Mufti Menk – This Promise is Absolutely True

Mufti Menk
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the deception surrounding Allah's promise to promise women and change the way they look at things. They emphasize the importance of being forgiven and not losing hope in the mercy of Islam. The speaker also warns of the need to be prepared for difficult situations and advises not to become despondent.
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You see Allah promise is true. Yeah.

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So in our de la he has been Oh people Allah has promised to you is absolutely true woman as dokumen Allah he had Isa woman, comin Allah, Allah, Who can there be more truthful than Allah regarding his speech regarding what he has said regarding his promise? Can Allah be kawada

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una when Allah promises as genuine and paradise and goodness, he says, this is a promise that you can ask Allah about you can hold him responsible to the promises made. Allah said whoever seeks forgiveness I will forgive them. If you have sought forgiveness and you go on the Day of Judgment you can ask Allah Oh Allah I sought forgiveness, my forgiveness, you won't even need to ask Allah Do you know why it will definitely be that your son is wiped out? Don't lose hope. Don't let shake man trap you to make you believe otherwise.

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Don't you have hope in the mercy of Allah keep trying when you falter. Don't lose hope. Shaytan makes you lose hope. seek forgiveness again and again and again. Subhana Allah, but when Allah promises you Mashallah tabarrok Allah, you need to make sure that you believe that promise of Allah, Allah is the Most Merciful. From this day, we should change the way we look at things. We need to look at things positively. Not everything is negative. Yes, if you have a tough situation at home, you should do something about it in a good way. But don't become despondent. Don't lose hope in the mercy of Allah. Allah knows he's going to give you and that's why one of my favorite verses in the

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Quran is in Surah Taha, Allah says, while I

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think bukata Rama, very soon your job, your LORD shall give you so much until you become satisfied. That will be in the dunya and the era or just in the Akira just in the hereafter. So what I know I'm going to get it from Allah

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