al-Raghib al-Isfahani #83 – It’s a SICKNESS of The Heart

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also honey has a chapter about backbiting and rumors. And this is something that is so so, so prevalent today, especially now that we have social media and multiple social media accounts on all of us. So honey has something very important to say. He says that somebody who engages in backbiting and rumors, it demonstrates something about the sickness of their heart and the sickness of their soul. It shows that they have a fundamentally incorrect orientation in life that they are consumed by detecting and tracking the faults of others versus examining the faults of their own self. There's no point he says to mention the fault of others in their absence, except if you're trying to

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imply that you're better than that, right. And this is something I remember situations when I was a younger person, or even as an older person, somebody asks you about shake Fudan, or this person or that person, you say, Oh, I don't agree with everything. They say, what's the purpose of saying such a comment? Unless you're trying to put yourself above that person and indicate that you think that you know, something that they don't everybody knows, it's beyond reasonable to expect the two people would agree about everything? Why? What's the purpose of saying that you don't agree with everything that they say everybody knows that already. The only point would be or the only purpose that we can

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think of is to virtue signal is to flex your ego and to demonstrate that you think you know something more than they do. Right. And so and he says something very, very significant. He says that if you're not careful, if you're not careful, the devil will have you running errands for him, right? By tracking down the faults of this person in the faults of that person instead of focusing on yourself. That is just you being the errand boy for the devil and you should really, really be careful. It is a waste of time. It ruins social cohesion, it robs satisfaction, and it breeds pessimism, it breeds pessimism and a jaded perspective and people and so it should be avoided at all

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