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The use of DUA to prevent suffering from COVID-19 and the potential for the virus to destroy people is discussed. Hand wipes are used to cover one's body and prevent suffering from the virus. The concept of prevention is emphasized, including using hand wipes to cover one's body and avoiding words and sounds. The conversation is disjointed and difficult to follow.

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Tonight estar en la Hui SubhanAllah. People buy all kinds of insurance to get coverage, life insurance, health insurance, car insurance, all kinds of insurance. But this insurance, like for example, life insurance does not prevent death. Car insurance does not prevent accidents, all kinds of insurances they do not prevent what they are both for, but the DUA that we will be learning today prevents all kinds of calamities Bismillah

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there are two eyes that you ask for something alarm and yes Alka and there are two eyes that you make the either you ask Allah

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to protect you from something right? Today is dua of STR Allah. And Abdullah had Norma Radi Allahu Anhu uma Hadith in Sahih Muslim con can Amin dua Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Allahumma inni Abu Zubaydah, Monza well in aromatic were to humbly I fear tick well Fuji at necromantic. Were Jamia is psychotic alumna Ahmad Yamaha. Now he said from the DUA that Allah is telling us to commonly say is that he used to seek refuge from for things Allah Kuan I call this the full coverage dua

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Allahumma in order to become mean Zawada in ametek yeah Allah I seek refuge in You from the disappearance of your blessings your Allah you gave me Islam ya Allah do not make it disappear your Allah you gave me Eman your Allah do not make it disappear ya Allah you make me from the people who come to Fisher and Asia ya Allah do not make a disappear ya Allah You made me memorize the Quran ya Allah do not make it disappear ya Allah you blessed me with the righteous spouse that I'm happy to see when I go home ya Allah do not make that disappear ya Allah you blessed me with good children I come home they're moving without any pain they are doing their homework that piece from your Allah

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do not make that NEMA disappear

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your Allah there are people suffering without food and I have full fridge ya Allah do not make that NEMA also disappear. I'm just naming fewer blessings but that include every single blessing that ALLAH blessed me and you will your Allah ZyWall is disappearance do not make all these blessings your Allah do not make them disappear.

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What the How will you theoretic?

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Althea, even though the general term is health, but as yet includes everything, we said that before and we studied

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Dunker for solace, I said and said, You have Rasul Allah teach me a DUA. He said one word, Salah, and if you ask Allah Aafia so here I'm asking Allah do not make that fear change.

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Yeah, Allah my well being ya allah um I'm using these hands now to eat myself. Nobody has to feed me yet Allah I use these hands now to shower myself to clean myself by myself to dress by myself. Ya Allah do not make this snap of moving the hands being mobile. Do not make it go away. Do not switch it. Yeah, Allah Subhanallah brother yesterday, going down the stairs, he slipped hit his back paralyzed.

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The How will I see a tick see exactly what we're talking about. His Alfia was perfect in a fraction of a second switch.

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As a matter of fact, today, may Allah have mercy on our brother, Alvin. We went and buried him today. 46 years old. Subhanallah look about how we laugh here. Three months ago. Headache.

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Brain tumor, burial

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all of a sudden

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the How will I feel ya Allah Ya Allah do not make this idea that you blessed me with change. Waffle Jaya Teaneck Matic and the suddenness of your punishment. When we do something evil we deserve to be punished. Ya Allah do not punish me suddenly.

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You know Allah subhanaw taala like you said the other day is Helene he keeps delaying the punishment and that also include sudden death.

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You know when you have time and you get sick or for example, you're getting old you know that you're going to die you start preparing yourself, you start making Tober a lot of Tober but Sudden Death you're driving and boom gun.

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Sudden Death ya allah prevents me from that also. And then Subhan Allah and did wish me a psychotic ya Allah I seek refuge in You from committing anything

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That will bring any form of your wrath. Anything that will bring your hubbub a sin minor major whatever it is your Allah keep it away from me whatever that sin is anything that do not please do your Allah keep it away from me. I'm asking for the pleasure of Allah opposite your Allah keep me away from committing anything that angers you

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via one you know, there's a saying that says prevention is better than cure. Right?

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So why don't we say this every single day in my sister in part of my morning at car part of my evening of car, why do I have to wait for an AMA to disappear to start making this

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right? Yo Allah do not do not let any of these blessings that I have Allah when you see

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we are asking for the net amount not to disappear. Why? Because we only appreciate the net amount when it disappears.

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Yeah, Allah used to come to measure all the time now. Three, four weeks, I'm behind ya Allah.

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Please yalla bring me that, that. And for the brothers who are attending every single day, the brothers who are happy in everything in their life, ask ALLAH from now before something happened, then they say the DA prevent the cutter there are two kinds of cutter right? The cutter is a small luck. This is a completely different story. But this dua will if there's something written for you, and you make this that be in the letter and Allah subhanaw taala will change that destiny that was supposed to happen to you because of this da la so la Selim used to make it a lot. So why don't we also make it a lot. I know sometimes, when some of these dials that I mentioned, there may be

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special like this, today's that the words are not really common for you. I cannot memorize them. Does that mean you cannot put them on your notes, make a folder every other Thursday. And you sit down five minutes after Salah five minutes in the morning and read them all? Who said you have to memorize them if you memorize them Allahu Akbar. But if you don't, you still can read. So you have one please try to practice this as much as you can. Allah is such a beautiful, amazing if it comes from the heart sincerely from the heart. Allah will grant us every single word of it. I mean, I mean Zack Maliki as usual, anybody wants to please contact me already inshallah. Last time by the way,

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the DA we didn't Thursday was the most request ever. I got from all the crowd, Masha, ALLAH SubhanA Colombo, they said Allah Allah Allah and the stuff you do count

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our mother

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who used Luna island

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I'm Abby

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water he wants to label this nema.

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In Medina you know Allah wants to hold on

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to Nia or laughing or auntie

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mother mouline

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What levena You do? Meanie No. Mina TV a while at MCC DESA Boo.

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Boo Boo

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