How Do Convert Sisters Choose Their Wali – Shaykh Navaid Aziz

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How to convert sisters choose their family.

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One of the challenges that Congress sisters will face is that when the time comes for marriage, how do they choose who there really is, in such a circumstance, it is best to go to your local mosque and see if there's a full time email there. If there's a full time email, then that full time email should be appointed as the Willie. And this really is responsible for the best interests of that sister. Now, what do you do if you live in the locality that doesn't have a full time email, then in that situation, try to find a local sheriff or a local student of knowledge that can fulfill that rule. And if you're unable to find someone in your locality, then you can even go outside of your

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locality and find an Imam or a sheriff or student of knowledge to fulfill that role for you. One of the mistakes that sisters do make though in this situation, is that they will choose a Wali that doesn't always fulfill the responsibility. So they will be there for to do the kneecap. But they will not actually interview the man that is proposing and get to know him and see if he is a suitable candidate. You want to find a Willie that genuinely cares for your well being. And we'll actually interview the man that is proposing and get to know them and see if you will be compatible and see if he will be able to take care of you religiously, spiritually, and financially. And Allah

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