Mohamad Baajour – The Only Solution for the Troubles of the Ummah

Mohamad Baajour
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Law need how

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many Mina most need me Santa Monica Lovara get

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smaller hamdulillah salatu salam ala Rasulillah. Before we just a short Hatha Inshallah, we just heard some sad news. Our dear beloved brother mussen, previous board member, the head of security. You all know him his son, his

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nephew, his brother's son, back home. 20 years old just died on a motorcycle accident in LA live in LA Rajon. We ask Allah azza wa jal to forgive his sins. Allama filled our humble wife, he was one who were criminals Allah who was some of the Hello, Aloha methanogenic Naomi, alumni theologian Dr. hamre he mean, okay other than now, Walker, he will cover ALLAH SubhanA wa rahmatullah wa salam ala Nabina Muhammad Ali, he was mine.

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For the past few days, our beloved chef, he has spoken Tuesday, very inspirational speech about Reza and he told us that don't everything that Allah is not aware of what's happening. And then Imam Nadeem came yesterday and reminded us that

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not to lose hope and Allah and do a lot of Daya and pray to hydrogen give Saba quiet

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today in sha Allah, Allah I feel like it's a completion of the series of

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women muscle, eliminating the law. We have to understand few things. Muscle victory is only from Allah.

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The victory is only from Allah, Ya Allah.

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Are there any conditions

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for your victory? Do we have to do anything

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for you to give us victory? Or just make dua and give sadaqa and take the easy way out and you're done?

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I am not guilty anymore. I feel so good. I gave $5 I may die last night hamdulillah my job to my job to seem to it's done.

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Yeah, Allah is there any conditions for us to gain the victory?

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Our beloved chef just recited Subhan Allah Allah I did not tell him

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sort of a number 40

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in Arabic, before I mentioned that, in Arabic, when you have a verb and you add to it Lammott Toki limited kid and Naruto kid, it means that this verb is 100% is going to take place like Allah subhanaw taala when he said for a bigger law, NUS Elena home by Allah I'm going to ask them all so the word is definitely going to happen when the net blue one Netcom who definitely are going to test you know blue calm the lamb and the noon added to the verb that means the biller the test is definitely going to happen. Now in Surah Al hush

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while a young Soren Allah, Allahu Akbar, the lamb and the noon here are added to the verb who is going to be victorious? Who is 100% is going to gain the victory from Allah azza wa jal who is that person? Yeah, Allah, who's saying this, the one who's the muscle only come from him, if all the superpowers gathered to give victory to his or to any Muslim country and the order did not come from Allah, the victory will not come why because woman was through Inna.

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The victory is only from Allah and now Allah subhanaw taala said I will give the victory to who? To who Ya Allah.

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Allah Who? Min Jung surah

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Allah will give the victory will give the support to one to the one to the Ummah to the community, to the family, that put Allah first in their life.

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Is Allah first in your life? Allah He we cannot have Sharia in our five six members of the family. We cannot establish Sharia in our home.

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What kind of victory we are giving to Allah so we expect the victory from him. Have you seen our weddings? Well, no, he only from the name. You know that the Muslim is already he's a Muslim wedding. The rest you have to keep asking yourself as as a Muslim wedding or a non Muslim wedding.

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How was it possible I declare war on Allah during the day by signing riba contracts. And in that night, I'm asking Allah to make me win the war against the enemy of Allah. How was the muscle that we're supposed to give to Allah to expect the muscle from him?

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It also comes just like that, just by dua, Musa alayhis, salam, the Mohammed of his time, we all know the story, he gathered the people, because there is no rain, there was drought, a prophet not is not a poor person like me, not a sinful person like me. A prophet is making dua, Allah told him no, until the person in the crowd repent.

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Imagine that person how he felt when he found out that because of him,

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kids are having no water. There's no food to be cooked. Animals are dying. Trees are not growing because of him. He's been disobeying Allah, and he repented. And Allah brought down the rain. It is me it is you. It's because of us what's happening in the Gaza? It is because of me and you what's happening in the scene and in the Yemen is because of us. And you know what the toughest part is? None of us, admits it. None of us always we point at the other person. It's never me. It's always the guy next to me. It's always the guy who doesn't pray. It's always the guy who the sister who doesn't want me No, I am the best person when we start admitting that it's me I am the reason Allah

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stopped the rain even though the Prophet was making a dua because he was a sinner. My brothers and sisters Rasulullah sallallahu sallam said the Hadith and Quran with you

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started the Hadith by swearing Allah in my heart cheeks will let the NFC be

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done as soon as I said I need to swear

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by the one who is the soul of Muhammad in his hand

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that up maroon, maroon Knebel maruf but at an Hoonah anil munkar you must order good and forbid evil otherwise it punishment is severe punishment. Who's saying this?

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Believe me in our overriding a severe punishment will come from Allah and then listen to this last part.

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Yeah, from 1948 Till now in the harem in Lena, in Ramadan in the masjid and never we everybody's making

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him said because you stopped ordering good. And because you stopped forbidding evil, you're gonna make dua as much as you want. And Allah subhanaw taala is not going to answer.

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So what's the solution? Yeah, you

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Sorolla yellow Sorrell comm where you have bit after the Macomb or who you believe when you make Allah victorious, you will become victorious and not only that bonus, this victory will last for a long time where you kept bit academic not only victory for a day or a year where you step bit academic and you will always be victorious when when we put Allah first when we go back to Allah when we in the way we treat our spouses in the way we raise our children in the way I think about what am I majoring in for the future and the way I do my business when I stopped when I stopped selling haram and I stopped buying haram and I stopped dealing with riba. Then I started considering

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that Allah azza wa jal will give us the victory, but this obeying Allah all day long, and then going at night and begging Allah azza wa jal yeah Allah give us victory. Yeah, Allah help us here help us there. Subhan Allah when the conditions are very clear from Allah subhanho wa Taala if you give victory to Allah, Allah will give us victory.

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We have been trying since 1948. Trying this trying that thang peace treaty is trying everything possible to not work.

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We are trying to avoid the only solution. The only solution and from the one who owns the muscle. Let's try this. Let's try that maybe with my donation it will be done. I'm not telling you to stop donating and stop making no absolutely continue. But

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in order for this to be effective, yeah, one every single one of us just like that man in the crowd between him and himself. Allah never exposed him. Yeah Allah I'm done. I'm done watching haram. I'm done abusing my wife. I'm done. Dealing and selling and buying haram and Danny I'm done. Yeah, Allah with anything that upset you, between you and Allah. Otherwise

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they'll kill us.

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Yamuna who next week is going to be another country another country are we going to keep doing the same thing and the only solution we are always trying to avoid?

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Ya Allah we asked him this last night of Juma to make us from the people who understand your deen

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Allah Magellan I mean I really mean alarmingly aniline your lawmakers from the people who know and apply your Allah give victory to Oh to everybody who's giving victory to your deen yeah Allah Ya Allah defame and defeat anyone. Anyone who wants to defeat your deen yeah Allah yeah can you we all know your Allah that this Deen whether we like it or not will be victorious ya allah use us for this victory. Yeah Allah use us to make this Deen victorious your enemy yeah Allah bless us with shahada in your cause your anatomy, Ya Allah and this blessing Natoma We ask Allah to give victory to our brothers and has to give support our brothers in Yemen and Britain our brothers in Syria and in

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China and everywhere yeah, Allah Ya Allah Yeah, can you make us from the people who give you victory so we can deserve your victory? But look, all the other stuff that Allah Zachman blockheads, panna Colombo, Hyundai Misha Delilah Island stuff, Uganda to Willick

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