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Al-Insan 1-31 Translation 1-31

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Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

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una sala de soutien Karim. I'm about to be lacking in a shaytani r rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem corbishley Saudi. We're Sidley emri

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melissani Yakubu Kohli probenecid. And lesson number 300. Solo to insane. I am number one to 31 translation. How has

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it game? Arla upon insan the human being? She known a time men from a long time. Long did not yakun he is shy and a thing much cooler one that is mentioned in indeed we have a lacuna. We created an insane the human being men from notified in a sperm drop. I'm sure gene mixed mingled. nepeta Lee, we test him for jalna who, so we made him semir I'm hearing buslee seeing in the indeed we had aner who we guided him a Sabina to the way Eman either Shakira on one who is grateful what a man and or care for one who is ungrateful in that indeed we are at our dinner we prepared lil Katharina for the disbelievers Celeste sila jeans, or LLN and iron collars. Was there a law and a blazing fire in

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indeed a burrata? The righteous yes la buena. They will drink main from guts in a glass cannon. It was mizar Juha. Its blend, careful of careful Arina in a spring, Yeshua boo he will drink be here with it. Reba de la servants of law, you find Judo now where they will cause it to gush forth de la. a definite causing to gush forth. You funa they fulfill binnorie with the vows, way a ha funa and they fear Yeoman a de Cana it was shelled Woohoo, it's evil, Mr. de la one that spreads far and wide.

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When you turn a Muna and they feed octapharma the food Allah upon her be he his love miskeen and do needy way a demon and orphan what a sila and prisoner in number indeed not but not their mo we feed you. Li Hua Ji forfeits Allah of Allah lair not naughty Do we want men come from you just any recompense? any reward? Wanna end nor shakoora any thanks

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in indeed we know how awful we fear men from rabina our a Yeoman a day, our Busan one frowning on buddy law distressful for our car home so he saved them. Allahu Allah shalva evil velika of that alone the day, one of our home and he granted them napolitan radiants was to LA and happiness, which is at home and he rewarded them Bheema because of what suburu they were patient, Jonathan a garden waha de la and silk.

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Mata kina once a reclined fee her in it, Allah upon Allah, the raised coach's lair neither your own they will see fee her in it chanson any sun Wallah and nor Zim heady or excessive gold or then eaten and one that is close? are laying him upon them lie to her it shades whether lillith and it will be lowered goodwill for her it's fruit bunches that Lena a definite lowering while you're powerful and it will be passed around or lay him upon them be near 10 with vessels men from Fitbit silver or acquire Bing and cups Gannett It was a word your crystal glass or were your crystal men from filbur silver or drew her they measured it dako de la a definite measuring while you stoner and they will

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be given to drink fee her in it. Get sun from a glass from a goblet

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Ghana it was misery to her it's blend xinja biela of ginger are in a spring see her in it December It is named seltzer Bella seltzer Bo way or tofu and he will go around our lay him upon them will then on young boys mohalla Dune ones made eternal either when we're at home you saw them has a better home you taught them Lou and sparrows, Matsuura scattered. What either and when you saw some There are eight you saw nurserymen delight, bliss, or Moulton and a Dominion Kabira great Alia home upon them. Sia boo our garments soon the sin of fine silk homegrown green, what is Starbuck and take brocade or Hulu and they were adorned Essaouira bracelets made from Philippine silver what's up all

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home and he gave them to drink Robbo home their Lord shut up and a drink the hula one completely pure and clean in indeed had this scanner it was Luckily for you just a reward. What can and it was Sir youcome your effort your striving? mascoutah appreciated in indeed we national we zelner we sent down our Laika upon you earn earn 10 Zilla a gradual revelation first were so be patient ratio can be for command or big of your Lord. Wanna and do not, don't there you obey men home from them as a man one who is sinful. Or

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one who is ungrateful. One who is disbelieving what God and mentioned is Smith named Rob Beck of your Lord book Ratan in mourning or asleep and in evening

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woman and from Elaine the night first Jude 10 prostrate Lahu for him was a bit who and glorify Him Leyland night for Whelan long in indeed hola eds. You should buena they love a la jolla the one that is fleeting. Were the owner and they leave a home behind them. Yeoman a de cerca de la one that is heavy. National we call Hakuna whom we created them wash our dinner and we made strong a slow home they're built their form. What either and when * no, we will but then we changed. We altered um Santa's home likes of them. The dealer, a definite changing in indeed heavy heat this dead guillotine a reminder from and so whoever He willed it to her that he took it out of the heat to his

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Lord sebelah away, warmer and not Tasha owner, you all can will in that except on that Yeshua He wills Allah Allah in the law her Indeed Allah, Ghana he is ever or the man one who is always all knowing Hakeem and one who is always always you. He admits money whoever he or she He wills fee in Russia at his mercy was largely mean and the wrongdoers are the he has prepared the home for them or there been a punishment a Lima painful

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