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shaytani r rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala Sayidina Muhammad Ali also iVh Marian 11 brothers and sisters in Islam Solomonic.

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I was already doing Family Law, night number 29 ramadan 2019. And very likely the last night of Ramadan offsite of Ramadan. And I'm glad to see that a lot of sad faces when I say that, even though it's been a long month and it's been many late nights and I know many of us are tired many of us got sick during the month. Everyone is hoping and praying that you know the man kickers Don't let them see the moon tomorrow. But Allah subhanaw taala either he gives 30 days or 29 days but the reward remains the same. And we still have one night this night could be layer two. So make the most of it behind Allah. And keep in the back of your mind I keep in the back of my mind what if I don't get

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the what if I don't get to Ramadan 2020 I don't make it. Sure I only have to night comes down to two nights. If there's any door that hasn't been accepted, tonight is the night to make it. If I'm still not on the list of those who are saved from the fires of jahannam. In tonight is the night to make it smell less Manoa data, except all the good deeds we've done this month, the few that we have done a lot multiplied and magnified for each

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of the emotions that we feel. We will always feel we don't do enough. We always feel I could have done a little bit more. There were nights when I could have should have gotten up half an hour earlier. There's some things that I've forgotten. And it's good to have that motivation, but also towards the end right at the end. to Hades comes to mind. Number one provinces in America will have a team Allah will bless your deeds will bless you the way you intended to try to interpret it tonight, tomorrow in the front. And the right at the end even after that the proficiencies when a person is comes close to death comes close to the end. When Allah is as my slave thinks of me and

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you should have good thoughts about Allah. Now we get to the end about what we have done. We only get to a certain point of time tomorrow, that's as much as we can do now we leave the rest of law and now we put our faith and trust in Allah, the little deeds that we've done a lot of autonomy except and we fall in short, he will cover them up and a lot of honorable except out to us and grant them for us or give them even better than what we've asked him Allah subhanho wa Taala grant all of us freedom from the fire of Jannah. As great as our sins might be Allah Rama is bigger than that, as great as our sins might be Allah Rama is bigger and wider than that. And as we make that dua, Aloma

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inika foun, to hibbeler of f1 Allah, you are a fool you love to make a fool he loves making a fool he loves to forgive. We don't have to, you know, really struggle for it. Allah subhanho wa Taala wants to give for those who ask beautiful Hadith, the prophet who says we will raise his hands and will become shy to let those hands go empty. So Allah subhanho wa Taala have good thoughts of Allah have positive thoughts of Allah, even if we have fallen short, do our best in what remains of the month and Allah subhanho wa Taala will accept. I mean, we continue to see who was critical of bunnies or ill, and the story of NaVi moves on Islam might be the end, as we said, until next year,

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inshallah we don't know we'll find out. So let me move on. He ran away from Egypt. He has a death sentence on him. And he leaves Egypt and he gets to the city of meridian. And he meets up with a family and Subhanallah even gets a wife. He gets a job, he gets a home and he promises to stay in Midian for eight to 10 years, eight to 10 years. A lot of little benefits are taken. We can't go through all of them. As we said one beautiful thing was that we Moosa he had nothing to give, he was the poorest man in that area, but you can help these women and so we helped them and he made a dua and Allah gave him a situation changed overnight. Now remember never use of how the situation goes

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up and down. Same with Nabi Musa situados was a prince, he has nothing ever he makes a dua and he gets, you know something he gets something even better. Also, finally, for the sisters, you always make the offer that prints to fall in your lap yearn to be moved so basically fell in the lap of one of these girls. It's vanilla, and maybe the prince doesn't come the way you thought he comes broken, he comes a bigger It comes with a criminal record, but swana law you may do after that prints in a lot you want that Prince Allah gives it to you in a different way. And how did this woman's Ramallah chose to give her the man who Allah will speak to directly above all the Gambia and Allah says I

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have favored Musa with my column that I spoke to him directly without an intermediary. So this is this Pamela What did she do to get this missinaibi of her husband? All we know about it, she looked after a father in our old in his old age, she was cheating on her father, and she took his advice and she listened to sometimes you want the husband and we think we'd go against what our parents tell us and we don't we disobey them. And if we don't get the partners we want, listen to the parents, they know businessman a lot. So now one of the moves has stayed a number of years in Medan with 18, we don't know. And something in his heart is calling him that he's meant for more than the

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What did he do in these 10 years he was a shepherd. And as every Nabhi as we know the Hadeeth and resources, every Nabhi of the Gambia was shepherds, even Abu Mohammed salam, it's part of Nabhi training your articles to be an AVI is to do ship with the unit to look off the ship. And as we said, If only our politicians, maybe they spent some time looking off the sheep, because we call off the ship, you can't get off the people. Right? So he has been 10 years of shipping now. And now it's time for him for something else sort of removed. For whatever reason, we don't know doesn't give the details. He takes his family and he wonders of outside of medicine and he finds himself in Sinai

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Sinai is basically in the north of Egypt. It's basically between Palestine and Egypt. And he gets lost with his family, middle of the night dark and if you're alone with your family in the desert, and you lost this basically this sentence you did for them.

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In one smooth, has finished the agenda. The time was out of the alley, and he traveled with his family. And so I mean, Johnny be too narrow colleagues in no sooner Natalie caminhada

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de la la quinta saloon, so they stuck in the middle of the desert. It's pitch black can't see anything. And he doesn't know which way to go. He has completely lost and so they'll be Moosa sees in close to the mountain of tool in the direction of the mountain, he sees a fire flickering, and his family can't see it. And he says I can see it but no one else can see it. So he says okay, you stay here we don't know who those are. That could be bandits that could be someone good could be someone that you wait here. Let me go and find out what is that fire maybe I can get. Get some information from those people. Maybe I can bring back some Ember, so we can be warmed. And so this

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is sort of cosas Soraka. Allah uses a play on words beautiful. Allah says that we Moosa says, Let me go to the mountain to the fire, perhaps I'll find the hedaya Buddha, I might find who they are meaning directions, but who that also means guidance. Maybe I'll find guidance at the fire, obviously a lot intensity, greater guidance and direction, for that matter. So once nobody moves, I came to the fire. So it's in a bit of so he climbs up gets onto a little bit of a plateau. He comes to an open area, and he sees this bush this plant is covered in flames, but it's not burning the plant that bush so it's a very strange thing. And new Dr. Musa a voice speaks out of the fire. This

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is the base level Jelena Bella you know spamela always above all likeness, in a manner which footsies madrasi Allah's own voice Subhana Allah and he said, Oh Musa, his name someone calls him from the fire. Yeah Musa and Musa is shocked. He doesn't know what to do is stuck. And the voice continues in an Arab buka Valley, I am your up I am your Lord. And now the first commandment what's the first so if ever you ask what is the first command Allah gave me Moosa? Is this this common law like take off your shoes or Moosa in Maccabee while you are in a very sacred valley to take your shoes off? Suddenly Moosa now removes his shoes, he removes issues, while voice continues, Allah

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continues to care for study Allah you ha and Moosa, I have selected you I chose you all the people on the earth, I have personally selected you for STEM. This industry is stem is first stem is listened very carefully about what I'm going to reveal to you I'm going to tell you something very important. And I'm also standing the issues of one of the reasons she was up we'll get to know why so called runaway. Allah says, In the UN Allah verily, I am Allah La ilaha illa Allah, there is none worthy of worship is no Allah except me. Fat Buddha nice. So worship me alone. We said this sentence here is the Quran. This sentence here is our Deen. This is what it means when we die with this

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Kadima when we die with the Kalam of La ilaha illAllah on our tongues and our actions and our life manifests the Kadima. So, I will continue to Akemi Sara Lee Vickery, and continue to make SATA and remember me in remembrance of me. So let's see something next in

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the hour is coming as Pamela This was maybe 10,000 years ago, although since the hour is on its way kiama is coming, I can see her litigious University matters. I have almost almost skipped it completely hidden, like over 100%, but like 99% it's hidden, so that I can give everyone a reward for which they are what they are rushing towards whatever you are rushing towards, Allah will give you that what you are rushing towards, ask yourself, What am I rushing towards? Why does Allah say I have kept it almost a secret?

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Why almost a secret? No one knows when it is. But he did give signs. Allah has given signs indications of it. Allah didn't give indications of it. And so we can prepare. As far as we sit then the resources of the major major signs is the coming of Nabhi. Mohammed was on the end of November, the end of Revelation, and he's coming was almost preceded by kiama. So we are really, at the end of extra time. We enjoy the time span a lot.

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this dunya close to the end of times. And if you look at the minus signs and going over the tangent, if you look at the minus signs of gamma, there are 10. Big ones. There are many, many minus signs over 300. Most of them we could say about 80 90% of them have already come through. Most of them are as Allah subhanaw taala, as approximated, predicted, and now we're getting close to the end. So now Allah says, the hour is coming, it's I'm keeping it hidden so that I can reward everyone for that which they do for that so

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So Allah sister user, so don't let any let any Do not let one avert you from it, who does not believe in it and follow his desires for you would perish whatever the hell we are is like a big hole in sort of Korea. How we are is a hole so let's say do not follow someone basically, who does not believe in karma and you fall off the cliff. Someone who follows the desires, they follow emptiness, and however is emptiness and they will basically push you off the cliff. And now you can imagine Swan the picture seen. Maybe Moosa is like standing there, he doesn't know what to do what to say. He didn't expect to be this conversation. I'm alone. I'm speaking to you kiama is coming

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listen to what I'm going to say. So now we will not be Moosa is extending the frozen and Allah subhanaw taala.

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He changes the discussion, the Alesis when it can be a mini Kia Musa and what is that in your right hand Musa what's in your right hand? Now? What does he have? He has his stuff and he said like a big stick like this, this thing like this? Let's say standing with what's in that what's what you have in your right hand or Moosa? What can you find the whole time Allah says at the end of the sentence, Musa Musa at the end? Why is the Indian

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Now those of us who are parents, you come in okay

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Minato ban is a very good point if he does anything wrong, but if you come into the room and you find someone doing something naughty what's the first thing you say? so bad? Right You first say is the name when you hear your name is usually to reprimand. But when you say that the end is not a reprimand so always it Mussa What is it in your right hand versus what is in your right hand or Moosa? As a gentleness analysis yamasa Look at the way Allah speak soon to be Musa Musa and this is not we can't say funny but a light side the way Allah Allah preserve the way in Abu Musa himself spoke you can see it's someone who is completely shocked so he didn't he standing the analysis

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what's what do you have in your right hand?

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corner here I saw this, this is my stick.

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I lean on it sometimes we should be on me and sometimes I make for my animals I you know, move him. What if he and I do other things with it? doesn't know what to say to respond here. So Allah says Allah Allah ke ha Musa throw it on the ground, oh Musa for alcohol for either he hate and

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so he never moves through the stuff on the ground and it became not for us.

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It became a snake for either here it was a snake It was a snake tasar moving very fast in another ayah it describes the snake as being a huge snake. It's a big, fast moving state before it landed, it was a snake. And in

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in another surah Allah says Don't run away or Musa come back. So don't be freaked out and he ran away. And that's why maybe she was afraid to take your shoes off before. So you can always come back or Moosa called Hooda to have policies and take it and don't be scared. Now is the stick stick with the snake when also stick it in. Don't be scared. It's a snake, Alexis, take the snake, pick it up and don't be scared. So

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the beautiful language says to us obey me. Sometimes it might not seem I must give my second I mustn't take interest, but that will make me rich. As you do it. Don't worry, I will look after you understanding and trust me, pick that snake up. And don't be scared. You just do what I say you follow the command and then everything will be okay. So now

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I will return it to its former condition. So one of the most obviously pigs grabs the snake and it becomes a stick again. And then also what Erica Elijah Janaki genetica the huge VEDA I mean really soon.

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And put your hand into your side, put it under your side, your right hand, put it to your side and take it out and it shines bright like a light and without any disease because sometimes your skin goes white. So it's like oh, it's a disease. Allah says it shines bright, not with the disease. It's another sign two of the nine signs that the Messiah will get the new year coming is on Cobra so that I may show you of my greatest signs. Now what is all this about? Allah sees all of us the reason why I've done all of this is to be left around enough to go back to Pharaoh who he has transgressed. And we'll continue this next year in Java. You can read the Quran and find out you will know what

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happens but will continue to be moosari ceram as to go all the way back to the one place he doesn't want to go into the palace and show the signs to be around. Remember

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began the story. He's going to rise up the money thrown in and returned into Panama. We'll get hopefully melodrama that we're all here next year. So we'll continue our series next year inshallah last night's question, which city did not leave after he left Egypt which led Iran to have the killing incident? He of course went to the city of meridian city of meridian. I mean tonight there's not really a gonna be a quiz after this. But just a question. We didn't get his first revelation chapel nor Jabba Jabba Jabba Musa which Allah says at which mountain the amount of okay that's the answer now we need to do a quiz quickly the draw the lucky draw this for some prizes to give we

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didn't do it last night so there's some prizes to give out. Tonight everyone's gonna get a prize some will get more than one prize. So if you haven't gotten the prize and you've made you do us right at the end you might get accepted right one prize one for the brothers and one for the sisters to how many how many prizes for two males to two guys two goes

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to a Benjamin shabby human you got one also got one's final? The one thoburn you Mashallah the one you get a prize Who? Mashallah first up Muhammad Franz. Mashallah Buddha Mohammed Salah, two sisters Pamela Fatima

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machete Fatima tasneem Williams Marcela okay hamdulillah hamdulillah There we go. Those are four people

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but that's our last quiz inshallah for this year, and but there's more prizes I understand. Is everybody these exam Firstly, everyone, the sisters, the brothers from Saudi,

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they've shade glosser Samsung for everyone. So we ask Allah to grant the Shiva through the Samsung all those who are seeking all increases in sustenance, when before Uncle Sam is going to speak, just reminder that if you'd like to contribute to the Maharajan, please pick up the telephone. Tonight's the last night. Please, if anyone hasn't paid the federal yet 40 Rand per person, please please please give it to the tallip and they will have chiamo later tonight still OPERS nine, still on night. And of course our eat program will begin CUDA Part Seven. And then we will move on to the we'll do our eat program here will be finished. And then we'll go towards the India as well enjoying

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them as well. But now call upon our chairman or chairperson of the Burano Islam movement, Uncle side, and we asked him to share some words with us.

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Even better.

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And it's amazing that Ramadan has come to an end, when it started, we thought it was 29 or 30 days. And it went by in the flesh. And we're sitting now

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maybe on the last night of Ramadan.

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I just want to make some comments on our politicians and sheep.

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If indeed that was the case, we run the risk of not having any sheep left by the time that the way things are going.

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It is my great pleasure and to express our thanks to everybody that contributed to all the happenings in in the mostly during Ramadan.

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over these last 2029 days, it's always amazing that there are so many moving parts for the activities during Ramadan. And it's somehow this comes together. But it comes together with a great degree of of effort and a great degree of commitment from all those involved.

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And many do not see behind the scenes what happens, but it just happens. And behind the scenes there are always a huge or small army of people that enables it to happen. And it's our time to say thank you to those that have played those roles.

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First of all, we need to tell the seller and the other marketplace you and your family with good health higher than Baraka

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and me all your endeavors

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be crowned with success

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so far too fast walking assignments coordinate EDA with external man comedy assembly and with man Isaac's and not what at least a little impressive for one please do come up in and let us share with you our appreciation now for Ramadan billows.

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It is with these things and appreciation

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for your presence and contribution in making Falvey Salah.

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A special

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and memorable experience Alhamdulillah and shukran to all of you.

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Hamming Khan, for pieces. The pieces. Yes Imran

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Shaheen David's Ibrahim Abrams showkat.

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Adnan funnier than usili. doty

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Abdul Aziz white, Mohammed Saudis, Saudi,

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resulting in a deep Saudi, and as a salon, please hear

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me out. presence to them. Then Diwali, Mama, team, Chef Mohammed waste.

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And really,

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you know, it's just, I've lost for words to say to how grateful we are

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for the time you've spent with us for the sacrifices you've made to being here every night. And to have really captured us with the Quranic stories of use of and now with Moosa, the continuation of that, from us, our sincere appreciation for that.

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And then to Dr. machete Busey, we so ably assisted in sharing the mama duties, then we go to a buka catering team Now for those of us will know that every if we had a group ranging from anything from 25 to 30 odd people here every evening, and they were able to serve with savings and each and three son who led the team and put in all sorts of efforts. You can very much and to use what you have who's always around and and forever, hiding the behind the little column there but being visibly invisible, a great thank you. And may Your efforts be devoted to

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Mr. whatsup technical team obeyed by see who sends out all the notices and, and he sends out the happenings of the evening before. And he sends it out not only to those who are here to everybody that's on the list, so that the information shared with us is shared greatly and widely should continue. Then there's the salata locating team and father Chapin to you, Fatima to you also and again to evade receive. That brings to a conclusion, our appreciate sharing our appreciation, until now we have another set of things to say, but that is for the seller to live with us. And they will come somewhat a little bit later, as I understand.

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I know everyone wants to wrap up. But I was asked I was gonna message from one of the old leads from the moist family. And for those who are brand new stalwarts, they will know the family and friends family. And just to say to be part of this organization, and vinyl for those of you are visitors, there's so much that happens behind and the people really mean I'm in the forefront. But you don't get to see I get to see the the hard work that's done behind the scenes, and the mores of this machine and the team, hard working people and they don't want to be known. There's a lot of people that do so much work. And this goes all the way to the beginning of Ramadan from putting the book

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athletes together, the taraweeh survey that was on the Muslim views. The expose is a financial team that put financial statements together not so exciting, but it takes a lot of work as well. And of course, the majesty that gets cleaned every day, we don't see what happens the machine was painted as well, and see what happens. The sound system was improved camera was installed that will also go live in sha Allah as we see that there were those who handed out dates in the road. So many things, the soup kitchen that has been going every single day, how many people are being fed. So so many things are happening in this organization, and really the superstars of this organization, they

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don't want to be known. They put us to shame they really spawn Allah. Allah knows who they are. And Mallory would them and place them and increase them malo preserve them and of course our leadership because I put the Taliban leadership through the guidance and last but not least we thank you. Those of you who came here for sharing your data with us that is the greatest blessing of all that your deeds will be part of our deeds inshallah we open the dev KMR part of the skills of goodness you share that with us. Thank you for choosing Bronwyn those on the WhatsApp line you're not here with us we know you. Will we ask is keep it in your drawers mobile excerpt from one of us, circular

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shukran. So much, Mr. Dominic Moore.