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AI: Summary © The conversation covers a range of topics related to COVID-19, including advice on staying home and avoiding getting sick, the use of handkerchiefs and wipers, and the use of water and sand in cases where people are in trouble. The speakers emphasize the importance of staying healthy and avoiding getting sick.
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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah who are going to get

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slaughtered. hamdulillah salat wa salam ala Rasulillah Loma Linda and Fiona on finally my lamp Anna was Edna Inman yeah hammer I mean, ask Allah subhanaw taala to make us from the people at the end of the gathering, they will be told Kumu MacFarlane Lacan cut Bucha let's say ethical Massenet. I mean, the Alameen Allah subhanaw taala put Baraka in your life with Baraka in your wealth and your health. May Allah subhanaw taala accept the little that we do and multiply many folds and Charma I mean,

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so, last week, we discussed

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the man

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the actions of the sick person himself, What should he do? We said that he should have some actions of the heart and actions of the tongue. Okay. And we mentioned

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he should be living between fear and hope, always. And we mentioned that from the actions of the heart, he should be accepting to Allah's Father, and from the actions of the tongue, when he said that he should constantly

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remember Allah azza wa jal being sick and having that time alone, in the hospital or at home, that should be an opportunity to constantly remember ALLAH, whether it was vicar or with reading the Quran. And if you remember, when we were discussing the funerals, we mentioned that you are that are soulless, I said and said, whoever

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these words were his last words. Let me see who not the nod will not touch him. And remember, what was your data in Allah?

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Anita Hill Allah Allahu Akbar, Laila Hill Allah Radha

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Dasha rica

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the whole milk

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excellent, La ilaha illallah wa how La Quwata illa biLlah five statements they will start with La ilaha illallah wa salatu wa sallam said, if these statements were the last thing that the person says that Ms or not, the knot will not touch him. So in order to have these statements as our last statement, the only way is to constantly remember them in regular days. So they will come at that time in sha Allah. May Allah make our last word later in Allah and in our blood. So we use the tongue to remember Allah constantly. And we said we use the tongue to make history Yeah, in the law, he went no legal Adriaan always

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and make a lot of dua at the time of sickness and ask Allah subhanaw taala

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to make you die as a Shaheed and this is how we ended now today, what are the disapproved actions of the person who is sick? What are the actions that are not recommended you should not be doing first

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Subhanallah and Dr. Rossi called me telling me about his his mother in law. May Allah subhanaw taala have mercy Allah, Allah Allah, Allah, Mohammed Amin, Allah Masha Allah, Kamala Grameen

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he was telling me that London Lara Alameen even though she was extremely sick, she never complained. So one of the main things that we are not supposed to do when we are sick is complain.

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Complain, any,

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you know, when we complain, I'm not talking about telling the doctor What's wrong with you. This is not complaining. If you go to the doctor and tell him yeah

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Doctor This is hurting this is this this is pain here pain that that's not considered complaint, you have to tell him these things so he can be able to give you the right diagnosis. So the complaint is, you know why me why this isn't enough this year this happened this year that happened. No this is complain. And when you complain, or when we complain, what does that mean? That's cool.

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man Yeah, hum, 11 layer

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we are complaining

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about the one who is merciful to the one who is not merciful. Allahu Akbar any, what's the best could that person do to you Subhan Allah. So, we do not complain because like we said, Nothing happens without the permission of Allah azza wa jal and we have seen from what we discussed before the virtue of getting sick. I see here we have to Dr. Ferox. And we have a lot of doctors. So you should tell your tell your patients when they come to you that you know, you should be very grateful to Allah subhanaw taala that because if you handled the sickness in the proper way, Allahu Akbar constant rewards in Chama. So first, you should not complain. And remember that the sickness is a

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test from Allah azza wa jal, which carried which carries tidings of forgiveness and mercy from Allah azza wa jal Rasul Allah Islam one time when

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one of the Sahaba

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one of the Alon, he went to visit him, and he put his hand on his head and he said, you have a severe fever era Salalah you have a severe fever. Your rasool Allah Azza wa sallam said agile in ni o aku. Kemah UoK La Jolla Annie Minko Subhanallah Yes, I suffer from fever as much as would two men among you would suffer? Can you imagine? Yeah, when

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you know, when we have a fever, it's extremely painful. And sometimes it was so painful that you start concentrating when it becomes like 104 or five very dangerous. So how about Rasul Allah says, and I'm the one who is extremely patient, he's saying that he suffers as much as two men like us. And he said in another narration, when one other Sahabi I will say the Kadri he visited him so same thing, if on the other somebody who has severe fever, he said in Catholica, you shut the door Allah in and Bella where you don't have food and an agile, he said, so it is for us. And he's meaning of profits, this is the way it is for us.

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affliction is intensified for us, and our rewards are multiplied and our our rewards are multiplied.

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Then the next thing that we should not do, when we are sick, is wishing for death.

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Wish wishing for death, regardless of how severe is the sickness, while one may not wish for death.

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When and will further she said that was almost I seldom visited her house

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when his Uncle Al Abbas was sick, Al Abbas voiced to wish for death

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upon this masala SiteSell and said yeah, I'm led to a terminal terminal mouth thing that can contaminate Sinan fan to root as deadweight Cernan Sanic were in controversy and failed to offer that to startup mean is ethical hydralic found out a terminal mouth my uncle do not wish for death. If you have been doing good, extending your life is better for you because you will do more good. And if you are doing

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evil, see if you are sinful. delaying your turn is better for you. So you can have a chance to defend finance Ataman and mouth do not wish for for death

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and then the Hadith that is famous when the soloists I said and said Leonard hotel Jana, no one will enter the genre with his Iman

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and it was was Hassan said even New Era Salalah he said even me whether an inlet and yet haven't made any law have you fugly while I'm at it for set D do a caribou? Well I Ataman in the common mouth, in the same Hadith because usually we all stop even me until Allah have mercy on me but we do not continue the Hadith. The rest of the hadith is and do not wish for for death. If he is righteous, He may do more good and if he's a sinner, he has a chance to to repent

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Another thing that or

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someone might reach, the suffering becomes extremely, extremely severe, and it's like becomes unbearable. And that situation if it became so severe and become in a inevitable for the person to make a DUA, he then is allowed to make the DUA, which was also salam tourists.

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Letterman then had to come out live during Nessie Levy, thank Canada Buddha would have been Nian, if he has to make a DUA, then he let him say, hola, hola Heaney, Madame Atul Hayat Cairoli. What was funny is I cannot deal with that how you only watch al Hayato Xia that only mean coolly. Hi, well, Moto Raha certainly mean coolly. Shall let's also As Salam said, Let no one among you wish for death. Because an affliction that has hit him and if he were to wish for anything, and he has to make dua if he's like, I want to make a dua let him make this dua, which means your Allah let me live as long as life is better for me. And yeah, Allah take my soul. If you know your Allah that the

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death is better for me, okay. And Let life be a means of me to increase my good and let this be a means for me to rest from evil. Okay, so Allah Mohini medema to hire Cairoli weltweit what was funny, Madame mccluer Fed hate on me, okay. Oh, Allah Hama, they were funny they cannot throw a fat Hadron Hadron Li was on hiatus here that Lehman Lucania qualifier when moto Ratan Li Min Cooley? Sure. Third, do not. You know how sometimes

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we curse the sickness in which it's a bill

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that Rasulullah Hassan said Do not curse the fever.

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Do not curse the fever Jaquan these are extremely important topics because we all either go through this or we know someone going through this so it's very important to advise them in case they get to that we saw earlier.

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Or go to Hadith Street Journal reported that Salah Salem visited a woman called almost Musab while she was sick he asked her, Maliki

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to surface the theme. Why are you shivering?

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Oh, Musab? She replied because of the fever. May Allah not bless it. So she cursed the fever. He said, Let us hook Bill Hummer for in to the hip hop boy, Benny Adam can use the Hebrew Kier habits and Hadith.

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He said Do not curse fever, do not curse fever, because it takes away the sins of a human being just like the bellow removes the filth from the island.

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You know the the Battle of the fire, just the way it removes the filth from the next a pure similarly the fever removes a sense from the from the person

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do not ask for punishment.

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And as

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mentioned that there was a man who asked Allah Subhana Allah, Ya Allah rush my punishment in this life, instead of having it in the Ashira.

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So as soon as I said and told him Subhana Allah, that otisco

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He said, subhanAllah you cannot handle that you cannot withstand that you can't How could you ask for something like this?

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And he said instead, instead of that, you should say anybody knows. What did he advise him to say?

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Know very famous guy that we all know by heart, but a banner

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ad unit for dunya Hassan Bofill accurate. He has Santa's work in Lebanon. And he said instead, you should say rob the ad in dunya Hasina will accurately Hassan is working as a banner.

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And the Hadith ended by saying the Hadith by the way, is in sight Muslim. When the man said that said this. Allah subhanaw taala killed him and another Malaysian

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like Obama, I've said, you ask Allah for the IVR.

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Either you set up the Athena or can use Aluna alive here ask Allah for the llama and

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now we come to a very

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important topic, which is the Sahara

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when you're sick

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Sahara when you're sick like I mentioned before, many times, unfortunately, many people think that they when they're sick, the salah drops

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the solid does not drop here when Allah Subhana Allah Allah He said in the Quran, you read Allah who become a nuisance, but you need to become laws, Allah subhanaw taala he wants you sir ease he does not want hardship for us. But if there is a room if there is a way I can pray I can make or do without any harm, then I should not at all

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omit or completely do not pray

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there are certain situations there are certain methods that we can do and will not delay or cancel our our salad type.

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A sick person should keep his body and clothes as clean as he can.

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should try to keep your body and your clothes as clean as as possible. He should if you know some people stay in the hospital or stay sick for a very long time. Similarly, they should clip their nails shave the armpit shave their pubic hair, they should do all that stuff that can they can do without I keep repeating that if there is no harm in doing it, okay. They should very lot of people think when they get sick, how much they stopped doing everything. No. And like I told you before, when I asked the brother

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of course the first slavery come and make dua for him and everything. And his wife was standing next to him. So I thought I'm gonna share how is the salad? Oh, ah, you're sure to leave us alone? Yes, Allah. Allah, the guy is dying. Not dying yet he is talking to me. Mashallah. He's stronger than me most. What do you mean, there's a lot. So, this is not this is not right here when. And, of course, when you go to the hospital, of course, after you say Salaam and make dua for the brother or the sister, remind them a lot of people, a lot of people, they're not doing it out of just because they want to disobey Allah. They're doing it out of ignorance, they did not know, they did not know they

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forgot to say No, what I'm here, I feel dirty, I feel this, I'm not going to pray. No, you should try to keep as clean as possible. And we will discuss how a sick person should pray a sick or disabled person, aided by those who nurse him must do his best to remove all the Jassa from his body, from his clothes. And from his proximity, he's has to do whoever is with him, has to help clean him his clothes and the area that he is sitting in.

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Now, how do we do though, if the person can get up and go to the area to the bathroom restroom, then Bismillah he can do just like all of us, if he cannot go and the water is not harmful to him, then someone could come and bring a smaller power

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basin and just do the work for him as well as to the best of their ability when they get to the to the feet, maybe get some piece of cloth with water. And you know, it's it's doable. If, again, I keep repeating if the water is not harmful, sometimes when someone is sick, they tell them do not put water in this area do not put water in that area, we'll come into that. But if there is nothing wrong with making wood or just like us, he can do that. If he cannot go to the making of the place of voodoo, then someone could help him do the will do. Okay, then someone could help them do the wood. If there are areas that are from the parts of fur do like an arm, foot hand, these are the

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places that are part of the face. These are parts of the model. And they are covered. Because sometimes when we hear the word, touch Vera

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cast immediately we all go to the real cast, but anything that covers anything that covers the area where there is a wound or anything is takes the rules of a cast, even if it was just a piece of cloth. Okay, that takes the rule of a cast. What should we do now?

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If there's no harm on wiping on it Bismillah go ahead and wipe on the arm the foot when it comes to it. You do all your the parts that you're supposed to do and when it gets to the arm or the foot or whatever you have a cast on. Just wipe on it. If let's assume the doctor said not even wiping his butt

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Dangerous you just wipe without anything. If you cannot make wudu at all no water whatsoever you do thermo How do we do? Tam? Tam is very complicated.

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Alright, so tam is very simple Jaqua TM is very, very simple. Tim masala Salam Allah He said TM Murmu sai Eden H. Pavan, but the side the need or the side me outside in Egypt side

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side is the ground is the ground for even five

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ground that is not nothing that just the ground something that is pure and you have any sand any dust okay

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both hands

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this is

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Hamad bin handle Imam Shafi and Imam Abu Hanifa they said up to the elbow, they said up to the elbow, even though the the I said fanciful, we will surely come by decom he didn't say decom and Moravec

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because I didn't come to them Rafik is the same as the beginning. Yeah, you're Latina amorous working, married either come to Me la salud. The whole island. So

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no, not when it comes to the unknown.

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The moon will come by decom

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Yeah, so that means I put some sand in my mouth.

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Yes, that's what he said the Hadith isn't Buhari. He saw a man came.

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It was there was a man with armor or the Allahu and, and the man went to, he became general.

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told Amara Bucha Allah said, Yeah, Amara I became short of what should I do? And Amara was quiet for a second. And

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he, he was not answering. Then he told him. Oh, remember when the same thing happened to us in the last trip, last battle this expedition, and I start rolling all over, over the sand. And then I went Rasulullah sallallahu said in America and I a Kike and tughra We had a cabin orb. So metalphoto from a temsa be him and watch her cat like a fake cat fake. This is guff. Indeed, it would have been sufficient for you if you just hit the ground with your hands and remove the access dust and rub over your face and your pants. And this hadith is multifocal la people carry and Muslim. Okay, so like I said, Imam Malik and Imam, Abu Hanifa Imam Allah, they said up to the elbow. So you do the

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face enhance the elbow, and the other madhhab is just this, this and

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that's it. This is a term that to me, or one

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could suffice for the Hadith, Al Azhar will have an Akbar could take care of voodoo, and could also take care of Geneva. If there was no if there was no water. Now, there's something interesting. What's the difference between hoof and Vera and the cast? The main difference is that the hoof you have to have a look before the cast? No.

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Is it clear, because most of the time when the cast takes happen, they put the cast on me it's an emergency right? And might not have a do. So I'm not going to take a break the whole cast and put my makeup on and put it back on. And so Subhanallah, our dean is user. So in the in the hoof when I wipe on my roof or on my socks, or whatever. The hoof has to be put on odo in order to be able to wipe on it. But the cast this one one of the differences between the cast and and they'll do as a matter of fact, there's a couple of differences. The first is that the hoof is three days, right? The cast is as long as as you need it.

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Yeah, three days, three days for the traveler. Three days and nights for the travel. And one day and night for the resident on the on the hoof, but for the Shapira for JPL as long as you need it.

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The hope is only for the feet that Shapira is for any part of the body that is broken. Another difference of between the hoof and Shapira is that the widow is required before you put the hoof but it's not required for for the Shapira.

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the hoof, you wipe only the top part. And the Shapira you wipe the whole thing.

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Right? See the cast is here, I write the whole thing. But when I'm wiping in the house, I just do the top right, we just do the top.

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Wiping for the wiping on the hoof will cover only for odo on the Shapira, both voodoo and gentle Subhanallah these are the difference between cough and ngvla. So the bottom line Yeah, when Allah subhanaw taala made it very easy, very easy.

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There's no water you could make to them. It cannot. The how the water will harm you. You can just wipe so it's very easy. Don't make it hard on yourself. You know one of the very famous Hadith

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Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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When one of the Sahaba he became general jabber and Abdullah was narrating the Hadith that once went on a journey with other Muslims along the way. And they are I'm sorry, a man's head was injured by a stone. During the night the man became Janome. From a wet dream. He asked his companions if he could be exempted from Olson.

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They told him no, no excuse. You have to use water. He followed their advice he performed Olson which resulted in his death. He died. You know that time there was nobody to tell you no one no one to tell them that the water could could harm you.

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And the news got to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam What did he say? Cthulhu.

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Cthulhu Catella home Allah

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they killed him May Allah punish them.

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Hola, Cielo, is Ella Mia animal. This is another very important lesson. Do not give a fatwa if you're not sure. And like we said last time, we rushed give fatawa immediately, Allah He can be quiet is much safer for you. And for the person you're giving for to it.

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You could kill him Subhanallah for in them as she felt or lay a swirl in America and a ACFI and yet I met him.

00:27:16--> 00:27:37

And of course as Alan said they killed him May Allah punished him. Should they have not asked they if they did not know. Verily, the cure of ignorance is only one question. The cure of the ignorance is a question. It would have been sufficient for him to make the move. That was sufficient for him to make them.

00:27:45--> 00:27:51

The hoof we're talking about the hoof. Okay. The coffin the Shapira? There are a few different

00:27:52--> 00:28:03

differences between them. First of all the hoof the duration is for the resident one day and for the travel three, while the Shapira as long as it's there. Second,

00:28:04--> 00:28:13

the hope is only on the feet. But the JIRA could be on my hand on foot anywhere on my knee. Right? We don't need the knee right? Okay.

00:28:14--> 00:28:22

But we're talking about Russia and we'll do we'll do this we'll do before you put the hoof the other one does not need to do

00:28:23--> 00:28:29

the the coffee only white the top and the Shapira the whole the whole thing and

00:28:32--> 00:28:33

the hoof only for

00:28:35--> 00:28:36

you cannot have

00:28:37--> 00:28:42

you cannot just wipe on the hoof you have to take it off and do awesome in JIRA. Okay.

00:28:43--> 00:28:45

Both for Moodle and for muscle.

00:28:46--> 00:28:46


00:28:49--> 00:29:00

Okay, let's stop right here in Charlotte data because we're coming to a very important one one more thing. What if someone has an artificial leg, artificial leg or artificial arm?

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Should he wipe on it or take it off and put it on the side and what should he do? Some dismembered individuals have partially lost it will do part they lost it we'll do part whether it's our arm or head or the head.

00:29:21--> 00:29:22

He forgot his head

00:29:24--> 00:29:25

must be said.

00:29:27--> 00:29:34

In some cases, the last limb is substituted with an artificial limb. By applying reasoning similar to that

00:29:35--> 00:29:50

we mentioned in the case of Shapira, we conclude that the last part should be excluded from the model should be excluded from the Auto Sum by the way, someone said if the wiping is is

00:29:52--> 00:29:57

harmful by any way you can skip the wall the part that

00:29:59--> 00:29:59


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Having the cast on, you can skip it completely. This is our opinion also. So he said from that perspective, that that part, you don't have to, you don't have to wipe it didn't have to do anything to it. Okay, this is a, it's not it's not part of you is, you know, it's an artificial limb, there's no need to wipe over the artificial artificial limp, there is no need to wipe over it. So next week in sha Allah Tala, we're going to talk about the prayer of the Marine, the salaat of the Marine, what should he do How should they do it? Every aspect of it is extremely important Shala for the

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very good question. Now what is chords what is what is considered side now anything that from the ground is considered side Yanni. First of all the floor ground outside if anything like this, that has any kind of dust on it, that has to have some dust on it to be able to perform TM if there is dust which is undoubted on the bed, then you could do on the bed, but I doubt there will be dust on the bed unless it's a lousy hospital.

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But no, there has to be some kind of anything dust or terrazzo or anything to be able to determine if someone for example can bring you some some sand from outside for the person who cannot really do it and put it on next to him. And you know, do the the terminal

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okay, even my body for him Allah and Imam Malik Yes, you can bring a stone and this beautiful you know they have the I was watching today how the Imam

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Madhavan Maliki How do they do Tamil they bring the stone and they wipe their hand and do this and then they put it on both hands and wipe their faces and then they do the arms up to the middle. So it is there is something about stone you can do it through a stone

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that thing did not burn in fire. You don't have to have dirt on it you know

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anything that is burned in fact you have to have

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destiny to make

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she applauded

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but this has to have some dust on it. So even for you

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know the stone no the stone no the Imam Abu Hanifa Pamela he allowed the smooth Malleus the smooth stone also he allowed that also

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but the general if you can get some any kind of sand any kind of dust that should be sufficient one one hit and

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then you do the face and the arms and the hands and there should be enough in trauma should be sufficient

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Yes, one term is enough for Geneva and model one term. Make the intention that's all by the way intention is important you have to make an intention. I did not mention that because we all know that you have to make an intention for the thermo this is for voodoo or was it for Geneva

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one is enough for Boston Sharma and by the way, I'm sorry for the team it is recommended to do it

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every slot

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for every slot okay not like they will do if you did not break it. You can still valid for the rest of the silhouette

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one time, just one time on Zack will not hear about a coffee calm so Hannah Colombard Hendrik shall allow him to stop Utica

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for the brothers who attended only to get chocolate to come over and chop

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