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The history and meaning of a name are discussed, including the use of "naive" in the Bible and the importance of staying humble while visiting sick people. The use of drugs for diseases like COVID-19 and the need for patient care are also discussed. The importance of patient care and staying patient is emphasized.

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To the young move.

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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi over a cat

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Smilla hamdulillah salat wa salam ala Rasulillah nama alumina my info now and finally my LinkedIn hours at 9am. And I need ask Allah azza wa jal teachers would benefit us, benefit us from our tutorials and increase us knowledge along the Vatican, Fe Jimena. Heather, which I know there's someone Mahoma What about the federal budget? The federal and masoumeh Raj alfine would have been an shocky. And what am I mean, would it mean

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tonight in Charlotte, I know you have a name of Allah subhanaw taala that everybody has heard of, and everybody has used

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one day in their life. And this name is the name of Allah azza wa jal, a Shafi

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Shafi and you should all know how many times it's mentioned in the Quran, how many times

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00 It is mentioned in the Hadith that we all also we all know which is that

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what is it that

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I've been bananas and hibel bass, wash V, and the Chevy here's the name with came from, and the Chevy last year Illa Shiva oak Shiva en la Johan Hiro Sakuma. Allah subhanaw taala. His name is Shafi means the one that kills the healer. The one that kills that kills and

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the root of this name appeared in the Quran.

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For example, wellness zero male Quran Hema Hua she felt the word she came and what did the Brahim Alehissalaam say? Were either married to

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faraway A cian for Hawa yes fin so the verb is in the Quran, the adjective Shiva and isn't the Quran, but a Shafi is not in the Quran. And the DA is Allah hombre bananas, Madhavan bears in one narration, and Shri Anta Shafi la Shiva, Shiva, oke Shiva, la Johan Sakuma Salah. So the meaning is, take away the disease or THE LORD OF THE PEOPLE cure him, as you are the only one who cures and there is no cure but yours a cure that leaves no disease and this is is an Al Bukhari. It came in another way Allah hamara bananas and Hubbell bass Fimo double bass with Hebron bass V, and they will pass as if you're asking Allah to remove the ailment.

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When we use this name, we have to believe in few things Yeah, one number one is that

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Allah subhanho wa Taala is the only Shafi and I know mashallah always in our crowd, there are a lot of doctors and I want to my my, my brothers and if there are sisters that are physicians, actual practicing doctors, to always make the patient feel that they are only means

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because many times, many times when for example, if you have an a sick child, and you are so worried, and you went from one place to another, you know from one doctor to another from one hospital to another, and then they told you about this doctor, he is very well known doctor and this and that and you went and took your child to this doctor and the doctor Hamdulillah he did something and the kid is cured. All of a sudden you feel that you owe this doctor something you feel like you know, it is him who cured my child. We want all the time

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doctors to make them even though it's a time to feel like you are something, that time the doctor should inform the patient. I was only a mean, I was just the means that Allah subhanaw taala provided for you. But the end of the day he is the Shafi. This is the way this is so he when we start telling others also because like I said in that time, you want to feel that you are very special. And it's nothing wrong with you thanking the person of course, thanking him and appreciating what he has done is something amazing. He puts an effort and hamdulillah Brian, I mean, there is nothing wrong with that. As a matter of fact, it's a sunnah it's a must on every Muslim to

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thank the people, but to feel that he is the one who cured. That's a problem. It's a problem to feel that he is the one that killed Allah subhanho wa Taala is the Shafi that's number one.

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And what is the lien on that? Listen to this area where em seska Allah Who Biederman fella Kashi fellow who Illa who

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we are where we are Muslim in marine, we believe in the Kitab. Allah said, And if Allah subhanho wa Taala

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afflicted you with any kind of the disease, anything, there is no one there is no one who will remove it except Allah. No one will Illa no one will remove it except Allah. So we have that established in ourselves in our heart and our mind and our everything. We believe in that and then we go to the doctors, we take the medicine we do everything, but in my heart, no matter what the medicine, the medicine is, I mean the doctor doesn't mean the hospital doesn't mean the operation or all means but ALLAH SubhanA hota is a Shafi my I'm taking Bill ASVAB and call will be more unlock Bureau bill as Bob. I am taking by the means but my heart is attached to the creator of the means to

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the Lord of the means. This is when you get the Shiva or whatever Allah subhanaw taala has decreed where he says come wha hoo wee darling fella Kashi fellow who in law who were a unit can be hired in feta or deli fugly, you'll see will be made yesha woman a birdie will who will afford a Rahim And if Allah wants good for you, none. None can stop it. None can stop his grace, He makes it reach who ever He wills from from his a bed.

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So ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala he is the only healer, the only healer, healer. And when we hear about the Shafi immediately our mind goes to diseases and ailments and sicknesses. Which is true, but also Allah subhanaw taala cues the diseases of the heart.

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Allah cures our hearts from arrogance, from greed, from envy, from jealousy, from stinginess, from hypocrisy. All these are diseases that are worse than cancer and leukemia and all the other diseases Subhanallah these diseases if you die with them, like I said, I'm said if somebody die with a stomach, pain is a Shaheed but if somebody dies as a as a monastic, Allah Subhan Allah Allah Muthiah Calobra manufac Well, I'm not an area. So those diseases of the dunya Subhanallah they could probably finish and be killed in this dunya but the diseases of the heart they will find you into the grave, and they will be there also on the day of judgment on the hisab and some of them are very

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dangerous like Nefab like Korea, like arrogance, arrogance, Jaquan kibble, kibble Mustard Seed of kibble you will not smell Jana Mustard Seed of kibble me you know you're talking to I myself I am, you know Subhanallah be very carefully I can be very careful when it comes to always the more you have, the more knowledge you have that stay humble you. The more Allah subhanaw taala gives you the more you are, you know, grateful to Allah azza wa jal that should make you very simple. Not when Allah gives you Subhanallah I was sitting in a crowd one day in, in New York and the magic was providing a thought, and we were eating and then I noticed that a brother mashallah he's making sure

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everybody's eating and after he finished, he was the only one left cleaning everything and you know, it was like 150 people.

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And then one brother came to me, he said, you know, this guy to know Allah has never met him. It was a masjid in the Bronx.

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He said, This is the richest man in the community. He's worth seven, eight $10 million. And he does that all the time. Nobody knows.

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Nobody knows he's so simple and he's cleaning and asking everybody Subhanallah you know, the more he has the more than he is humbled to Allah and he's so happy when he was giving you the food as if you're doing him a favor taking the food. He's so happy and he's begging you and the way he was cleaning Subhan Allah, you know, when Allah subhanaw taala process was one that should humble humble us. When Allah Allah blesses you with knowledge. This is the biggest danger when Allah blesses you with knowledge, don't walk around, on behalf is Molana Mufti share this what was wrong with you yaki and I had him show him I mean, you see, the minute you start bragging about your ailment,

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something's wrong with you. Remember the example of the tree, the more fruits it's have on the on the on the branches, the more it goes down, it humbled itself. So the mechanism, Allah He said, the more I have, the more I feel, the more ignorant I feel. The more that I have, the more ignorant I feel. Subhanallah and where did that come from? Look at the Quran. Always add a new element I gave him then I gave them there and whoever it is, Allah says I gave you the end. So be grateful to that element from Allah azza wa jal and use it in the service of Allah and humble yourself, the son of in the past our righteous for the sisters, they used to, every time they have like,

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used to have seven eight people around him, when he sees became 2025 He gets scared and he left you know, maybe this is going to become fame or something like that. So scared. Now, if I don't have that many likes, I get upset. What's wrong with you guys go home and press like f1 Watch my video and send it to everybody. Otherwise we have a problem.

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So what is what does it matter how many people are watching how many people are doing, the more the more people that of course it is, you know, more higher in sha Allah to Allah but this is not my target if one person lives changed one person like one system, Allah, she she put a comment on our videos, she said, This series has changed my life. And about the series of the names of Allah Subhana Allah you never know who's watching this system is not here even so it's another state Subhanallah so we do with Allah subhanaw taala blessed us with this small and whatever the enemy we have, we use it for the sake of Allah and it should humble us and whatever it is, Allah blessed you

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with PhD ALLAH blessed you with, with the wealth with with anything, always, always be grateful to Allah and make that humbly.

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Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he said in Allah Anza that what

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was your idol he couldn't leader in the world.

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Allah has

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created for every sickness a cure.

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al haram.

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Old age, you cannot take a pill and go back 10 years.

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It would be good check. Right? Take some pills 55

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for you.

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That would be a good good selling pill. Except al haram. There's no cure for for old age. So what does that mean? That means Yeah, when like I mentioned the week before Allah and one that Subhan Allah when we hear about a major disease or something, that we lose their kin in the DUA, like as if Allah subhanaw taala it's very hard for him or Subhan Allah, Allah He, I wish I take the brother he came on Sunday. May Allah give him she Faryab alumnus philia Hamra me.

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Brother came to me on Sunday.

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Well, I can keep up with the diseases that he has leukemia, Alzheimer cancer, he kept on naming them. And he said, the only time the only the only way that the only reason I'm talking to you right now is because I took so many oxy coding. I don't know what in order to be able to function and drive to you and to speak to you and it's about to expire. I have to run back.

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This is the only way you could be able to live without this. I'm crippled in the bed and Masha Allah Hafiz of Kitab Allah and masters in Tafseer of the Quran.

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And he's looking for a wife. Yes, where he was. I said, Allah bless you. But you know, Allah, He all his tongue. Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah Allah Mala Callaghan, nothing happens to us without the permission of Allah. Allahu Akbar. But Allah subhanaw taala when he gives, if you are a movement, when ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada gives you a test, he'll give you with it the patience, it comes with it. Otherwise, you know, subhanAllah when you hear them, you can attend that just to hearing them. How about leaving them? Subhan Allah. So any when we he has so much certainty, he was mentioning to me that

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the doctors told him and we have every one of us had a story like that. The doctors tell someone like

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him they told him back in February of 2018, you have nine months. You have nine months. And in December was the last December was the like the determining surgery.

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When they looked

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Subhanallah the cancer was gone.

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The cancer was gone. Somebody prescribed told them listen, stick to them, stick to them them with the again zum zum with your cane zum zum with your cane. All he did for two three months zum zum with your cane

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Subhanallah hands on knees, you're clean. You're clean. How many people we heard that when they heard that they have seven eight months or three months or they moved to to Makkah and they said they're

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always on zum zum and Allah subhanaw taala killed them. Yeah, when when we say a chef, he means a chef. It means a chef you don't pick and choose from the diseases that you think that Allah can cure. No, you name the disease, Allah has a Sheffy like I said and said in Allah and said that what

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Allah He created the death and the DUA and, and the cure. So

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a Bedouin came through so Allah says,

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He said, Ye rasool Allah, should we not treat sickness? He said, No treat sickness for Allah has not created any disease except he has also created the cure, except for one disease. They said What is it Yeah, Rasul Allah, He said Al haram, old age and like we mentioned before,

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we have the rakia, the authentic rakia. We mentioned that before infatti hiatal kursi Corolla, huggy falconers, all these are, are unsure of rakia honey is mentioned in the Quran, that it is Shiva in the Quran, it is Shiva, when we take it to the attention that it is Shiva, it will become Shiva. The black seed is mentioned in the Hadith, the hijama is mentioned in the in the Hadith, and sometimes the Shi fat is delayed and ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada is delaying it for the Hickman. He's not delaying it because he cannot do it. No, he is delaying it for the hikma maybe he wants to elevate your status with that patience Allahu Allah annum all i All I know is that he can do it and he's delaying

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it for a reason. That is always good for me. So I just be patient. I have suburb where we're at is a suburb. But now the last few minutes in sha Allah Tala, I mentioned quickly Subhan Allah and like I mentioned that to the brothers once before, how many people benefit when someone gets sick?

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let's name them. Who's the first one who benefits the most? The sick person himself. Right? Because if he's patient, Allahu Akbar elevation, elevation. That's why we tell him to who are in sha Allah to hold with us to hold in sha Allah. Allah, may Allah purify you with this disease from all the sins. If you are patient, you Allah, you're erasing delete, delete, delete. Second, the visitor, the visitor who visits I will go quickly I mentioned I got like four or five Hadees when a Muslim visit the Muslim Brother, he is harvesting the fruits of of Jannah saya Muslim, whoever visits a sick person or visits a brother in Islam a call or cries out to him, may you be happy may you're walking

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be blessed and may you occupy a dignified position in Jannah. Who ever visit sick sick person is plunging into mercy until he sits down and when he sits down he's submerged in the Mercy of Allah azza wa jal then the Hadith of the 70,000 Angels if he goes in the morning 70,000 Angels send blessings upon him until the evening and if he goes in the evening 70,000 angels are sending blessing into until the morning this is just visiting the sick what else who else benefit?

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The person serving Him the doctor right he benefits from serving Him and He benefits from

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How many people are working because of the doctors because of the sick people? Oh the hospitals are operating the insurance companies are operating the people who make the medicine are operating all these people are appealing because somebody got sick. Right? And you know, multiply by by many forms. And the lawyers are working. Lawyers are always working. And in case they work so hard. So quickly. Also, what is the dua for the six? Now if we visit somebody, the simplest one, the easiest one to say lab is to hook in sha Allah, that's their best to hold in sha Allah. It means no worry. It is a purification in sha Allah. It is a purification in sha Allah. Second Rasulullah Salallahu

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Salam and the hadith is mucked up on La prairie and Muslim he visited sad in Abuja cause and he said,

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Ya Allah, it should be sad three times. So similarly, I can say Hola, Han meshfree Falon but whoever I'm visiting three times, and this is in in both Bukhari and Muslim so I can repeat three times the name of the

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sick person, Allah how much fee and you name the name of the sick person and the one we recited before a double bass rub the nurse wash fee and the Sheffy that she fell in that she felt she felt and now your hydro Sakuma and

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the solar cell and said whoever visits a sick person who is not yet dying, and he says seven times as an Allah who love him or Belarusian love him, and, and yes, fear.

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It's a female and yes, fear, key and yes, fear key. And like we mentioned, when he will do only with the studying the book of sickness, we are allowed to visit

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a woman that is not our Muharram if she is, you know in a position that she can see you she is covered and everything and you are allowed to visit a non Muslim, when he is sick, it is allowed is permitted for to visit a non Muslim when when he is sick, so Jaquan the name of Shafi when we ask Allah azza wa jal, Allah Manta Sheffy if you are sick alumna and the Sheffy is funny, honorable army yeah Shafi is finia Allah, Allah Mosfilm me Allah how much Eddie allah how much V Zoji Allah MOSFET Ibni whatever with sincerity with your team that Allah can cure any disease Allahu Allah subhanho wa Taala Allah Quran Leisha in Kadir, Allah, masha Morgana, Hamada Muslimeen, but had no turn I will

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not tell Muslimeen Allama bananas and Hibben best wishes we enter sheffey la Schieffer in LA she felt she felt under your ideal sama. Let's have Allahu La the babalao should have even yesterday you couldn't Morgana Allah Mishima Darnay autumn Allah Masha Allah Donna Warham mo Turner are some Allah and Muhammad Ali remain Subhana Allah, masha Allah you know the stuff Utica