Why is it important to prefect the ending of Ramadan?

Abu Bakr Zoud


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Speaker 1 discusses the benefits of good endings in a deed, including rectifying shortcomings and ensuring the most benefit from Milla diligence. They emphasize the importance of making the most of the endings of any worship, regardless of whether the endings are great or not.

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The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he said in normal armor, you will have a team that the deeds are judged according to the endings. So if the endings are great, then the entire deed is good, even if the beginning wasn't good, and the benefit of good and great endings the benefit of that is that it rectifies the shortcomings that took place at the beginning of the deed will occur. So taking the last 10 nights in the last 10 days of Ramadan seriously, and making the most of what is to come of Ramadan now until the end of it will insha Allah ensure that whatever shortcomings took place at the beginning of Ramadan, are all forgiven if Milla hidayatullah that's the benefit of making the most

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of the endings of any specific worship