Mohamad Baajour – Sickness series #02 Islamic instructions for preserving health

Mohamad Baajour
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of preserving health and using Islamic instructions for medical treatment. They stress the use of shaitan as a distraction from obeying laws and encourage people to practice. The use of fasting and breaking the fasting habit is recommended, along with regular meal planning and recipes to protect foods. The importance of avoiding sickness and avoiding certain foods is emphasized, along with the need for training and education for children to interpret information and avoid sickness.
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All about how to act when you're sick, or what is our duties or responsibilities towards others when they get sick. And today inshallah Tada the topic is about what are the Islamic instructions for preserving health? What are the Hadith, some of the Hadith for Salah insulin that he taught us

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and if we apply them in sha Allah Allah, it will protect us, health wise, and SubhanAllah. Some of these we will mention today have already proven scientifically that they are right. But some of them they are not they will be soon proven scientifically. So as a believer in Allah and His Messenger, I do not have to wait for the science to prove Muhammad sallallahu alayhi salam true, I take it as it is, and I believe in it. And I know that even though it was not proven yet, but sooner or later, as a as a believer in Rasulillah Salam, sooner or later it will be proven right. Right. I will accuse science, but I will never accuse Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam of being an untruthful

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advice concerning health is moderation in food consumption.

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Right? Call Allah subhanaw taala work who was shown

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to sleep

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in who lie your hipbone most reefing Pulu

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Nobody said don't eat, eat and drink, but do not be excessive. Because Allah indeed does not love does not love the excessive people. And like we always repeat, our dean ordered us to be moderate in everything

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in everything including the bidat as we will see. So similarly when it comes to food and drink,

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do not go beyond your ability, the Hadith that we all know Rasul allah sallallahu wasallam, I will go to the translation

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never would a human being fill a vessel worse than his stomach. Yanni, the worst vessel you could ever fill up complete

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is the stomach. So Salem

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gave a similar attitude of a vessel to the stomach. So the stomach is like a vessel, the worst thing you could ever fill as your stomach.

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It is sufficient for the son of Adam to eat a few small morsels

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to support his back and it is sufficient to eat a little bit to be able to survive. However, if he insists and if he wants to eat more

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as soon as I saw them gave us the formula that unfortunately no one applies. Third, third third right? We all know the formula by hand, but how many apply the formula Allahu Allah? So he said if he has to eat more, so then let it be third for his food third for his drink and third for his breathing for the breathing

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in Ramadan

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this hadith

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search for food searched for drinks and thirst for one

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normal breathing up to here you're gonna almost you'll come to therapy but but every five

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Have you been what is the breathing part? Nobody knows. Subhanallah so as soon as I said them told us to be fair as a matter of fact, there's a

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there's an effort. It says that bliss came to

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Korea at a salon and he told him have a

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total bliss. He doesn't have you ever any tempted me and doing something wrong? He said Wallahi it was very hard mashallah Yanni except once I made food for you so delicious, that you kept on eating and you slept and did not do your word at night. did not do your vehicle at night.

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I will never fill my stomach anymore. So at least said I will never advise an adult me anymore.

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I will never give advice to any human being anymore. So

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getting full, getting full is one of the Modafinil of the shaitan.

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One of the ways the shaitan he comes in 70,000 different methods to distract you from obeying Allah. One of them is getting useful getting me fooled. When you get fooled what happens? You become tired, lazy, sleepy, and when you become lazy and tired and sleepy, you might miss a salad miss a bad miss a habit that you come to the Halacha I'm exhausted, I've ate so much let me go sleep, you lost all this issue of being in the company of the angels and all that stuff that we keep repeating all the time. So one of them a decade of the shaitan is a full stomach.

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So let's try to let's try to apply that yeah, one you know Allah, it's easy to talk about any. There's nothing wrong with getting up from the dinner, and you are not completely fallen. There's nothing wrong with that. As a matter of fact, this is recommended. You eat and you're satisfied hamdulillah but the minute you feel like Karis, you know, this is that means you went already overboard. So you have to keep your stomach comfortable, eat something to cover your hunger, and then after that Bismillah

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balance the second the first one was moderation and food. The second was, is balance between spiritual and physical needs. Keep in mind these are advices from Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam let's go to the English translation as soon as I Salam was talking to Abdullah bin amor the last He's telling him Yeah, Abdullah I have been informed that you fast consecutive days

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and you stand full nights in prayer

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I was informed that you fast consecutive days because we all know consecutive is not allowed. That recommended. I suppose I said and told us that the best fast is the first off. There would be a salon. How did he do it? He alternate one day. Yes. One day No.

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And I heard that you stand up all night and prayer. Now but I suppose I said I'm told them do not do this.

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Because if you do

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your eye becomes weary and your body becomes sick Subhan Allah, Keep it keep in mind the topic is about sickness

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fast some days

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and break your fast some days. Allah Jaquan Annie, you know how much I love you. And please keep reminding you please fast as much as you can. And these days will lie. You know they have Black Friday 70% We have 50% and the CM 50% of 535 20 You're done. Allahu Akbar, how can I let this actually go? Go to the work come back. Your lunch become your doctor. Your afar, please, so fast and break your fast.

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Get up for night prayer and sleep. Indeed this is because a lot of times we have the misconception that the more strict and the more I do a diet that

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excessively I'm more religious. But so assassin was telling him no. Fast excellent Good afternoon fast it's very good for you. But also break your fast. Get up and pray PMPM is very rewarding. But also go to sleep.

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And then also Salim said this is the most important part. He said

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your body has a right upon you.

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In Malaysia just he just said he can hack. Your body has a right now an option. Your body have a right on you.

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Your eyes have the right upon you. Your wife has a right upon you.

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Sometimes people

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they come

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they go to work. They come to the most

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Should they stay till 10 3011? They go home? The wife already slept. Or the kids already slept? Yeah. Your wife has a heart. Can you

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dedicate some time this is for the wife. This is for the children. They have right. It's not an option. You're not doing your wife a favor. When you spend time with her. You're not doing her a favor. This is her Huck.

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She has a heart. Can you spend some time with her? If you're up all night, and you're fasting all day,

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as soon as I started looking at how much he's concerned about the family, if I'm up all night and fasting all day, what am I going to have time for my children and my wife and my business? And my? No, it's not the way it goes. Don't do that. He told Abdullah Fast Break your fast break.

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And sleep. Your body has a right Your eyes have right and your wife has a right on you.

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Indeed, it would be sufficient for you to fast three days from each month. Look, he dropped him from 30 a month to three 10%

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It is sufficient for you to fast three days of each month because you get for each good deed 10 times worth. And this will be equivalent, as if you have fasted the whole month the whole year.

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If you faster one, because I always tell you to remind myself and remind your fasting. If you cannot fast Monday and Thursday, just do the three white days if you cannot fast the three white days, your hobby the big three days that you like

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stay away from Friday and Saturday. Don't specific but Monday, Thursday, Tuesday, Wednesday, fat pig three days of the month that are convenient for you and faster. Al Hasan they actually am farrier every hasna is multiplied by 10 When you do three days of every month, all the time, can you imagine it is equal as if you spent your whole life your whole life you will be recorded. You fasted your whole life.

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Similarly, if you come every day to fish in Gemina it will be recorded as your app on night. So if you do that all the time, as if you were pm on your life saw him call him so I could get the same reward of cm pm constant cm and constant pm without actually doing constant cm and constant clear just by following the Sunnah of Rasulullah sigh salam

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ala and this is just like you are very smart and earning money and earning

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Also, you have to be very smart how to earn a sonnet with little Arman

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you get a huge reward.

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Now listen to this. This is a psalm that is neglected. We're still talking about sickness. Okay, so the first one was moderation of food. The second one was balance between spirituality and your physical needs. Third

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by the way, the shaker had mentioned the Hadith, na Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam and in Tibet told us almost have prohibited abstinence from marriage. Some people say I don't want to get married so I can concentrate on my Deen as soon as I said and said no, this is not he's a Prophet alayhi salatu salam, he is the best amongst us and we all know that he got mad. So the third one is covering the food containers before you sleep.

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This is something that is neglected.

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Rasul Allah Salah SallAllahu sallam. The hadith is I think it's inside Muslim it is inside a Muslim, cover the pots and tie the water skins before you go to sleep. Indeed, there is one night in the year during which a disease descends. It does not pass by an uncovered butt or untied water skin but falls into it. Now this is what I'm talking about.

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Sooner or later, they will come up with a say okay, there is one day of the year the science will come the scientist and they will say there's something we we found that that there's one day of the year and then we say ah sadaqa Mohamed, no, no, no, it's supposed to be the other way around Southern.

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So, what is this

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sunnah that we will not aware of or we do not apply?

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handler now we have own we all have fridges and everything. But let's assume that you have a part

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The outside you have some leftovers. The Sunnah is to cover it before you sleep. If you put it in the fridge in sha Allah Tala, this will be considered as a cover because it's it's covered already. But if you cover it and put it in the fridge, it's even better. Okay?

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you take a cup of water with you before you go to bed. You cover it. Okay? If you take a bottle, it's better because it's covered already. The whole idea is to cover the parts and the plates, whatever they have food or drink, if it was outside. It's better to cover it because of this hadith of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Now, keep in mind, he's telling us how to stay away from sickness, even if the sickness come once a year. The source is telling us how to avoid.

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avoid sometimes

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you have a very respectful, honorable guests coming to visit you. And all of a sudden, you see gold and silver utensils being served.

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haram not a cruel haram.

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Avoid gold and silver utensils. Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he said Indeed He who eats or drinks in gold or silver utensils only echoes in his stomach, some of the hellfire

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and another Hadith letter will be so hairier do not wear silk, of course talking about men.

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nor sit on it and do not eat or drink from silver and gold utensils. For here, long feed dunya Wacom filled Akira. It is for them for the disbelievers in this dunya and for the believers in the ACA. We have seen Allah in the Quran mentioned many times

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area when faced with the hub always Allah mentions that in the Jana May Allah make us all from the people of Jana, you will get all that silver and all that God in the dunya for the men, no gold and NO and NO hairier.

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Now somebody might say what if it's just color, if it's just the color is no problem, but if it's dipped, sometimes the whole thing could be gold, which is this is extremely haram. All it could be dipped in gold still haram but if the color is gold is just dipped in a color gold or color silver, just like our stainless steel. There's nothing wrong with that. We're not talking about the color. That the silver color on our utensils or silver. Right? We're talking about the color it is made or dipped in silver or gold. This is what is prohibited. Don't go home and everything silver. It's called Silver.

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The color is silver, it's made of stainless steel. It's not made of silver.

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We finished with this one Shala.

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To avoid sickness implement the qualities of fitrah

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the qualities Sunon Alfetta Mahi Hassan and Phaedra

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Rasul Allah says

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he said I shouldn't

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mineral fitrah there are 10 things that are from fitrah what's the thought you know, tetra means? Anybody instinct natural. Right? Is this the closest translation? Natural like any there are 10 things that naturally we supposed to do.

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Anybody knows what they are?

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Okay, let's mention them. There are 10 coins of fitrah trimming the mustache, trimming the mustache, sparing the beard, the miswak.

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Rinsing the mouth, inhaling

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the water to the nose,

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clipping the names, washing the knuckles, plucking the armpit hair, shaving the pubic hair, washing the private parts with water and circumcision. Then read them in Arabic.

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Because the sheriff were EFA Ilya was see whack while mug MOBA was then shocking. Matt Wakasa of author. We're not Philibert. We're Hulk Kilohana

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Once you cost it will actually turn into costs and any wash after that is stingy. Okay, it's like a stranger.

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If we apply all these constantly, you know sometimes

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we neglect,

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I should do a check, everybody stands up and put your hands on a check your nails chama after the Halacha

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we used to do that at school, right? Check the nails.

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So, we have to make sure that the nails are always clipped Jaquan. And check also your kids nails all the time. This is a job, of course of the mother to make sure the kids are always clean. And

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like we mentioned the other day, it's extremely important to train the children to urinate when they're sitting down from the young. They know that this is the way for them talking about the boys of course. So they know that when they want to use the restroom, they should sit down and urinate it is cleaner, even healthier. And after they finish teach them how to put water also, if they know from day one, when they are young to do these things, they become they know that this is a habit this is the way I go to the restroom anyway. But you know, if you wait till the 1718, it becomes very hard becomes extremely hard. And subhanAllah try

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try one time, if you ever had to urinate standing up, just put a piece of paper and you will find out that definitely after you finish, you will find out that this piece of paper definitely had some urine splashed on it.

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And if that paper was not there, it would have been your clothes. And you go immediately after that and you pray and stuff like that. So to avoid all that inshallah Tada make sure that we teach our children to and yourself of course, to urinate while you're sitting down. And you clean yourself with water after that. This is from the from the summer. So what is the what's coming up next week in sha Allah, if Allah kept us alive, what is the definition? Who is considered to be sick by definition? Islamically who is the sick person that if you go visit him you have already visited a sick person, Seattle Marine who's considered to be sick, okay, the definition of a sick person and

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important rules for the sick. Like we said many times, unfortunately many people when they get sick, they they stop praying.

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And if they're in the hospital, they stopped praying. Why Subhan Allah so all that stuff in sha Allah Tala we will discuss it in details for Allah kept us alive next week, but a couple of weeks Zachman Allah subhanahu lumbopelvic should Allah Allah hinda and Mr fuca on a Tobik?

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