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The importance of memorizing hadiths and finding guidance to protect against loss of information is emphasized. The speaker also emphasizes the importance of finding the meaning of a hadith in political campaigns and avoiding negative language or opinion in order to gain political momentum. The speaker stresses the need to show love for Islam to gain acceptance among the people and follow rules of Islam to gain gain penalties.

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This is why the believer has to show that he is thankful to Allah subhanaw taala by using the blessings that Eliza Magellan has given him four obedience of philosophy. This is how you show a lot of gratitude, not just by saying off your tongue as hungry, not hungry,

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co op

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and provided it for me with no strength of mine.

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Thank them

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shape answer, you won't you find that most of them are not grateful to them? And I think so we're asking the loss of habitat and this heading to protect us from those angles that she find comes

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to us from the front. Why didn't she

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at least twice a day, whoever says in the morning lemania setup allows you to do your

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research in the evening along with a local mafia to the junior level to the end of the heading. So you should memorize this one. If you take it over the next three days, let's just say you can't you feel like you can't memorize it all today. Take part of it today. Part of it tomorrow. by Tuesday shalom to Allah, you'll be done memorizing this hadith. And you can find the Heidi disco is in his non Muslim it's in many of the books of avatar, you can look on the internet, find the hudy as a matter of fact, you can actually find it being stated like you go to any video, YouTube or whatever. And you can say it to someone else who might know that why didn't you make it a part of your life

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inshallah, and that is how you will find the protection of a loss of data by increasing

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by developing and nurturing that relationship and that connection that you have with the last panel of data that's done through the eyes of the Prophet is locked to Sudan tells us that your reward the fruit of your being mindful of a loss of angina is that Allah will protect you he will protect you in your religious affairs and he will protect you and your worldly affairs.

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But there is also another reward for the land to do to to

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be mindful of Allah and you will find a law in front of you.

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What does that mean to find the love subpanel Tada in front of you.

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It means that a law will guide you in your affairs. The guide is always in front. The one who was being guided is buying he's following the path.

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A law will be in front of you. He will guide you. He will make sure that you don't go astray he will keep you on the slot and will stay clean.

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Which you asked the last panel what to add afford

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every time you receive

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What does this mean either

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when I see Coca Cola in the festival

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there's a part

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that's not coming to me right now we're looking at data is telling us to what stuck in that was that roller

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seek or loss forgiveness and this is at the conclusion of good deeds we seek the last point is that even I pass by the laws of Thailand

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and I'm not gonna be allowed to either and who use that to show the rest of the campaign's that this young man is extremely intelligent, the prophet alayhi salatu salam and trusted him with these words I trusted him with these words and he taught him even at this young age, that this is your means to gaining a loss of handling tightest protection and this is your means to gaining a loss which is guidance that you are mindful of him subpanel which

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of a lot of data

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has been in what I have learned

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so far is

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what has been the nurse, the nurse

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manager, what are you what Senator

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man came with a problem from a long way he was alone and said, Oh Allah messenger directly to a deed which if I do it, I shall be loved by Allah and by the people. He replied, practice practice

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in the world

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and abstain from people's possessions, and they will love you for even magic.

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And this heady, which as the other half of them in headed Alaska, Danny mentioned is hesson.

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And many of the other scholars of Hadith also say that this hadith is hesitant. But there are others who dispute that point. And they say that this Heidi is weak is not a strong Hadees in terms of its chain of narratives in terms of its Senate.

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However, the meaning of the Hadith is clearly authentic. The meaning of the Hadith is clearly authentic inshallah, it is a hadith which is fair in terms of

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It's authenticity as well. Here we see that this companion

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side of inside, came to the Prophet and his salon to Sudan. And he said to show me, and he pointed me

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to an action that if I do it, Allah will love me.

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Allah will love me. And the people will also like.

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In here we see, as we've seen many times before, the

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great concern of the companions, to be loved by lots of Natasha TO DO what is pleasing to a loss of neutrality to gain his acceptance.

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And that's very important here, that we see that he was seeking to be loved by laws who handle time. And if a person is loved by laws, they these wants to be successful.

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Which gibreel informs jabril

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that he loves this servant.

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So you love him.

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And then gibreel calls out to the inhabitants of the heavens and the angels and he says to them, in the lie you have fallen out, Allah loves someone so far ahead, boo, so loving him. And then his acceptance is placed in there. Johnny, he will also be accepted by the people will also be accepted by the people. And to be accepted by people

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is not the goal in and of itself.

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But it is a result of your following the teachings of the prophet Isaiah salatu salam and this is why the Prophet sallallahu wasallam said here, if you detach yourself from the worldly things, Allah will love you.

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Why because your heart is attached to us not attached to the dunya

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then Allah will love you. And if you refrain from being attached to what the people possess,

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then the people will love you now did the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, inform us in many other hudy don't ask people what they have Eliza don't despise that you asked too much that a person will come with a day of judgment and have no people continue to ask people until he comes on the Day of Judgment with no lamb Yanni, no meat left on his face. So we have many

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instructions from the Prophet alayhi salaatu wa Salaam

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of refraining from asking people. So the Prophet sallallahu wasallam is here telling us that if you follow my teachings,

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then you will be accepted and most of the people who will get to that point, because

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because you may find that by following the teachings of Islam, you are not accepted amongst the people who hate Islam, but that's natural. And at this point, you have to put your love of Allah Subhana data and the path that he has set for us above your love of being accepted by people who don't accept the lies with you in the first place. Right. So in this Howdy. What we find is this great concern of the companions to be loved by law that should be all of our concern.

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Not that we claim with our tongue that we love Allah, because that's very easy. It's very easy to claim.

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This is why has an ambassador Rahim Allah Tada, others of the scholars,

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they sent in explaining the statement of allies of a gentleman

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in Cancun to hipbone Allah, phetchaburi, Rooney, your biblical Allah.

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say if you love Allah, he's telling him he's telling the lies with y'all is telling the prophet to say to the people, if you love Allah, follow me.

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Follow me, follow my teachings, follow the precedent that I've sent.

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Allah will love you.

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Follow me and allow you to condition you want to be loved by lies in a job, you have to follow the profit that is selected.

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Don't disobey the messages, allow yourself to go against the sinner, go against his teaching. And then say but I love Allah. If you love Allah,

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they follow Me. Allow will love you and He will forgive you of your sins. So they said in explaining this Howdy, Lisa Shea, and to hyndburn well like in the shed and to have the real issue is not that you love. The real issue is that you be loved

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the Reuters that that you love Allah. But the real issue is that Allah loves you. That's what you should be seeking for. And the way that you gain that is by following

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The messages. So what did the messenger tell us in this Heidi, as part of following him is a way that we can gain a loss of penalties as low.

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take you away does not preoccupy you from your duty to Allah Subhana. Who wants at this is a very important concept to understand. It does not mean that you were thorough with patches that you wear on clothes,

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but that you drive the worst vehicle and the community that you have the smallest home. There are people who have very little and they're not sad