The Virus thats Worse than Corona

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The Coronavirus I don't think there's anyone on Earth that does not know about it.

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Many of us went through it.

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And they ask Allah subhanaw taala to give she fat to everyone who has been infected in it.

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You might even live without

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being infected with that virus. But there is a virus worse than Corona.

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There's a virus that is worse than Corona, and many of us have it. And the biggest problem is, none of us is seeking any help. While when it came to Corona, we did not leave anything. Anything possible. We stopped even hugging our parents.

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This disease this virus is the virus of ill manners.

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The virus of ill manners, virus of arrogance, the virus of stinginess, the virus of envy, the virus of jealousy, the virus of finding it extremely hard to forgive the virus of lying the virus of cheating. The virus of mistreating our spouse, the virus of mistreating the parents, viruses that are widely spread, and nobody notice. Sometimes nobody even noticed them, and they ruin our next life in the berserk in the cupboard, and they ruin our akhira while Corona if you die with it, you could be a shahid but these viruses are so dangerous and the cure for them is very easy.

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The Sunnah of Rasulullah Selim there's no

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any kind of incident that take place in our life, except you will find the Sunnah for the solution.

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Now there is one virus that I want to discuss today, and that is the lack of wisdom. Or maybe the lack of common sense even

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a young 16 year old, beautiful brother finished soccer training and on his way home, Baba, it's time for Maghreb. Let's stop at the masjid and pray. So he walked in with his pants on his shoulders. And he's running to the bathroom you Tim Of course, soccer shorts. The minute he walked into the masjid boom.

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What are you doing here? Don't you notice haram to play with this shorts? What's wrong with you?

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The kid came to me the next day he said Allah, uncle. If I'm not strong in my Deen Wallah, it would have been the last time I enter the Masjid.

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a lady two years studying Islam, two years studying Islam. Then she searched online, and she found that the closest Masjid one hour 45 minutes away in Virginia.

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She drove there and when she arrived, she was dressed. Okay, but no hijab. The minute you walked into the masjid, no hijab. What do you think you're going in?

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Are you crazy? This is not a club. This is not a pub. This is a masjid. This is the house of Allah.

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One hour and 45 minute drive to see this.

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She is coming to take her shahada,

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Allah Al Hamdulillah that we come to Islam because of Islam, not because of Muslims.

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Third, and this is my main reason. That's what

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started this whole thing a sister came to Epic two months ago.

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Interested in Islam, she saw her co workers amazing. She loved Islam and she wants to become a Muslim. So first time in the masjid, stood up for the salad and on the second record. She was a little bit off the line

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in in LA Rajang Rajon

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Allah here she said I almost changed my mind

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I almost changed my mind about becoming a muslim. The anti insulted her. What's wrong with you? Your hair is showing you're off the line. What's wrong with you?

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Yeah, one my brothers and sisters.

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Well, I don't want to say even wisdom because wisdom is maybe higher than this common sense, common sense. You have no clue what the brother or what the sister are going through. When I was in Agra, one time, my beloved brother Adam, a Russian Jew who converted Russian Jew converted to Islam, which you

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Yanni the hardest people to convert Russian Jew

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and he was we were making tough together and you know in the love for the brothers who are going you you uncover your shoulder. So when Adam uncovered his shoulder, masha Allah Adam has a huge tattoo on the right side.

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So as the brother is coming to us

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and I'm looking at your brother, don't you know this is haram

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so the sister is married to a fellow steamy sister turned around. I know the philosophy.

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I thought a sister come down. She's better than you. He's a Justin became a Muslim. He's got one. So at the mosque, he said, I should show him the other one on the other side.

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So, so yeah, one hikma wisdom, Allah here, when you have no clue what that sister with no hijab is going through. You have no clue that brother 16 year old is telling his father, let's go pray. Where is that now? Coming back from soccer. Subhanallah encourage them and if you see something wrong, I'm not saying don't say anything, but there is also a way of speaking to people. So please, please, this we have to get rid of these viruses as soon as we can and seek refuge from Allah, indulging in them because these viruses trust me, they're not going to give you light in your grave. May Allah subhanaw taala make us listen and apply. May Allah subhanaw taala make our last deeds of the best

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deeds and our last word Illa Illa tomorrow facials at 6am a lot of Salon Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam in

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Luna island

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I'm Abby.

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water he wants to label this NEMA

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in Alladhina you know Allah wants to hold on

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to Nia or laughing or auntie

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mother. Molina? Wallasey. No you do me Nina Mina TV a while at MCC DESA Boo.

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Boo. Oh, man movie