt here is Masaya. And that means that it conveys the meaning of the noun. So this would be just to give an example, by the heavens and they're making

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by the heavens, and they're making, making being the noun, the verbal noun, the noun that comes from the verb, and the word Matt here, it, it changes the, the, the following word, or it gives the following word, the meaning of the noun, so by the heavens, and they're making

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was samama banner, by the heavens and they're making. This was the opinion of some of the scholars of the Arabic language like for Riot and said judge others.

00:26:18 --> 00:26:30

The second opinion and this is the opinion of john hoerauf, the self, the majority of the self is that matter here means men referring to the subject of the verb. So how would that be, that would be by the heavens and their maker,

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we said the first one by the heavens, and they're making a life swearing by the heaven, and swearing by the way that he made the heaven odd the fact that he made that

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in the second opinion, the word Matt here means men. Therefore, the meaning would be what summer you want men banner, by I swear by the heavens, and the one who made them, I by the heavens and then make and this was the opinion of moja heydrich, Malta Allah it was the opinion that even God wrote him a long time. However, the third opinion, in my my, what I can see lies which animals best is the strongest opinion and that is the opinion of Immanuel Kafeel Rahim Allah to Allah, The both of these two are intrinsically connected, and both of them are true. In other words, one of them indicates the other. So here, if we take the opinion of the majority of the self, the opinion of even God and

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others, that it means the heavens and their maker, then hear the fact that Allah mentioned the heaven and the makeup of the heaven. By default, this includes the making of the heaven as well. So in what even continually seeing is that these two, there is terrorism there between them, they, they go together, they can't be separated, whenever you bring one other one has to come. So when you say I swear, but when a lies, which are says I swear by the heavens, and their maker that in necessitates swearing by the making of the heaven as well. And so the two of them are connected, and all of them are true. That's basically what happened. Okay. Field, he mentioned. And he mentioned a

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principle in this, he said, if an IRA has two or more possible meanings,

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and there exists a connection between the two of them, and nothing prevents you applying both of them, then all of them are to be applied to the IRA. This is a principle even Kathie Lee brought, it's a very beneficial principle, if an IRA has two or more possible meanings. And there exists a connection between the two. In other words, that the two are inherently connected, they are weaved together, connected together. And there's nothing, no reason to prevent you doing so then you should take all of the meanings, you shouldn't take one of them alone, you should take all of them. And he said, because these three are all connected, the heavens, the maker, and the making are all sort of

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intertwined with one another in the sense that they all you can't have one without the other. Allah subhanaw taala made the heavens, Allah subhanaw taala built the heavens, and when he swears by the heavens, and he swears by himself, who made the heavens and built the heavens, by default, that includes swearing by making the heavens as well. And so as I've been Cathy have said, when you have a meaning, like this way, you have different opinions, but all of them are connected to one another. As long as there's no reason to prevent you from doing so you should take all of them. And that appears to me to be the strongest opinion in this that all of these are intended. And that's true

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for all of the usages of the word man in these three is what is referred to is the noun and the subject

00:29:54 --> 00:29:59

was summer iwama banana, by the heavens. They're making

00:30:00 --> 00:30:18

maker that is appears to me to be the best meaning maybe not the best literal translation. But in terms of the meaning the best meaning is to say by the heavens, the making and the maker. All of them together as even Kafeel said, Rahim. Allahu taala.

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What's about you, Mr. Boehner? Well, I'll be one now. Hahaha.

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And by the earth and again, one mouth Haha, the same thing is said here that Matt can mean masuria. In other words, it can refer to the earth and the leveling of it. And it also can refer to and the opinion of the majority of the self is that it refers to the one who leveled it out to a lie swearing by himself. In other words, he swears by the earth and the one who made it level the earth and the one who spread it out that by the earth and the one who spread it out and as we said, there's no reason why you can't take both as I've been confused said and say that it refers to by the earth it's spreading, and the one who spread it out. As for the meaning of Taha here, Mujahid

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Rahim, Allah tada he said, made it level. There are a few reports from every Ibis created within it by the earth and all the things that Allah created in it. It will not be tolerated from me I bust divided up by the earth, and what Allah divided and how Allah divided up or by the one who divided up, but the majority of the scholars of Tafseer including Zhi Qatada for Harker stood the authority of asylee. Zaid Rahim Allah, they said that the mean, in his bustle, haha, he spread it out. And that was the opinion of even God, you're writing a love to Allah. So if we take the word as being spreading it out, then it would be by the earth,

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it's spreading out, and the one who spread it out by the earth, it's spreading out, and the one who spread it out Elijah swears by the fact that he spread the earth out and made it flat. And some of the scholars explained that means that you can build upon it, you can dig into it, you can make, you know your houses with strong foundations on it, because allies would just spread it out and made it level and a Lost Planet. Allah made it easy for you to travel among the different places in the earth, and allies which have made it made it expansive and last. So all of these are from the meanings of Hahaha, by the earth, it's spreading out, and the one who spread it out subpanel to

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Allah, Allah azza wa jal, he is the one who spread out the earth, made it flat, made it possible to build upon to dig into, to travel upon to have roads that we travel on. And these are also from the clear Ayat of Allah azza wa jal that Allah mentions in many different sources of the Quran, Allah mentions the fact that he made roads and he flattened out the earth for you, and he spread the earth out for you. And so it is possible to live on it, it's easy to live on, you can grow vegetation on it, you can have fields with crops and plants and so on and so forth. And you can also have places to live and what have you, these are all from the signs of Allah azza wa jal will have the honor to

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one if seen, one as

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the same thing about my said here in this third eye, Allah swears by the soul, and by the proportioning of the soul, and the one who proportion it who is allies, region, allies region is the one who proportioned it. As we said, the majority of the stuff they said about the word now here that it means meant. So that would mean when neffs when Mensa were by the soul, and the one who fashioned it will proportioned it.

00:33:58 --> 00:34:08

And likewise, we said you can take both, so you can say by the soul, its proportion, or proportioning or its fashioning and the one who fashioned it

00:34:10 --> 00:34:11

when FC one So

00:34:12 --> 00:34:37

now the question we have here, generally speaking, that the, the first thing that comes to mind, about the the proportioning of the soul, is that it refers to Allah azzawajal creating the soul in a natural fit of our natural state. And there are many

00:34:38 --> 00:34:59

evidences for this, from the evidences the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam murmuring melodeon in their EULA to Alan Fatah, aka makalah salario said that there is no child except that he is born in a natural state and the Hadeeth codici in which the prophets lie seminaries that Allah azza wa jal said hello to everybody.

00:35:00 --> 00:35:24

Whenever I created my servants in a pure state of monotheism, so this is what is apparent from the that when you first look at the ayah and you first think about the ayat, then it's referring to the internal state that Ally's or gel created it operate. Allah created it with SD karma. Allah subhanaw taala created it,

00:35:26 --> 00:35:29

in a sense that it was given its proper,

00:35:30 --> 00:36:15

its proper state and it was brought into a natural state of worshipping Allah azza wa jal alone. However, some of the scholars also linked this to the external, the proportioning of the human being from the outside, that the human beings being given the best proportion, and fashioning and Allah subhanaw taala has created the human being in terms of their limbs and their, their body and so on, in the best way, and it also refers to the soul. However, there's no doubt that the iron is more upon the issue of the soul than the person. Why did the scholars differ over this in the first place because the word nefs could be used. The word nefs could be used to mean an insert to mean a person,

00:36:16 --> 00:37:11

but hear what the next ayah tells us the context from the next ayah. It tells us for Alabama for Georgia hat what taqwa that Allah inspired it with what is wicked and what is righteous. Here, what it tells us is that the meaning of a neffs in the eye is the soul. And so it's talking about the way that a law created the soul, not necessarily the body that's mentioned in other Ayat of the Quran was a what are the accent so our allies origin, created and fashion do and he made your forms in an excellent way. However, what's referred to here and allies regionals best is the internal sense that Allah azza wa jal created the soul in a state of uprightness in a state of fitrah a natural state

00:37:12 --> 00:38:04

for him or her for draw her with Aqua. So Allah azza wa jal inspired the soul. And the word inspired here is really interesting. Elena, this call is some of them said that we have what it means is to gain knowledge of something without any effort or study, to gain knowledge of something without any effort, or any study. So it's not like the food rule and the taqwa the wickedness and the righteousness require you to study and think about it, and reflect upon it. And to spend many, many years you know, of philosophical thought to decide what's good and what's bad. Rather, this is not how Allah created people. Allah created people with an intrinsic understanding of what's right and

00:38:04 --> 00:38:43

wrong. They may lose that understanding because of their parents, their environment, their disobedience to Allah, they might lose that natural understanding of what's right and wrong. But that natural understanding that basic understand no we're not seeing that it doesn't require knowledge because knowledge is required to develop that and to maintain it, but allies which are created the soul with a basic concept of what's right and wrong. And that's why if we look at, for example, different opinions of the scholars have to proceed here even cafe Rahim Allah, Allah He said, Allah guided the soul and made clear to it, what is right and what is wicked. In the best

00:38:43 --> 00:39:21

Rahim Allah to Allah He said, Allah made clear what is good and what is evil. And that was the opinion of cortada the hack and authority Rahim Allah tada saiyaman jubeir said Allah inspired the soul to know good and evil, even though Zaid, he brought slightly different spin or slightly different look, sort of perspective on the ayah. When he said working on loudhailer, he said that Allah placed with in it wickedness and righteousness. Some of the scholars interpreted the statement of empathy to mean the understanding of wickedness and righteousness. So all of these first,

00:39:23 --> 00:39:59

all of these first opinions all relate to the fact that our allies bejewelled hate worship. Allah made clear what good is and what evil is, just like Alan made clear the sun and ally made clear then that the moon and Eliza gel made the day and the night a clear sign of Allah azza wa jal and his right to be worshipped. Likewise, Allah made clear to you what is right and what is wrong. in Valhalla Bay. You know what in the * Rama been the highlight is clear and Haram is clear. Allah make clear to you now that

00:40:00 --> 00:40:19

Again, we're not saying that it doesn't, you don't study and become more aware, but allies which are placed within your fitrah. And the more you study Islam, and you bring Islam and you implement Islam, the more that you develop that natural state or allies or gel created you for and created you're in.

00:40:21 --> 00:40:32

So Allah azza wa jal created you with an intrinsic understanding of what's right, and what's wrong. And that's really interesting when you think about the concept of why it is that there are some

00:40:34 --> 00:41:16

we can call them common human values, you know, among most human beings in most societies in different places. How is it that human beings have a set of common values, generally speaking, you know, that it's wrong to kill people, and that it's wrong to steal, and it's wrong to lie. And you know, so on and so forth. Part of that is what Allah azzawajal inspires, inspired the soul with, that Eliza Jane made the soul in a state where it has a basic understanding of right and wrong, but no doubt, the parents can corrupt it. And that's why when the prophets I spoke about the fact that every child is born in a natural state of worshipping allies, which are alone, or recognizing a

00:41:16 --> 00:41:28

loss, right to be worshipped. Or in number aboa, who you have with Danny, oh, you know, surani Oh, you mentioned Sony, but it's their parents who make them into a Jew or a Christian or a major

00:41:30 --> 00:41:48

or come across them. So here, the profits are awesome. And he gives the example of the behemoth which is when the when the behemoth when the cattle give birth to to its offspring. It gives birth to an offspring behemoth and Gemma offspring which has no,

00:41:49 --> 00:41:58

no disfiguration, it hasn't been disfigured, you don't see any judder you don't see any, that you don't see the ear of the cattle being caught.

00:41:59 --> 00:42:42

Rather, when you see a baby cattle, a baby like a sheep, or like a cow or something, and you see that the ear has been cut, and it's been disfigured, you know, that was done by a person. That's the example of privatized some gave of the parents in terms of what they do to their children. You know, when you see that child grow up to be a Christian, didn't grow up to be a Christian, naturally, they grew up to be a Christian, because their parents taught them Christianity. And and that's why when you see for example, an animal that has been disfigured with a knife, you know that the animal wasn't born like that there was a person came and did that to the animal. Likewise, when you see a

00:42:42 --> 00:43:02

person follows a religion other than a Hani fear, the Pure religion of tawheed, and the religion of Ibrahim alayhi salatu wa sallam, you know that that person didn't come to that religion in a natural way, rather, the environment they were in their parents, their society, forced them and push them and develop them like that.

00:43:04 --> 00:43:35

And allies origin, we said, created mankind in a state of natural inclination to worship Him alone, along him the prophets and messengers, and they brought the final project, the clearest proof, and the clearest evidence to show the worship of Allah, its origin, and the right of a light to be worshipped alone. So if you if you a person may see, and this is where sometimes we talk about fitrah. And a person may turn around and say, well,

00:43:36 --> 00:44:22

is the fitrah enough? Are you saying that? If the filter is enough, why do we need prophets and messengers in Scripture? The fifth one is not Allah hasn't made it enough in the sense that allies or gel has blessed us by not simply leaving us with the fitrah alone. Rather, Allah gave us the fitrah. And then Allah azzawajal gave us prophets and scriptures, and scripture, prophets and scripture, which show us what our fitrah was already inclined towards. That's why we say Islam is the natural religion. Islam is the religion that's natural. It doesn't have there's nothing forced in it because it's only calling you to your fitrah to your natural inclination to worship Allah azza

00:44:22 --> 00:44:59

wa jal alone, and that's part of what Eliza was inspired a person with. However, jeti Rahim Allah Allah narrated an effort in which the apparent meaning is that the Tafseer of this ayah is that Allah azzawajal created a servant to be guided or misguided. And this is very profound, that some of the scholars of Tafseer the way they understood this ayah is not that I lie so he inspired a person to know what's right and wrong, but that Allah azza wa jal inspired a person to be a worshipper of Allah.

00:45:00 --> 00:45:02

To turn away from the worship of a lie soldier,

00:45:03 --> 00:45:09

and that emphasizes to us that guidance and misguidance in the hands of allies

00:45:11 --> 00:45:55

and allies or gel inspires a person to worship Him. And allies or gel might inspire a person when we seek refuge with Allah azza wa jal from this, that Allah may inspire a person to turn away from Allah subhanaw taala. But this will be by Allah's wisdom and justice. And that's why we want to re emphasize that when you hear a statement like this, you shouldn't feel like it's unfair, or it's oppression or it's wrong. Rather, what you should say is that Allah guides out of a fever and a grace. And Allah misguides out of wisdom and justice. So whenever Allah guides a person, he guides them as a favor, and a grace. It's not something they deserve. You don't deserve for a lot of agenda

00:45:55 --> 00:46:27

to have have inspired you to be a person of taqwa. You don't deserve it, I don't deserve it. For a lot have inspired us to be a person of taqwa. That's a gift from Allah, a fever from Allah grace from Allah. And if Allah azzawajal inspired a person to turn away from the truth, and to turn away from Eliza gel, he did that through his wisdom and His justice. He didn't he wasn't unfair, in any way at all. And we spoken more about this when we explained the topic of color.

00:46:28 --> 00:46:31

Well cover we talked about the color and the color.

00:46:32 --> 00:47:00

And this also leads you to an interesting thought, or an interesting concept, which is that this really tells you about the combination of your will, and your free will, and the will of allies. And that can be taken from the next I also will talk about this in the context of the next of the next ayah f landmann zakka wakad harbor Mendis.

00:47:02 --> 00:47:05

The one who purifies the soul

00:47:07 --> 00:47:08

has been successful,

00:47:09 --> 00:47:15

and the one who corrupts it, that person has lost and that person

00:47:16 --> 00:48:11

has, and they have there, they have put themselves in a state of loss and a state of punishment, a terrible situation, because they corrupted that soul. Now, when we come to this, the scholars of Tafseer they have to broadly they have two opinions about this i or these ayat, f lammens, aka wakad harbor Mandisa. The first and this is the opinion of the majority of the office city in the majority of the scholars of Tafseer Is that the one who purifies the soul is the person who has the soul. So called after Hammons aka hurt successful is the one who purifies their soul. And that this refers to test get on neffs, purifying your soul, correcting your soul, bringing your soul back to the fitrah,

00:48:11 --> 00:48:30

cleaning your soul of its sins, and transgression, making Toba and turning back to Allah purifying the soul. And this ayah isn't is an awesome it's a fundamental principle as it relates to the purification of the soul. In fact, this ayah is one of the most basic

00:48:31 --> 00:48:50

fundamental concepts in the command of a person to purify their soul test get to nefs to purify your soul, and to turn to Allah azza wa jal through towboatus default, Mo has a button neffs taking yourself to account and to clean and purify your soul from the things which corrupted

00:48:51 --> 00:49:20

But there is another opinion among some of the scholars of Tafseer. And that is that the subject of the word zeca ha, is Allah subhanaw taala that it's a law that is referred to IE that it is a law that purifies that person's soul, and it is a law azzawajal that corrupts that person saw. So the translation in this case would be successful is the one who Allah purified their soul

00:49:21 --> 00:49:59

and lost or and a failure is the one who Allah corrupted their soul. And that's where we bring it back to this concept of guidance and misguidance coming from our last panel, the old guidance is in the hands of a larger love your that everything is in the hands of Allah, He guides as a blessing and a fever, a grace and a fever, nothing more than that. You should not feel like it's something a person deserves, or a person has, you know, I've done enough good deeds that I deserve for a lot of junk to guide me You don't deserve for a lot of guys. It's a grace and a blessing and a favor.

00:50:00 --> 00:50:26

like a light switch or told us in order to hedge a lot what I can allow and what he meant was they get a whole vehicle to become what camera in a common crew for a while for suka well sem, rush you don't follow them in Allah He went ama, while La La when I came, a light soldier has made a man beloved to you, and he's beautified it for you in your hearts and he's made you hate disbelief in defiance disobedience.

00:50:27 --> 00:51:11

Those are the rightly guided fatherland mean Allahu Allah as a grace from Allah and a fever will love it when Hakeem and Allah knows and allies wise about who to give that favor to so get guidance is a favorite from a lot but that favor is not given randomly. It's not like random just like a randomness of a lottery like you got a favor you did you got a favor you did rather a light switch Elissa lobby item of shocking doesn't alone or best the ones who will be grateful or lies or gel nose who will be grateful and Allah subhanaw taala gives that gift and that fever even though they don't deserve it, Allah gives them because he knows that they are the most grateful where they tried

00:51:11 --> 00:51:56

the hardest. And Alas, Joe told us well I didn't ninja to phenol and it unknown Superliner those who strive for us we will guide them to our way and so allies will promise to guide us to his path if we work hard. So Allah is which has. This tells us that our lives are rich, and it's the one who purifies the soul are the one who corrupts us all the guidance and misguidance in the hands of a Lost Planet. And when ally misguides he misguides out of his knowledge and his wisdom and His justice, allies, which doesn't misguide unjustly or unfairly, he misguides those people who did not take on the message did not try didn't strive didn't work hard, didn't turn to Allah didn't beg a

00:51:56 --> 00:52:20

lot didn't feel like they need Allah. Rather, they they still gonna, as we mentioned in the Tafseer of some of the sources that have proceeded about the one who is staring at the one who doesn't feel like they need a lot of allies or gel, misguided them out of justice, fairness, and wisdom subhanho wa Taala.

00:52:21 --> 00:53:07

So actually, we can combine these two both together, we can see that both of them are true, that a person is required to purify themselves and to save their souls from corruption. And that Allah azza wa jal is the one who ultimately gives you the success to be able to do that, or withhold it from you. And that is found in a statement of allies, which I'll leave in a minute, as takim want to share on a shallow level. I mean, whoever among you wishes to be upright, ie being upright and desiring your soul to be pure is something you can aim for and strive for. But ultimately, you can't achieve it without the help of a lot and that tells you how much we desperately need a Lost Planet

00:53:07 --> 00:53:23

Allah that's what allowed me easy for me to mention this Tafseer and Allah xojo knows best wa Salatu was Salam ala nabina Muhammad Ali wasapi Jazakallah Henan for watching, please subscribe, share and you can visit Mohammed tim.com

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