The Man of the Tunnel

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AI: Summary © The secret of Islam is centered around actions and actions of the heart to achieve the goal of achieving Taqwa. Im inherent in Islam is the need for individuals to act sincerely and not send letter recommendations to their brother and sisters. A man named Muslimah claims to have killed all guards and opened a tunnel for Muslims, and is seen as the winner of the war. Imran is seen as the tunnel man's partner and has three conditions to fulfill his success. The video of the man who went through a tunnel and killed all the guards and opened the door for the Muslims they became victorious is also mentioned.
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Have a look at what the Allaha Han

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was not

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as good as a Buddha and Abu Huraira but he was better than them.

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And he then was not tortured like hands on hubbub, but he was better than them.

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And he was not injured severely in the battlefield like Baden Khalid, But he was better than them. And he did not die as a Shaheed like Amara Northman an ally, but he was better than them.

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So what's the secret?

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But real money at the tabbing he told us the secret. Let me us back home we Kathy Salatin, well as Iam in Bishi en la cara fickle Bay.

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A worker did not exceed them with a lot of slots and a lot of CME a lot of fasting, but was something that settled in his heart.

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I met him

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there was a man of the jewelry and then there are actions of the heart. This is where Abu Bakr Radi Allahu Han surpassed not the ones we mentioned. Everybody. As a matter of fact, we all hear that there is a scale and the Imam of Abu Bakr in one pan and the Imam of the whole Ummah, in another pan, the email of Oh Becca stronger, Allahu Akbar.

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As we all know, the Eman is of three things right, three steps, saying with the tongue, believing in the heart and proving it with your actions, all three of them combined, will make me and you and movement we concentrate a lot on the tongue and and the actions

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but we have some deficiency when it comes to what Abubaker mastered, the amount of the cloth, the actions of the heart, every badda it has physical manifestation and it also has the colored part, the hard part like the solid, the cool and the sujood. They are the physical actions, but the Shuar

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which is what makes us a lot a lot is an action of the heart, the CRM the fasting, that staying away from eating and drinking is the manifestation. But the actual Amell of the kalam is to achieve Taqwa. It's a matter of the club has similarly the wife say, Remi, all this actions of the body of the limbs, but the actual thing is that the insha Allah is to venerate the orders of Allah azza wa jal, and similarly, raising your hands in the DUA and saying, all these things are all actions, but actually humbling yourself in the DUA is damnit of the heart, and similarly, every single a better

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so what are the amount of the globe? What are the actions of the heart, the actions of the heart is something I cannot see. I look at you right now, I don't know how much for example, fear of Allah is an action of the heart, hope of Allah is an action of the heart, who sure is an action of the heart.

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Loss is an action of the heart sincerity. And I will take this one today, quickly job because this is the most important arm of the kalam as a matter of fact, it is one of the one of the two conditions for any animal to be accepted, has to be sincerely for Allah. And according to the Sunnah of Rasulullah sallallahu sallam. If these two conditions are not in any anything you could cross your mind in Salah and cm in South Africa. Anything in coming to the masjid today. If I pray three records, not according to the Sunnah. If I came just to show off the summit is gone. So it has to be both in order for the AMA to be accepted. So let's talk about sincerity quickly. And to mention

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sincerity. I mentioned a story. We mentioned that before, but Charlotte's good to mention it again. Muslimah

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one of the greatest soldiers,

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he wants sieged a fortress for the Byzantine

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for 18 months.

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So the siege state for 18 months and the soldiers that Muslim soldiers are getting are getting very tired.

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So Muslim, I gathered all the soldiers, and he told them

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the only way we can win this battle is for one of you to go through this tunnel. There's a tunnel that will get you to the other side.

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You go through this tunnel, and you open the gates for us

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who will go through the tunnel? Nobody raised their hand. Nobody knows what's in that tunnel.

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Who would go through the tunnel nobody. And then a masked man.

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He raised his hand and left.

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He went through the tunnel only Allah knows what's inside that tunnel.

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Snakes scorpions sewage. He went through the tunnel long story short he came from the other side foot fearlessly killed all the guards and opened the door for the Muslims they came in and they became victorious.

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So naturally

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Muslim I gathered all the soldiers again

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I saw had been knocked.

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Who's the man of the tunnel?

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wins the man of the tunnel.

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who Kabila? For the sake of Allah.

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Tell us who you are. Nobody.

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Why Muslim in his tent at night,

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a masked man king.

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He said I have a message from the man of the tunnel.

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Listen carefully.

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He has conditions, three conditions.

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If you fulfill them, he will tell you who he is.

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So go ahead, what are the conditions? So number one.

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You do not praise him in front of all the other soldiers.

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Number two, you do not send a letter of recommendation to the khalifa to honor him.

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Number three, you will never treat him different than anybody else.

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Muslimah said harder. So the man took his mask for two seconds, showed his face and left.

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Muslimah says since that night, no pm passed, except I said

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showed me my saw had been knocked. Yeah, Allah gathered me with a man of the tunnel.

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My brothers and sisters, this is what this man did.

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Everybody after that.

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You know you're talking to

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the man of the tunnel.

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He wants everybody to know if it was one of us. Everybody wants to know who's that man? On Facebook, on Twitter on Instagram, everybody, this is the man of the tunnel. And this is exactly what's happening right now. There is no annual that we do except everybody knows about it everywhere. Everybody in a fraction of a second. We want to tell everybody what we did everything.

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If you can control your AirFloss Bismillah but I am telling you it's extremely hard. Very hard to do something for the sake of Allah and for the sake of pleasing everybody

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is lost. Yeah, one example of the kalam that's why when when I'm going to follow Abu Bakr was talking about

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what does he do every day after fission?

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He goes to that house we all know and he cleans the apartment, the small room for the woman. She's an older lady. And he told us this man she doesn't know who he is. How about if she knew he was Ameerul? Momineen

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she doesn't know who he is. You know why?

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Allah knows.

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When we reach this, when we reach this in our all our affairs, you are you are there. When we reach the point that Allah knows. That's all I cared about. Whether it's a donation, whether it's I prayed fissuring Gemma, whether it's I went to Umbra Allah knows that's all I cared about. I help somebody I paid somebody's debt without him knowing Allah knows.

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Unfortunately, with all the social media era right now, everybody knows.

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And with the assistance of the shaytaan He wants us to tell everybody about everything that we do.

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Three or one. Let's try as much as we can

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try to hide

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like the when, when one of the stuff was asked define a class or define a modulus. He said a Mukhlas is the person who hides his good deeds just like we hide our evil deeds

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nobody's gonna come here Oh, yesterday I drank yesterday I committed this nobody. We hide those. The wokeness hide. I donated. I traveled I supported an orphan I took care of food. This is what he hides

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Subhan Allah. Allah Allah Allah Subhan Allah philosopher Coldwell Emiliana la magandang Christina blind I mean, la Massimo Fatima deniable. Alameen Allah Masha Africa lamina Ilaha illa Allah whatever phenomenally mean? Well hypnotist slowly Han Subhana Allah, masha Allah Allahu Allah and the stop Pharaoh Corona to Winnick

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in musli me now almost Lima Do you want to know meaning I will not Mina the one on et now I look on the third thing was logging in I was logged in Ponte wasabi arena was Flavio rod Do you want to follow Sherry You know

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what unfortunately no one will fall she is the one downside BP no one downside the party was on me now was all in

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one heavy Lina photo gentlemen one half year warranty was that good enough?

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Was the guilt or I don't

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genuine I leave