Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P17 169C Tafsir Al-Hajj 38-41

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the history and characteristics of Islam, including persecution, support, and even hate towards those who do not like them. They emphasize the need for people to defend themselves and their own communities, as well as the importance of learning to read and read properly on Surah Fatiha. The speakers emphasize the importance of serving religion and not blindly following others' instructions, as well as the negative consequences of not following rules and finding the right intentions when doing things for the sake of Islam.
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In the Lucha indeed Allah you there fear or I did Lavina ama know, he defends those people who believe in Allah indeed Allah lay your head bucola hawan Inca for he does not like those. Or rather He does not like every person who is Hawaiian and Kofoed, Hawaiian meaning extremely treacherous, the one who betrays a lot, and Kofoed the one who is very, very ungrateful or extreme in his disbelief, such people Allah does not like so if he does not like them, then will he aid them? No, he will not help them, he will not defend them. Instead, what will happen is that Allah will defend others against them. So, what we see in this ayah is that there are two things which when they're

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found in a person, he loses Allah's help and support. Instead, what happens is that Allah's plans work against him. And what are these two characteristics piano and Quran? Cofer? What is the piano betraying others, whether it is by breaking promises or it is through lying, or it is through disappointing someone after committing to them, cheating them in any way, whether it is your parents or your teachers or your friends, neighbors, whoever it may be, when a person betrays others, he does Leanna then he loses the help of Allah subhanaw taala. And the second thing that is mentioned is Kofoed, Quran confronto Nirma or disbelief, it could be understood as extreme ingratitude and it

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can also be understood as extreme disbelief. So such people lose the help of Allah. Then we see that in the following, I will the net in Lavina ukata, Luna, the unknown, lowly mu, the permission to fight has been given to who do the believers. Why because they have been wronged and they have been fought against because notice over here Lilla Dena, you caught the Luna, they were fought, you know, what is that a person has fought, why? Because he has done something wrong. He's a criminal, you understand. So if a criminal is fought against, is that justified? Is that justified? If a criminal is fought against, is that justified? Of course that is right, that is something that should be

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done. But if an innocent person is being fought against, is that right? No, be unknown. Loli mu, they were oppressed. They were fought against who the believers and this had been happening since the time in Makkah, we're in Allah Allah Anna Salim la kadhi. Allah has given them permission to fight back to retaliate. And just because the Muslims are still weak doesn't mean that they will not be victorious. No, Allah can aid them. Remember that the Sunnah, parts of it are murky, and parts of it are muddy. So keep the seal of the prophets on a lot of sediment mind when you look at these verses. Because when the Muslims were in Makkah, were they persecuted? Of course, when you think

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about the time in Makkah, what's the word that comes to your mind? persecution? Right? That's one of the first things that comes to your mind that the Muslims in Morocco were oppressed, they were persecuted in order to save their lives. Where did they go Abyssinia? And then the rest of them who stayed in Makkah, even they could not hold on for very long. So where did they end up going? to Medina? So the Muslims who went to Abyssinia did the machine come after them to get them back? Yes, they did. And the Muslims went to Medina, did the machine come after them? Of course they did. And when they came to Medina, what did they come with weapons, they came to fought the Muslims, they

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came to kill them. They came to destroy them. So those who were repeatedly attacked, do they not have the right to fight back now? Do they not have the right to stand up for themselves and defend themselves? Yes, they do. So this is a reason why Allah has given permission to the believers to fight back Alladhina awkward human dare him build ad hoc they were expelled from their homes without any rights. You see, in Arabia, there was this tradition of punishing someone through exile. Meaning if there was a criminal, someone who had done something completely unacceptable, what would be done with them, either they would be killed, or they will be severely punished or another form was Go

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away from here. You are not allowed to live in this community anymore. Exile. You understand. So exile was a form of punishment. Because you know what exile meant in that society? It didn't just mean leaving one city and going to another to live there. No, it meant that now a person is no longer associated to his family. His family has disowned him, his tribe has disowned him. Now the people are not going to do any business and you trade with him. And you know what business? If you don't get to do that, then what does

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It means you can't even buy food. You cannot even buy food. If someone comes and takes your property when no one is going to defend you, basically, you're on your own. This is what it means when a person is exiled. He's on his own. Now, in this day and age, you're on your own no big deal, right? But in that time, if you're on your own, then you are in a lot of danger. Think of it like this, if a person is deported from a country deported, their passport is taken, their citizenship is taken away, and they're deported. They're sent to another country. And that country is a place where there's a lot of violence where there is no security. What does it mean, that deportation is

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basically a death sentence for them. Right? Because they know that the minute they will land in their own country, what's going to happen?

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What's going to happen, sooner or later, they will be killed, there'll be finished, they have nowhere to go, there is no shelter, no one is going to protect them. In fact, people are there seeking out to find such innocent one so that they can get the better of them. So for the Muslims to be evicted from Makkah, this was a very, very big deal. You know, this is a reason why when the Muslims were being persecuted in Makkah, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam told them, Go, Go and disperse through the land. They said, where do we go? He said, Go this way, and he pointed towards Habesha. Why, why have I shall because the king over there was just all right. And the Muslims were

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told to go to have a shot. You know how many Muslims went at that time? Only 17

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Only 17 whereas every single Muslim was being persecuted in Macau, but only 17 could go because leaving Macau was like, giving up your citizenship, leaving your passport behind, leaving your property behind. You can't even transfer your money. You understand? You don't have any bank account in which you can put your money in and then get your money out in the other country. No. So Alina aquarium and dare him they were expelled from their homes. This is a very big deal, big lady helping without any right, meaning that those who expel them had no right to expel them. And what was the crime, so called Crime Illa and your Kulu robbing Allah simply because they said Our Lord is Allah.

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The statement was a crime. saying these words was a crime at that time, you know, just like at the time of fit our own saying that a person believe in Musar listen, and what was that? What was that? It was like a crime. Remember what happened with the magicians? They said, I'm gonna build an army or be Musa well, how soon they said this, and fifth our own threatened to kill them. Right? And according to many more festoon he actually killed them. He actually killed them how that he cut off their hands and their feet from opposite sides and he crucified them. And it is that the Quran was the first one to start this punishment of crucifixion. Anyway, so saying that I believe in Allah was

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a crime. It was a crime at the time of our own. It was a crime even at the time of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. Look at this example or model de la Horne who who was he? You could say that he was like the Big Shot okay of maca. The man who was confident who was bald. People looked up to him Abuja *'s good friend. And what happened when a little glow on who became Muslim. He went to Abuja, his house, all right, knocked on his door, I will dial opens the door, Allen was silent. Welcome my dear friend, and one of the lowering who says to him, I just came to inform you personally that I've embraced Islam

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and Abuja while he's began cursing, or middle dilemma and who on his face and he slammed the door on him, or modeled the low or no one has Islam became public. You know what happened? People came and they attacked him. They physically fought with him an armadillo and who fought back.

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And it came to such a point that there were so many people waiting for their turn to fight with a moral dilemma and who, that are mortal DeLorean who just you know, he locked himself up in his house, he couldn't go out. And the people outside were demanding that urmul Come out so that they could fight with him. And then a man from the Quraysh he came in between he interfered in the middle and then he said, leave him alone. He has my protection. But this is how it was. Without Islam, no problem. But as soon as a person became Muslim, it's as though he had committed a crime. So in that in your Kulu, Rob Boone, Allah and this is true with regards to many things, that there are, you

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know, many beliefs or you can say a concept or something that a person strongly believes in. And why does he believe in that because he thinks it is the right thing to do. It is the truth.

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But what happens just because he's holding on to it, others oppose him to the point that they want to kill him. They want to take his life away. So those who fight for the truth sometimes they have to give up their own life also.

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And now we see that in these verses permission to fight has been given right to the believers. Why has this permission been given? Allah says well Lola for Allah He knows about Woombie Berlin, lucha de Mazzola, Mira will be our own wa salatu wa masajid youth Golfy has Mala he cathedra that if this permission to fight back to retaliate was not given than what would happen. total chaos. So much so that not even a masjid not even a church or a synagogue, any worship place would be standing.

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Right? And what does that signify that if the places of worship are not safe than what other place is safe, so those who are causing bloodshed in the sacred places, all right, in worship places, then such people must be stopped, then the law limbs hand must be stopped. You see, Makkah was a place where people would come from outside in order to find shelter.

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Isn't that so? This is what we learned that if there was a person who had committed a crime, right, and he found out that somebody's coming to get him, you know, where he would go, he would run to Makkah as fast as he could go to the Kaaba and just sit next to Cabo. And then, you know, people who are trying to catch him, they're standing in front of him, but they cannot hurt him. They just sitting there smiling, you know, what are you going to do? You can't harm me, you cannot touch me.

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Right. So people from outside MCCA came into Makkah to find refuge. Now this is amazing. People who are in Makkah cannot find refuge in Makkah because of their Islam, so they have to leave Makkah to find shelter elsewhere.

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So those who are behind this oppression, should they not be stopped? Think about it should not be stopped. If Makkah is not a safe place, than which other place in the world would be safe. Think about it. Because many people have a problem with the history of Islam, that why is it that the Prophet fought battles? What kind of a prophet was he? Right? Or they say, he's supposed to be prophet of mercy. You say that Islam as a religion of peace? Well look at your history, full of battles. Why? Why full of battles to stop the oppressors from their oppression, because if the oppressor is not fought, he will continue and there will be no safety, no security on this earth,

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anywhere to be found. And through this, what happens is that those who do lose, their power is broken. And we see this throughout history throughout human history, look at our own, the peak of power, but what happened he was finished. Right? Look at the nation of odd some of the people who oppose New Hire listener. All such people eventually their power was broken. So the Quraysh also, their power was to be broken. And then Allah makes a promise when I answered on the law Humann Jung Soo, Allah who will definitely aid those who help him. Those who take a step in the way of Allah subhanaw taala even though they are weak, even though there are few in number, don't worry, because

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Allah will help them. Because you see, initially the Muslims were, you know, very eager to fight back to retaliate, to take revenge to stand up for themselves, but they weren't allowed. And then when the permission to fight was given, then reality hit, you know, okay, so we're supposed to be fighting people like Abuja,

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these rich dudes who have so much money and so much weaponry and so many people, how many are we? And remember the first battle? How many Muslims were there? 300 And how many wish seeking were there? 1000 Right. So when you look at yourself, I am supposed to do something for the deen of Allah. Like me, what can I do?

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What can I do? You know, simple thing. If somebody asks you, could you please teach my child how to read Surah Fatiha

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what would you say? Me? No way. I can barely you know do it properly. myself. I'm not qualified. I have no ijazah you know, I learned through the Fatiha from my mom. Yes, I can read it correctly in the sense that I make no major mistakes. It's fine. It's acceptable recitation, but I couldn't do it. I'm not a teacher. I'm not a Quran teacher. You might, you know, think of yourself like that. But if you look at it as an opportunity to serve the religion of Allah, that you have the chance to teach someone Surah Fatiha and you ask Allah for help that he Allah I don't know how to do it. You show me a way you teach me? Then you know

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What you do your best and Allah who will help you?

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Allah will teach you, Allah will aid you. Because which one of us can claim that yes we are 100% qualified and capable of defending the religion of Allah are we who can claim that? None of us can. But each one of us can do something. Right? Even if it may be very little, but something at least, and with a sincere intention with your best efforts, Allah subhanaw taala will show you the best way he will help you because you remember that the deen of Allah? Whose deen is it? It's Allah's Deen.

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Who wants to ensure that this deen is safe? Allah, you are just a tool. We are just, you know the connection in the middle. So do your best trust on Allah? And do what comes your way and Allah who will teach you? I mean, look at the Muslims when they went for battle 300 of them? Could you say that they were yes qualified to fight the Michigan? Could you say that? No, you couldn't. This doesn't mean that we go completely empty handed without any preparation. You do whatever is within your capacity to the best of your ability you give it 100%

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And that small effort of yours, Allah will make it grow. Allah will definitely put Baraka in it and cause it to be successful because this is Allah's work. While I am Soren Allah who may unsubtle

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so what we need to work on is our intention. And also our efforts. Just like Ibrahim Allison, and what was he told to do other than finesse will Hajj, make the call for Hajj. So what was he required to do? Just make the call do what is within your capacity? Did Allah subhanaw taala make that call reach those who it had to reach? Right? Why? Because that was Allah's work. We have to do our part. And Allah Who will do his part will answer and Allahumma Jung Soo. And you see serving the dean, defending the dean, helping the dean, this is an honor. This is an honor, this is the biggest gift that you can give to yourself.

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Because the rewards are endless. The rewards are endless. I read somewhere, come work for the Lord. The work is a lot. The pay is low, but the retirement benefits are out of this world. And when I read that statement, I was like, Yeah, this is what I want to do. This is what I want to do work for the Lord work for Allah subhanaw taala.

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Because which other job can give me the money that I can be happy with? Which job can do that? Which job which career can promise me retirement benefits that are out of this world? Nothing.

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There's nothing on this world that will do that. Nothing at all. But you work for Allah. And Allah who will fill you with richness of the heart, Allah who will fill you with satisfaction. Allah will fill you with inner happiness, inner happiness that you cannot get from anything else. While I answer on Allah who may answer this is an honor. This is a biggest gift that you could give to yourself to spend a few moments for the service of Allah for the service of his deen

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and you see if we don't do it, that Allah's Deen will not suffer.

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You know that the deen of Allah will not suffer, it will still continue. It doesn't depend on us. It does not depend on us at all. Let me give you an example. You know, when the Muslims migrated to Abyssinia the first time, only 17 of them, right? They heard that the people of Makkah had embraced Islam. This was a rumor. So they got so happy. And only a few months after they had emigrated to Avicennia. They decided to come back because they said MCI is safe now people are Muslim, let's go back home. And this tells you how difficult he was right? That they were willing to come back right away. So they came back when they came back to Makkah they found out that this was a rumor this was

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not true. But remember, they had given up their citizenship. All right, they had given up their passports. Now coming back into my comment. You are on your own right. You have no protection. So what happened? Some of the Muslims, they try to get protection from certain leaders of Makkah. Now, one of the companions, he went to Abu Talib Obatala was not his relative instead of Bucha Hill was his relative. All right. So I will call him said okay, fine, I'll give you protection. You are like my family. Nobody can hurt you. Because if they try to hurt you, they're in fact hurting me. They're fighting with me. So what happened? I would Jehol got really upset. And he came to fight with

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Ableton Live, you know, argue with him that How dare you do that to my relative I just saw

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on him for a reason and you're giving him shelter. You know, I want him to leave Islam. Why are you helping him? So there was a big fight between Abu Talib and Abuja, you know who came in the middle to defend Obatala

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take a wild guess. Out of all people Abu Lahab

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Abu Lahab

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diehard disbeliever he came in defending Abu Talib saying to Abuja lievable. Talib alone, if he wants to give shelter to this particular man, let him do it.

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So you see who Allah is using to help his Deen, who Ebola hub.

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Allah's dean will prevail, it will be safe it will continue

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it is our fortune. It is our success if we are a part of that if we get to have a share in that success this is an honor. While I uncertain Allah who may ensue in Hola Hola, como una Aziz Indeed, Allah is surely mighty en but we he is strong he is, or Aziz, he's powerful. He's exalted in my and those who help the cause of Allah, what are their characteristics? Now let's look at it number 41. In detail, a Lavina there are those who ima canal anvil org If we give them authority in the land McKenna, you Makino Temkin, like us for listening was established in the land, right? If we give them if we give them authority in the land, meaning those who help the cause of Allah, Allah helps

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them they're victorious. So for instance, the Muslims with the prophets of Allah salaam, they helped the religion of Allah eventually what happened? They prevailed. Right? They prevailed. Their enemy was defeated. Allah helped them Allah gave them victory. But once they get that victory, then what happens? What do they do? How do they celebrate? Because you see, whenever you're successful in something, what do you want to do?

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What do you want to do? Like seriously, what do you do? You do something fun. Right? You celebrate that success? How do we celebrate?

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Have you never celebrated? Seriously? How do you celebrate?

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You have a party? Lucky you?

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What do you do? Oh, gifts. Okay, exchanging gifts presents. What else? Yes. Okay, you go out to eat to a restaurant with your family or with your friends. Right? What else do you do?

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Okay, look at it this way. You are working really hard, right to sit for a particular test. And then you open up your email to see those results or you receive a letter. All right, and you open it. And then when you take it out, and you see your results on paper and you see that you have succeeded. What do you do?

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You jump up in joy, some people to scream out, enjoy, right? Some people just go around giving hugs to every random person. Right? Sometimes people will, you know, take a picture and post that on social media. Right? They will share that success with the whole world. Some people will call up their parents right away their family right away, their spouse or their teacher or whoever immediately. And what do they say? Thank you, for all your support, even though your mom didn't help you in that test. But what do you say anyway? Thank you, ma for all your support. Right? Now those who are given victory by Allah, what do they do? A call masala. They established the prayer.

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They established the prayer. They realize that this victory came from Allah and they don't forget the giver of victory. The one who made them successful. They don't forget him.

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You know, spiritual counsel in our Athena qualcosa for fun Lilia Rob Baker one.

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Allah is promising you a great gift. So selenium epic, pray to your Lord. Perform salah.

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Perform Salah, we perform. So now when we are in difficulty when we are preparing, when we're stressed out, we make a lot of Dora and then what happens when we see that? You know those results? What happens?

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We even forget to make dua that same day. Our prayers are delayed or they're completely neglected. You know, we have to go to restaurant to eat. We have to go party with our friends who has time to pray, who has time to you know make dua after Salah who has nobody has it done. But those who truly asked Allah with sincerity they asked Allah for victory and Allah gave them victory. Then you know what you will see their connection with Allah deepen and strengthen after that victory.

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This is this is the real test because Mehta

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As we're doing things and we say, I'm doing this for the sake of Allah,

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right? We say this this is for the sake of Allah. But then how is our relationship with Allah? How is our connection with our Lord? If we're doing it for the sake of Allah, how is it for the sake of alive we're not even praying properly. We don't need to lie to ourselves. The first sign that a person is truly doing something for the sake of Allah is a common salah they will establish the prayer and what Atos Zakah they will give this occur.

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They remember the rights of Allah, and they remember the rights of the creation. They deepen this strengthen their connection with their Lord, and they become more helpful, you know, towards the creation, they are more generous with the creation instead of confiscating their wealth. What do they do they gave their own to the people at the Zika were Amma Reuben my roof and they command that which is right, when a Hawaiian ill mongkol And they forbid that which is wrong? Well Allah here October two more and to Allah is the end result or the conclusion of all affairs, the outcome of all affairs is with who? Allah subhanaw taala

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meaning how something ends that is also with Allah's permission. And it can only be good if we started with the right intention. Now this I have basically is in, you know, an image of what a Muslim society or a government looks like, right?

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However, we can apply this to our lives as well. That in our own small ways, when we are doing something for the sake of Allah, then do we find these characteristics in ourselves? If we find them, then will Allah he'll hunt and if we don't, then inland Allah he will be nearly hero to you. Because if the intention is corrupt, the action is corrupt the results will also be very, very dangerous.

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But a small question to ask ourselves.

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Anytime we are doing something for the sake of Allah, do we pray to Allah? Do we perform Salah on time? Or is our Salah neglected recitation of these verses?

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Oh, oh the 911 Are you

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gonna be

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holy moon or

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long? Nasri new love Audi

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BYD have been

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born along with

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the masala

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gofio law you get

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a Lavina in

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can fill me up almost all

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that God

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so, those who are truly in Allah's way, they are not arrogant and oppressive after victory.

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They are not arrogant and oppressive after victory. They praise Allah. They don't bar people from Salah by attacking misogyny. You know there are many people who claim to be doing something for the sake of Allah. But their outward actions What are they like instead of inviting people to prayer? What are they doing? stopping people from prayer? How? By attacking the very mosques that people come to pray.

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People can say all they want, they're doing something for the sake of Allah, but these are big signs. These are big signs. And then what are those Zika they will give us a care not that they will confiscate the wealth of other people without any right what a model B model they will command that which is good which is acceptable. maruf what is Marlowe? That which is

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acceptable roof, you know, Earth is that which is within the tradition, meaning traditionally culturally acceptable, and according to what tradition, the tradition of Islam. I mean, if you look at Islamic texts, if you look at Islamic history, there are certain things which are acceptable that are considered good, and not just Islamically traditionally, but also intellectually logically, it's acceptable. The Arkell accepted the fitrah accepts its the shittier accepts it, there's room for it, that is mortal. So they will command that which is maruf one a hoe and this means that they will not command that which is wrong. When a how arnelle mancha they will forbid from that which is monka.

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What does one go mean rejected something that is not accepted that has no room that has no place in the Sharia in the Islamic history, and there is no rule for it. Meaning it's not accepted by the arco by sound intellect. So these are some criterias that Allah subhanaw taala has given us to check ourselves and to also analyze others who claim to be doing something for the sake of Allah, whether it's a small effort, such as writing an article, or it is having a class starting an Islamic organization, any kind of work that people are doing in the name of religion, these are things that we need to see.

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Is there a Salah is there's a car is there a mobile Mark roof is there in the here and in Mancha. This is how we need to check ourselves. And this is how we need to check others also if we wish to join hands with them. Don't blindly follow someone just because they appear to be righteous. Use your mind

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