Mohamad Baajour – Sickness series #03 Definition of Sickness

Mohamad Baajour
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Salam Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi over a cat

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Smilla hamdulillah salat wa salam ala Rasulillah Loma Linda main founder and finally Mount Olympus Anna. Was it no Inman Hamra? I mean, along with Eric You know if you jump in or whether you're on Mahoma but you have to remember the the federal con musoma what Agile fina, what are they in a Shaka Jung when I'm home? I mean, you're

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so Candler Bellamy and we will continue with the

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book of sickness, regulations and exaltations. And in Charlotte Allah today is what is the definition, what is the definition of a sick person who will be considered a sick person, sickness is opposite to health, it means that a part of the human body is functioning imperfectly,

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a person is considered sick when his condition departs from the norm of wellness,

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sickness or definition of a sick person.

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There are four kinds of sick people

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or there are four kinds of people in general there is the healthy

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which means Chava like all of us,

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he is a person that everything is functioning normally, then there is the disabled

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a disabled person, this applies to a person who is who has a lasting deficiency in one or more parts of his body, it is able person usually becomes accustomed to his conditions and his disability becomes to him and other people more of a hindrance that then a form of sickness Subhanallah a mildly sick person might be sick person somebody who had a headache, somebody who had you know, maybe a little flu, this is called the mildly sick person, then the fourth person

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is the release that person is genuinely sick is really sick. What does that mean this applies to a person who sickness restricts him usually or temporary from being normal from pursuing his normal activities.

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Some Muslims colors have defined a sick person Subhanallah the one that you will get the pleasure of visiting you know we inshallah Tada. Soon we will be getting we'll be discussing what is the reward of visiting the sick

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some of the scholars defined a person to be sick is the one who is allowed to cut down to cut short his salad and break his fast in Ramadan this is considered a sick person.

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This is what they consider sick. Some scholars considered a sick person a person who is cutting short and solid it reached the sickness to that level

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that he cut his salad short or he is allowed to break his fast this is considered a sick person.

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Now what are some very important issues about the sick first

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Subhanallah out of the Mercy of Allah azza wa jal

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in our deen accountability depends on ability.

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Accountability depends on ability.

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Now you Calif Allahu nevsun. Elissa,

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there is no way Allah subhanaw taala would order us to do something that we cannot handle in that situation and then punishes me, if I do not do it and he knows that Aleem. He knows Subhana that I cannot do it. Okay, so Allah subhanaw taala said law you can live from law

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Olafson Allah Musa, Allah subhanaw taala said you read Allah who become a user, whether you read or become a Lawson, Allah subhanaw taala says in Surah Al Baqarah Allah intends for you is and he does not intend for you hardship to the same meaning as Salah salem said in the head the Dean yourself indeed this religion is is whoever overburdens himself in this dean will surely be overpowered by the dean.

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So act correctly and moderately.

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act correctly and moderately and give glad news and make it easy but Shirou while you're still bashing via zero

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many people take this hadith ratio what I do not Pharaoh Yes, you were to ask you make things easy do not make things hard.

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give glad tidings and do not make people pessimistic.

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They take the Hadith and wrong context.

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They are so as I said and said here, make things easy. That does not mean if someone does not pray you tell him it's okay.

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Unfortunately, if somebody does not pray and you tell him he actually

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somebody is a foreign Allah subhanaw taala prescribed those five daily prayers. He does yaki de nuestra deen is ease make it easy for us. You know don't don't push too much. This is extreme. Or you know if you tell them you cannot combine all the salah that night, all five together. He does we are clear. Our deen is useful. So this is a common hack. This is a true statement that was used in the wrong context. It is our deen is absolutely useful. And Allah subhanaw taala have given us so many so many ways to worship Him. And so many things he made it easy for us to perform Subhana but we cannot use the deen according to our whims and desires. Absolutely. The deen is easy. Salah

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Salem, he said.

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Man you shared your name when you heard her the Dean you have global follow another time whoever acts excessively in this Dean, the dean will definitely defeat him. And Allah subhanho wa Taala said fetac Allah Mustafa to

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have Taqwa of Allah to the best of your ability. Okay. And again, Allah has zalim he knows how much is your ability and he knows that my ability is different than yours. Yours is different than his his is different than hers. Everybody has a certain level that he can put

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extra effort according to his ability. Sometimes maybe somebody cannot wait I know

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brother he said Brother please do not text me anymore about the three white days

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I said why? He said every time I got this message it hurt me because I know the reward and I cannot I cannot do it. It's really a three cm if it wasn't for Ramadan, I will never fast

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it it really kills me fasting. So this person really hurts in fasting, right? So it's Panama Allah subhanaw taala knows but if somebody especially I keep reminding you of these days Subhanallah today was the end of the few days tomatoes add a nice cup of coffee in the morning.

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So Subhanallah so whatever you can fit takanohana started on this is the beauty of this Deen with Takala Miss data atom. And this is the pattern is variable between one person varies between one person and the other. And this is one of my favorite Hadith Subhan Allah wa salatu salam he said

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that for either a mother of two can be che fit to Minho. Mr. Tato

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when they're in a hurry to Comanche

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fish anywho

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very beautiful Hadith just like the AYA shucks. May Allah protect him. He just recited in Indonesia when tal como Rasul for Hulu, when mana hair Commando, Fanta, whatever the Prophet told you gave you take it and whatever told you stay away from stay away from here this hadith. If you want a little bit more in details Look at this

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man Amato Combi che fact to him in Houma, staccato, whatever I ordered you to do, do whatever you can as much as you can handle.

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But when it came to the forbidding

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he did not say if I forbid you about something, stay away from it as much as you can know why then

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I hate to come out and cheat face Teddy boo.

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Completely stay away from it

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the other one as much as you can from the good do, but when it comes to the Haram, stay away from it completely SubhanAllah. So this is the beauty of Islam. So the first, the first important fucka issue in our deal, which is extremely important, why because it values, I cannot tell them, you have to do this, you have to do this, and turned out that the guy doesn't want to tell everybody on earth, that He has a disease

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that he cannot fast or he cannot do this, you know. So it's extremely important to know what are the rules that they vary from one person to another. So if a person is sick, and he cannot do something, Allah subhanaw taala will reward them according to his ability. So the first important rule is accountability depends on ability. Second rule is

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is a condition for accountability.

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sanity, is a condition for accountability measures noon, if a person is insane, he's not accountable Rasulullah saw and said Raphael carnem and sanef. Right.

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The pen, the accountability is held off three individuals, the sleeping person until he wakes up was the second

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person till he becomes adult and then was known until he becomes seen. Those are not accountable. These are not accountable should SubhanAllah.

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I remember one of our Sheoak. He mentioned Subhanallah, he took this and he did a formula. He said if you do this, if you take this hadith, and you do the formula, and he said that for the average person, he lives 60 Let's say the age of

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63 years.

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So 15 years is the average age of

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puberty, right? hitting puberty. So that's 15 years gone. 63 minus 15. Let's do 60 So we'll make it easy for the calculation. 60 minus 1545. Right, he said eight hours of sleep a day, and 60 years, we'll make 20 years

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sleeping. So 20 out of 45. So we have 25 years, 25 years left,

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working and you know, eating and restroom and all that stuff, he calculators five years. So he said for 20 years, you would lose forever.

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For 20 years, you just woke up 20 years or maybe less?

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How much you're going to live.

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You know, subhanAllah if you look at this crowd, and I'm looking at all of you

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and the approximately in 60 years, none of us will be here proximately

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for somebody else 110 120 in 60 years 5060 Maybe some of us 70

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Allahu Allah, but we definitely more we may be less definitely, but maximum, none of us will be here Subhanallah so compare that to Jana, out of Doha summer worth while out forever, forever. SubhanAllah. So it's really a win win situation. Very smart decision. So sanity is not a condition for accountability. Third, willingness, okay. Sanity is not a condition for accountability. But willingness is a condition for accountability. Willingness is a condition for accountability. What does that mean?

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What does that mean?

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Salah Hassan said in Allah Tasha was an Almighty Allah. When the cin when was to Cree who Allah

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Indeed, Allah overlooks of my own for my ummah, error, forgetting, and this is when the delille and whatever they are compelled, forced to do.

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And if somebody forced me like the man who came through Salah Salem, and he said, Yeah rasool Allah, they forced me to curse you. Otherwise they were going to kill me. What did he tell him?

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She shiksha What did he tell him

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he said, If your email is in your heart is very strong. And they do it again. Curse me again.

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Because his email, he's doing it out of being forced. So he's not accountable, it will not be recorded, or he comes to Salah Salem or he did this because his life was on the line. Now of course, don't don't take this this

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varies from one person to another this level because we know some Sahaba they did not really care. Right? I mean

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Subhanallah he kept on he did not care. He did not say I'm being punished now. No. So it varies from one Sahabi to another. It varies from depends on the strength of of iman.

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Deficiency does not totally abrogate accountability.

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Deficiency does not totally abrogate accountable what does that mean? An accountable person should perform the obligation as much as he can. This is where

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we see this all the time. And I mentioned that many times we go to the hospital to visit the person and we asked him how's your How are you brother first to check up on him make dua and everything and then when he asked him for Salaat he does Yeah, he may you see where I am right now. What's the what are you talking about? No, Salah does not drop. If you are in the hospital, Rasul Allah Islam. He said suddenly a car even in them tested. Taka Eden, fell into stata for Anna German.

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as well. As I said, I said pray standing if you cannot pray, sitting, if you cannot pray, sitting pray on your side. But to skip the prayer completely for no reason, just because I'm in the hospital. Now, of course, there are different levels, somebody is going in and out of coma. I'm not talking about extreme. I'm talking about somebody who went to the hospital to do some, you know, some tests, and they told him you got to stay two days. So he's just sitting there. Now if he can stand up Bismillah if he cannot stand up, he can do it while he's sitting down. If he can get up to the bathroom, make will do. They can try to make wudu for him as he's sitting. If he cannot touch

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the water completely. It's not allowed he could do to him, but not skip the salad like this. There's no de Lille, that you can skip the salad because you are sick, except in certain extreme situations. So deficiency does not totally they were totally here abrogate accountability. If you can Bismil if you can't, Allah subhanaw taala is have given us many, many ways to make up that these, these Ibaadat

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now this is extremely important. The last one is each person is a witness over himself.

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You could tell me I can't. Right. You could tell me chef Yeah, they said that. We could tell you whatever you want. Doesn't matter to me. Well, it doesn't matter. I can get up I can do this my will Allah. This is here the formula Subhan Allah. Allah subhanaw taala What do you say Belal in sun Allah NFC basura

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Allah subhanaw taala said right rather the human being is a witness over himself. He's a witness over himself. I know what I can handle I know what I can handle and what I cannot handle I know that I can pray now I can fast I know

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maybe sometimes the doctor give me an excuse Hey, you know what, you're

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you have to take these pills in the morning. But then I figured you know what morning is a six o'clock

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I can have the facial me infections at six o'clock, I can still have them at all before. So you know, I can I know when I'm able to perform the Ibadah or not. And the most person who knows, I can lie to you, you can lie to me, but Subhanallah where are we gonna go from Allah as the origin, but in sandal infc biosphere. So

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the share give example, let us assume that a sick person's physicians family, and visitors tell him that his condition is not so serious as sitting down during the prayer. So if to the contrary, he feels very weak and believes that standing will harm him. He should sit. So if a person thinks that standing up would have been last two weeks ago, I sat down I mean I I spoke to my brothers after Dora the ones who prey on the chair. I sat down with them and explained to them the fucka of praying on the chair. Yeah, when praying on the chair is permitted. Okay, when we see some people that mashallah he's very healthy. He's walking all the way to the budget, he is walking inside and

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everything and and you could tell that he is healthy. And he immediately comes and sits down on the chair and says Allahu Akbar, and I'm sure he's doing it, you know, not on purpose because he does what he was taught. But the minute you can stand up, if you can stand up, then praying sitting is not accepted.

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So what do I do? If I can walk?

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I will stand up next to the chair.

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I will send up next to the chair and then Allahu Akbar and whatever,

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whatever position I cannot perform, I sit down, if I can make record I have to make record

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and then but I cannot make to shoot so when it comes to sujood I sit down, I can I cannot make record but I can make some good so, I stand up when it comes to the cooler I sit down when it comes to the shoot I go down

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because these are our cam, okay. So, if I can stand up then I have to stand up whatever portion of the salad I can do normally I have to do it normally, whatever part of the salad, I cannot do I have to sit down Bismillah Go ahead, you know which part you can do and which part you cannot do Subhan Allah so Allah subhanaw taala gave you this permission of praying on the chair to use it when needed.

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This is a very common mistake here one very common mistake you see a brother mashallah is very healthy. Maybe he cannot make record because of his back, but he can stand up so he immediately comes and sit down and he makes it very clear I'm sitting down even though the Pm is rockin km The salad is a record of the salad and missing the rockin Yomiuri like Mr. Fatiha Mr. Hua Mr. sujood The salad is gone. You know it's not like you're missing a son missing broken is major. So

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the point is, everybody knows what he or she can handle. I can handle this Bismillah you cannot handle it. Allah subhanaw taala gave you the permission to do this or that or take the valid license not to do this or not to do that. Okay, any questions?

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What is it

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nothing solid. Okay, the brothers asking What about nickel solid. It's all the same. If you can stand up Stand up but nothing solid. Praying on the chair. Praying sitting is okay. But you get half the reward in the NFL slot. Playing sitting is okay already, but you get half the reward. But first of all, first slot.

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No sitting down unless you have a valid, valid excuse me. So next week is chapter is trials for the believers of course you're talking about sicknesses, how a sickness could be a trial, a test to the to the believer, and how should we handle that in sha Allah for Allah kept us alive the next week inshallah we will discuss that Zachman luckier than if Allah Subhana Allah Muhammad Hyundai Michelin

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starred on a tour

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we got the chocolate back for the younger ones.

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