Living with The Quran #15 – Teamwork Makes The Dream Work

Majed Mahmoud


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The speaker discusses the importance of collaboration and teamwork in a situation where one is losing his mind and is collaborating with others. The speaker describes how the Prophet sallam was allam and collaborated on a construction project, but faced negative consequences. The speaker emphasizes the need for teamwork and cooperation to overcome fear and forgetfulness.

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How is your level of collaboration and teamwork or do you do things always solo? Check this out. So the Prophet sal Allahu alayhi wa sallam before he even received revelation. You know that event where he co received the enlarged Hara and he was so terrified and he ran down the mountain. He went to his wife Khadija he does not know what just happened. Someone squeezed them. So the Prophet thought that he is going to get ruined. He's Akashi to Allah NFCA hottie, Jaya. I think I'm done. I think I'm losing my mind. Then Hadiya told them Kalla Walla Walla Hey, there's no way Allah will never humiliate you and they want you to know why she was that confident. Why would Allah never

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humiliate the prophets of Allah Allah salah. She told him many qualities such as in Nikola Tesla Rahim, you connect the ties of kinship, and you say the truth, and you help the poor and the needy, and look to what she said, What do I mean what I learned, even hack and you contribute, and you cooperate and you collaborate on what on trying to assist people upon the truth, Allahu Akbar. And this was not just him before prophethood, even after profited, he grew and that even more sallallahu alayhi wa sallam so much so in authentic narration during the Battle of 100, when the 10,000 soldiers were collaborating, yes, collaborating against the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam and

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they were trying to dig the trench. What did the prophets Allah Salam do? He contributed? He was part of that team, where there was digging of that sand digging of that trench so much so the Sahaba said, the whole dust covered his body, you cannot see his skin anymore. He was working with the Sahaba digging Alhamdulillah they're all saved and they were all victorious. He lived by the Quran where Allah subhanho wa Taala says, What to our one who I'll bury what Toccoa collaborate work together upon righteousness and piety. Whether to our one well if me well or do I do not collaborate? No teamwork, no being on the same page, but on the wrong book with a two hour if me

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well are the one do not collaborate on that which is haram which is sin or transgression. May Allah bless you and I and Allah was to unite upon that which is the truth. I mean, trouble Alameen wa Salam o alaikum