Mohamad Baajour – The Main Key for Khushu in Salat

Mohamad Baajour
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of being in a relationship with Allah and the need to remember his words in the peak and pinnacle of Eman. They also touch on the importance of praying and being careful with words, including denying one's praying or even denying the idea of praying. The segment touches on the implementation of the Shahada and the use of the "has been executed" meaning to be executed, as well as protecting one's shield from evil eye and the need for unity among them.
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Shala very short Hydra and want to follow up on

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what our dear chef Yasser mentioned before the km

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he gave us three tips practical tips of how to keep up and to maintain our our Ramadan

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may ask you a question

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If someone asked you what is or what time of the year is the peak of your iman the answer will be

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what is the peak and the pinnacle of iman in Ramadan?

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Laylatul Qadr mashallah so far is good.

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What is the peak and pinnacle of Eman in Laylatul Qadr?

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So, the peak is Ramadan in Ramadan the peak is a little cuddle an inlay little color the peak is when we are making this is when most of us if not if you did not cry the whole month you will cry in this this time right? Why?

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You know why?

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Because we are talking to Allah

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we are talking to Allah, Ya Allah Ya Allah Allah Allah Allah means ya allah right. That is the peak of the peak of the peak is when we are talking to Allah

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this is when we started feeling what's going on the whole month maybe I did not shed one tear even though

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Quran that shakes Mountain was recited

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I did not shed but at that time, even though I have been an r&b I started tearing, why because I'm talking to Allah.

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Now, if I want to take something from Ramadan

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and I want to take the peak from Ramadan. So, how can I maintain my talking to Allah

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and that is through our salad.

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The salad is an actual meeting with my Creator.

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And the key of who sure and the best key of who should be in the salad is when I end you are thinking that we are talking to Allah.

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Right? Imagine Allah He all our Salah will completely change and improve, if I just think I am talking to Allah.

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Let me explain. Also allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told us that Surah Al Fatiha is an actual conversation between me and Allah. Right? The only surah in the Quran that Allah actually answers you back after every single area.

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Alhamdulillah he'll have been let me mean Hamadani Abdi Aruna on your rocky team.

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Alia murli Kiyomi de Dean, Majid Annie Abdi every single hire now I'm talking to Allah, remember the peak was when I'm talking to Allah, so why don't I get the same feeling? Because I'm actually talking to Allah right now. Also, Allah is answering me back also. Allah is actually answering me back after every single area, but how come I do not feel it? Like I feel it in Ramadan, inlay little cuddle in the winter?

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One of the reasons

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is that

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what do you think is one of the reasons one of the main reasons

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handed out on Medicare mendini economic the state.

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Law work.

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Sounds familiar.

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This is exactly what's happening.

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Where are you going?

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Where are you going?

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For Hina to the wound, where are you going? What? What are you worried you're going to miss?

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What is it that make us recite the best surah in the Quran? While I'm talking to my creator in this manner, while I do not dare talk to a human being to my boss or to my

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Someone that I respect in that manner and a stand in front of Allah Hamdulillah. But I knew that not only Maliki and Medina Allahu Akbar, you think that someone is exercising?

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That's one of the main reasons we do not enjoy the salah because of the speed. So Hyderabad is part of what is that?

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What is what are what are that just say, I'm supposed to be praising Allah. I'm supposed to be praising what kind of praises this parabola, this parabola it has to be that as part of your what is that? What is what is that? What is that? Really? What is that? Is that a is that what form of praise is that?

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I did you a favor. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. What kind of thank yous this

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Allah azza wa jal and I'm the closest to him. I'm the closest to Allah. Have you ever

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contemplated on an associate Salam said You are the closest to Allah when you are in sujood. The closest to Allah.

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The closest to the Samia. The closest to the Kareem the closest to the honey, the closest to the Most Merciful, the closest to the old forgiving, I'm the closest if someone tells me. Okay, if you go to that spot, you're going to be the closest to that King. And that King is so generous and so wealthy and loves everybody very kind. How would I talk to him a human being?

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I'm the closest to Allah and I'm rushing. I'm speeding. Why?

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Whatever you're thinking you're going to miss or you're going to lose is in the hands of the one you're standing before.

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So imagine I

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took care of my salad and slowed down for a minute. And Allah is going to punish me and make me lose that deal. Lose that meeting. Miss that this mist that Subhan Allah, where are we going?

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The talking to Allah azza wa jal if we revive it in our salah, our Salah will completely change in the fact he had some conversation. Then again Subhan Allah be a loving and praising Allah Subhan Allah Subhan

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Allah, Allah he will sell out will completely change. You will start looking forward for the next Salah who among us can delish raise his hand and said chef, I cannot wait the door.

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And this is the way it's supposed to be. You see, we are so behind. That never crossed our mind. Really I'm supposed to be looking for. Of course, we claim that we love Allah the most and the meeting is coming up that meeting should be like you know when you when you go to the airport, you haven't seen your mother in five years. And you heard that the plane this landed and you see on the on the screen, landed your heart start beating because the one you love is getting close to meeting is getting closer. Right?

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Is that the way we feel about it's coming up?

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Why? One of the reasons is we rush too much Subhana rprd When again, sending Allah holy man Hamidah or bene if I'm talking to Allah or burner local hamdu Hamdan cathedra to you but Mubarak and fie mill Asana wa T woman.

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From the bottom of your heart you are so grateful to Allah azza wa jal because of the blessings that He bestowed upon us. Better Allah can help. And I'm feeling the NAM the blessings that I am praying why millions are not praying. I am in the masjid while millions are disobeying Allah azza wa jal bene Allah tell him that I can move I can pray standing, I can go down to my suit and enjoy it. Yeah, I asked you in this morning. You only appreciate sujood when you start praying on a chair.

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Then he would say your Allah please do not deprive me from putting my head on the ground.

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It happened to me when I hurt my knee and I said, Wow, what a difference between the salad on the chair and putting this forehead in the ground only on the ground only to Allah azza wa jal, then you appreciate that says, I beg Allah not to deprive us from the sweetness of sujood

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have been earlier can handle Hamden cathedral and P even Mubarak and then a go down to the closest place I am to Allah Subhana Allah Subhan

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Allah I get up to zero bit fiddly bit fiddly. Have you ever heard your rubbish fiddly? Have you ever heard your rubbish, fairly? Rubbish? What is that you're asking for?

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given us, I was telling the brothers other day, I said, Have you ever seen being someone being executed the Casals has done. If you've seen someone being executed because they killed somebody the Casals, they sit exactly the same position we sit for the Shahada. They put them like that, and then the guy comes and does his thing, right?

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So imagine that guy was given the opportunity to ask the people or the family of the person who died for forgiveness. How would he ask him?

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Would he say, Hey, are you going to forgive me or what?

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No, please, I beg you forgive me. I have five children. I'm the only supporter please I beg you.

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Same rubbish, fiddly, fiddly Subhan Allah

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then I come back again and I do the Fatiha again and I sit down to hear today was similar to the you that a seller or league you want to be Have you ever heard our salam ala Rasulillah salam

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ala Rasulillah Salam was here how would you greet him?

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Would you dare say Santa Monica una vera libre catch Santa Marina with a bad la sala. Would you dare say that?

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What a hammer tomorrow he will go to

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salam ala you know

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his Salah him I want you to imagine look at that door and imagine that the salah Salem is coming from that door How would you greet him sound like you're gonna be like

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Oh, where are you going? Slow down. Sit down Malika. You want to lie about a Salam o Allah you know Allah. Saleh Salam said every time you say that Salah Marina well I bet less saline our Salam gets to every solid on earth.

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Every righteous person on earth

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and then a confirm the shahada again,

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and then a mix a lot of Rasul Allah say seldom have we ever thought that what I'm saying Allahumma Salli, ala Muhammad.

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Allah who will pray upon me 10 times. Have you ever thought about that? When we say Allah masala, Allah Muhammad, they express Salah that we do.

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wahala early Muhammad, have we ever thought that this Salat and this Salam will actually get to Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam like he told us in the Hadith, and Allah would give him a soul back to reply.

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Allahu Akbar. And have you ever thought that the best time after sujood the second best time of dua is before my Tasleem

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after I finished in Nikka Homido Majeed where are we rushing? Allah min Yes. ALCL Jana Allah measurand imminent now, Robinette enough dunya Hassan will fill out here that he has not working either but now Allah man yeah oh to become an either be gentleman either been a couple women fitness metal in shuddering fit Natalie Massey. The gel As Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah. This is the best time for Doha. I was telling. I was, I was asking the brothers, like me and your scene, we're talking and then before I leave, what do I tell you a scene before I leave, after a long meeting?

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Do you want anything? Is there anything I can do for you?

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Imagine Allah was telling you that before you say the Salam is anything else you want.

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Anything else you want?

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Yeah, Allah, my children.

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My mother, my father, Allah. Allah save me from the hellfire. This is this is exactly what's happening. You're about to finish the meeting. Do you need anything?

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Allah is asking Do you need anything and you're rushing, you can't wait to leave and go back to the family or go back to the dunya go back to the Subhan Allah.

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Allahu Allah.

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If we can maintain or improve just the Salat, it will cover all the three things that God has spoken about. It will cover coming to the massages, he said to revive the massage and to have good friends that remind you of the salad and the Quran. Salad. If we concentrate on it, my brothers, especially the brothers will come to the masjid only in in Ramadan.

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One brother on my way in. He said, Look at these people. They only come in, they only come on the 27th said Yeah, habibi fear Allah. This is not your house. The owner of the house is welcoming them Be quiet.

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You do not know what they hear and they become better than the chef leading the salah.

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Who are you to say oh, look at them who are you? You forget where you are two years ago now you become Mashallah. Look at them. They only come Allah open their hands.

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House to them. Who are you to complain or they come here and they come that Why are you complaining Habibi, why?

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This is a blessing from Allah azza wa jal, Allah chose the ones who came and prayed all night. Just like you do not let anyone to come to your home. Allah subhanho wa Taala chose the people who come to his house at 3am Would you let anyone in your house at 3am?

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Right? Allah azza wa jal chose these people so do not complain about them. Yeah, he make dua Alhamdulillah that my brothers showed up to the masjid May Allah keep them from the people of NAMA surgeon. That's what we're supposed to say.

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That what we're supposed to say, so my brothers, if you are one of these people,

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let me ask you a question. Why or What did Allah do to you so you can visit him only once a year?

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Why did he is he behind in his blessings to you? And as Allah Who because in Abda, isn't Allah giving us more than we deserve? My beloved brother, my beloved brother, I love you so much, please, frequently masajid Allah so happy, Allah is very happy. So someone told us when we come to the masjid, Allah is very happy. And he told us that every time someone comes to the masjid, Allah prepares us unusual. Allah prepares like a place in Ghana for him, kill them. Radha whare. Every time he comes in the morning or he comes in the evening, like you know when you prepare something for a very important guest that is visiting you. Allah prepares that every morning and every night

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when his come to his house.

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So please do not make this night. The last night you come to the masjid and then you will come back next year. No, tell yourself Ya Allah. That's it.

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I am so grateful that you made me come in this night. And I promise you Allah, this will not be my last night coming to the masjid. All this talk is explained in 30 episodes on online finding pleasure and salad in more way more details so we can improve our Salatin sha Allah, may Allah make us from the people who are crushing and there's a lot May Allah keep a steadfast on his Deen. May Allah protect us from any harm? May Allah protect epic from the evil eye. May Allah protect epic from the evil eye. May Allah protect the management from the evil eye. May Allah protect our shield? May Allah protect our shield. I love all my colleagues, may Allah protect them all. May Allah keep

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the unity among us. May Allah subhanaw taala strengthen our love to one another. May Allah keep the trail team of humans and the trail teen of Jin away from our masjid and away from all the massager, Amin alanine Zakon lucky to come off in Mussolini now almost Lima meaning Mina on et now

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in pain I was logged in Ponte one saw the Rena was Slavia rod the one before she you know she

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was before she I mean I want to call she is the one downside BP now one downside the party was on me now was all in.

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Wouldn't have you Lena photo gentlemen, one half year warranty was there good enough. Guess

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what the Gildan on? I don't know who

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