Mohamad Baajour – Names of Allah #69 Al Musawwir

Mohamad Baajour
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So it was not a lie about a cat

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Smilla Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah nama aluminum and foul now and finally my lump Turner wasn't known when Dr. hamre I mean, ask Allah azza wa jal teachers would benefit us. Benefit astrometry tourists and increase his knowledge. Ask Allah azza wa jal Baraka in this gathering, and make us from the people who are at the end of the gathering we told como foreign lagoon Cabo de la sejati compassionate I mean it's

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not going to take longer today because we had an announcement

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so just a few minutes inshallah Tada with a new name of Allah azza wa jal and the name we will be discussing tonight is almost all where who Allah

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who Allah who led ina ina know her in

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early Malloy we will show her the horror Walkman of rocking who will know who lady in her in

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an American code those who sell me anymore Hey me known as EAS.

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Motor Club bill. So

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usually can who Allah Who Holly Eikenberry who Allahu Holly

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song we'll learn as

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you said be hula hula Nafees you will

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welcome one ice hockey team. So the name almost always is only mentioned once in the Quran. And this is Al Musa, where literally almost nowhere is mentioned only once in the Quran.

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the action of first of all let's explain what the masala mean. It means the fashioner the fashional it is from the root letters sod while raw, and the bestower of forms. He is the one who forms and shapes all that exists almost nowhere gives everything its own distinct shape, and inclination or desire. Despite the great variety of the creation, every single creation is unique Subhan Allah this is also where Allah subhanaw taala said Allah, Albury and masala what's the difference? We mentioned before when we were talking about the Hadith Al Khalifa is the one who created from nothing all creations. Albury is the one who made them from Bara from clay and almost software is the one who

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creates very he gave them the key gave the creation its shapes and it's looks like we said last time even though you have billions of people from the beginning of the creation, not one of them is 100% equal to the other even if he is identical twin still there is something in their character on their behavior is different. No one is 100% equal even though they all have two eyes and two ears and you know Subhanallah This is a solid, but the word the verb the verb of the Swier have been mentioned the Quran many places I will mention a few of them in sha Allah and sort of LM Ron is number three, one lady use of zero config or Jaime K FEHA SHA La ilaha illa who al Aziz al Aziz al Hakim he, he is

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the one who forms you in the rooms as He wills there is no ILA except him. He is the Almighty always. Allah subhana wa Tada said, Allah Allah Dijon and Docomo out of the Quran was sama Bina and was a water come for us and us walakum Allah subhanaw taala not only he shaped you and and fashion you the way you look, but he also perfected it just like he said in Southeast Asia. Allah the Santa Kula che in Calaca. Allah have perfected everything that he Subhana has has created has calcula Allah says in surah McMahon Heather can cola when you go around and Subhanallah you see those beautiful

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and waterfalls in the mountains and the scenery has hung cola the irony Mather halacha Medina min Dhoni show me what other people what are those? Those idols that you worship? What have they created Subhanallah halacha somewhat out of the bill Huck was on water confess and in another place. Similarly, he designed you and he perfected your design. Yeah, you have it in sun Morocco Bureau Bickle, Karim. Allah the kaka fossa worker for either la vie au Surah Masha rock kaivac, ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada said, all mankind, what the? What is the thing that tempted you? Concerning your Lord, the Most Generous, He is the One who created you and formed you and proportion you and in

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whatever shape he willed, He assembled you. Allah subhanaw Because the word the name almost almost somewhere

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it is very close to alcoholic and Mulberry, very close, alcoholic has created

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the creation from nothing. The bed is specifically from clay and almost over is the one who gave it its image. But here, Allah subhanaw taala saying, Allah is the One who gave you that that shaped Allah is the One who gave you that look. So what made you disobey Him? What made you What fool you to think that you became something? If it wasn't because of Allah azza wa jal You are nothing Subhan Allah, Allah subhanaw taala This is the how it's mentioned in in, in the in the Hadith and Hadith in Sahih Muslim lemma someone Allah Adam filled Jana Tharaka who Masha Allah and ye Toka for Jana IBLEES yo T fo B younger ma Hua for Nomura, who as you have artifact, and no holy cow can can later

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Malak, when Allah fashioned Adam and Jana, he left him as he liked him. And he as as long as he wished to leave him, then at least start running around this creation called Adam, to see what actually that was. And when he found when he found him hollow from within, he recognized that he had been created with a disposition that he would not have control over himself that he can be affected by by others. Another place it is mentioned

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the three year in the DUA that we make.

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When we do search the tilava What do we say?

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So there there was he

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was a whare right, such as heat, Lady halacha were shocked Cassandra, who were Bazzara was a whare who

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said you there was healing that the Halacha who was a whare was shocked kasama who were masala whatever. Allahu asanam Harlequin, this is a dua you know, sometimes when you are reading Quran and you will pass through a search that search the tilava you can just say subhanallah, BL Allah. The search Atilla when it will do

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still have an aroma?

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Yeah, if you didn't already have one too. But let's say you heard the plan. You have to make such a tilava You don't need to do you do not need to do this is not salad will do is needed for three things.

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What are the

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Salad solid, solid.

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Love to love and

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reading the Quran is a difference of opinion. But those are the three things. So essentially tilava says a tilava it's not one of those three. It's not one of those three, of course it's preferable don't get me wrong, it's preferable to have. But is it a must to have? No, it's not a must to have time.

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So this so I was go back so I can say Subhana Allah is enough three times like I always do this is hamdulillah sufficient, but this is a specific dua for such that the tilava specific especially when we we do it every single tomorrow morning law Adam Schiff is going to recite it but usually every Friday we decide sorta to research that and sort of listen and sort of set it up course has a session on it. So when you go to search that try to say this is too high and shallow type in order in order

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to understand the names of Allah azza wa jal reading them is not enough. We have to you know

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study them and for example on MUSAWAH when I see almost all will,

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and I'm looking and I just one of our brothers just came back from from Japan.

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Subhan Allah, and he was telling me how beautiful it is and how he said, as if you are on a completely different planet,

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the way that they are organized, you've never seen someone or something or some country that is organized as much as Japan, even though they are huge in population, they still so organized Subhanallah and by the way, side topic when Allah subhanaw taala but he is the most aware, even though us who are not familiar with Japanese people, when they look at Japanese people what happens?

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They all look the same to me. Right? Right. But to themselves.

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They exactly like just we are looking at each other. This is exactly almost Oh, will you look

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I saw yesterday No, no, that was my cousin.

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So they all look the same. Because we are not used to them. But we do it between themselves. They are they know exactly. who's who. And just like we know each other. So

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we were saying Ah, so he's saying how beautiful is the country besides the organization and then his arm and all that also so beautiful. And he showed me some some pictures. So when we see these,

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the creation of Allah azza wa jal right in front of our eyes, there is a bad as I spoke about before, an act of worship, that not too many people do. And that is excellent, a bad a difficult.

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A bad attacker, a bad, a difficult, meaning reflecting deeply. And you sit down and you Say Subhan Allah, you know, Allah, Allah, but look at this waterfall coming from from nowhere from the middle of the rocks, and it's constantly giving when you go, brother, Dr. Emma just came back from Allah. May Allah accept from your child, when you see the zum zum since Ibrahim alayhis salam keeps giving Subhanallah it's something amazing that that makes you think and increase your love to Allah and decrease you the thought of disobeying Allah subhanaw taala, who created all this when you start

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any contemplating and having to dabble with the difficulty of the hunk of Allah azza wa jal, you would look and you see a huge mountain and you remember Allah subhanaw taala said

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when you say you were used

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for Hala al Mal had been known as the dunya. Well, Daria to Saudi Arabia and Rebecca on another way a woman women who say urology Bala, you look at this huge mountain. And Allah is telling us that one day, say the hub is going to pass by just like a cloud, that whole mountain that is like maybe 234 or five miles and Allah, how how much it weighs, it will pass by like a like a lucky cloud. So when you when I see that make difficult, I say to myself, the One who created this, the one who said

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lots of hard data and surah Taha

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superhero book NASA began start

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Western an older candidate, you Ben Connolly and Sif who have not been as far as you see at this huge mountain, it will be shattered, shattered into ashes.

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Then you tell yourself,

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he cannot cure me. He cannot solve my financial problem. You know when you have that a bad after factor. And you look at this almost oh well, who have gave that beautiful image. So you will you will no matter how big is your demand you think it's a huge it will become nothing. Subhanallah

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Amada, the wife of the famous hobby Buddha

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was asked what is the greatest a bad that a Buddha does? She said a difficult

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she said a difficult the best thing neither my husband performed is a difficult and

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hassle bursary. Let me see if I get the quote. He said an hour's contemplation is better than a year of TM. One hour of difficulty is better than one year of TM Subhanallah one year of pm and one of the tabs in the profits one of the tabs instead reflection the factory is the light of worship no really bad at difficult nor a labor Adam. Now how do we apply this name like I promised you is not going to take so long? How would you apply this name in our in our life? Be happy with the way that Allah created you do not complain? I am short I am told I am fat I am ugly. I am this I am that Allah Subhan

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data have shaped you in a form in a way that is the best form ever like a color canal in Santa Fe the senator creme de la creme, maybe if your your your look is different you could have done something that is haram that could ruin your dunya and your Acura

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you know I looked so good let me go model for somebody and you start modeling and one second start from modeling and goes to acting and then from acting to this and that and then you're done. Subhanallah so be satisfied how damozel would have someone had made my Surah have to be very happy and tell yourself if I want to choose the way I look it would be this because the one who gave me this image is Allah Jamil himself is the most beautiful himself

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and have as we have seen here one maybe we don't see it much here, but in our countries I can tell you one thing that is

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increasing in a way that is very scary.

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Plastic surgery

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and changing the hulk of Allah azza wa jal everybody wants big lips big cheeks big this big that you know change this small this small that they're not convinced I got some wrinkles here yeah Allah Bismillah should pull push.

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Is that mentioned the Quran?

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he will tell the people what did he say? He told Allah well that will the lead know where the Omen Nia now while the M will run now, fella fella you bet Tichenor then Anam whether I am or unknown fella you're a year on Hello, Camilla. I'm going to keep stay on top of them until they are convinced that they have to change the hulk of Allah azza wa jal

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they will change the way they were created. So be if you want to apply that name in your life, be very happy and satisfied by the way that Allah subhanho wa Taala has created

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Hadith in Bukhari

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I forgot to call it but the meaning of the Hadith Jaquan is that

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Allah subhanho wa Taala will ask everyone who makes a statue

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to put through it on the Day of Judgment

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please, I know there's a difference of opinion when it comes to the pictures. But the statues there's no difference of opinion this actual statue there is no difference of opinion that is not allowed at all to have it in your home. Forget about buying it and selling it 100% Haram but having it in your home you are preventing the melodica from entering to your to your home and an ibis, one time he saw somebody drawing people he said what are you doing? Stop doing that and he said draw something that does not have a clue he does not have a rule. So he literally used the word tree draw a tree any anything that has to do with nature but statues actual statues, statues that are you look

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at it and you know exactly this is a horse This is a man with features with the eye. This is forbidden in our deen to have in our home. And that's what I seldom said that in another narration if I'm not wrong, it says who are UK through nurse yada urban young male piano, the most punished people who are on the Day of Judgment. The first ones the people who killed profits, the people who killed the profit and then the last one was the people who make Timothy make statues Subhanallah so this is not something easier one if you have a statue that represents something with the rule get get rid of it in sha Allah Tala and finally

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and we'll solver ask a masala ask Allah azza wa jal to

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bless you with with with beautiful children there's nothing wrong with that. Ask Allah subhana wa Taala and most somewhere to bless you with for example you are you're single yeah Allah destiny with a beautiful wife. There's nothing wrong with that. But you know, keep in mind that we look first for for the deen and then we look for the other stuff in sha Allah Tala. If you have the deen Allahu Akbar you know for Fidel be that Deen Terabithia duck, take the one with the deen you know, that is the best thing you could ever have and inshallah to address the wealth and the beauty and the lineage all that is all that is extra. So there's nothing wrong with asking for for righteous and

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beautiful, beautiful spouse And subhanAllah keep in mind

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that even sometimes any we fall into this mistake, we start comparing the way our children look to others. Look at their children. Look how beautiful look how this and my kids are this or my daughter is this. Do not do not do that. Do not do that at all. You are complaining about Allah's creation. You are complaining about Allah's creation. When you see something beautiful Masha Allah, Tibet Allah, may Allah baraka and your children may Allah subhanaw taala make them more beautiful in sha Allah Tala, but do not compare and say why me why this why that? No, no, no, no, you are. You are rejecting the order and the hikma of Allah azza wa jal, which neither me nor you could understand,

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maybe sometimes he he could make it clear to us, but we always trust al Hakim and Aleem and, and Allah, may Allah subhanaw taala make us from the people who listen and apply. May Allah subhanaw taala forgive all our sins, may Allah protect all our children from any harm. May Allah protect our our spouses, may Allah subhanaw taala elevate our parents status in Jannah May Allah subhanaw taala increase our love to one another. May Allah unite our hearts and increase us an Amen. I mean there'll be I mean, don't forget to a lot of salaat on Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, tonight is the night of Joomla today tomorrow all day make as many solid as possible. And don't

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forget to consult and measure at 630 in sha Allah to Allah Subhan Allah Subhana Allah, masha Allah Allah Allah and Mr. Fuuka on a tour really.

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