Mohamad Baajour – Shield #02 Muhammad never abandoned this Dua

Mohamad Baajour
AI: Summary © The conversation covers the difficulties of working from home during the pandemic and the importance of forgiveness and well being. The use of food and showering, staying safe, and avoiding touching things are discussed. The " ADM" in the region is emphasized, along with the need for everyone to have a laugh and fear the virus. The importance of protecting everyone from the "blessed us with" and forgiveness is emphasized.
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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah here. We're gonna get some level hamdu lillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah Allah Melinda and fauna on finery ma alum Tana was at nine manjar hamara. I mean, we ask Allah azza wa jal teachers would benefit us benefit from what you told us and increase us in knowledge. I mean, you're obliged I mean,

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here we are, again with another episode of The Shield and learning another dua that Subhanallah we need

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in the times that we are going through, and we need it on a regular basis. The hadith of this diet started by saying that Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam never abandoned this two

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in the morning and in the evening.

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And subhanAllah we are as we are talking now for the brothers and sisters that are not in Dallas, it is pouring in Dallas right now. It's raining very heavy and this is another time where the DUA is accepted. So inshallah Tada we got the talk in the right time inshallah. So today's

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a normal or the Allahu Anhu Allah He said, also la Selim never abandon these supplications every morning and evening. What is that Allahumma inni as a Luca allow for our life here Allahumma in the local alpha will Alfia feed dunya will Akira Allahumma inni as a local Alpha while Althea fee Dini we're actually one early Aloha muster our RT we're aiming around at hola my family when benei a day women healthy one Yemeni one she marry women foci were our only there'll be automatic and Altera mentality. If you look at the screen, you will see this dar inshallah to Allah and please like every

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talk I want to remind myself and remind you to please memorize these hours take advantage that we are home right now sit down with the children keep repeating it 1015 20 times until you memorize it. Let's come out from this quarantine with with some new DUA is in our in our memory dies that we will use on a regular basis in sha Allah Tala. So let's explain this in sha Allah, because like we said yesterday, when we are making a DUA, we have to understand what are we asking Allah? What are we asking Allah in that dua? So here we are saying Allahumma inni. Luca, yeah, Allah, Allah whom or Allah, I ask Allah how many Luca, allow for? Well Afia I'm asking Allah azza wa jal for Allah foo

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and the life here allow who is in general is pardoning forgiving and it's even higher than forgiveness. And alpha is when the sin is completely forgotten, erased.

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Not only forgiven, but also erased. I don't, it's not in the record anymore. So yeah, Allah, I'm asking you a raffle and alive here here on the half year we will

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discuss a little bit deeper

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which is translated into most translation, you will find it as well being your ally asked for forgiveness and well being

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the uncle of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Abbas, he came to him one day, and he said, Yeah rasool Allah, teach me a DUA. Surah su la sala Salam and you can imagine also la cisilion teaching his uncle, his beloved uncle.

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He told him one word only can you imagine my brothers and sisters one word, he said cellular * if you ask Allah azza wa jal alive here, ask ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala and I have here

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he said in the Hadith, I came back a few days later, and I said yeah, Rasul Allah, teach me a dua that I asked Allah with. Then he said, Yeah, I'm, yeah, I'm Rasulullah sallallahu Lanphier fifth dunya. When Kira or uncle for Sula, Sai Salam ask Allah azza wa jal Alethia so he repeated the same thing again. Ask Allah the Afia in the dunya and in the Acura in this life and in the hereafter Subhanallah when we have the well being the efia SubhanAllah. Any one time one of our shields he was saying that he walked into a gathering and he was saying salaam to everyone

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By the end he passed by one guy, and he extended his hand and the brother did not extend his hand.

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And he looked

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and he found out that the guy the brother, who was sitting down has no arms Subhanallah so

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you know if we ever go through or we see someone like this, can you imagine? We should reflect and and thank Allah azza wa jal for the Afia and how you wonder how does this guy eat? How does this guy use the restroom? How does he shower? He is in constant need of help Subhan Allah, may Allah help all our brothers and sisters that are suffering all over the world.

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So here I'm asking Allah azza wa jal, Allah Sofia

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and then I go deeper and I specify what do I need that here in as a matter of fact, so Allah Azza wa sallam said cellular life via cellular Hela Alpha Lafayette in the name Yato Baddeley, akin Cairo Minella Althea, ask Allah azza wa jal Allahu under Alfia forgiveness and well being because no one is given anything better than Alfia after your clean after certainty after strong belief in Allah subhanaw taala the next best thing is alive here Subhanallah so this is how important it is to have a laugh here. One time Elijah says

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he invited an Arabi Bedouin to eat with him. And it you know he,

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in order to tempt him to come sit down, he said, This food is very delicious. This food is very delicious. So the Bedouin said Mirtha yerba who cabeza Cavalia berhak Belle for a year but hula Thea Subhan Allah, he said

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it's neither your cook nor other your baker that made this food delicious. It is the efia that made this food delicious Subhanallah if it was cooked by the best cook, and baked by the best Baker ever, but I have no idea I cannot taste so what's the benefit? Who Who cooked it or who baked it? Subhanallah so we always ask Allah Allah I want you to know really

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understand the meaning of the word that I have here. So when we are asking it, we are asking Allah azza wa jal from the bottom of our heart Allahumma inni Luca love for our life here Allahumma inni Luca love what will I feel fit dunya Well, Kira, Ya Allah, I want alpha in this dunya and I want if you're in this dunya and I want to ask you in the era where I really needed the most, and I need the alpha in the alpha also. Now this is a general and then we went specifically, you know, sometimes we make the general and then we want to the specifics, we go to the specifics, or sometimes we do specifics and then we go to general here, we mentioned the alpha and the alpha in general. And then

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we ask Allah azza wa jal that we need that as well. Afia in specific things in what

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Allah whom I repeat the same thing. Allah humma in the local half who our life here, fee Dini Allahu Akbar, feeding we started with the deen with our deen Subhan Allah what does it mean to have if you're in the deen? If you're in the deen is to be able your Allah to perform the badass that are pleasing to you?

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If you're in the deen is to

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have the zeal to perform the bad that is to have the energy to perform the bad and not any bad IR Allah I want to perform a Baghdad that you have prescribed you or your Prophet sallallahu Sallam has prescribed and don't want to come up with a new a bad idea Allah Ya Allah I wonder if you're in my Deen yeah Allah. I want my Deen to be the dean of the just like the dean of the Sahaba of the companions of Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam Allah money is a local alpha lafiya fee Dini your Allah make me live on this deen and die on this Deen. I want to ask here in my dunya Allah Allah homogeneous Luca laugh while rvfv dini we're actually here Allah bless all my family early my

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family. Yeah, Allah bless all my family with the apple and Afia Allah bless all my children, my parents, my spouse, everybody, Allah and my family blessed them with that I feel ya Allah keep them healthy. And brothers and sisters always constantly please don't ever forget your parents with your dog. Always make a lot of diet for your pet.

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Since Subhanallah, the biggest the biggest if that's the only favor our parents done to us, that would be sufficient. And that is that they were muslims and we grew up in a Muslim household. That is the biggest favor that our parents have given to us. And for that favor, we need to make dua to them day and night. May Allah forgive all our parents, may Allah protect all our parents and elevate them in their status. I mean, yeah, but Allah

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Allah men Yes, Allah Allah for Allah if he if he Dini, why don't ya I'm sorry, I missed duniya we're done. Yeah, I mean, I Allah I want to have one if you're in my dean, and in my dunya everything around me I want righteous friends, I want a good job. I want all the all kinds of goodness in everything around me everything in this dunya Aloha, my name is Alfred IVLP Dini, where dunya I wonder if you're in my dunya I want to be healthy in this dunya Allah I want to be cured from all kinds of diseases. Were early and we explained early, one early, yeah, Allah, I want also alpha and Afia in my wealth. Allah here are hamara himedia Rob, also blessed me with Halal income.

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I'm asking Allah azza wa jal to have Afia in my wealth in my income Wallahi my brothers and sisters, if you were tempted ever, with an offer of million dollars a month, million dollars a month and that Job had any kind of haram in it, drop it, drop it for the sake of Allah because it's not worth it. It's not worth it at all. Leave it for the sake of Allah. And anyone who leaves something for the sake of Allah, Allah will replace it many many folds Allah when replace him or her with something definitely 100% Much better. Yeah, Allah I want to have here in my wealth. Yeah, Allah cleanse all my wealth from any kind of haram allah how many Luca laugh well our fear for dunya will Allahumma

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inni Luca la for wala fie Dini, where dunya we're actually we're merely ya Allah protect me and my family from all these kinds of viruses and diseases. That's why we need this now, you know more than any other time.

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He didn't he wasn't Yeah, anyone merely Allah Who muster our RT? Ya Allah. Now we go and say yeah, Allah, conceal my faults, conceal my faults. Allah ha Mr. From subtle covering. conceal my faults, yeah, Allah. I have a lot of faults. I have a lot of shortcomings. Allah cover them yet Allah, the only way that you like me and you like any speaker, is because Allah subhana wa Taala has covered our sins. If Allah expose us to Allah, He will not listen to me. You cannot sit next to me, you will, you will be away from me. Subhanallah and that applies to all of us. We are only beautiful we are only kind of loving because of Allah is covering our sins. If Allah exposes

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Allah, that's why his name is a city or Subhanallah one of the names and attributes of Allah is a Satya, the one who conceals the one who covers and he told us Subhanallah listen to this, and Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam told us that if I cover my brother's sins, if I cover my sister's sins, you know, sometimes we run to expose each other. Sometimes there are people who enjoy enjoy displaying others faults. No, it's exactly the opposite in our deen when we cover each other's faults are soulless. I seldom said that Allah will cover our faults on the Day of Judgment. May Allah subhanaw taala make us always from the people who cover for each other. Allah who Mr. Our RT

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Allah whom Mr. Allah to Allah cover my faults i are Allah I'm full of falsey Allah, Allah, I am a sinner. Cover all the sins your Allah, Allah your economic economy, please cover on my sins. Allah Mr. Our it will mean are our IT Allahu Akbar. And yah Allah con, all my fears Subhan Allah, everybody's now fearing this virus, Allah He we should

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take our precautions from the virus but we should fear the rub of the virus. We should hear the Lord of the virus along the M Indrawati ya allah con my fears Your Allah everybody's worried ya allah and these days when someone is losing their job when they are staying at home. They cannot go to work anymore so they are all scared yeah Allah Ya Allah

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Come Come This fear ya Allah give me the strength to keep going through the through this

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period that we are going through your Allah am Indrawati Allah can my fear yeah Allah increased my trust in you, Ya Allah make me heavy again that you are the only result that no matter what happened my risk will not decrease by a penny yeah Allah I know that I am being tested we are all being tested my brothers and sisters and I ask Allah azza wa jal to make us pass this test with distinction in sha Allah, Ya Allah.

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Allah Mr. Avenatti we're in Rabat Allama conceal my conceal my faults and calm my fears. And now here comes Pamela

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there are six places that we worry to get attacked from, either from in front of us are from behind us, or from our right or from our left or from above or from beneath. Allahu Akbar. This covers everything. Listen to this hola my funny ya Allah protect me from where min benei a day in front of me women healthy and behind me. One Yemeni and to my right to Allah protect me. Once you marry and from my left to Allah, women focus and from above me, women were also be automatic and Obatala mentality and I seek refuge in You from being taken and aware from beneath me Subhan Allah full coverage, full coverage from all sides. Ya Allah from in front of me sometimes I'm walking a fall

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down and in a hole or anything from behind me might be attacked from behind me is the worst, right? Or some somebody might say, from my right or my left from above something for like, for example, you know, those highways that you have one highway on top of the other, maybe somebody who's controlling the whole car will fall under another car that's driving beneath Subhanallah so that's something that comes from the top or it could be the hill that is sometimes ruins everything. Anything could come from the skies, the lightning people are hit by lightning Subhanallah so that's from above, how can it be protected from from beneath me, you know, sometimes there's an earthquake and you see some

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people in the sinkhole they fall all of them so I'm asking Allah azza wa jal to protect me from all sides. He is the Hatfield, he is the huffy and I'm begging him and begging him to protect me from all sides SubhanAllah. So, my brothers and sisters,

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this is from the car from the sayings of the morning and the sayings of the evenings. And we have explained that the things of the morning are to be said after Fisher's a lot and I have up to shook up to sunrise. And if I forget or something happened, I still have a two door and the things of the evenings they start from also from us or Salah till Maghrib. And if I forget, they are valid still Felicia Subhan Allah, so I have a long period of time to saying to say them, and this is one of them. This is one of them, And subhanAllah any to bring a hadith that is close to this is when Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said Subhan Allah

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min OS Boham income Amin and fee Serbian wife infusers and the who, who to Yomi Subhan Allah

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fucka and nema. He is at Lahore. Dunya. Behind philia Allahu Akbar, lend me your ears and your heart my brothers and sisters. Our Soula say salam said if someone wakes up in the morning and have these three things, only these three things as if he owned the whole dunya and everything in it. What are these three things. If I wake up in the morning he said that he has salatu salam and I am safe in my house.

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And I am healthy in my body. And this is why we mentioned this hadith because we were talking about IVF more if and he just said and I am healthy in my body and I have enough food enough supply enough risk for one day for one day, as if I own the whole dunya and everything in it and Allah

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my brothers and sisters

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now as we're speaking is the time of the evening,

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the evening of God, Allah He I timed it. It takes between eight to 10 minutes to say them all. And as we go in sha Allah every single day with with a new da you will see that the reward of it is Subhan Allah and the meaning of it is amazing. Amazing. It is taught to us by Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam to repeat them on a daily basis. So I want you today

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Shala we start something new. I want you to repeat after me because I want you to master I want you to master this. So if you look at the screen, is it on the screen?

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If you look at the screen let's go on the screen and Charlotte Allah and repeat after me because I want you to say it properly. Allah humma

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Allah humma Allahumma inni es el AKA a laugh we're, we're alive here.

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Fifth dunya

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will FIRA

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Allahumma inni es el Oka allow for our life here. Fi Dini where duniya we're actually one early Allah Who muster our RT and then repeat that because it's not very common. Hola whom Mr. Our RT who I am in a row it will mean from an insecurity will mean rawa it

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Allah Houma fogli from the name Al Hafiz Allah humma fatherly me min benei de

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worming kullfi

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One Yemeni

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Wan chi merrily, women foci will

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be of America

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and over Talla mentality

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and sha Allah Tala the whole DUA and the meaning of it will be in the description of this video in sha Allah to Allah. Please repeat this to learn it, teach it to your children. It's an amazing that we ask Allah azza wa jal every single day to protect us and forgive us. So we are asking for both here allow for the forgiveness and the pardoning and Sophia and health in everything that ALLAH blessed us with. We are asking Allah for health and welfare and protection and well being in our deen in our family, in our wealth in everything that ALLAH blessed us with. So I ask Allah azza wa jal for the alpha and the alpha for all of us. Allah I ask you the best of your names with the best

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of your names. Yeah, Allah. I ask you to bless everybody who's watching and their children and protect them Yama and their parents. I mean, Yoruba Alameen wa salam ala and if you know Mohammed, Ali, he was IBH main Subhan Allah, masha Allah Allahu Allah and Roca on a tuba lick.

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