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This episode is about a companion who loved one of the Surahs of the Quran so much that he would recite it in every rakah after surah Fatiha and then recite another Surah. Watch the last episode of this series to know if the Prophet SAW approved of this act of worship or no.


AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of being a partner in salon work and how it can lead toMVational behavior. They also touch on the use of words and phrases to describe a person of color, the concept of approval, and the importance of the Prophet's surah and his love for the beast. The speaker encourages viewers to continue watching and tune in to the series.
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salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. The brothers and sisters Welcome back to people or an were tonight will be the last night inshallah to Allah will I will where I will share with you a story of how one of our pious predecessors interacted with an AI of the plans of how a lot we're already at the end of Ramadan, may Allah accept it, and inshallah Thai This is a beautiful story that we can take home with us in sha Allah to Allah because becoming a person of color and doesn't just mean that you take that sword or you take that idea and you internalize it, but you know, you actually fall in love with the Koran and that's the goal here that we actually get to a point where

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the portal and becomes part of us to where we don't just live the poor and you know, because we have to, but we live the poor and because we love the poor and and we love the one who taught the poor and this is a story from the Sahaba of the Prophet slicin and a symptomatic of the a lot of time and who says that there is one of the unsaddled that used to lead us and used to lead the other unsought in salon in method Koba. Koba, for those of you that know, the Quba mosque in Medina, it's it's very close to as the number one. And as soon as you go there, of course, and pray to that guy. So this is the historic method, the method that allow refers to in Nepal and that was built upon the foundation

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of taqwa. So he said that this man used to lead so often measured Koba. And in every single record, if you follow along, he would start off after sort of Fatiha with the recitation of kohala handtied resulted as loss. And then when he finished with his loss, he'd go and he'd read another surah. So imagine somehow praying behind the Imam, and literally every single record of Salah he reads a 30 kohala head, and then he reads another solar. So he would constantly do this until the Sahaba went to them, and they said, Listen, you know, you can do one of two things, you know, either you could just read colo Allah had by itself and consider it sufficient, that's good enough to just read Hello

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ahead. Or you could read another source. And that's sufficient, meaning you don't need to do this in every single workout to put kololo ahead in every single record. So the man said, Look, I'm never gonna stop doing this. He said, this is a condition for me being your Imam, this is how serious he takes it. Like, if you don't want me to leave, if you don't want me to do this, then I'm not gonna lead you guys in salon anymore. So you make that call, you make that decision. So honestly, the longtime man who says, but also have the knew that he was the best amongst them, meaning this wasn't just some average companion, because a lot of times when this story is told, it's like some ignorant

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bedwin No, this is one of the best of the prophets lie Selim, allow them who he is. But you know, they knew that he's the best one. So they didn't want him to stop being the Imam. So they went to the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. And they told the prophets lie some about it. So the prophets lie, some said, you know, tell him to come to me. So the man came to him, and also lost my son and said to him, you know, also And so, what stops you from doing what your companions asked you to? Do? You know, pillola had a sufficient and other sort of sufficient, what stopped you from listening to them? And he replied to the prophets license, and he says, in the head, he said, Look, I just love

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the soul. And the profits license saw the sincerity of this companion, we said, I just love put all I had, right. And a lot of people would think that, you know, you could you could make the argument that you'll read the law had in every locker and not read another school, and you'll say, I just love the school or just make all of your salons really fast. But this man would go ahead, and another suitor so he said, Look, you know, sort of law in the HIPAA, I just love the surah the Prophet slicin looked at him and seeing that sincerity in the man's eyes and seeing the love that he had for that particular sort of the answer to this last one third of the Quran, the Prophet slicin

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um, says, Herb bouquet, iya attalla Kundan. Your love for that surah has guaranteed you entrance into paradise. So not only is your action okay, but your love for the soul will enter you into gender This guarantees you paradise. Now somehow a lot. This leaves us with a question this Hadeeth, by the way, is in our body. Is it now Sunnah to read? kololo ahead in every single icon, is it Helen? Is it more back? Is it permissible to resort to you know, to resort to this last and every single car? Is it better? Is it an innovation, right? And there's a technical point here that needs to be clarified in the son of the Prophet slice on them. As soon as it becomes a sooner through a

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statement of the profit slice them call. It could be an action of the profit slice on theory, or it could be you know, to create the profit slice them approve something that someone else does. But within topcliffe within the profits license approving something that someone else did, there are two types of approval. One of them is where the profits, licensees, a companion doing something in the profit slice to them, you know, praises that action. And so that becomes as soon as it actually becomes something that becomes beloved to do. The other one is when the prophets lie some is simply silent about the action of a companion, meaning the Prophet slicin and doesn't approve the action.

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He allows it to be done. But he doesn't assign a reward to it. When the

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profits licensing does that it becomes permissible. So this falls in that category where it became permissible for that man to do so and for everyone else, but it's not necessarily a sign of the profit slice, tell them to do so because the profits license only approved of that man doing it, you know, because of his love for the slaughter and not necessarily just the sooner to read through the net loss in every single acre. But so Pamela, you know, what is it that you love about the quarter? And what sort of do you love and, and, you know, why did this man love pillola? Had Why is it one third of the Quran? Why is this short surah that we just feed through, you know, all the time in our

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salon so important? And why should we pay attention to it because this is a surah that highlights the essence of tawheed I mean, it gives us monotheism and its purest form, and that's the beauty and the crux of this religion. And so so can a lot we find this companion loving it so much that the Prophet slicin didn't just say okay, you can read it instead of the prophets license and if you love the school and the way that you love that song, then you're definitely going to be entered into gentlemen, because he loved that sooner for a lot and we love the portal and for Allah subhanho wa Taala now Subhana Allah, we're done with the series and I have to say, you know, I have to thank

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everyone that's tuned in to this series. This has been one of by far You know, one of my favorite series is ever doing in life kind of live really enjoyed it and I look forward to really doing this in Charlottetown annually, I asked Allah that He accepts art on Milan, and that he gives us another year in sha Allah to Allah and more but I asked Allah Aloma living now Ramadan Oh Allah allow us to see Ramadan next year inshallah tada so hopefully, we'll continue in this and obviously you know, the main thing we take from this is to become people for and we ask a lot to make us from a Hooper and those that the prophets license that are the most favorite people of Allah subhanho wa Taala the

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people have an annual port and they are the VIP of Allah subhanho to Allah. In the meantime dear brothers and sisters you know from now until next all along obviously continue to refresh you know your your memory and go through the series and share it with other people and continue to tune in and Charlottetown it's all of the great series that we have on BNN TV and on YouTube and on our YouTube channel slash Vienna where we'll be continuing inshallah the beginning and the end and inshallah tada other episodes like amazed baykal and biostat in our man are going to be coming up so stay tuned inshallah Tiana and thank you so much to Zack malachite and for being a part

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of this Ramadan for allowing me to be a part of your Ramadan. I look forward to seeing you guys in shall on the future was phenomenal and he can walk into line but I can't