Mohamad Baajour – Shield #01 The Master Duaa from the Master of mankind

Mohamad Baajour
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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah who are going to get Al hamdu lillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah Aloma aluminum and fauna when found Mr. Londoner was an old man your hammer I mean, ask Allah azza wa jal teach us would benefit us, benefit us from what you told us and increase us in knowledge. I mean, your ability I mean, before we start brothers and sisters, Please Subscribe To Our Channel And Support epic during this COVID 19 pandemic Insha Allah, may Allah reward you all, may Allah protect us all. May Allah subhanaw taala bring us back to the massage as soon as possible. I mean, there'll be datamine so this new series in sha Allah, Allah will be running every day, Monday, Tuesday,

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Wednesday, Thursday, and it's called the shield and it's, it's all about do as prescribed by Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam,

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the most beloved to our heart, the man who only speaks wisdom, he only tells the truth.

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He told us do ads that we could use during the day for full protection. So this will be our shield. And most of us know the doulas by heart, but unfortunately we do not know what they mean. And the whole idea behind this program in sha Allah to Allah to learn the dua for the people who do not know it, and for the people who know it in sha Allah to Allah to know what what does it mean how can I make a DUA and have no idea what that means? So inshallah Allah it will be extremely beneficial. And I would love if you memorize the DUA that we are we take every single day because we feel that we are all benefiting Charla Tala from from this program, I mean herbal alchemy

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I was thinking of which to, to start with, and Subhanallah because of the situation that we are in. And because Allah subhanaw taala told us in the Quran, that any calamity that befalls you is because of what your hands earned because of what you earned. So

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our negligence

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in our deen and

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our are being so distant from Allah subhanho wa Taala and being so much involved and in love with this dunya

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I feel like the best thing to start with is what did Rasool allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam teach us to make so far to ask for forgiveness? Because we need to be asking Allah azza wa jal for forgiveness 24/7 Subhanallah and today we in sha Allah to Allah we will be discussing what are the benefits of VISTA far and how can we make so far and then at the end inshallah Tada, stay with me, we will be learning what the master of mankind called the master of history for the master of mine mankind Sayed Benny Adam called this dua say that list of four so it could not be any better. So in sha Allah Tala, we will go step by step by explaining first the benefits of Mr. Fogg and we will

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mention few ways of making stuffer and then we will take our main dua inshallah Tada and try to explain it and be in the law please, please try to memorize it. You your spouse, your children, we have a lot of time these days. Subhanallah especially a day like this, where after you know the meaning of it, you would love by yourself to memorize it in sha Allah Tada. First, what are the benefits of making a lot of so far? Number one.

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When we make a lot of stuffer, Allah subhanho wa Taala will forgive us in sha Mata and this is our main goal. Allah subhanaw taala said in the Quran, where me Mary Sue and I will we have a limb NAFSA soon Maya stone feeling

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he didn't have a four or Rahima

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whomsoever commit evil and or wrong himself and then ask Allah for forgiveness. He will find Allah all forgiving, All Merciful or maybe I mean so an hour. We have them, nessa from May Estelle theory Allah, He has you dilla have a Fuhrer Rahim. SubhanAllah. So we all commit sins we all wrong ourselves. So making constant is too far in sha Allah Allah will bring us

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The Mercy of Allah subhanaw taala and Allah will will forgive us this is number one.

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Second, when we make a lot of stuff for Allah subhanho wa Taala told us in Surah knew that many blessings will take place in our life. Many of us complain that they have some issues with finances. They need extra income, many people they're having problem having children Subhanallah or any kind of problems in general. Allah subhanho wa Taala he said in Surah

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no hurry Salam

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Felco to start with Hero Rob Beckham in who can have

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your receipt please send

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me there or where you need to come do you have any wire John Nicomachean to come and

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Subhanallah and I told my people to make a lot of this so far. What happens if you make a lot of us to fight? The rain will come down Subhanallah many people are

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struggling to have rain Subhanallah second, when you did come be unwell. Specifically Allah use the word unwell plural of Mal mal means wealth money actual money. There's difference between risk and Mal risk includes Mal, but now by itself means money. You did come be unwell. Allah subhanho wa Taala will provide you with wealth what else your Allah and Benny and children.

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So my sister if you're having

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problems conceiving, make a lot of us to fall back Allah azza wa jal subhanho wa taala. To forgive you. Constant district far will increase your income will increase your possibility of having children and in sha Allah to Allah will increase the possibility of earning the Mercy of Allah subhanho wa taala.

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So first you will gain the forgiveness of Allah. Second, Allah will bless us with many kinds of blessings. Third, Allah subhanho wa Taala when we make a lot of stuff for Allah who will lift the other, and this is what you're going through right now. Subhan Allah, this pandemic that we're going through, this is a punishment Subhanallah it's a punishment like our sort of loss Allah is seldom said and Rama it's a punishment for non believers and Rama for the believers. If the believers are patient, it will be wrong for them Subhanallah so what is the deal ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada said, Well America and only you as either

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Taffy him when can Allah whom are the the homeboy whom he is still feeding?

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Allah subhanaw taala will not punish them while you are yeah Mohammed among them, and Allah will not punish them as long as they are making Istighfar so if we constantly make a stir for Allah subhanho wa Taala and sha Allah, He will lift the other verb away from us. So a lot of us too far will remove the fourth. Making a lot of stuff far

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will save us from the shaytaan

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making a lot of Mr. Fahd will save us from the Shaitan Carla Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in the shaytaan of con where exotica Yara la eyebrow always a bad murder. I'm at Urwa home fee. I just said to him, the shaitan said, Oh my Lord by your glory, I will keep trying to misguide your slaves as long as their souls are in their bodies. What Allah azza wa jal answer Subhanallah listen to our our, our rub our Lord that is so merciful, so forgiving,

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so loving Allah subhanaw taala set by my glory.

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Where is that he were Jalali law as a funeral home Mustapha Rooney, by my glory by my majesty, I will continue to forgive them, as long as they keep asking me for forgiveness. So when we constantly ask Allah azza wa jal for forgiveness that will keep the shayateen away from us in sha Allah, Allah.

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Another virtue of a lot of Mr. Farr is it will bring us a joy on the Day of Judgment, who does not want joy on the day of judgment on the day that is so severe that they that is going to last 50,000 years Subhanallah that day that I begged Allah azza wa jal to save us all from that day, that day, I hope that Allah subhanaw taala Allah I ask you with the best of your names ever

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everyone who's watching us today in sha Allah Allah Allah Allah make him or her from the people who will get the book with the right hands in sha Allah Yara me Narrable enemy. So Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Whosoever would like to be pleased, on the Day of Judgment when he sees his record, let him or her make a lot of still far. Allahu Akbar. I want to be pleased on that day, when I see my record my book,

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what should I do here? So Allah, he said, Are you salatu salam and we all know that He only speaks the truth he said, if you would like to see a lot of be joyful on that day, be happy on that day. Make sure you do a lot of stuff on now. Now it's the time to make a lot of stuff up now is the time to invest by making a lot of history file so we can have happiness on on that on that day. So ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala

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told us in the Hadith I could see Yeah, buddy in the Quran, talk to the owner be Layli when her funeral no no but Jamia festa Irani after Allahu Akbar and the Hadith, you could say, Allah subhanaw taala said all my slaves, you commit sins day and night.

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And I forgive all sins. So ask me for forgiveness, and I will forgive all your sins, Allahu Akbar. For you, how can we make this tougher? What are the methods the best ways to make is to far

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the first phone

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before I showed you on the screen

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I want you to think

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about this too.

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And ponder

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upon the story of this.

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Now if you look at your screen, you're gonna see this, this is one form of of history

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this form of Mr. Farr

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about the Allahu Allah and

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he told Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam who Abu Bakr

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Radi Allahu Allah.

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The first Khalifa, a man that is guaranteed Jenner,

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a man that was ready to give up himself and his wealth feasable Allah, and he did Subhanallah

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a man that Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam loved so much he believed everything that Rasul was I said and said, A man whose Iman, if it was put in one scale and the Imam of the whole Ummah, in another scale, his Iman will overweigh Subhan Allah, this man,

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Abu Bakr, Radi Allahu Allah. He asked us O Allah salAllahu salam ala Rasulillah teach me that I will say at the end of my salah, after he finished in Nikka Hamidah Majeed before he make the salam. Teach me a dua Spangler,

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listen to the DUA that Rasulillah Salam gave Abubaker Allahumma in the volume to the sea volume and cathedra while the Nova inlet and fiddly Muffuletta min Hindi CK our honey in into LA Fuu Rahim Allahu Akbar

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Ya Allah I have wronged myself so much Catherine

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and no one forgive the sins except you. So yeah, Allah forgive me and have mercy upon me because you are the old forgiving the old merciful.

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If Abu Bakr

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Radi Allahu Ana, he thinks that he has wronged himself so much.

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What do I say?

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What do you say my brother, my sister.

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And Rebecca said, in the Valentina Siegelman, Kathira

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the man Subhan Allah,

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who was the companion the best companion of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam,

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the man when on Rasulillah Salam was about to migrate from

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Mecca to Medina. And he was the most wanted man at that time, and people are running away from him. When he found out that resource asylum is migrating. He the first thing from his mouth was a softball.

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I want to be your companion. People are being scared to be with a suicide seller because he's wanted and he was so happy

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Be and joyful that he will be the companion of a soulless Isola. And he says in the volume to the settlement Kafeel, I have wronged myself. This is one of the biggest problems my brothers and sisters, that when we ask brothers and sisters to make Toba they say what am I what am I making Tober from I do not commit any sense. The minute you say these are the statement that what am I going to make Toba from unit tilbyr

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I'm Rebecca Singh in the Valentina Siegelman cathedral. They understood the deen to the level that they meant these these doors Subhanallah and Allah say salam, he is the one who taught him to say this dua. So one form of his default is this is this dua Allah humma in Netherland to Nazism and Kathira What are you afraid of the rubella and fulfill Lima FIRA Tamina indica our honey in Nikka Antara food of rain, you can say that anytime and if you want specifically before you mix them in the salad and by the way a side note

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that time

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before we make Salaam is one of the best times to make dua lot of people when they say in a cameo machine these Be quiet and waiting for the Imam to say Salam Alikum that period of time my brother my sister, make a lot of dua Rasul Allah say salam used to make a lot of the time

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you could say I've been a tuna for dunya Hassan, Hassan working either but not simple. Llama Aeneas alkyl Jana, to becoming a nurse Allama Philly them be anything that you would like to say before the salon but do not stay quiet. This is a good time to make dua. So this is the form the first form of a second form

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that you will see on the screen right now is the simple

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structure. Hola Hola, de la ilaha illa who and how young are you? What a to La that's another form if you want to make when we hear make a lot of Mr. Fogg that's another form of making stuff up. And we all know this stuff that Hola Hola, de la ilaha illa who and how you are you to Ya Allah, I seek forgiveness because you are the only Illa La ilaha illa who Alhaj Alka Yom the old living the one who does not need any help from anybody. And I asked him to accept my repentance stuff for Allah, Allah de la ilaha illa who will hail karuma to win a stuffer Mojave Milla de la ilaha illa, who will hail karuma to really 10 times, 15 times 100 times wherever you want, but make sure you make a lot

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of history. Now, we come to the data that we want to learn today in shamatha.

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And that is Sayed stuffer. Please I repeat again, brothers and sisters, please, if you can memorize this, that will be excellent and amazing. It's a great job. The reward of saying it we will explain right now in sha Allah Allah, the meaning of it is amazing Subhan Allah, and I, specifically I want to explain it because when we are saying it, we want to feel the meaning we want to really saying it like we need it. And this is the only time when the door is accepted. And asking for something I have to know what I'm asking for. I'm I'm saying something I want to know what I'm talking about. Subhanallah so this dua like I said before it's called say that it's too far to say that it's too

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far Rasulullah sallallahu sallam said, Man, I mean, no one who says this dua in the morning, in the morning, until he the evening and he dies in the morning, he will go to Jannah. And if he says it in the evening, and he dies in the evening, before the morning, he will go to Jana, Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar SubhanAllah.

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But he said, one very important statement in the Hadith and by the way, the Hadith in Bukhari walked in and be, he said it, she said it with your cane. She said it like she mean it. She meant it. He said it he meant every single word in it. So get ready. And listen to me carefully in sha Allah, Allah Houma and therapy Subhan Allah, I started this by admitting that Ya Allah, You are my Lord. You are my Arab.

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There's no rub except you Allah hum in therapy, love La ilaha illa and no one worthy of worship except you your Allah. This is collimated Tauheed Allahumma Antara de la ilaha illa and no one I will fear except you, you are the most beloved to my heart. You are the one who blessed me with everything that I have Allahumma Antara B La ilaha illa and Calacatta Honey You are the one who

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created me Subhanallah Calacatta Honey, we're Anna Abduch Allahu Akbar, and I am your slave. I had the most honorable

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title, we can have we can have as a human beings is to be called Abdullah. The slave of Allah azza wa jal Alhamdulillah Hindi and Zillah Abdi Hill Kitab when Allah wants to praise us Allah Islam he called him Subhan Allah the surah be Abdi, the first Iron straw and the first Iron calf. Allah used the abbot to speak about Rasulullah sallallahu sallam. So here I'm admitting Allah interrupt de la ilaha illa Anta Calacatta Annie you created me we're Anna Hubdoc your Allah when I'm mad, that means I have a master and when I have a master that means whatever the master says. I say submit and now we're Aparna I listen and obey this is what that means. When the when the when that when the master

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says a Salah to Cairo Mina No, prayer is better than sleeping. That means I'm up even though I'm tired, I'm exhausted. I want to sleep. My master said Get up right now it's time to pray. But when I pray when I get up for pleasure, whenever it whenever I get up for school or for work, then I pray My pleasure. That means I'm not that I'm the master. Now. I'm the one who's deciding what is the time for prayer. When I skip skipping my email the time for prayers, and I pray whenever I like to, that means I'm not anymore. My God. My master said that the prayer is from this time to this time.

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My master said that the fasting is from this time to this time. My master said that the percentage of Zakat is this much. My master said that the time for Hajj is this time Subhanallah and

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I am admitting here. We're Anna Abduch we're Anna. Yeah Hola, Anna, deca, Wawa, DECA master

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your Allah I am

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by your covenant and

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I'm keeping my promises to the best of my ability. I have promised to your Allah that I will only obey you.

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I promised you Allah that I will only ask you when I need something. Either CELTA Allah or either standard for studying Billa Ya Allah. I'm begging you only. We're Anna. Allah. Deca Wawa DECA musta thought as much as I can. I'm trying my best to Allah. But at the end of the day ya Allah I am a human being I commit sins I am I forget sometimes I get tempted they are Allah I'm trying my best look at this word must depart to the best of my ability. I also become an Shari masala you Allah I seek refuge

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in You from the evil of what I have done. You Allah I have done some evil

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yeah Allah I've done some evil I lied sometimes sometimes by mistake Allah I backed by people. Yeah Allah. I have

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maybe drank some alcohol. Maybe Allah committed something that was not pleasing to your Allah. Please forgive me. I also become an shuddering masala I seek refuge in Yala from the shadow of the evil things that I have done. I am admitting that you are Allah I have committed some sense we all do here one. We all commit sins and that's why we are saying this. At the end of the day, that's why we are things that I would do because when shatta remanso Not abou laka been in America.

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I admit, I confess, I bear witness that all the neon that I have are from you.

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I am here talking because you have given me the permission. My brothers and sisters you are listening right now. Because Allah gave you the permission this NEMA we are blessed with blessings that are countless Yama and all of them. All of them are because of you young women are becoming Nettleton feminine Allah know NEMA that we have the net amount of health the net amount of wealth the net amount of parents the name of a good spouse, the number of being saved the net amount of having food or the clothing every single name is from your your Allah were abou like a minute and Metallica la I know your Allah that every name that I have is from you. And when I know that every

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name that I have is from Allah azza wa jal and then I'm going to strive and struggle and do my best to please him. Well, I will be there and I admit,

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I have the robe. I have Cinzia Allah, I repent and I go back Allah and I commit some sins and sometimes I commit the same sins again. You Allah admitting that you

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I will be the FBI. And here comes the tickets of

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praise Allah praise Allah praise Allah praise Allah and then you ask, okay, well Allah and therapy play praise La ilaha illa Anta praise halacha Tony we're under abduct when

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it comes to becoming chartered ms on Ebola Kameena Mexicali or Abu Dhabi them all this is praised. I'm admitting and I'm, I'm sure we Allah, how poor I am, how much I need them. And then there's time to ask fairly. Forgive me for it now.

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No one forgives the sins, except you Yama, Allahu Akbar. Allahu Akbar. Surely, they know they're young, rubella, and

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my beloved brothers and sisters. Very short. Three lines Subhanallah please, please, you could open go into Internet postmaster first of all, say that it's tougher. You will have this right there. Sit down 10 minutes half an hour. Do not leave until you finish memorizing it. You say it with avocado Sabha. You say to the Afghan Messiah, either in the morning or the evening after Fisher or or after acid or anytime you want. Because this is a form of it's too far. You can set as many times as you want. But at least one in the morning once in the morning and once in the evening. You know when you go to the doctor, he tells you take this pill one in the morning and one in the evening. This is the

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prescription once in the morning and once in the evening. What happens if I die? And I started with the arcane Moroccan and

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power I'm an adult Jana I beg Allah azza wa jal to forgive all our sins, your ALLAH forgive all our sins. Here Allah make us all from the people of Jana. Allah put Baraka in our Dean put Baraka in our health, put Baraka in our family, put Baraka in our wealth, put Baraka in our time, yeah, Allah. Allah unite our hearts always. Allah protect humanity from this disease. Yeah, Allah bring us back to our massage. Dr. hamre mean, yeah, krummenacher Amin Yara but I mean, we have wronged ourselves immensely. Please forgive us. Yes. Please brothers and sisters, memorize this. In sha Allah Allah tomorrow at the same time at 630 We will have another day out from this program the shield May Allah

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protect you on May Allah subhanho wa Taala increase us an email and I mean you're behind me Subhana Allah Allah, masha Allah stuff

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