The Most POWERFUL One Word Duaa

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The transcript describes a video game where a person tries to unlock a door and use their phone to unlock it. They also mention a person who claims to be the best of the Alon and is a worker in the d union. The transcript describes various scenarios where the person tries to unlock a door and use their phone to unlock it, and mentions a person who claims to be the best of the Alon.

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Smilla hamdulillah salatu salam ala Rasulillah llama aluminum and fauna on finally my lamina element. So every Thursday we learn to do that, but tonight Subhanallah

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that is the shortest dua you've ever heard in your life.

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One word

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and not only the shortest, but the best. So the best and the shortest dua according to of course not me Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam,

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a best of the Alon who's our best, and our best friend Abdulmutallab.

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The uncle of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. He came to us from Allah Islam and he said, I limini che en slo hula, teach me something. So I can ask Allah.

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So Rasool allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, selling Allah.

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Allah Thea,

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one word, sell Allah. Allah Thea, ask Allah, Allah Sophia, from a gift to a Yemen from Egypt. I waited a few more days, then I came back to the solar system. So the other solar Allah teach me

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to ask Allah with. So he said,

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Yeah. Abbas Yeah, I'm Rasulullah sallallahu Lufia fifth dunya will akhira or dear uncle or Abbas

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ask Allah the Afia in the dunya and in the akhira SubhanAllah. What is that if you

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if you are healthy, you have Alfia if you have enough wealth, you have Alfia you have peace of mind at home, you have Alfia you have righteous children, you have here

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you are guided you have Alfia so if here encompasses all that, and especially when you ask for the earth here in the dunya and in the Acura and another narration was almost I said I'm told that does x zero. Do any ask Allah the efia abundantly, abundantly Subhanallah one, if there is a deaf person among us,

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Allah He had no clue what the Imam recited. He did not listen to the beautiful voice of oxygen. He had no idea when to say Allahu Akbar, Allah him and

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if there's a blind person among us, he had no clue who's playing next to him. If there's a paralyzed person and seeing others making Suzu then he's dying to make one surgeon. Allah He the Alfia is a crown on your head that only only the sick person can see.

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And then came to Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said ye rasool Allah,

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Masha, Allah dua, what is the best dua? He said? salaallah A Lafayette Wilmore Ifat, fifth dunya when Afra ask Allah, the Alfia and double effect, what's the difference between alpha and alpha? I fear is between yourself, like you know, the things we mentioned. And what I've said is from the harm of others, so he told him, ask Allah there if you have any more effort in the dunya and in the F era, came the next day, you had a sort of Allah, not the best da or this or this, or this hadith or authentic, what is the best draft? He repeated the same thing. Then the third day? He said,

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The Origin

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if Allah gave you if here in the dunya, and in the akhirah first God flecked, you are the most successful. Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar. So my brothers and sisters, one word Allahumma inni. Luca, this part we know Allah Thea, Allah Sofia Subhanallah

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and then invited another men

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for dinner.

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So the other man, the guests said,

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This food is delicious.

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So the host said Wallahi it's neither me nor you, nor the one who cooked it that made it delicious. What made it delicious? Is the efia.

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What made it delicious is that you ate it with your own hand. What made it delicious is that you are able to taste it. What made it delicious is that you were able to digest it. What made it delicious is that you ate it in a safe environment. That's what made it delicious alive here.

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So ask Allah subhanaw taala alive when in the dunya and in Dhaka in the dunya. All the good things in the dunya are included in the efia and all the great things of the akhira crossing

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To survive like lightning, getting the book in your right hand and turning Jana this is the idea of the actual when can I do it in my sujood before the Tasleem anytime, as a matter of fact, one of the things of the morning and the saying of the evening is the soloists SLM used to say Allahumma in the US, Luca AllAfrica. While Afia so one word dot one There's no way someone will leave tonight and forgot. What was the dot? What is the dot

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Allahumma inni the spot we all know a nominee so look right Allahumma in yes Alka Alethia May Allah bless us all with Alfia in the dunya and in the ACA tonight as usual, I remind myself and remind you, it's the night of Friday, make a lot of salad on Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa salam, and please come to measure tomorrow. Zakum unlocker Salaam Alaikum Hello market