The Battle of Manzikert 1071 ce

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AI: Summary © The Battle of Manzi was the largest and most significant victory in history, recognized as the largest and most important victory in history. The cause of the decline of the Empire is the actions of the royal army, which is expanding and pushing the Roman army back. The older generation struggled to achieve their goals and eventually lost their positions, leading to a series of coup attempts and military expeditions.
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many Mina, most Nene, one of the turning points of human history actually began in February of 1071, literally 950 years ago. And this is the famous battle of man's secret the Battle of man's secret. Now the actual battle occurred, actually in August, but the preparation and the marches and everything began February. So we are now 950 years basically, at the beginning of the famous one of the historic battles of all of human civilization. What is this battle? And why is this so significant? In this battle, for the first time, and for the only time in all of human history, a Roman emperor was taken a prisoner and captive by the Muslim Sultan, okay, that is significant,

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isn't it? Right? The Roman emperor, the emperor was taken captive as a prisoner of war by our assault on Muslims Hold on, and obviously, it changed the course of history and obviously, I thought that was only a few minutes, but just a few points and inshallah then you can look it up and benefit more. This battle took place between the rise of a new superpower right now it wasn't a superpower. It's called the sell joke dynasty. Now, because of the Turkish serials. Everybody knows the Sergio dynasty, okay. But the sell joke dynasty was on the rise. And it's so fun was at the time, Alper salon, Alpar salon, and oppa salon was the one who began the expansion out of Central Asia into what

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is now called turkey. Okay, after the attack after the Turks, when they invaded, it wasn't called Turkey because the Turks came there. Obviously, it was called Anatolia. Okay. So they entered Anatolia, and the Roman emperor, his name was Roman nos, the fourth Roman was the fourth, the Roman Emperor thought, yeah, you can expel easy no big deal. So he got there 50,000, you know, people and other personnel had probably around 25,000 half. And it's a very significant battle. So this is the battle in which the cell jokes will begin their ascent and the victory of Manzi could basically pave the way for the soldiers to become the superpower. And eventually for the Ottoman Empire to conquer

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which city,

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Constantinople in which year,

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in what year

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1453 This is perhaps the most significant event in western civilization, and definitely one of the most significant and Eastern but that's maybe another day we'll do their 1453 Today we're doing the Battle of man, Zucker 1071. So I'll put a salon has 25,000 people that the battle is taking place in a small city, a small village called Manzi Kurt, which is still today in modern day Turkey, you can actually visit the city and you can see the plains where this battle occurred 950 years ago, long story short, our post salon was a military genius. And the strategy was so beautiful and yet so simple. He stationed his troops in the form of a crescent, not because the Crescent is an Islamic

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shape, because it is a military tactic. He knew he had fewer people. So it became like the moon, the crescent, and the army of the the Romans, the Byzantine army, they spread out to become a thin layer. And long story short, the crescents kept on expanding, so the army kept on diluting, okay, so he's making the crescent go larger and larger, and the Roman army is then diluting to fight the troops. And then he basically takes a contingent and doubles down on the right flank, and then the left flank, leaving the middle flank with the Emperor unguarded, right? So he destroys the right and the left by if you understand I don't have a diagram here, but he's basically withdrawing backwards

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and making the crescent larger and larger, he's making the army thinner. And he already has in his mind, the troops know that at a particular point in time, they're going to completely maneuver and they're going to start surrounding in circles, two circles here and there. And the middle army is basically left for the time being those are getting gotten rid of and now the middle which was the most ferocious there was called them the Marines were the elite which is where the Roman Emperor is there was a special troops a special train troops in there, and eventually, obviously, the side guard is gone. And now other parts salon circles in and after a fierce fierce battle because these

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were warriors, these were the military might of the Roman Empire. He destroys them and an average soldier soldier finally enters the tent, the Royal tent, and there is the Roman Emperor Roman asta forth. I

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In average, private, the lowest labor level, he captures him and he brings him to our salon. The only time in all of human civilization in history that a Roman Emperor is taken prisoner by the Muslim Sultan. Alper salon, you know, ordered him to be fed and spent the night in VIP tents and whatnot. The next morning he called them this is a legendary conversation. And he said to the the Roman emperor, what would you have done? If I had been taken prisoner? If the situation were reversed? What would you have done, and Romanovs angrily said I would have cut you bit by bit killed you, executed you. And ALPA salon said, As for me, then our Prophet Jesus has taught us to be

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merciful and kind. He's giving Him our, our profit, meaning is also my Prophet. Our Prophet Jesus has taught us to be merciful and kind. And as for me, I shall let you go and gift you and return you to your kingdom. Although he did take a ransom that's also the case he took a ransom and he took conditions as well, no more invasion, this and that. So he got the treaty he needed, but he did not harm a hair on his body. He actually gave him fine garments, fine clothes, gifted him and sent him back to Constantinople. Eventually, he's gonna be going Istanbul sent him back to Constantinople. But that event was so demeaning to the Byzantines to the Romans, that they basically did a coup

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d'etat, they got rid of him, they threw him in jail, they killed their own Roman emperor, and then you know, Civil War began amongst them. And of course, this paves the way eventually for 400 years later for Istanbul to be conquered, because obviously the cell jokes now how to base in what would become turkey. So this is the beginning of that series of conquests and we are now in the 900 and 50th year beautiful point to learn and inshallah with this, we are done. Our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, whoever humbles himself for the sake of Allah, Allah shall raise him up and lift him up our salon could without any problem have executed or done something. He's the prisoner,

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and it's the way of the world nobody would have said anything but he is learning from the bulk of our profits and when he conquered Makkah, this is what exactly our profit system did go and you are free and also Salah Medina up when he conquered beta lock this as well the same thing. So these types of o'clock when you showed them at times of strength at times of power, ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada blesses, and that is exactly what happened that eventually this dynasty was the founder of a massive dynasty that became one of the glories of Islam. Insha Allah Allah will continue another halacha was salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.