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Rahmatullahi over a cat smuggler hamdulillah salatu salam ala Rasulillah Loma Linda main founder on final Bhima alum Khanna was at nine manjar Hamra. I mean, we ask Allah azza wa jal teachers would benefit us benefit us from what he taught us and increase us knowledge. I mean, you're behind I mean, I'm a better cleaner if you don't mean to hurt someone Mahoma

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buddy Farrakhan musoma retinal fina shocky and I mean, you're blind me

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and Charlotte, we will continue with another name of Allah azza wa jal, another attribute of Allah azza wa jal

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Can you come closer I like to look at my people when I'm talking and then you know you're making me look like oh the way like this

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then you get the Heraclea man and John Medina.

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They have to name

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exactly something else.

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For today, tonight's name is not in the Quran. It is we have taken couple of them that are not in the Quran. They are in the in the Sunnah. And today these name is an A Sapir al a tear, right?

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Many, many people use the word username as a tar. You hear some people's name up the SATA right. But this is believe it or not, this is not right.

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The right name is Satya. If they are meaning that the naming a star after the name of Allah, a star is not one of the names of Allah, Assa T is one of the names of Allah.

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Because, you know, these are the names of Allah our work, we cannot come up with a name either in the Quran and the Sunnah, right?

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Nobody's from the Sunnah. There is a, there's a delete about it, but there's no delete about the sitar. That's the point. So it's not in the Quran. And it is in the hadith of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam. When Allah subhana wa sallam said, Allah

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azza wa jal is Helene. And he is Hi ye and Helene forbearing he is shy and Satya covering, he loves modesty and shyness and covenant and covering. Therefore, when any of you bave let him cover himself. It means covering himself out of the sight of of people. This is where the name of Satya was was mentioned. And the hadith is an absolute necessity and the hadith is is saya a Satya is the one who conceals. A Satyr is the one who covers and conceals according to his wisdom. He is the one who can conceive the biggest of sins, faults and shortcomings whenever and for whom ever. He likes SubhanAllah.

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The Satya is a form is coming in a form. It's emphasized any Saturday, you know, is like a little bit light.

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Like you say how fair and you say how far Satya is in the form of emphasized root which points out to and an intense quality and quantity of the root concept. It indicates extreme, subtle, extreme concealment.

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phenol mubadala as the theory is the only one who can conceal a great deal for his slaves and covers them from disgrace and shields them from from the Hellfire in Surah clock man Allah subhanho wa Taala said we're Aspera Allah He come the ANA who var here are 10 We're about Trina and Allah subhanho wa Taala have given you Nam blessings as bhava means

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too much Nam wa Hera openly

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and Bettina privately or hidden are internal and external literally translated the way you want. So even our best Rahim Allah Allah Allah and he said

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a Nam slam who a net Amma via Hera will bear Pina Marisa Tara Hula, hula Middle Mouse Subhanallah I've never seen this explanation before. He said the openly Nam is Islam that ALLAH blessed us with and the noun that is hidden is what Allah subhana wa Taala has conceived from the sins what Allah has conceived like one of the

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one of the righteous people who said, get over Hakeem Illa Hakeem, One wise man wrote to another wise man, he said Keita are smart. How did you wake up this morning for call us back? We've been

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yeah I mean Allah may Allah not see my throat man or see Santa Ana dri or you have an Oscar, Jamil may ensure our kabhi master.

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So when wise man wrote and otherwise man, that will you wake up today? He said Allah who we woke up with so many Nam from Allah azza wa jal we do not know we do not know which one to thank him. The beautiful things he's giving are the evil things he's hiding. Which one we which one we are grateful for. Allahu Akbar. Because Allah Subhana Allah Allah, Allah subhana wa Taala if he shows every single thing about me, you will not sit in it with me anymore. You will never listen to me anymore. If every husband knows everything about his wife, there will be a lot of divorce. Many families will be separated without the cover of Allah azza wa jal we will not be sitting here we cannot see each

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other anymore. Oh, you're doing this and you're coming to tell us and you will not be able to sit with each other from the if it wasn't for the cover of Allah. So the beautiful thing that you see coming from me or the beautiful thing and I see coming from you, it's only because of what Allah has covered.

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is only because what Allah subhanho wa Taala has has covered call for the minute yard he said a min yes store where young, welfare gentle yeah took where you are a year span Allah, the true believer, he covers and he gives advice.

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You see something wrong, you cover it and you got advice the person listen Have you been this is not right. But the failure.

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The evildoer he puts you down.

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He will put you down. And he keeps reminding you of what you have done. And he will expose you Subhanallah

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then the Sheikh said Man Oh Can what if?

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What if everything we do is written

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on the walls of our home? Would you invite someone to your house?

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What if

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cousin or every brother knows what his brother is thinking inside about him or what he's hiding from him?

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How would the families operate? How many relatives will be disconnected?

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a man came to the Amara, the Allahu Allah and he said, Yeah. What did you hear from Rasul? Allah says, Tell them about Nigeria.

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Ibn Ahmad said, I heard the soloists I said and saying, Allah will bring a believer Look, I'm just to show you how, how. How great is Allah azza wa jal? He said Allah this was Hassan said Allah will bring a believer near him

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and shelter him with his screen. Yanni, Allah subhanaw taala will bring that close to him, and he will put it in a way that nobody can see what's happening. He will shield him.

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And then Allah Subhana Allah, Allah will ask,

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Did you commit such and such sin?

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Did you do such and such thing?

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And the man will say or the person would say, yes, yeah, Allah. Allah will keep on asking

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till he will confess to all his sins, and till he thinks that he is ruined.

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You know, imagine did you do this? Yes. Did you do this? Yes, you do this? Yes. Yes. Then Carlos, you feel like I'm done.

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Then Allah will say,

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I have covered all your sins in dystonia.

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And now,

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I'm gonna forgive you.

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And today, I'm gonna forgive you, and then he will be given the Book of his good deeds.

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the non believers and the hypocrites amongst the Muslims, their evil acts will be exposed publicly.

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And the witnesses will say, these are the people who lie against the Lord. Behold, the curse of Allah is out of volume in upon the wrongdoers. Now, how can we live by this name? And this is my main topic in shamatha. How can we live by the name of Satya number one?

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Keep your sins to yourself.

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We all have killed Adam.

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Every son of Adam commit some kind of sin

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in a

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were born. The best of the people who commit sins are the one who constantly repent. Repent, but who Allah Hey Jimmy and you heard me don't repent to Allah Jimmy and you don't owe who you believe. So

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unfortunately, now people commit sins and they boast about them. They boast about them. And we have something in this era that we are living in that helps you boast your evil deeds, which is social media.

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haha this is exactly the Hadith

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I committed the sin Rasulullah say salam said brother Shah reminded me of the Hadith couldn't lumati more if I

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lower the stuff here, Allah Shabaab backup go home all my safe masala Illa

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Illa except

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for down again. Let's see what happened in London. Moja here own except Elijah hidden Yara suit Allah, who are the Mujahid on

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he said Eman will commit an evil act and wakes up in the morning why Allah has concealed his sin. No one knows about it. No one knows he smoked. He committed Zina. He drank alcohol. He lied. He watched him no one knows. Nobody knows. So he wakes up in the morning while Allah has kept everything secret, and he says oh, so and so. You should have seen what I've done last night. Last night. We were partying here. We were doing this. I was with this. Look at this picture posted on Facebook, post it on WhatsApp posting everywhere.

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After Allah has covered it, nobody knows what you did last night. Who knows what I did last night. Imagine the morning after Fisher old brothers we should see yesterday. Allah here we were doing this and this and this stuff Allah. Allah covered it yaki Allah covered it for you.

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Summers excellent if you put this hadith with the hadith of Allah bring him closer and he forgives that person that person will not be amongst these people.

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Because he openly so Jaquan this this social media is killing us Allah is killing us.

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Yanni you committed a sin that stuck for a while be forgive me but if the minute it goes out,

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it's out of your control. It's in the public.

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It's everywhere. One person take a screenshot you're you're gone, you're done. You cannot take it back. So if somebody keep posting these haram that means he is muda here he is doing a sin openly your Allah I do not really care if you covered my sin or not. I'm going to tell everybody

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this is simply what it means. So how can I use this name of Satya by keeping my sins as quiet as possible? Trying not to know that to let anybody know about them. Of course number one to ask for forgiveness for the sins and promise that to go back to them

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I'm going to Barbara de la han

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Abdullah bin was sold related that a man came to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and said yeah rasool Allah

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I have mingled with a woman

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in the far side of Medina

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and I fulfilled my desire

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with her short of any sexual relationship yummy I did few things with her but we did not do anything the fascia we did not go all the way to adultery.

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So here am I Here am I era soul Allah

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judge me according to the Kitab and Sunnah ne apply the head on me do whatever you want your Salah I'm here to repent

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Ahmed said Allah subhana wa Tada had kept it secret. Why do you come and expose your secret

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and that is inside Muslim and another narration very close to that was was Hassan ignored him.

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Then after he finished the Salah, he said where is the man who said this listen that said an IRA so Allah so did you pray with us? Awesome.

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He said yes. He said in sha Allah Allah in Al Hassan hottie you'd have a say yet that does not that is not a license. Yasha Baba are the one that should have the younger you with? The chef said You know, you can do something and pray awesome. No, no, no, no, it doesn't work like that at all.

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So hon Allah

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Subhan Allah Mamoon

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rahamallah He said as a sort of one failure to observe one woman as the near term failure to Bala and yet whoever commit a sin in secret, let him repent in secret. And whosoever commit a sin in public let him repent in public.

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Let him repent in public. And the in the NASA you are your owner, whether you have your own Wallah who you have the Fed or whether you are here, the people, they make fun and they keep reminding you, but Allah subhanaw taala He forgives exactly the opposite of people. And to bring us to the second it looks like I'm gonna stop after this. This one will continue next week because I want to give this name its full attention charlatan. Second, cover your sins number two cover other people's sins. Do not expose the faults of your brother or your sister. Unfortunately our one the minute we see something wrong about our brother or our sister Bismillah allah

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how many groups do you have Bismillah you know we actually hide your brother's sin hide your sister's sin as much as you can. You see I remember a moment yesterday and he covers and He advices I guess and I found out that you did this I saw you okay with that with a woman I saw you were doing this I saw you in this place. So please Yeah, feel fear Allah this is you don't belong there. You know the person who thank you so much. I will not tell anybody This is between me and you. And so this is the moment this is the true believer. Not like you know, listen, Nidal, I'm gonna tell you something about Adnan but you know, keep it between us and the dollar will go to him. Please keep it

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between us. I told I promised

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and then one person to another all of a sudden, people are passing by Adnan

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how are you?

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I'm not happy, by the way.

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So cover, cover SubhanAllah. Chef, Neville See, have to go lie on it. He mentioned a very beautiful story. And I mentioned that before I will mention it again because of the name. He said.

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Imam of the Masjid. Listen carefully. So beautiful story, imam for Masjid.

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used to love Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam a lot.

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And by the way, one of the main reasons that a person would see Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam in his dream is if you really love him a lot, and there are people who see him on a weekly basis. And there are people who have never seen him ever.

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So this man sort of soulless, I sell him in a dream. And also under Salah Salem told this man in the dream, he said, go to so and so and tell him that he is my neighbor in Ghana.

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Now the team is happy that you heard this news, but at the same time, who is this guy? I'm the man.

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I'm the Imam. You know why is not me. Next you in Jana. So he was like getting a little bit jealous. But at the same time, it's a message he has to deliver. So

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he looked for this man and he knocked at the door he turned out to be a very regular man. Nothing extra simple man. So you said

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yesterday I saw a dream. And Allah I'm so jealous of you are so much I said and said to by name to come to you and tell you that you are enabling Jana.

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So he said, the chef was asking the Man Can I ask you? What do you do to get this Anil?

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Nothing. He kept on pushing him. And then he said, he said I have proposed to a lady and I married her.

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And after five months of marriage,

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she delivered.

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She had a baby.

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I knew for a fact that the baby is not mine.

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So I have money for a man took to control himself in such a situation. It's very big.

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So what do I do? I can easily divorce this woman and expose her and ruin her literally ruin her. But what I did is I took the bait I brought what do you call now? When you call the woman to come deliver at home

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midwife, I called the midwife and she came deliver that at home. I took the baby in the morning to the masjid. And they waited for the Imam to start the official prayer when he started and that word was Salim behind him. I put the baby by the door and I joined the the Shama after I finished the GEMA everybody is at the door saying yeah, Shabaab.

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There's a baby here. Love Somebody enough to baby. I came right away and I said, You know what? I'll take your baby and I will raise him

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And I took the baby and no one knows everything I covered for my wife. And she repented and she will never forget this for me. He said, maybe that's the reason why he said that. So Hala look at this Yahoo and so covering your brother's sin covering your sister, you might see somebody doing something wrong. You know, maybe somebody even even if Facebook if somebody posted it, and immediately you get a notification that somebody posted and you saw something haram immediately call me I could take it off. Hurry up before people say it and why this is wrong. Gary, how could you post something like that? Yeah. Fear Allah had everyone by you are a person. Everybody talks about

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you in the masjid. Everybody loves you. Warn them more than them.

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That's what allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. He said that whomsoever cover his shortcomings of his Muslim brother in this dunya Allah who will cover his shortcomings in the area.

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Don't belittle it Yeah. When we all need to be covered in the accurate it's very it's very, very, very tough day.

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The chef just recited Yeoman Yeoman, yet your Adela wilderness Shiva. A day that will make the young kids that have their hair white.

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This is the day of judgment. So imagine, you know, everything will be Allah will cover everything. Can you imagine that? If right here in this small crowd, one of us was telling stand up so unsold, and we started saying bad things about him or what he has done, how embarrassed he would be, what about if that is done in front of the Haluk

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in front of your mother, in front of your father and your son and your daughter, Allahu Akbar.

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So, cover another way we can use this name is by covering our brother or our sister, our our Muslim fellow, his sins and thinking and keeping in mind that if I cover his sins, Allah subhanaw taala will cover my sins on the on the Day of Judgment. I have many other things that will help us use this name in our life. We will continue to in sha Allah to Allah, if Allah kept us alive till this Thursday in sha Allah Allah. May Allah subhanaw taala protect us from the evil eye. May Allah protect our children. May Allah protect our spouses, may Allah protect our parents Allama for Lana de Nova Nova Salafi Emelina with a bit of damage on Sunday I will call me caffeine Allah Mr. Allen

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Al Hamra. I mean, Allah mustard I

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mean, alone. The essence here is through our rotten IR camera. I mean, Allahu krummenacher. I mean, I live in a Colombina Allah Allah Vina Colombina Ramnagar ametek AR Abdullah Al Amin Olam, Rob, Donna hablan. I mean, as far as you know, we're not ready yet in time for John to clean up dinner. You know for dunya Hassan, we're Philadelphia roti Hassan walk in either now or vanilla to the Kelowna. But it had eaten hablando Milan Kurama in Kanto hub or Salalah and they've you know Muhammad Ali he also IBH mein Subhan Allah Allah Muhammad Rasul Allah Allahu Allah and Mr. Rocha.