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AI: Summary © The transcript describes a series of statements and conversations between various speakers, including a chef discussing sicknesses and sick individuals, a chef discussing Jana Ali, a chef discussing a double accepting of a woman named Jana Ali, and a host discussing the history of Islam and staying away from negative behavior. The segment emphasizes the importance of forgiveness and staying away from negative behavior. The segment also touches on the topic of a bankruptcy, a dams, and the importance of being aware of one's rights and treating people with the right kind of treatment.
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You could be punished also with cold.

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What did Allah subhanaw taala say in Surah three inside

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which is our home Bhima Salado, Jonathan, with Turkey in a fee her and an ironic ly around a fee her chanson.

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Whereas I'm harira but there's some harira mean that in Jana, there's no extreme heat, and there's no extreme cold. It's beautiful weather, you do adjust the temperature the way you like it. If you're from like the Behala, from Cleveland, do you want snow, you get snow all the time. You want one side of your house snow and the other side spring, you can do that. You have one side the mountain of snow on the other side beach, you can do that right now. nyesha

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They have whatever they want in it, along with

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We're still discussing the series of sickness. And we spoke last week about some of the stuff that the Marine, the sick person is not recommended to do. So today, the chef

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he titled his last part of the chapter by saying preparing for the imminent departure.

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Keep in mind when the chef is discussing the sickness, he's discussing all kinds of sicknesses. Right? It could be

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it could be the sickness that will lead to death. Right?

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Allah subhanaw taala Allah, it could be how many times we see healthy people, and they went

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overnight, done. Right. So the sick person has higher possibility of getting to that level. So the chef mentioned, what is some of the things what are some of the things that the sick person should do?

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While he is in that state, to prepare for his departure? Number one, repentance.

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When a person is healthy, and well, he may be deeply engaged or involved in dunya matters.

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But Subhan Allah, when he is hit by a calamity of sickness, he wakes up.

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And then he noticed how much time he was giving to dunya matters job and children and wife and all that. And he's forgetting about his asthma. So the sickness come as a form of reminding the person of his Akela so a believer, she said, should turn to Allah azza wa jal was sincere repentance at all times. But it's at times of extreme sickness should be even more called Allah subhanaw taala Yeah, you're Latina Amman to boo Illa Allah He told button NASA as our bukem or you can fear and come see it come when you the healer complete healer come Jeanette integrity, men Tatiana, and how are you believe repent to Allah sincerely, perhaps your Lord will forgive you and admit you to gardens

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beneath the which rivers flow. This is

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emphasized more In another Hadith when Rasulullah sallallahu said in Allah Jakob Dallow tau but a lab mallam Ah, you hardware, Milan new hardware. So Allah Azza wa sallam said, and the hadith is in Mr. Muhammad, indeed Allah will accept the repentance of the servant as long as he does not reach the gurgling stage. Any you know somebody

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at that time.

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No more repentance, anything before that.

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Repentance The door is open. But when it gets to here,

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it's too late. Who who did that? Frown Surah Surah

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in which Surah

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no, no Surah it was said that for our own admin to be with it.

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Maybe if I show you chocolate you will get small chocolate. Whoever gets is going to Butterfinger.

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Keep it on the side till you get such

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a sick person should realize the severity of his sins, regret them. resolve them and ask ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada to forgive him. So

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First thing that a person who is any feeling very sick, he should constantly return to Allah as diligent and as you have seen, yeah one

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that repentance is not only for Allah did not say yeah you have Medina Cafaro to He did not say yeah you honeymoon after clean to he said yeah you Alladhina

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but that's why the brothers are trying to do something Mustapha they cannot hear that room. Is it maybe the key

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yeah Shala you could just open the door Sure. No no man.

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So if you notice Allah subhanaw taala is not saying yeah you have nothing in Africa you are Latina Catherine toogoo Yanga Latina Avenue. Yeah, you and Adina Amman so the repentance is not only for the kuffaar and the mana for Kenya one the repentance is for me is for all of us were to eat Allah He Jimmy an A you

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mean on Subhanallah Jimmy and so the repentance is for all of us. Now somebody might say yes, yeah, what else? What should I repent from? I mean, hamdulillah no alcohol. No, there's no there's no major sins. I don't do any major sins. So what should I be repenting from?

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Minus 100 Not a bad i mean Rasulillah Salam, out of the Mercy of Allah azza wa jal from one Salah Tala salud. All minor sins are forgiven from one Joomla to Joomla if you stay away from the cabeza Mitch Tony battle Kibera or the minor sins are forgiven

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Subhanallah we handle 100 times all minor sins are forgiven but what should we repent from the summer?

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Still thinking about

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this Yes. The what should we defend from

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Nikki is dual if someone's saying Hamdulillah I don't commit any cover.

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What should I repent from your share?

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Subhanallah the minute you feel that you do not need to repent from something then you need to major repentance

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Do you think yeah one with the little that we are doing?

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We are just taking the name of of vision only just vision.

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We come to the masjid maybe a few times a day. We give a little bit of money. We fast every once in a while and we think calluses on

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himself. After a suicide sell and die he went to the FDA and asked him if his name is on the list of morphine

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and we couple of Fisher five three hotties genders in my pocket

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Subhanallah Ali are the Allah and who are gone all night crying? Why are you crying? I have no clue where I'm going. Jana Ali Abu Bakr I am not going to feel safe until both feet are in Jana

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and basil and Jana already

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by Allah Allah. Allah Subhanallah we do a lot we should do a lot and all the time feel that we are behind.

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When this happens to you, then you are in the right path. If you keep always telling yourself that I should do more maybe that one was not accepted maybe this one is not accepted maybe that one maybe my repentance of all that Messiah or the euro or the

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sins that I committed in the past maybe it's not maybe it was not accepted so I'm gonna keep constantly ask Allah for repentance Subhanallah so always yeah when I start from about the millennials

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to Allah media to Allah

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Allah money so look when Nick Allah, Allah Subhan Allah De La Miel it when a new that when a miracle Allah who for one, and Delphi really don't OB sure a lot of solace Isola goofier Allah

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Allahu Akbar, listen Jaquan Listen, anybody wants to start inshallah you can ask me on Sunday to alarm and yes, we can go ahead and add a summit, then this is like the Circle class.

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And let me read when you read what I'm here for one act. This is remember what we said many, many times. You always praise Allah first. Then you ask what do you want?

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And don't feel interfere or leave them be. I suppose I said, I've heard somebody say this. He said, all fear Allah. His sins are forgiven.

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So constantly ask Allah for forgiveness. What's the industry do that so Salam used to do along the Philly Thembi Kula the car who was EULA a welder who were Acura and then he Yetta who was Sarah.

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This is a solo salon in his sujood one of the common sujood ya Allah forgive all my sins, the small one and the big one. The first one and the last one, the one I didn't public and the one I didn't secret. So Allah says Allah.

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This is one of the DUA if you look at a day at a sujood da offsuit you will find this da that was said regularly, whereby Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam so the first thing repentance second, the chef mentioned reforming ties with other Muslims. This is extremely important.

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If you feel you're getting very sick, and you never know because when we go to the hospital or we get very sick, we have no idea if we're going to make it or not. So these are general if you feel that this is happening immediately the shakes that is sick person should take your sickness as an opportunity to mend to fix his relationships with those who have wronged him or whom he has wronged.

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Why? Listen to this hadith. Listen to this hadith with your heart. Okay, this hadith

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is in

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an edible mufaddal Bukhari well Hadith Sahih

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Muslim and you saw him Muslim in focus LF

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for in Neville man that key Danny Daniel Huck Madama I ll see Rami Hema

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we're in a weather Houma

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we're in a weather human fi and your Cuca forgotten and who subcool who Bill feet. Explain when matter listen carefully. We're in matter I see it all me Hema lemonade hudl Jana Jaime and other than

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when Sal llama la further and yuck Bella Tasleem wasallam. Rod de la Hill Malak word the harsh Ripon.

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It is not permissible for a Mr. Pharaoh Muslim to abandon another Muslim for more than three nights.

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Indeed, they both are straying away, off the right path. While they continue their abandonment. As long as they don't talk to each other, they are going away from the straight path.

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As for the first of them, to conciliated, the first one who started the salaam, his his lead, because he started the conciliation would surely forgive all his sins, because he's the one who started the peace. And indeed, this is the part here. And indeed, if they die in that state of not talking to one another, they will never both enter Jannah

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they will not enter Jannah and if one of them gives salaam to the other, but the other refuses to accept his Salam and peas, an angel would respond to him was salam and the other one will be responded to by the shaitan.

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Now you tell me after you heard this

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What is that thing that your brother did to you? Or that your sister that you that deserve going to hell? I'm not smelling Jana

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and you're staying more than three days. Keep in mind that one we're not asking here to be best friends.

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But at least keep the salam

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Salam aleikum wa Rahmatullah Wa Alaikum salaam wa rahmatullah wa barakato. This is the minimum, but to stay over three days not talking to one another. And the closer the person is, the more dangerous it is, or I say closer means and as a brother as a sister, as I'm not mentioning mother and father because this is cool. This is a major, major sin.

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Subhanallah when Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah, like I said, even though the person might not deserve it, just for the sake of Allah Salam aleikum, wa Rahmatullah just to avoid, look at this, this one's from rock. This one's from the Mininova, override Subhanallah

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returning the people's rights, so first, we set

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But we said second to

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reconsider, make fix the problems between you and your brothers. And third, returning the people's rights a sick person must fulfill his obligations and duties toward other people. If this is not possible for him, he should include instruction in his will for doing so. Carlos Allahu alayhi wa sallam men can attend the home of limit only at him in LD I will man fell you at the LA cobbler and yet to Malkia la Yoko benefi Deena one

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in Canada who I'm on the side, okay them in. We're all TSR Hibou when the media can no I'm not on solid, okay them and say he saw me for a minute I lay

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whoever has oppressed his brother or his sister in his reputation or wealth in this dunya let him remedy that before. Before the day of judgment comes where no other ham, no Dirar no dollar will be accepted. If he has good deeds, they will be taken from him and given to his brother. And if he does not have any good deeds, he will be burdened with his brother's sins.

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We all know the Hadith of the mirthless who is the bankrupt, Salah Salam, the one who comes with a lot of Ironman many Salawat. So yeah, all that Anna, and he has

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that bit and so on. So, shed the blood of so and so consumed the wealth of so on. So, he comes on the day of judgment, and he will be cleaned from on his Hassan ad, according to how many people he has wronged in this dunya

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so wherever you have problem with whoever you have problem with your settings in this dunya before you leave, and especially if it was that nafcillin min, ma B then he had yoke da and

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we spoke about this in funerals. I believe his soul is held back by his debt until they are paid off for him. And I remind myself and I remind you of the Hadith of the to dinar to Salah Salem refused to pray Janessa over the sahabi when he found out he always stood in on and then one of the Sahaba said Yeah, Rasul Allah, I'll take care of it. So So Salam went and prayed.

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Next day he asked me, Did you take care of it? So there are so that was only yesterday. He said,

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The next day he asked him again. Did you take care of it? He said, Yes, yeah. So after two days, he said now he rested.

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to dinner.

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Last one, writing a will. It is important for a sick person to hasten to write His will or her will and have to just Muslims as witnesses. His Will should explain how to dispense his property. After his death, Maha Kumari and Muslim Lahore che you'll see up to Leila tain Illa was here to MK to Bhutan, and it is not rightful for a Muslim should he have anything to give after his death to sleep two consecutive nights, without having written his his will, even more than noted that even one night has passed ever since I heard this from Salem, without having my will with me Subhanallah

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many people here when

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they come back to Allah azza wa jal after a major

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sickness, major accident, major calamity in their life.

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That calamity

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was the reason for them to come back and be on the straight path.

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So even though Listen to me carefully, please, even though during that process during that calamity,

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they were feeling so bad and so stressed and depressed.

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But then,

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after the calamity is over,

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they found out that this calamity, the sickness this accident was the best thing that ever happened to them. Why? Because they came back to Allah after that accident.

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Well, no the can in another been doing another will actually will learn whom we are on. And we'll get to let them taste

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a little bit of this other job, no matter how bad is the other half of the dunya. It's nothing compared to that.

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So we'll give them a little bit of taste of the adverb here. Before the major adapt

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so they can come back. I know so many sisters, one sister after her sisters died, she fell from a second floor. After a sister died at 23 years old. Her sister started wearing the hijab after her sister's death. Many people after his son something happened he started praying after the major accident, he started doing this he went to Hajj Subhanallah and he there is a Hikmah

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sometimes a major calamity will be the reason so how can somebody feel that this accident is actually Rama?

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It was the biggest time for you. Because what did you suffer here? A broken arm. Which one is better broken arm or shoes of fire that making your brain boil forever? Which one?

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Leila him Allah SubhanAllah. So hamdulillah Kalahari hamdulillah Allah Khalid Mohammed Jana Shakira in your brand. Llama Jana Shaka in your brand me. So inshallah Tada. The next chapter is very important, why all of them are important, but because it's our obligation towards the sick. Our obligation towards the sick is the brother still in the hospital, brother. Still, we have a brother and since we're talking about the secure one, we have a brother Madani, he is in

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Methodist Church, Methodist Hospital on Renner SubhanAllah. If you have any time, just literally three minutes, two minutes, just go and get the pleasure of visiting the SEC. And next week, you will see the reward of visiting the SEC SubhanAllah. But go with the intention. Sometimes we go to visit the sick brother

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sit down and sit down. This is very important.

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You know, there are there are four ways

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that we treat one another.

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Either the treatment is Bill Mitchell,

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Bill Mitchell, you visit you visited me when I'm sick, I'll visit you when you're sick, you came to my daughter's wedding, I come to your daughter's wedding. You went to my father's funeral, I go to your father's funeral. This is the minimum, we do that. Then there's a best better level second level I treat you like the way I like to be treated.

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This is higher level. I treat you like the way I like to be treated. So I opened the door for you. I do this for you. I bring your gifts without I'm not expecting anything back from you. Okay, so the brother who came up with with this formula, the four things he said, I studied all over Europe and America and everything. And this is a four o'clock for them. Those two stages, either you're the same, or someone could be they love you to treat them like the way they like to be treated. But the other two he said I've never seen them accepted Islam.

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The third level

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is to treat people like Allah ordered you to treat them.

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The third level is to treat people like Allah or did you treat them?

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This is a high level. So he wronged me. Doesn't matter. Allah said fafo was foul. Allah ordered me to do that. I'm not doing it for him. I'm doing good because Allah ordered me my parents are always giving me a hard time they're asking me to do many things that I cannot do and they're overburdened me that Allah said what was Saina Allah said it's so so yes from me, it's an order from me. Yeah, ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada.

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And the fourth level

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is to treat people

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the way you want Allah to treat you.

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This is a very high level, let's stick to the third one.

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And we'll be okay. Let's treat people the way Allah ordered us to treat people. For example, Al Kitab, Allah said, what he said was you had an ability here accent

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and if somebody did not harm you did not do anything to you.

00:24:04--> 00:24:29

Be kind and be loving. How did he asked me to to treat my wife, my spouse, how to treat my husband, the best treatment, how to treat my parents the best treatment. This is all orders from Allah how to treat my neighbor, Allahu Akbar, to see out of the neighbor will see of the neighbor. So I treat the people like Allah and the Prophet SAW Selim ordered me to treat them. Well Allah if we do that, and I'm telling myself first, we will live in peace.

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We will live in peace because I making the one that matters happy.

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And as the Hadith said, Men or other, whatever, make Allah happy by making people upset, Allah will be happy with him and he will make the people are happy with them. And whosoever make Allah upset by making people happy, Allah will be upset with him and he will make the people upset with him.

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longer than they are blind. I mean, lumber the hammer I mean, Allah mellophone Nikolova krummenacher mean llama fitna Lima to Hibou Allah hum Marzano Shahar that if he said Eric Allama Zama shahada, the FISA De Luca hammer I mean Allama bene attina for dunya Hassan, authority Hassan, Okinawa than NAB Rabindranath Kulu banaba data. I have done a minute on Kurama in the cantilever hub alum, one of the most that I've seen if you call him a llama with the phone and then we'll start off here if you call him again, but solid line and you know Muhammad early he was happy he has money