Mohamad Baajour – Best Duaa For Family In Quran – Ibadur Rahman (10)

Mohamad Baajour
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So I'm Charlotte Allah tonight. Today we will

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finish the description of EVA Rahman begging Allah azza wa jal to make us all among them.

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We mentioned them one by one. And what a an amazing description of by Allah azza wa jal

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to this group of people

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after Allah subhana wa Taala told us that these people

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are this great a bad

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they do not speak foul language, if they see any kind of ignorance they live with dignity, they stay up all night prayer and pm

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they do not kill they do not commit adultery, they do not commit any kind of shirk. And if they did something they repent.

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Then Allah subhanho wa Taala told us

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that these people, they do not only think about themselves, but they also think about their families.

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They do not only think or an only concerned about themselves, but they also are concerned or worried about their families. So Allah subhanaw taala told us when Lady Anya phone owner of burner, or a burner, heavy learner mean as Virgina whether Ori Tina Kurata Yong Hwa, John

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13, Ema Anna, and these are the people who will say this beautiful DUA and I want you to please if you I'm sure you memorize this too, but if you didn't memorize it, and will make sure you repeat it Allah especially in this beautiful few nights that are left Robina Habla Ya Allah

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make the our spouses if the woman is making the DUA, she's talking about her husband, and if the if the husband is making the DUA, he's talking about his wife, yeah, Allah make my spouse, the Kunis of my eyes. Yeah, Allah make my spouse and my children, my offsprings the coolness of my eyes, what does colorata ion mean?

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Usually people when they look, they are wandering around, like, you know, they're looking, they're looking everywhere. And when they see something beautiful,

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the site settles.

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Ya Allah make my spouse and my children,

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the comfort of my eyes where my eye settles, they are enjoying looking at their wife, at their husband, and they are enjoying and feeling the bliss of looking at their children. Yeah, Allah make my site does not look at any other spouse at any other woman.

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Make my wife the comfort of my eyes, make her the most beautiful in my eyes and make me the most beautiful and her eyes, make her the most beloved to my heart and make me the most beloved to her heart.

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Don't make my eyes settle on her only

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and do not look at other woman and similarly for the wife

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and your Allah make my eyes settle on my children

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and do not make me compare them to other people's children.

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Now, when I make it do what does that mean?

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That requires action.

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Right? When I say your Allah give me she felt that

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I have to go to the doctor. When I say yeah, Allah give me a good job. I have to start looking and searching. Similarly, I'm asking Allah to bless me with a righteous spouse and with righteous children. So I have to do something. I have to if I want them to be the comfort of my eyes, I have to be with them. I have to spend time quality time with them.

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I have to treat my spouse with respect and honor in order for her or for him to reciprocate.

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When I make it do I have to follow it with action.

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I have to every one of us every father, every mother, they are responsible couldn't look Imran will couldn't look a mess all on Angra Yachty

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This word must own is a very very deep, strong word you will be questioned

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about every child about what did you do to your children? How did you raise them? How much time did you spend teaching them their Deen?

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May many of us wake up on the 17th and 18th and it will be too late. Share my son doesn't pray habibi. When were you when he was seven. My daughter does not wear the hijab habibi. When were you when she was five and six and 11. Now at 20 you want to convince her with the hijab

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couldn't look Umrah in welcoming newcomers old Massoud, what does this all mean? I'm going to stand and report Allah will ask me I gave you this and this and this. I chose you to be a Muslim among all these billions of people. And I sent you a reminder every single Friday

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and I gave you children and I deprived many people of these children. How did you deal how did you treat

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this Amanda that I have given you?

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This is for the father and for the mother

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Robina hub Lennar min as well as you know whether yet you know not only my children, the RIA is offspring, descendants Kurata Iam and then listen to the DA Subhanallah where Johnny was Jana little motor Kena Imana

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This is a

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very very ambitious, high level aiming so high. He's not asking you're not asking Allah to make you lucky. You're not asking Allah to be in the company of the Moroccan No, you're asking Allah to be a leader for the Moroccan

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Allah was was Jana lil Jackie Aina Imam a leader make me Allah make my children and in order to deserve this dua Subhan Allah Luca data team in order to deserve this dua start being an imam to your wife and your children.

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You want to be a mom to them with a clean start with your family. Start with your family.

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That's why we always complain on this president. He doesn't know how to deal with his people. This king Look how he treating his people. He The corruption is all over Ya Habibi. You cannot be a Khalifa among five people in your home.

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And you're complaining about a guy who's running 80 million or 100 million. Start with yourself clean up your backyard

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was Jana lil Tokina Imam very strong, powerful. But I have to mean it. I'm making y'all Allah make me

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leader to the Moroccan and I have no Taqwa.

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Like somebody says asking ya Allah Ya Allah make me from the tenmile Bashar Indigena.

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What? What are you doing? You're not going to be from a butcher in Virginia. This is done. You got to do something.

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But John Liddell Akina Imam, after all this beautiful description Allah subhanaw taala said all

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those people who have this characteristic huge rizona lol feta beam Sava room, they will be given something called Orpha and we have spoken so many times about something called The War of quickly what is lofty palaces in Jana.

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Lofty palaces in Ghana. The people of Ghana, look at them.

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They are so far, even though the people in Ghana, they are looking and they say subhanallah Look how beautiful are these girls?

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Very far. But suppose I said and said the people of Ghana look at the Quran just like you and dunya look at the stars.

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Allahu Akbar llamas.

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So, an Arabi, a Bedouin stood up.

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Because the Sahaba used to have so much respect. They don't even ask a question to the salah say salam. So they used to wait for an Bedouin to stand up and ask. So he said, Yeah, rasool Allah Lehmann here,

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who are this word of for

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you know, you know, he's gonna fall for all of us. Because

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the description that was so lost, I seldom told us who this would have for every single one of us have been doing it for 28 days.

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Lehman or Tarbell, Calum to the one who speak gently and kindly and we've been

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trying to control our tongue these days a lot what dama cm and the one who constantly fast we've been doing that we're atomic Python and the one who feed others mashallah you see every day someone inviting people over their house and feeding them

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we're sulla DeLisle, when nurse on em, and he prays at night

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while people are sleeping, and we just finished performing that whomsoever, do these things,

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constantly, all the time, not once a year in Ramadan, and then he disappears all the time, he will get the word of Hola, Erica, you design a lot of Fatah. Why? Why they deserve the whole

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beam sobre la jolla one

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because of the patience, because all of the above need a lot of patience.

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When an ignorant person is talking to you, and he's blasting you and saying bad things, and you

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can only with dignity. He said Salam aleikum that needs patience needs a lot of patience.

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When you want to perform pm all night that needs a lot of patience. When you want to stay away from Xena like Allah mentioned the you need a lot of patience.

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When you want to stay away from Lagu from vain talk that needs a lot of patience because everybody's doing it whether it's talk or comments or social media, you're staying away from all that junk that does not bring any benefit that needs a lot of patients will you zone a lot of Fatima soveral where you will accounting a fee to hear 10 or salama Allahu Akbar everywhere they are walking in they're coming from Africa all they hear Salam and salaam

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May Allah make us all among them. Oh they here day yet best of greetings and they hear salaam all the time where you are coming if he had to he was Alana Holly Dean

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Hassan Musa Quran, one more karma and they are going to stay there forever. And that place is great for a short period of time or for a very long period of time. Remember

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brasa Savannah dabba Jahannam in

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Mr. Kern when will come they used to make the DUA Allah we don't want to go to the Hellfire not even for a short period of time or a long period of time here but when it comes to Shanna short period of time, long period of time, you're gonna enjoy it no matter how long you stay, you're gonna stay forever inshallah. But even if, for the shortest period of time, you still enjoy the best. And as a matter of fact, the agenda is many levels and

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anywhere in Jannah, anywhere in Ghana, the person thinks and believes that there is no one better than him. No one gets something better than him. He thinks that he got and he received the Best of reward. He does not know that he's probably in the first level and there are like another ad 90 levels above him. But he this is how how great and how Kareem is Allah azza wa jal Carradine if he has to Mr. Quran, one more karma Subhanallah the the topic of immigrant men completely stopped right here and the topic completely changed. With one only even though there is only one area left call.

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Yeah Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam tell the kuffaar of Quraysh Maya will become Rob de la

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Allah subhanaw taala what he's going to do here do

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any the most of the dryer the theory scholar said it is not. It is means that we're any calling to Islam.

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If you come to Islam or you do not come to Islam, it's not gonna do anything to Allah subhanaw taala fuckup because septum you have belied Muhammad, you have called them a liar. For Sophia Kunal izannah. You're going to suffer a torment adab Lisanna What does designer mean?

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Lesson fee any constant non stop sticking to you that just like your clothes are sticking to you that either will be sticking to Subhan Allah. So this way with this, we have concluded the description of a beta Rahman they are all on our YouTube channel. You can watch them all in sha Allah Tada. And it's not about just watching and listening. It's all about the application, and probably the worst among you as myself because I have to practice what I preach. So may Allah subhanaw taala make me from the people who practice what they preach. And may Allah make us all from the people who apply what they hear to the best of their ability. May Allah

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Forgive all our sins may Allah accept our CIN and pm and may Allah fulfill every single day that we have made in these lights and may Allah subhanaw taala make our last deeds our best these and our last words that ilaha illallah

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in Muslim me now almost Lima Do you want meaning I will not mean it will quantity now I looked on it the more saw the pain I was saw the bond the one saw the Rena was love your art the one before she you know she

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wouldn't voice hearing our voice she washing I think one downside BP now one downside the party was slow on me now was all in

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one heavy Lena photo gentlemen one half you failed what he was good enough. Guess

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what's going on? I don't know who

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