The Founder of THIS School is Guaranteed Hellfire!

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There's a school

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that was established

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long time ago, very long time ago.

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the founder of the school

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is nothing but a bliss himself.

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The school is called ISD.

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A bliss School of destruction

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unfortunate Unfortunately, many people are still enrolling in the school

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and some people graduated from that school straight to the hell

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the main principle of the school after I give you some examples, you will understand

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Allah ordered

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Iblees to make sujood to Adam

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he refused.

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Based on his logic,

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please listen carefully. He refused based on his logic

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that I am better than him.

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Collect and even now we're Calaca who maintain You created me from fire and He created him from mud.

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And he refused

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to make this rude, forgetting an extremely important matter, which is

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it's not about the sujood

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it's an order from Allah azza wa jal

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well ma'am Anna, aka Allah test God is

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Amara talk. Why you didn't make sujood when I ordered you,

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he thought to suggest about to shoot I am better than him. I'm not going to make you shoot. It's not about decision. It's about an order from Allah azza wa jal that you refused.

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Another person enrolled in that school years after and that was the son of know how to you Salam.

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You have to know your commander, my son, come and join us. Let's be saved.

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He said no, I'm gonna go to a mountain that will protect me from the flood.

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He used his logic, it's a flood. I go to a high place I will be saved from the flood.

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Yeah, Simoni Minalima. What did the Father say? Last imam in

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amarilla. This is an order from Allah. There's no protection from the order of Allah. It's an order said about just logic. This is high flood this law. Let me be protected. Now let's come back to now.

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Brother, why don't you pray?

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Amen is right here.

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The prayer. It's just movements.

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It's not about the movements. It's an order from Allah azza wa jal, my sister, why don't you wear the hijab?

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It's just a piece of cloth and the head and some loose clothing. My heart is clean. I have strong Eman. My sister. This is an older from Allah. It's not an option.

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We are making the same mistake people are still enrolling in ISD

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Why don't you go to Hajj brother going around the stone, kissing the stone throwing the stone. I could have gotten the money somewhere else habibi. It's an order from Allah.

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It's not about the rituals. It's an order from Allah azza wa jal. This is what we are missing.

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Stop dealing with river.

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Stop brother. It's only 2% And the guy is taking my money and investing it and he's making money. What's the big deal if he shared it with me? Stop it because it's an order from Allah. It's not about the logic. They said that in the mulberry river. They said the same thing. Selling is the same thing as river. But Allah a halal bear?

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Well, this is halal. This is haram. I said so done.

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It's an order

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whether it makes sense or does not make sense.

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The point is, when we know Allah azza wa jal, we will know for a fact that he only orders what's good for us. And whenever he has prohibited it, definitely without a speck of doubt, it's evil for us.

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Very short, hotter. Please do not enroll in ISD.

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Ignore the principal who's still alive and still trying to recruit as many students as possible to his school. May Allah save us from his school. We don't want to meet him. May Allah Subhana Allah Allah do not want do not make us see him forever. May Allah gathered us with Rasulullah Salallahu Salam Zakon l'affaire Salaam Alaikum

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in metal Mussolini now Lima D one meaning me 91 quantity now look on it the more saw the dino saw the bond the one saw the Rena was Salviati one before she you know she

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wouldn't fall she I mean I want to fall she I think one downside BP now one downside the party was on me now was all in

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wouldn't have you Lena photo gentleman one half the award the was that good enough? Guess

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what the guilt or I don't know who

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will enjoy