Mohamad Baajour – Shield #03 Desperately needed Duaa

Mohamad Baajour
AI: Summary © The DUA is essential in helping people achieve their goals during the pandemic and is emphasized in various segments of the conversation. The return of the Holy Spirit, the Holy Spirit, and the return of the Holy Spirit are highlighted as significant events. Pranksters and those who have been hit by the sudden return of the Holy Spirit are encouraged to pray for their health and avoid making themselves the people who have been hit by it.
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Salam Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Marchetto

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hamdulillah salatu salam ala Rasulillah My dear beloved brothers and sisters, as usual I always remind you to subscribe to our channel inshallah to Allah and help epic support epic during this Corona pandemic insha Allah by looking at the bottom of the screen, it tells you how to deal with in chomp.

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Today we continue in sha Allah Our series with the shield. And this series is about the that our beloved Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told us and they are protection from many things, but tonight's DA is extremely special, beautiful And subhanAllah after we finished discussing it tonight, you will notice that

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it up every part of that applies to our situation right now. So we need this dua so bad Subhan Allah

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the DUA

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is inside Muslim so it's 100% was sent was said by Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam so it is authentic. And I'm gonna put the data on the screen for a little bit and we go through it and then I will explain it step by step because this is constitute is four parts that are so awesome seek

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he sought refuge in Allah from against those four things.

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I'm gonna read it first Allahumma inni with obika Min Zawada Lynette ametek water HOWLEY theoretic wa fujica at necrotic was me psychotic Allahumma in yeah oh that becomes a while in aromatic what the how we are theoretic where Pooja attina Qmatic Virginie a psychotic if you continue. If you do not stop at each one. You would mention the or you would say the Fatah for example. Allahumma India I will be coming in America with a holy I fear Tikka we're Pooja Teaneck. Matica was yummy, so hortica For you, let's take them one by one in sha Allah to Allah. And

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as usual we have to understand the DUA in order to be hopefully we accepted from Allah azza wa jal and

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get that dua in our life. demonstrated in every aspect of it in sha

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Allah how many out of here Ya Allah, I seek refuge in you

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against what

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the early nomadic Zool is

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like the translation here, the being declined the wily nanometric

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Allah subhanho wa Taala

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have given us so many blessings, every single blessing that we have is from Allah azza wa jal, when I become enamored in Furman Allah

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I am asking Allah azza wa jal

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not to take away this Nam from me.

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The man that ALLAH blessed us with an whomsoever Allah subhanaw taala blessed him with Nam. This is from his justice and his his wisdom. And I'm sure that Allah took away some Nam from him. That is also from his justice and his wisdom.

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The Nam are divided into two kinds of numb

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the religious numb and now I'm denier when Nam a dunya we're the religious Nam and the dunya and

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this lives now

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the religious now is the like the net amount of guidance that Mr. 3d in the Quran the net amount of attending treasures and Gemma the number of Kiama Lail the number of being able to give in charity Oh

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These are religious Nam and then they have the dunya Nam like the number of wealth the number of family the number of health, the name of a car of residence all these are

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dunya Nam and both are from Allah azza wa jal and I'm begging Allah subhanho wa Taala hola hola in the arrows are becoming Zawadi in ametek yeah Allah I'm I'm seeking refuge in You please do not take away all this Nam from me

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Subhanallah so the word that

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includes both the dunya and the deen

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so my brother, my sister, when Allah Subhan Allah, Allah bless you with guidance. That's an AMA from Allah azza wa jal, my brother when Allah make it easy for you to attend Fisher in Gemma to attend Aisha and Gemma to be from the people of the massage. That's an Emma from Allah azza wa jal when my brother my sister when you are able to read the Quran in Arabic, that's an AMA from Allah azza wa jal and many people are deprived from that level. When When,

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when you recognize the importance of pm lane, like we had a lecture that I really recommend that everybody watching this on our Facebook page we had earlier today about the importance of TM ln importance of the hydrogen, when you are from the people who are praying tahajjud that's the name of Allah azza wa jal, when you are from the people who are fasting Monday and Thursday and the three white days that's from Allah azza wa jal sank him that he blessed you that not everybody's doing it. Allah blessed you with that never so be grateful that ALLAH blessed you with that name.

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And then the name of the dunya my brother, my sister,

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when you leave your house,

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and you get into your car

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and you drive, to your job or to your school, remember that there are so many people that have no job. And so many people cannot even afford to go to school.

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When you come back home in one piece, remember that many people left their home and never came back.

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When you are just eating your food with your own hand. That's a blessing from Allah azza wa jal that he blessed you with. There are so many people that need help to eat. There are so many people that are eating through cubes Subhanallah

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when you come home and you find your spouse waiting for you Subhanallah that's an atma from Allah appreciate it. Appreciate all these Nam from Allah azza wa jal before they are gone, you know we are feeling it right now. The simple form of coming to the masjid, we are deprived of right now, the simple demo of shaking my brother's hand we are deprived off right now Subhanallah

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now that we did not even recognize as now acknowledge as now they are taken away from us. So here I'm asking Allah azza wa jal ya Allah in the hour the weekend min Zilla Ali, Zilina and ametek er Allah, please do not take away the SNAM from me. And the name of Allah subhanho wa Taala led to her without any sometimes some kids, some some people complain about their children or he moves too much he they they make so much noise is so hyper. You know my sister, there is a mother that wishes that her son talks.

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There is a mother that wishes that her daughter, just get up and play Subhanallah so just be grateful to Allah azza wa jal for all the blessing that he blessed you with and make sure you constantly repeat this to

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the second part of the DUA. Allah how many hours to become minzu Alinea ametek what the Holy theoretic there's a difference between the world and the whole world, the world is completely gone. So we ask Allah do not make the NAM completely gone. That the whole wall is the switch is the change is the replacement.

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With the holy athletic Yeah, Allah do not I seek refuge in You from the change of my health right now. And subhanAllah like I said, the first one applies right now than the second one right now. How many people instantly they were with us only two weeks ago, they are gone. The FBI has switched the health if he has mainly helped the well being is switched to how will he I fear to Allah please do not change my my state from healthiness to sickness.

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Allah made me out to become an Zawadi in ametek what a How will you theoretic your Allah I am I'm very healthy because of you, your Allah do not make that health disappear. This is exactly what I'm saying right here. Allah how many hours a beaker Monza well in ametek where to how will you theoretic? And that I feel that I'm asking for not only mine, I'm asking Allah azza wa jal not to make my family also lose their

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would have, and how much do we need this right now? Subhan Allah, what the Holy idea. And then we come to the third one, we have Houjicha A T. Neck mimetic, and this fushia the word fish is sudden,

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you will not expecting Ya Allah, I seek refuge in You from the suddenness of your punishment fouzia at the necrotic

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how many times we see a brother that was very healthy, very, very rich or, and all of a sudden, all of a sudden, overnight, he got paralyzed, or somebody lost all their wealth, gone

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in a blink of an eye Subhanallah so I'm seeking refuge with Allah azza wa jal that Ya Allah, also your Allah to not make me from the people whom

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they are hit by a sudden calamity. You know, when someone is dear to you, and they are

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diagnosed with it with a disease, and it's been for three, four or five months, and then they pass away. It is very sad, but it's not as sad as you walk into the house and boom, you were told your mother died, your son died instantly. That is what we're talking about here. Ya Allah, you know, are the one that suddenness of the punishment,

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complete transfer from one in between one day and another. Everything has turned upside down. I'm seeking refuge in Allah from that also. So let's repeat allah how many I will become Zilina ametek but how will you alphabetic? Well, Fujian refugia at necrotic

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and the last one is where Jamia is psychotic. Allahu Akbar. And yet Allah I seek refuge in You from anything that might cause your wrath. Anything anything that might cause your anger your hola hola, hola. But leaving the salaat is a major sin.

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Dealing with riba is a major sin, your Allah I'm seeking refuge in You from anything that might cause your anger. I'm seeking refuge in You from anything that might cause your your anger that Allah subhanaw taala said in the Quran surah OMA Yet Allah He rather be hella whosoever the anger of Allah befalls upon him, he is destroyed, he's gone, she's destroyed, she's gone. We cannot afford

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having Allah subhanaw taala not pleased with us for a fraction of a second. So, we are asking Allah azza wa jal

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Rasulillah Salam used to seek refuge in Allah with from all these four things. Let's go through them quickly inshallah. Allahumma inni are all the bigger Why don't we do this like we did last time in sha Allah repeat after me in sha Allah slowly Allahumma

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in nee

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who? Deca min zawa le Net emetic

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Allahumma inni obika means our early nanometric water how wali theoretic water how Wally theoretic were fujica at near chromatic, worth Houjicha. At near chromatic was yummy. Psychotic was yummy, psychotic. So we are seeking refuge in Allah azza wa jal from the disappearance of the Nam, we're seeking Allah azza wa jal. We are seeking refuge in Allah azza wa jal from the switch and the declining of the of the passing of the safety and from the suddenness of the punishment, and we are seeking refuge in Allah from anything that is not pleasing, not pleasing to Him. Please, brothers and sisters, memorize this and teach it to your children sha Allah to Allah and repeat it every day.

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Can I say this? In my soju? Absolutely. Can I make a Can I say this? Before I make Salam in the salaat? Absolutely. You can say the morning at night in your Pm. Now you know what it means? You're asking Allah azza wa jal not to take away all these Nam that he blessed you with you're asking Allah azza wa jal to keep you healthy. And you're asking Allah azza wa jal to keep away the self the suddenness the change in your life because you cannot handle Subhan Allah and you're asking Allah azza wa jal to keep to keep you away from performing any better that might cause Allah's Anger along the Nana oh the becoming Savarin ametek what how will the idea of Bucha Matic was me a

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psychotic if I'm going to do this in pooler and plural? I just I changed the although to now with Allahumma in Nat, I changed in me as me in not plural

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All in net now there'll be cut and then the rest is all the same. Now Allah subhanaw taala make us from the people who listen and apply. May Allah subhanaw taala forgive all our sins, may Allah azza wa jal bring us back our masajid May Allah subhana wa Tada increase our love to one another Amin Alameen wa salam ala Nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi Jemaine Subhan, Allah, Muhammad Masha Allah Allahu ALA and a stuffy Rocha when I told boudic

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