What Are the Virtues of Taqwa

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From the last lesson I'll show you a lot of the virtues of Taqwa is that it is what the Prophet sallallahu Sallam advice, his companions and advice his Oma. So you have the hadith of Maya the mini Jebin and

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the Prophet sallallahu Sallam gave him advice. And, you know, it reminds me of when a parent for example is you know, their their child is departing, or they're leaving when I was leaving, so the province of the lesson and gave him this advice and you know, when you're, you're dropping off your, your child for example, for the, for college, the first day of college, you're driving them up to orientation, and they're going to be dorming you know, that car ride, you're, you're you're talking to them and you're trying to give them as much advice as possible you're trying to give them something that they can hold on to or for example, a conversation that parents may have with their

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with their child or their son or their daughter before their wedding before they're able to they're gonna go start a new life one where you're not going to be there for the details of their everyday and so you want to give them something that's you know, very substantial something that will be weighty something that will hold them down. And so the province of colitis and then fulfilling that role of the father for the OMA he's giving more advice. Now what is the advice that the Prophet sallallaahu syndrome is getting to give? It's gonna give my he says it today La Hi Soma Quint.

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Fear Allah have Taqwa of Allah, whoever you are.

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Whether you are in private, or whether you are dealing with people openly, when you're in seclusion, when you're online, when you're anonymous, and no one's going to know that it's you have fear of Allah azza wa jal in all of those circumstances, you know, the prophets, Allah is and he tells us of a group of people. He says, while on the Day of Judgment, they're going to come with mountains of good deeds, it's going to be huge. And Allah as of yet is going to make those mountains of good deeds turn into scattered dust, almost how would they were worried? You know, they're asking the same question that's going through your mind, which is why are these people you know, how do I avoid

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being these people, mountains of good deeds, scattered dumps, he says, they're like you. And they pray, like you pray, and they take from the night like you take, you know, they're up praying to them to their up praying. During the day, they're praying, they're, they're Salawat, they're, they're just like us. But there are people who when they are secluded with what Allah has forbidden, into Hakuho, they are quick to fulfill it. There's even a notion of violence in it that they're so excited. There's so they have such a powerful urge to commit the Haram as soon as the doors are closed as soon as they're by themselves as soon as they think that they have anonymity. And so this

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is an advice for us as the province of the lightest and I'm set to mod it, tequila hazemag going even though you're traveling and you're in a city, and nobody knows you, even if you're online and you have a new username and no one's going to be able to recognize you. You know, this is a message for trolls as well. Just because nobody knows who you are, doesn't mean that you can transgress the limits of Allah Azza doesn't mean that you can curse people doesn't mean that you can arm people. You have to have this fear of Allah azza wa jal wherever you are, and that is what the prophets Allah litas and then told them, the prophets Allah sent him gave this advice to all of us the Ummah

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as well, when the Prophet sallallahu sallam was giving an address in the hadith of Eduardo nice idea, and the people began to cry. They were very it was very emotional and they said You also will love it's as if you're bidding us farewell. This is like the this is like the advice of someone who's who's going. So give us advice and the province of the lightest and him said,

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my advice to you is to have Taqwa of Allah. O si. O si can be Takala or disseminator of Torah and the Hadith goes on, but the first thing that he gave as advice, the departing Prophet cellulitis and limb to his ummah, is for us to have Taqwa of Allah azza wa jal or ask Allah Azza to make us of them.